Some Mother’s Son

I didn’t see this movie, but it looks like a movie that is designed to have white people hate each other and leave the Jews out as usual. The second I see these type movies nowadays I immediately shut them off. It may as well be Satan himself inviting you in for a cold drink before your soul is roasted over hot coals. This was a good title I thought, however to name this thread. People are often fooled into hating their own family and family is not to mean just your immediate family. Its far too late in the game today for people of the White race to have any hatred against each other knowing the world is full of nothing but Jewish lies.

Hear I go again on the Celts, for this I apologize, but in order to move on I have to unload this into cyberspace or wherever it goes. This information to me is vital to get out to others in the truth movement that claim to be Irish, Scottish, British, Welsh, French, German, Northern Italian and basically all of the White world. I hear many say they are Scottish and many say they are Irish who should be all over their own past, but spend most of their time on current events uncovering things nobody else seems to be capable of. Well I have found a Scot who was also a hound dog for truth who wrote a book on the Gaelic language that should be read by every person in the world with Celtic ancestry. I know of a professor out there who likes to kibbitz with David Duke that wouldn’t dare teach this in his college classes, however. Whether you are a heathen like some Scots I know in the militia or others that know there are problems in the Masoretic text or anything else, you need to read this book.

The name of this book is called The Antiquity of the Gaelic Language showing its affinity to Hebrew, Greek and Latin (get this) SUPERSEDING the Masoretic points (the Jew Rabbi’s).

Understand that this man did not have the access to books as we do today and may not have every jot and tittle correct about history, but certainly without a doubt makes the point that Gaelic is in fact the oldest language in the world (Hebrew itself).

One has to ask why Jews and Jews alone have taken sole ownership of Hebrew when Hebrew was spoken thousands of years before there was a so called Jew (Judahite or Judean). Noah had to speak Hebrew, Adam had to speak Hebrew and if you believe Moses or any of the prophets were spoken to by God or the angels they must have also spoken or understand Hebrew. The people of Judea who weren’t of Judah had to also speak Hebrew if they were allowed to be incorporated into it (Maccabee’s).

This lad McIntire also says that the Jewish or Rabbinic Hebrew is deliberate deception in so many words which goes along with everything Christian Identity says. He challenges anyone to claim otherwise like a good Scot would. I have not heard anyone yet dispute him have you?

We could go into the word Iberia which McIntyre seems to have left out that means Hebrew. If you can’t find the connection I suggest you do a search on the Darial Pass or Darial Gorge and look for the word “Iberia”. Many books on Irish history claim that Ireland was named after the Goddess Eriu, but the Irish and Celts believed in only one God. If you look at how the word Ireland came about you will find at least a dozen different theories. The truth is words you have for yourself aren’t always said correctly by others, therefore misspelled. Spain we know was called Iberia by the inhabitants (Celtiberians being most of them) and each country had its own name such as Spain or Hispania by the Romans. Romans did the same thing with the word Hibernia (Ireland) and added the H. The Greeks at one time called it Ierne, and called Spain Iberi . The b in Iberia is sometimes replaced with a “v” or a “w”. The Russian word for Hebrew is Iverskaya. I could take 3 hours just on the word Ireland, but it did not come from a Goddess Eriu, in fact it had earlier names even before this which the writer was unfortunately unaware of, one of which was Inis Fail or Place of Destiny, but place of destiny for whom?

This writer doesn’t mention all this but he does say that the Gaelic is the closest associated to Hebrew where the others (Greek and Latin) were also derived at a later time (same people) which makes perfect sense. Some of the Celts ventured all the way Northwest preserving their original language while others had to intertwine theirs in central Europe. This is not by any means meant just for the Irish, but the Celtic people all over the world who came out of the Middle East and North Africa despite what the professors and doctors in the so called “white movement” claim. What it does claim is these folks are hiding history and one has to ask why?. There is certainly a great deal for a truth hound to dig into.

If there is a bad seed or fallen angels on this earth who mingled in with the daughters of men, wouldn’t they try to look like the good seed to keep from being exposed and to survive? One people merely needs to tell the truth and the other must lie to survive. Look around at all the lies, are they coming from Whites or coming from Jews? We can’t even tell our own history, as I’ve said many times before, or we expose the liars. Well I am proud to say that one of my Scottish ancestors did and as he thanked some of his fathers for preserving the truth I thank him too.

This book reminds me of the scene in Braveheart where Melvin’s uncle in the movie says “Before you ca loirn to use thes, ye hefta loirn ta use thes” sweeping the young laddy off to France to be educated. This book basically says he would have not needed to go any farther than Ireland or the Scottish Highlands rather lose his own identity to a Latin language that grew out of the Gaelic they spoke from its purest form. I guess Mel never learned “ta use thes” after all.

side note- Germans may not like this book because in this guys day he more than likely confused the German people with the Ashkenazi’s who snookered Germans into the Masoretic text as well as most of the rest of us in later days before Herr Hitler came along.

