The Horror


Hollywood, FL – Famous Kosher Restaurant in Hollywood Targeted By Arsonists

A still image from surveillance video shows one of two arsonists tossing flammable liquid into a fire during their arson Friday at Achla Pita Grill in Hollywood. (Surveillance footage. )A still image from surveillance video shows one of two arsonists tossing flammable liquid into a fire during their arson Friday at Achla Pita Grill in Hollywood. (Surveillance footage. )

Hollywood, FL – A suspicious pre-dawn fire tore through Achla Pita Grill, a kosher restaurant in the Emerald Center strip mall in Hollywood on Friday, less than a year after another fire had been deliberately set in the Holyland Judaica shop which is located in the same strip mall, the Sun-Sentinel reports ( No one was hurt in the fire and nothing was taken.

Ilan Timianski, 46, who owns the Achla Pita Grill, said the arsonists “didn’t touch the cashier. They didn’t touch anything. They came to make damage.” The two perpetrators were captured on surveillance footage wearing hoodies and ski masks to cover their faces. They first attempted to break in to Achla Bon Ami, a sushi restaurant also owned by Timianski, but when they could not gain entrance, they targeted Achla Pita Grill instead and poured flammable liquid all over the kitchen.

Fortunately, the fire snuffed itself out, and caused only modest damage to the refrigerators and walk-in freezer. Hollywood police have not yet determined if both crimes were committed by the same individuals or if they were intended as hate crimes.

~When Jews molest a child, deface a monastery, pull off a major heist, etc. damage control is soon to follow (many times it is spread far and wide so the message is received by the only people they know that will, in the end, tear their legs out from under them with no remorse), White Christians (the real ones). It’s just a matter of time.

There is a possibility that these ski masked terrorists didn’t like the food too (the sushi or the gefilte). Jews love sushi because they can bring their Asian slaves in to work for next to nothing in their strip malls and cut the European cuisine out altogether. They know how to invest their money toward our destruction frugally.

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9 Responses to The Horror

  1. GTRman says:

    ” And it’s , Hi-Ho , Silverstein Lightning , anywhere you go , oh baby ..”

    by Jeff Beck ( jew )

  2. GTRman says:

    Cant remember if I already sent you this , Mel . The ‘ jewish exorcist ‘ :

  3. melgibstein says:

    By the way I have a new radio show on RBN (Studio Z) on the same time as the big fat Jewish whale at tea time. Keep strolling down the page till you forget what you were strolling for. I didnt make studio A because I am as blunt as the original Christians were. A little too much for Yonnie Stadtmueller or the listeners to handle.

    I will be taking calls from Russ, the Jew from Wisconsin using his many names (all homosexual). I figure I will pretend he isnt a jew and act as if I didnt know like all the other hosts

  4. melgibstein says:

    These two Jews say that the Melungeons immigrated to Scotland and were Jews to begin with (one of those names being Gi Gi Gibson, oops I stuttered).

    Yates and Hirschman selected a set of surnames names from descendants in a Melungeon population of Appalachia, believed to be representative of names in a wave of immigration to Scotland about 1100 CE. The selected names were Caldwell, Christie, Cowan and Kennedy. Samples were collected from donors having these names because the authors considered them to have a high probability of Jewish ancestry. Part of that belief is because the authors both have concluded they had Jewish ancestors among this Melungeon population. No supporting evidence is given of the extent of Jewishness in the overall Melungeon population. From this Y-DNA base inferences are made concerning the possible Jewishness of people with these surnames in Scotland.

  5. melgibstein says:

    According to Jews (Melungeons), the Scots couldnt count until Jews got there through William the Bastard

    There you have it folks. The Jew says he is Jewish and something else. The first so called Jew or Judahite that was a Jew and something else was stricken dead by God himself. Just read up on Judah’s Canaanite kids.

    The Bible clearly states that the true Judahites were 100% pure Israelites with no mixture of anyone, but pure white people. All the Israelite men had children with white women (pure white women) or they would all simply be a mixture of many different peoples. The Bible clearly shows that the Israelites were pure white and anyone breeding outside of those lines were marked and cast out.

    Leaven of the Pharisee’s hypocrisy right in your face folks.

    The truth is the Scots were Judahites and a mixture of all the Israelites and all white people because they are one and the same with the exception of some Japethites in central Europe who may not have mixed back in. But all in all they are directly related to Adam.

  6. melgibstein says:

    Now we are all Jews. But what I wanna know is “where are the Israelites?”

    The short and fat Neanderthal on the right is at least half Melungeon and the other half only G_d knows.

  7. John says:

    Jews, insurance money, drawing backwards swastikas on my own doors. That’s the summary.

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