The Gene Dead Pool

Photo credit: APPhoto credit: AP

Israel – Jews should no longer be categorized by their ethnic origin when being tested for hereditary conditions, says the Health Ministry. The mixing of Jewish communities – mixed heritage – has rendered such categorization pointless, the ministry’s community genetics department says.

Because of the proliferation of “mixed marriages” between Jewish communities, as well as technological advances, a single set of tests for all Jews would do the trick, the ministry advises.

Genetic analysis institutes in health-care organizations and hospitals offer Jewish couples (typically trying to become pregnant) a series of genetic screening tests, looking for genes coding hereditary diseases such as Tay-Sachs. Which tests exactly each couple undergoes is based upon the ethnic category of each partner. For instance, Ashkenazi Jews are typically tested for Tay-Sachs, while Sephardic couples might not undergo such tests.

The Health Ministry recommends halting the practice of basing specific tests based on ethnicity, and to standardize genetic tests, which would be applied uniformly to all Jews.


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Dont tell this to the Occidental Voyeur and his moron partner. These two idiots don’t even know how to pronounce simple names in the Bible and these are supposed doctors and professors? Well the Jews might have made them these things, but I didn’t. Listen to this load of crap.

Listen to this

These two both can’t be that stupid at the same time. It’s no wonder they can’t take any calls because they are so full of BS they have to. Hold on…..I have to cough again………oooh hhhooo………..ok  Im back now. Ladies and gentlemen these guys work for Jews and Jews only. They have no clue what a Jew is and never even read the Bible. Jews have their lying minions all over the forefront, its what they do. If you can’t call them, if you can’t leave a comment and be answered, its HOGWASH folks. They have to lure you in to drop you over a cliff. They were 10 years too late on 9/11, nowhere to be found on the Loughner case, nowhere on the Edgar Steel case, on the wrong side of the Zimmerman case (even said he was white without looking for themselves) and on and on and on. Folks these clowns are bad news.

These idiots have reached their lying peaks and aren’t even smart enough to lie on a higher degree. They are after your racial emotions ready to lead you astray. Jared Taylor is who they want you to follow, a guy who thinks Jews are whites too. Ladies and gentlemen if you are still trusting these idiots you are in big trouble. If they speak about Jews and they don’t know their own Bible they claim to ignore or follow, it’s total BS. They don’t know what a Jew is or where the word even came from.

The intellectual nerd wrote a book called “They Dwell Alone”. Professor Plumstein, if they dwelt alone the world wouldn’t have the problem we have today. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Ladies and gentlemen, there is only one thing worse than destroying your own race today and that is throwing out your religion. Without religion you will have children that are heathens and will not give a damn about their race or anything else. Part of Albert Pikes master plan was and still is to wipe out our religion. It’s what they tried to do in Bolshevick Russia too.

Yes Jews married their own nieces it’s true, some even married their own daughters (Josef Fritzl and Woody Allen) even though some were adopted. They even sodomize their babysitters and others babysitters (Polansky). And yes Jews dwelt alone because they were in the ghettos’ in Poland and Italy behind locked gates, concentration camps in Germany, the pale of Russia, but we wont discuss that. If you are going to use DNA evidence of the so called Cohanim with Aaron, brother of Moses you have to be prepared to show us Aaron’s DNA. Do you have this Professor Dip****?

You could very easily say that Whites dwelt alone. Whites didn’t bring Jews into their countries, they slithered in on their own. And Whites didn’t bring Blacks into their countries, most of them if not all were brought in by JEWS!!! Whites are not moving back to North Africa and the Middle East, they left it to DWELL ALONE you dumkuf!

The people who were to dwell alone were the Israelites NOT JEWS. You never read the Bible and its why you must have the phones cut off like some faggot in the Jew media.

and now my theme song *There has to be a way we can return to life chorus~Beth- *no Nathaniel no. Oy Vey!

