The King’s Speech

This is a story about a man who would soon become king that stammered or ehh ehhh stuttered and although I have done little research on this king or his family and knowing that most of the actors are Jews I can only believe that this was done to denigrate or defame a non Jew. Geoffrey Rush (Shylock) gets into the kingdom and becomes the real guts of the kingdom appears to be the theme. Being Irish I guess I am supposed to believe the kings of England were all misfits and go along with the flow and throw rocks along with the Jews, but nobody really knows what really happened.  This king had a stammer we know, but we don’t know that someone coerced this king into saying profane words to get him to speak proficiently. This is Jewish trash.

I don’t have much knowledge of J Edgar Hoover either, but for Clint Eastwood to make him into a homosexual in the movie “J Edgar” is just plain defamation and nothing less. I don’t have an opinion of J Edgar Hoover, I’ve heard bad and good about him from various sources. He could have been a complete traitor or a patriot completely surrounded by Jewish spies, only God knows. To make a dead man out to be a flaming homosexual seems to me nothing but a Jewish attack as they do to every non Jew they can. Do you think Clint Eastwood would do a movie about Rothschild and his evil empire? Would Geoffrey Rush do a movie about the media, porn, the Fed, etc. which is completely controlled by Jews? The answer is simply ‘not a chance in hell”

So what these Jews are doing in Hollywood is breaking down our history, perverting everything they can whether it be Alexander the Great, Nixon, Patton or anyone else we can always assume we are never ever going to get the truth we deserve, just Jewish trash. I ask you to watch this movie keeping in mind that Geoffrey Rush is one of these perverting Jews. You will see what I mean. Again, don’t pay a shilling for this, but know what the enemy is doing to destroy you. Keep in mind this was once Mel Gibson’s roommate in college.

This brings me to internet radio and how 99% of them also never tell the truth.  They push the same lame crap as Alex Jones by cutting off callers (cut out free speech) and put on a show. Ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly what it is when you cut out certain callers, it becomes Jewish fables. Calling a spade a spade is too radical in the days when Jews control EVERYTHING! We need to behave while these Jews rape our world, not to mention our race. It is not acceptable folks and I would rather have no radio at all rather than have a controlled radio that is shut down when too much truth is given. What in the world is ever going to turn things around other than the 100% pure truth? If it’s not acceptable to say we are sick and damned tired of Jews so what then can we say that is acceptable? We have entire radio networks that do nothing but denigrate Christianity and never is there any movement to shut them down ever. The present system is not only unacceptable it is a complete abomination. It has been taken over by aliens and we know exactly who they are.

I was cut off my local radio show about 8 years ago. I don’t exist. I have been speaking out about Jews for nearly 2 decades at least and free speech has been wiped off the map. To not allow someone to speak freely is Bolshevism, it is a Katyn massacre, an Armenian genocide, a USS Liberty, a 9/11 and all the Jewish crimes that go unpunished. It is not part of our heritage to deny free speech whether one stammers or not (I hear Jew stammers all the time). It is against everything we stand for and the internet radio shows you are listening to are just as guilty as any Jew main stream media program. It is against the root of Christianity itself.

All of the forums we cherish out there are controlled by willing Jew dupes and Jews themselves and if you don’t see it you are deluded. Losing your Jew forum or website isn’t what they want, they want to provide a relief valve and monitor for so called anti-Semites to keep track of the temperature of the goyim. If they cut off people because they are on to the Jews they should be hanged or remembered for when the day of the rope comes. How do I know? Because I’ve been kicked off them all and told to be a sort of Cool Hand Luke and play by the rules and look the other way against my own dignity. As George Bush the Elder says….not gonna dewit, not gonna dewit. Who are these forum owners afraid of? Are they afraid of Jewish retaliation? That is the point, if Jews didn’t have this power they wouldn’t be able to shut down these websites.

There is a line we are not allowed to cross and that line needs to be eradicated. Jews don’t make the line, we do and they crossed that line a long time ago. This Jewish internet media has made it so we have to worry about crossing the line and I say we need to enforce the line our forefathers already made for them. You can see these Jew sites do nothing but bring more Jews in, more antiChristianity, more fables (ufo’s) and more shills. It is designed to cushion the crimes already committed by Jews. Not one is discussing that it is time to chuck these Jews out feet first as they (we) should. What else are we going to do? Talk is cheap and whether you stammer or speak like a Jew selling supplements it all comes down to whether you can back what you say. Jews have neutered much of the White race and nobody is allowed to say a word. Stand up for the truth, shut up or stammer because your life and your children’s lives depend on it. Dont look away to some BS subject because the future depends on what you will do and not what you will say.

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One Response to The King’s Speech

  1. Free Man says:

    We’re reaching the end game of their agenda, they’re not getting the Iran war and make them nervous.

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