The Man Who Shot Liberty Silence

The people who fired on the USS Liberty were Jews, more than likely

the pilots were trained in the USA. Jews have continuously demanded to be called the Jewish state like a bully telling his victim to cry uncle. I have said many times that we should indeed call them the Jewish state, but if its truth they want we should call them the Jewish mongrel welfare state. Certainly they are for truth, right? Jews are not to be trusted, but we have people who were on that ship that want us to trust the most untrustworthy people on the face of the earth, nation wreckers, debaucher’s, child molesters, but most of all antichrist devils. It is utterly insane and I am not ashamed in the least to say it.

I am going to say something here that may shock you, it may make you never come back and ruin any credibility I have, but I don’t care. John the Baptist told the truth and so will I. I lost two friends in Beirut and lost two friends in 9/11. I lost relatives in Vietnam, a second uncle of mine was severely damaged in WW2 by heavy combat, my sister was without a husband for 6 years in Hanoi missing in action for two of them, I have seen the devastation in Iraq with my own eyes and in Afghanistan, I had many relatives coaxed into the armed services throughout my life believing they are defending America and it is all because some of us do not speak out.

I have continuously heard about the USS Liberty for some years and was a pivotal point in understanding the Jewish state, but never had an impact on how I discovered Jews in general. After all Jews were kicked out of at least 100 city states in Europe (all of them) and had nothing to do with “Israel” ever. One has to ask why these survivors waited some 40 years to speak out about who tried to kill them and killed their shipmates. Why did they not speak out immediately?

I ask you, if you were on a ship and someone killed your shipmates, your fellow countrymen, would you remain silent? How many people have been killed because of Jewish dominance since then? This could have been the difference of saving millions of lives all over the world because of silence.

Today we have Liberty survivors teamed up with Jews to claim this was “Zionists” who did this. This is a blatant LIE! You can call them what you please, but they were Jews of Ashkenazi and Sephardic descent that also control the media, controlled the slave trade, control the fiat money system, Hollywood, porn and just about everything else destroying Europe, America and everything else to this day. To claim the USS Liberty was bombed by some sect of Jews is nothing but throwing sects of Jews under the bus to save world Jewry and Jews are right back on the other side of this to cushion the fact that it was Jews and only Jews who were the guilty party. Call them Zionists all you want, but they were Jews folks and Jews are not going to admit anything they did (John 8:44). To use Jews to get this story out is nothing but mixing pure drinking water with horseshit. Pardon my occasional non French non White language.

I have no sympathy for people who keep their mouths shut when our people are killed, none whatsoever and I don’t give a damn what anyone says. You keep your mouth shut and you let people (Americans) or the white race die and take the hit. In my opinion there is no excuse on this earth. You kept quiet while more Americans, more whites, more Christians died!!!

Jews are in control of our money, our judicial system, our military, our media, our FBI and CIA and just about everything else. If you can’t say it was JEWS that bombed the Liberty and in control of our food, porn scum, polluting our world then to hell with you and the boat you floated in on. It’s the Jews stupid and you are indeed stupid. I’m sick of the pussies and Im sick of the faggot lies folks!

I just heard Texe Mars say he has a nose for crime, a nose for sniffing out the truth. Well Texe, let me tell you something here and now as a veteran to a veteran. Something stinks. Ask yourself this…..would you wait 40 years to tell your fellow countrymen that Jews killed your shipmates? You’re damned right you wouldn’t.

The whole thing makes me want to puke over the stern.

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6 Responses to The Man Who Shot Liberty Silence

  1. gtrman says:

    ” It is hilarious how Jews are the ones to bring attention to the fact that they embody so many of these negative attributes, I mean “stereotypes” when everyone else would have just gone about their business and simply viewed the movie as Batman fighting another bad guy. To 99% of all white men shoveling popcorn in their mouths, a Penguin is just a Penguin. But that’s not good enough for the Jew.”

    from a comment here :

    Batman Returns:
    An Anti-Semitic Allegory?
    Andrew Hamilton

    • melgibstein says:

      I wish I could find the site that has all the Jew cartoon characters. All of these characters are nutjob Jew fantasies about being able to beat people up, pick up the best women and look white, etc.
      Yes Jews are very concerned that some Jews bombed the Liberty and then they make assumptions that its the Neocons or the Israel lobby, etc etc etc. No no no no no no its YOU JEWS! Jews dont spread porn for the advancement of the Jewish state, they do it because they have NO SHAME. Jews dont take over the food in our grocery stores for the advancement of the Jew state or they would be eating in duh THE JEW STATE. This BS Zionist crap, Neocon crap, Israel lobby crap, banker crap, Bilderberger crap has to go. If they cant figure out that its JEWS and that JEWS LIE they need to be treated exactly the same as JEWS.

      To use the USS Liberty as a vehicle to ok Jews is just plain traitorous beyond repair. It’s downright spineless. If I was on that ship I would find an Amazonian blow dart hunter to help me educate people on the Liberty before a Jew, but some of the Liberty assholes have nothing but Jews. Its just insane!

      If there was a way to kill these Navy and Marines aboard twice they have achieved it.

    • melgibstein says:

      Narcy Novack, 55, was convicted June 20 along with her brother of orchestrating the murders of Ben Novack Jr. and his elderly mother in a brazen bid to snatch their fortune, which includes the world’s second-largest collection of Batman memorabilia.

      Read more:

  2. Free Man says:

    Keep the good work Man! I’m enjoying your work.

  3. estoryonline says:

    As I am quiet new in Jewish, looking around for some Jewish information> Got something important here. Nice to get it.
    This piece of video helped me forgive and let go of my frustration.

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