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35 Responses to The Gene Dead Pool

  1. gtrman says:

    Theyre ” white ” when they want to be . Here ( at 2 hours 30 mins , 33 seconds , uber jew Howard Stern talks to mega -jewish Dave Lee Roth about ” jewishness ” . A whinge about a “German ” reporter , Roth makes it sound like the guy asked him rudely ” Are you JEW ? ” when I would imagine the truth is more like a deferential ; ” ..and is it true that you are jewish ? ”

    Mr Roth grew up in a mansion , the poor thing , he knows what its like to be an outsider , har har

    ” Roth was born on October 10, 1954, in Bloomington, Indiana. He is the son of ophthalmologist Nathan Roth and Sibyl Roth and the brother of Allison and Lisa Roth. Dr. Nathan Roth was a renowned eye surgeon, who made millions via his practice and in real estate. Dr. Roth was even featured on the TV show, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, in 1984. On that program, Dr. Roth claims that he was Van Halen’s first manager helping the group obtain gigs in the early days. Nathan owned a 14,000-square-foot home in Pasadena named “Rothwood” and a chateau named “Bradbury”. He was a writer, an actor, and a surgeon.

    David’s paternal and maternal grandparents emigrated from Azores Islands, Portugal,[citation needed] and Russia to New Castle, Indiana. David is of Jewish heritage.[6] He was raised in the Jewish religion. Many members of his family were surgeons: Roth has an uncle, Dave, who is a neurosurgeon; an uncle, Marty, who is an orthopedic surgeon; and a grandfather who was a surgeon.[7] Roth’s uncle, Manny Roth, is an influential New York City nightclub owner and entertainment entrepreneur who built and owned the New York establishment Cafe Wha? in the early 1960s, where the likes of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix were performing and hanging out. Seven-year-old David Lee got his first taste of, and desire for, show business from the inside by hanging out at Cafe Wha?, as mentioned in his book “Crazy from the Heat” numerous times. His uncle would be one of David’s first guests on his short-lived radio show on New York’s 92.3 Free-FM.

    After living in both Bloomington, Indiana, and Swampscott, Massachusetts, Roth moved to Pasadena, California, in his teens. Roth stated he bounced around a number of schools and spent three years going to a psychiatrist.”

    ( PS I dont dislike the guy , just wanted to make that clear .It’s just an example )

    • melgibstein says:

      Jews love the name Lee. Take Jared Lee Loughner for instance, Tommy Lee Jones (yes Jones (Al Gores roommate in school) is a big Jew last name like Johnson, Jerry Lee Lewis etc etc etc.

    • melgibstein says:

      “He was a writer, an actor, and a surgeon”
      They’re all actors. I was just reading of the anusim or crypto Jews of Portugal. They didnt let their own kids know they were Jews until they came of age for fear of being found out that they were Jews pretending to be Christians or Muslims. The truth is they waited until their kids were old enough to lie to tell them the truth. You have to know the truth to lie and they know the truth. Lying is embedded into Jews and the ethnocentricity that the nerd MacDonald keeps bringing up is their ability to lie and the dumb nerd believes them every time.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yeah, Van Halens Daddy must be a jew and the drummer used the Yhiddish word “Schlep” for a long trip he had to take. Smells like bagels. Roth was also giving Van Halens papa all the credit over the Indonesian shiksa.

      And Roth could be into anything perverted on the planet. If he sat with me with his legs spread eagle like that Id probably have to tell him I dont want to be seen with you.

  2. gtrman says:

    PS I just found out that the bass player of Van Halens full name is Micheal Anthony Sobolewski .

    Not jewish though , as far as I can tell ..

    • melgibstein says:

      Van Halen married a crypto Jew Valerie Bertenelli. I cant prove this but wherever you see a Bar or a Ber prefix its a very very high possibility.

      • gtrman says:

        Van Halen’s dad was Jan Van Halen , and as far as I know isnt jewish , but looks it on some pics ! His mom was half ? Indonesian .