Wiki is rarely correct on word meanings, but here they connect the word Argyll with Goidel Glas. Most Irish (Scots) or Celts have never heard of him, yet his name is all over Ireland and Scotland. Glas means grey and Goidel is where the word Gaelic comes from Geadh, Gaedh and other variations, of course Goidel could also be mistranslated from another spelling of the ancient language of the same root language of Hebrew where Goidel Glas is said to come from. Of course wiki is not going to get to the bottom of it because it is there to mislead like almost all other historical websites out there. Which is why you always have to look to your own and no one else. Odd that wiki would go out of their way to claim that glas means “green” when it clearly means “grey”. The word Glas gow which means “grey hound” as the Irish Wolfhounds definitely are.

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13 Responses to Some Mother’s Son

  1. HKW says:

    “Hear I go again on the Celts, for this I apologize, but in order to move on I have to unload this into cyberspace or wherever it goes. This information to me is vital to get out to others in the truth movement that claim to be Irish, Scottish, British, Welsh, French, German, Northern Italian and basically all of the White world….”

    Would you include the White Polish people too into this group?

    • melgibstein says:

      White Polish people have gone through hell with Jews so I should have included them. This writer left them out because he probably didnt know the difference of a Jew from a German or Polish. One of the reasons why I leave out countries most of the time is because of this. Let me make it clear, I have nothing against WHITE Pollacks. I want them to stand up with me and all other whites against these creatures called Jews.

    • melgibstein says:

      Its ok I will probably tick you off in a lot of other areas too, but its not my intention. My intention in life has one priority and one alone. I want Jews out (all of them) and I will do it any way I can even if I have to tick some (everyone) off to do it.

  2. Hallion says:

    Then I am with you with all my heart!
    Thank you for your reply 🙂

  3. HKW says:

    Khazarians barbarism in Palestine and Poland !
    Human rights group B’Tselem has uploaded a video showing Israeli police officers brutally attacking a Palestinian child, providing more evidence of Israeli violence against Palestinian
    The video shows a border policeman apprehending a nine-year-old boy, identified as Abd al-Rahman Burkan, and knocking him to the ground while the child shouts, near the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of al-Khalil (Hebron) in the south of the occupied West Bank on June 29.
    A second policeman is then seen approaching the child and kicking him.

    Khazarians barbarism in Poland is the same kind. Without giving a reason the police attacked the Poles on their National Day November 11! Since 1939, the Jews exercised supreme authority in Poland after they murdered the Polish soldiers at Katyn !
    The current President Bronislaw Komorowski has married a Jewish woman whose parents worked in the criminal organization MBP that murdered Poles after the Second World War.

  4. Barney says:

    Welcome HKW, or Hallion. Good to see you here. We may have doubts about other sites, but Mel is definitely one of us.

  5. Kosta Lookas says:

    How do the Greeks fit in? The supposed basis of western philosophy and language.
    I know they had a population of approx 80,000 Jews in Salonika (known as Thessaloniki by Greeks) prior to WWII, and don’t know of any time when the Greeks expelled them in history.
    Although, ADL could easily claim a molehill to be a mountain…

    Interestingly the Greek Prime Minister 1996-2000 Κωνσταντίνος Σημίτης
    First name Konstantinos/Konstantine sounds distinctly Christian, but his surname (SIMITIS) EXACTLY translates as “Semite”.

    Your thoughts, please.

    • melgibstein says:

      What is the definition of Semite? When you tell me that, tell me where you got the word and the definition from and how it is relevant to anything in the Bible. Where in the Bible does it say you are someone of relevance if you have a distant connection to Shem somehow? The connection has to be through the male and the female and Jews can never show that. The whole thing is a Jew con job just like when they said “we have Abraham for our father”. Clint Eastwood’s Black son can say he is related to the founding fathers of America, but the founding fathers would reject him. Like John the Baptist said in a round about way, anyone can claim they have Abraham as their father.

      The Idumeans could claim their father was Shem and Abraham, but their father on their mothers side had Cain for a father.

  6. Kosta Lookas says:

    Not so interested in these “WASPS”…
    But check this out… “defenders of the faith”

    I don’t know if they get the full Metzitzah b’peh treatment from Rabbi Jacob Snowman.

    • melgibstein says:

      If the “Royal Family” were reptiles and shed their skin every 6 months I wouldnt care, they have obviously been neutered or transposed into Jews. Their silence is all I need to hear.

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