Anti-Semitic Peruvian leader: Spanish conqueror was a Jew

Leader of Far-right group and Hitler admirer says Jewish community should be expelled from Peru because ‘they control global economy’

A leader of a far-right political group in Peru said he would like to expel the country’s small Jewish community because “they control the global economy.”

In an interview with British newspaper The Guardian, Martín Quispe Mayta, the leader of the Andean Peru National Socialism movement – which is currently trying to collect enough signatures to register as a party – claimed a research he conducted found that Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Abimael Guzmán, the leader of Peru’s Shining Path terror group, all had Jewish roots.

Mayta further claimed that Francisco Pizarro – the leader of Spain’s brutal conquest of Peru – was also Jewish.

“The Jew Pizarro and his band of genocidal Jews killed millions of native Peruvians in their mission to possess our gold,” he told The Guardian.

Maytam, who is a self-proclaimed Adolf Hitler fan, said he drew his inspiration from Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic book The International Jew and Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which he picked up at a secondhand book market.

Less than 5,000 Jews live in Peru – a country with a population of some 30 million people.

In other words less than 5000 Jews pretend they are related to Judah and study the Talmud (which the lineage of Judah condemned). This does not count the enormous amount of Jews that the cast out Sephardic Jews of Spain raped and produced offspring all over Peru. Of course these Jewish Indians don’t practice Judaism, but mucho of them are the offspring of Jews. This is how Jews get around the religious, racial aspects of Jewry. Jewry is simply the seed line of satan polluting all the races around the world (the forbidden fruit of the Jew).

The Jewish Association of Peru said in a statement to the paper that it rejected Maytam’s “open expression of anti-Semitic racism” and had “appealed to authorities to take the necessary measures to halt the incitement to racial and religious hatred”.

They just claimed 5000 Peruvians were Jews. Anyone want to bet they mean religious Jews that go to a synagogue (or say they do)? How can this be racism then? Jews must prove they are related to Judah for this to be true and when a Jew can prove that to you it will be the only time in the world you will trust a Jew so you don’t have to expose all their other lies. Do you see the deception? Trust a Jew on one issue and you are toast. Trust yourself (that’s where trust comes from) and take my advice just as if I told you and your kids not to swim in a lake full of gators. They eat people and the Jews lie!

Maytam is either one well-informed Indian or a Jew himself. If he is an Indian it proves that people in America are in a deep sleep. If an Indian from Peru can figure out the Jews are bad for any country before an American can figure it out, you have to admit there has to be some serious brainwashing going on and I think I know where it’s coming from.

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