        I heard Lee Roth describe Van Halens wife as a ” yenta ” , but Wiki says “Catholic ” .

        But they always do , eh ?

        Roth was an incredible frontman in his day . He’s an interesting chap . He trained and worked as a paramedic a few years back , he loves the great outdoors , and he breeds sheepdogs and even enters competitive sheepdog trials across America ! Here is one of them , the clever dog has managed to round up Van Halen and co !:

        Sorry for off topic stuff , I had a Van Halen nostalgia day last Sunday ….

    • melgibstein says:

      Drummer looks like a bialy muncher.

  3. gtrman says:

    Gotta laff at how deferential Wikipedia is :

    ” David is of Jewish heritage. He was raised in the Jewish religion. ”

    But if you ask him if he’s a jew he gets upset ?

    Always the same . They say , ” Im a jew . My mom was a jew . Jews against this , jews against that . But we arent allowed to say ” jew ” .

    Like this “anti-semitic ” crap .

    Why cant it be just “anti-jew ” ? Rhetorical question of course ..

    • melgibstein says:

      Just ask one who their so called first Jew was. Did he also believe in Judaism? There was no Judaism and there were no Jews to marry so who was the first Jew? Let them digress (lie).

      It was a man I assume, but Jews are racial through the mother. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yes Jews know to make money on animal breeds and the importance of keeping that breed pure for $, but all the money in the world wont make their breed pure.

      Lee is a common Jew name, but just remember they steal names and have always stolen names and everything that isnt bolted down. I just use it for the initial reason to search deeper and you can always see that one is an obvious Jew and the other shows no signs of it.

      • gtrman says:

        Here’s ” Diamond ” Dave and his doggy , acting faggy and rounding up some , ahem , cattle . I get the feeling that Dave was “encouraged ” as a child , dont you ?

        I was always told to ” be quiet and stop showing off ” !!!

    • melgibstein says:

      Its always been anti Jew with me because they arent Semites and why they had to change the meaning of Semitic to speaking a Semitic language. I spoke Japanese for a while in Japan, does that make me Japanese? Filipinos speak Spanish, are they Latin like the supposed mostly Jew Latinos?

  4. Barney says:

    I’d like to pick up on the idea of a jewish ghetto being something like a modern black ghetto.

    Some time ago, Francesco da Mosto, almost certainly a jew himself, did a series on British tel-aviv-sion (tv) mainly about Venice, in which he described the ghetto as a place of safety and comfort for the jews, equivalent to a modern gated community, somewhere they chose to live, a place where they could plot and scheme while keeping the hated Human Beings out (jews aren’t human).

    He’s probably a jew, so we have to be aware that he could be lying, but according to him, jews weren’t forced to live in the ghetto. A house in the ghetto wasn’t a slum, but a palace, and the jews chose to isolate themselves in luxury, the same as they do now in their gated communities.

    • melgibstein says:

      I wonder if Mr Da Matsoh would say the same thing about Aushvitz. According to Profesuh Kevin MacDonald it would be a good place to hook up with a yenta in peace (young one).

      • gtrman says:

        Well , ive listened to a few recent Duke audios , and , if nothing else they are dull as hell! I heard McDonald say that he read the bible when he first started in with the “jew ” thing . OOOH ! Duke s got a brand new vid about Trayvon …he keeps on teasin ..

  5. gtrman says:

    Sorry Mel , one more .
    A youtube commenter under that ” Dave Lee Roth Scrapbook vid” left this .
    I think he may have a point ….

    ” Not that it’s a bad thing or anything,..but I am pretty convinced Dave has grown up to be a homosexual man. Why is he always alone? I think that’s because his lover stays away from cameras. I will always love Dave. I wish him the best. Being such a fan of his for so long, I would like to know the answer to this question though. I just gotta know. ”
    dunskie 1 week ago

    THE FOOL ! As if there are any overcompensating homo jews in showbiz !

