Throw Momma from the Train

Throwing other Jews under the bus or off the train is the oldest Jewish trick in the world. Jews are blaming the Hasid Jews for all their child molestation today. Finally CNN did a report about Jewish child molestation and actually called it an epidemic like I did some 5 years ago. An epidemic is usually a sickness that is out of control that just seems to break out of nowhere. I was wrong when I called it an epidemic because it’s been around in the Jew culture forever. The fact is it’s getting too obvious so someone has to be thrown from the train. We wont be hearing the Hasids naming non Hasidic Jew child molesters, but the list is just as long.

If you look at all the internet radio hosts today you will see the same things being done by Jews and obviously crypto Jews themselves. Look at Brother Nathan, he thinks he can just have us believe he is now a Christian and we should take him for his word while he tells us pretty much all other Jews are liars, murderers and thieves. The pitiful thing about this is the duped goyim actually flock to him for truth. It’s a coming “Dumb and Dumber “ thread down the line I have in store.

I watched idiots flock to Michael Rivero and if it isn’t obvious to them yet that this guy is a complete shyster then we are all doomed. Gilad Atzmon ehhh ehhhhhh is a new man too; he has seen the light and the evil of the Jews. Only one huge problem, he isn’t a Jew in any sense of the word except through some biological lying experiment (a test tube imposter so to speak). It’s all such nonsense I am in awe how people still buy this Jewish diarrhea.

There are also cryptos all over the net who throw Jews under the bus to save Jews. Take David Duke and Kevin MacDonald for instance. These so called intellects don’t even know what a Jew is and won’t have a discussion with anyone that will call them on their hypocrisies. They believe Jews are ethnocentric people, but supposedly threw all their Israelite brothers under the bus and threw Joseph under the chariot somehow even after he saved Jews in the famine they claim they took part in. Where is their love for the offspring of Joseph? The same place their love is for America or anyone else. I knew the Jew when David Duke was pretending to be one of our elected representatives and when Duke was praising the Jew slave owner Nathan’s hotdogs Bedford Forrest nee Beck around town who said nothing about the Jewish Federal Reserve and said nothing about Jews bombing the WTC for 10 years thereafter. Duke, MacDonald (Mc Mac it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t know who he is anyway), Spingola (yes Miss Burple Breath has her phones cut off too), The Mark Glenn crypto’s etc. all have to have Jews on their show to prove they are fair, yet never allow people to call in to question them (Christians). These same people would deny Jesus the same freedom of speech. John the Baptist would be reported to the Jew FBI.

99% of internet radio is a hoax. If it was real you wouldn’t have people claiming it is Jews one day and the bankers the next. The truth is it’s always the Jews. I have listened to the Fukishima catastrophe warnings, the vaccination warnings and all the under the bus issues there are and they are all to keep you occupied elsewhere. It’s been raining where I am for about a month straight and I’m still here, unfortunately Jews are too. If there was truth on these radio shows you would hear people willing to act against this Jewish monopoly over us. Are we supposed to believe people aren’t absolutely rattling mad about Jews? Is it hateful to be mad as hell at these creatures? They apparently think so and are here to cushion your frustration of it.

All of these shows are here to school you in the so called Zionist issue, but the Bible is the only real schooling you need. Who needs more education on child molesters, drug traffickers, organ harvesters of young impoverished kids, war starters, etc etc etc? What we need is a Longshanks and people that will defend him to the death. When I say a Longshanks I just mean we need someone focused on throwing Jews the hell out. You don’t need a goofy professor to tell you that your country has been raped; you need a leader to rally people to do something about it. Forget politics, our politicians are Jews and queers. We don’t need a politician to try to create a world where we all live in harmony because it is mathematically impossible if you have studied history. You don’t plant seeds amongst weeds or they aint going to grow folks. Lets get real! This is not some Jew academia subject it is common sense. We need to shed our skin of Jews entirely. Anyone that has the idea that Jews are going to change their ways is a lunatic. It aint going to happen folks. Do you concur?

In the meantime Jews move ahead every day because these clowns want their phones cut off to keep their BS waste of time tea and crumpets shows. The truth is none of these people with the exception of one or two even know what a Jew is nor wants to. They dont think it’s important and like the lies just as they are (strudeled in their brains  and dont want to have to start all over again in agony). Why these people aren’t being exposed is beyond me. These professors and doctors believe the world has a race of hooked nose child molesters and never have I seen Jews listed as a race. In fact Jews just said Israel is for white people. Are you getting outraged at the Jewish horse manure YET? They’re White when they’re raping some child like a bullfrog reptile.You are going to have to get mad and media people who deliberately lie to mislead need to start showing up tongueless. That is the ONLY way these liars will ever be stopped. They don’t care how much we know or how we got to know it, they only care about ACTION. And ACTION is the only club we have left in the bag and the only club they ever understand. It’s time we threw Jews under the train because it sure as hell is going to crash with them on it. If you are focused on anything else you have no clue the importance of it to begin with. I don’t care if Jews throw their own under the bus, but simply by being around they throw ours under it too. Jews will never admit to what a Jew is and that is the greatest harm to us in the world by itself.

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    hi mel just wanted to ask what do you think of incogman site?

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