My Cousin Funnye

There are two spectrums going on today, one is the fake Bolshevik spectrum and the other is reality and truth. Our fire-breathing dragon friends in the media have the unsuspecting goyim in a constant state of delusion simply because we allowed them to take it over unfettered and in fear that we would be called a name, a hater if we get the chance to speak out against it. Take the constant garbage of the Obama birth records for example, the media took the subject off Obama’s Jewish mother entirely and have everyone focused on a birth certificate that our Jewish Supreme Court wouldn’t open their bagel holes about anyway. It’s like a Donald Duck cartoon, but the bottom line is and always will be Jews control the media and the internet because seldom is it explained that without free speech there can never be a free and fair country. These internet shows are just as scared of free speech as the mainstream media is (not to mention that the forums are run by Jews and full of disinfo crypto’s).

Why isn’t the internet media pushing the fact that Obama’s mother may very well be a Jewess which would make Obama a Jew (schwartzer Jew)? Is it that farfetched that Obama is a Jew when he married a Black woman whose first cousin is the most popular Black Jew in the world (amongst Jews)? Can you think of any other Black Jew Rabbi who is more popular than Rabbi Capers Funnye? It’s a bloody joke folks!

Why isn’t this ever brought up on any shows? I once told G Gordon Liddy (G Man- Goy Man), when there was some free speech left that Michelle Obama’s cousin was a Jewish Rabbi and he laughed at it. Of course he did not want to admit it. So here we have a Black president with a missing mother, a so called “white woman” and we are supposed to assume some German, Irish or English woman ran off with a guy in Kenya and produced a Black bubeleh who just happened to kiss Jewish arse? I don’t believe it folks, not for a minute. You can sling around rumors all over the media that someone is a Nazi (white) or a White Supremacist without an ounce of resistance, but to say someone is a Jew is  completely unwelcome and considered to be hate speech. I don’t know one white who wants to be supreme over Jews, but many of them would love to have them gone whether they would admit it openly or not. Just look at Nazi Germany, 9/11, Communism and every ill in the world throughout time and it always involves Jews, yet they have us silenced.

Jews and their shills can just laugh at something as if it means nothing or that whatever a  caller said was false even though it is 100% true on internet radio. For instance I called the famous Chuck Carlson of Straight Gate Ministries not long ago and told him that James chapter one, verse one was directed to the 12 tribes scattered abroad and he claimed I was reading from a Scofield Bible then did not allow me to prove it to him. Ladies and gentlemen, I was reading it from HIS Bible. It is then our duty to prove them wrong and they will never allow that to happen. If you can’t see that Bolshevism is here in America alive and well you are stoned. It is somehow the burden of white people in America to prove the Jew media wrong now and not the other way around which they were free to do when there was free speech. Any idiot can see that some laws (the Constitution) and or commandments could never work for Jews because they don’t give a damn about either.

So now we have a candidate running against Obama who says Obama isn’t helping Jews enough. We might as well be watching a movie sitting back not doing a damned thing. This media, this Supreme Court, this presidency, congress, and entire country need to be purged of Jews- period. There is no other solution and never will be another solution. Time to snap out of the Jew movie and do what your ancestors did over 120 times before. It wasn’t hate then and it isn’t hate now. The time is here folks, we just need a media station to wake up the masses to the truth and nothing but and not a Jew telling us it’s Israel over there across the planet (Jews live there and here. It’s not gonna be pretty in the coming days ahead, but you didn’t speak up and you trusted the enemies of our people throughout time, let alone our God’s enemies. Remember all the people who had a microphone and did not speak out and remember that Jews themselves have collectively destroyed our countries today as they have done for centuries. There is no such thing as a nation that has Jews within it. As long as Jews control the media (internet and main stream) we are living a complete Jewish fable and whats worse, we are allowing our kids to enter into this complete abomination without the proper defenses against it.

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3 Responses to My Cousin Funnye

  1. Free Man says:

    No institution is safe form the jews, even the Roman Catholic Church:

    • melgibstein says:

      I sent this to some Catholic friends a while ago and they treat it as “fluff”. Just Jews gloating they have something to do with the Catholic church. The Medici stuff just never sinks in. I used to debate family members who are Catholics all the time, but they have completely given up. They wont even challenge me to anything to do with the Bible knowing they will get slammed. So what do they do? They claim I have been turned into a hater. Then I tell them God hated Esau and theyre gone. They have nothing, no knowledge of the Bible, no guts to read the Bible on their own and defend the church that keeps them totally enslaved (all churches today). They have been programmed to hate people who tell the truth about Jews and all the apostles, John the Baptist and Jesus would all fall into that category.

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