  6. gtrman says:

    Van Halens / Roth’s roots , from the horses mouth . Seems like Daves family were jus ‘ good ole boys , po’ dust bowl farmers , eatin ‘ grits ‘n ‘ possum cheeks …..!! :

  7. gtrman says:

    Just one more . This is a lesson in jewish business practices . Priceless .

  8. michaelx says:

    Listen to some Celtic Rebel. Most heavy metal is gay. Not saying there isn’t good music but the industry is controlled by Jews and everyone has to go through the initiation if they want to be ‘stars’.

    RE: Ghettos. Yes they were protected. Jews were the tax collectors for many elites of the middle ages. In virtually every country, the royalty brought them in because they had no hesitation in fleecing the people and they also had the best financial networks. Occasionally the people would rebel and throw them out if they could. TBH it wasn’t that bad of a system. Use them in financial sectors but don’t let them into media, government etc.

    And yeah, TOO is starting to **** me. At first I thought they were just stupid but their own blog has clever cryptos that are trying to blame blacks for everything. And they love promoting higher Jew IQ. Like I’m going to believe these tests aren’t ‘fixed’.

    • melgibstein says:

      In the beginning these countries trusted Jews and some of the leaders trusted them and they were protected….in the beginning. But when the people figured out what was going on- out they went.
      The people never wanted to be amongst them and not the other way around. Therefore it was Jews who had to come along with us and not the other way around. They are parasites.We sure as hell havent followed them and kicked them out even with everything they stole.

      It proves we are too damned nice and that has to end.

  9. Have you ever thought about publishing an e-book or guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my readers would appreciate your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

  10. Barney says:

    My partial solution would be to keep the fed, and the bank “of England”, but bring them under public (not government) ownership, take all “money into public ownership (no longer “borrowed”), and whatever imaginary – or “electronic” money there may be is cancelled. If it doesn’t physically exist, it doesn’t exist.

    No more “interest” (rent) on “borrowed” money and no more private fortunes, These would disappear when the computers were taken down and re-formatted.

    We wouldn’t see the kikenvermin for dust, but we’d have to be ready to defend our countries against a “surprise” attack by other jew-controlled countries, as happened to Germany a little over half a century ago.

    (A note to Mel. It’s looking as if that “jetpack” hijacker may be back, so I don’t know yet whether this will go through. I know it’s not your doing if it doesn’t.)

    • melgibstein says:

      I say just get rid of Jews like we were supposed to a long time ago. After that there wont be much else to do other than bring up kids and live in a jew free environment. Replenish the earth.

  11. Barney says:

    That went through ok. No jetpack. No problems, Perhaps I’d deleted a cookie.

  12. michaelx says:

    I don’t know why this Khazar stuff is so important. Think it through logically… the Jew said a whole kingdom just converted to Judaism… haha not likely. Obviously the Jews moved in, intermarrying etc working their way into the elite class, using their connections etc same as what happened in Egypt. Possibly the peasants were forced to convert as well but once the Mongols came in to town…. guess which class of people would’ve been most able to make their escape into Europe? those with the most Jew blood.

    Then you got the Sephard branch who moved through Africa, up to Spain, and then into Holland… and they’re just as bad. So either way,.. i don’t think it matters how connected they all are genetically, the point is it’s their ‘ideology’ that makes a problem today.

    • melgibstein says:

      Jews werent in Egypt, Israelites were. Israelites didnt rape Egypt, they gave them their gold (nursed them), thats what sucked dry means. When a baby sucks dry its milk the mother isnt ripped off. Jews have you duped into all sorts of BS in circles. You have to break it all up and see they have always been liars, always will be liars and the only time they tell you the truth is to set you up for a lie.

      Jews came into these countries to destroy them. One way was to breed into them. Who is destroyed by breeding with a Jew, a white or a Jew? The White is destroyed every time. You gotta get through the Jew BS.
      To say these people are a separate people is like saying Jonathan Pollard is a loner.

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