Burn After Reading

“I have gotten a man, through an angel of the Lord.” ~Eve

I haven’t seen this movie as of yet, but it looks like the Jew slave Pitt is having a good time in it. This was a Cohen Bros. movie so I am guessing there was more than enough Jew arse kissing that was bargained for. We have a lot of Jew arse kisser’s in our so called movement and I’m going to take the time to prove it to you right now. When you bash my holy book and you bash my ancestor’s holy book I am going to expose your hypocrisies for all to see.

Enter Mark Glenn

Here is a guy who catapulted himself into this so called movement as a representative of Christianity, only one huge problem, he doesn’t believe the Old Testament or the New and I will tell you why. He does however believe it when his Muslim pals are around and Mark Dankopf doesn’t seem to even give a damn nor even see the hypocrisy. It’s not important to him and his Christian ministry that nobody alive seems to attend. All of these Ugly Truther’s are clowns working for the Jew. I have no doubts in my mind.

Let’s first take a look back to a fellow that called himself a Christian that said he was going to burn the Koran in front of his small place of so called worship in Florida (Terry Jones). Mark Glenn was absolutely furious at this so what does he do, he magnifies it on his show for all his listeners. He wanted to show what so called Christians do to Muslims. You see he never raised the possibility that this may have been a Jew himself. No folks, that wasn’t the game plan. He wanted Christians and Muslims to observe and listen to a man who would actually do such a thing. Never have I suggested anyone burn the Koran or burn the Talmud. I will suggest, however that you take your books with you elsewhere.

Now I would like to ask honest people out there who have heard Mark Glenn speak about the Old Testament, “doesn’t he more or less burn the Old Testament himself?” Now I don’t like to go after people, but if you mess with my religion I am coming at you and I am going to expose your hypocrisy. It is impossible for anyone to deny the Old Testament that is Christian if you actually read the New Testament. The truth is Mark Glenn knows what it says about mixed race people. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. We are not going to throw that book out and turn from our God to appease you. Glenn says it isn’t necessary to bash the Talmud because all the stuff he needs and he hates is in the Old Testament. He of course has his own interpretations of the Old Testament as the Jews do. If you want to bash the Old Testament at least give time to someone who will defend it as you were allowed to defend the Koran with Terry Jones. He won’t do it folks.

The guy just spent an hour bashing the book of the White people. This book was never for the Jews and exactly why they had to create the Talmud (their own book for Jews- not Israelites). Glenn shows that he knows the true meaning of the Old Testament when he calls Israel “she”. If he read James chapter one, verse one he would see that the apostle is speaking to that so called “she” and not to anyone else (this isn’t referring to Jews and he knows it). Jesus came for the exiled sheep of the House of Israel and Mark Glenn is cursing Israel.He will never fit in with the truth of who true Israel is or the pure lineage of Adam because he cannot be part of it. It’s no doubt why Arabs followed their own holy book in the first place. I don’t recall any of the apostles preaching to Arabs, the Chinese or anyone else other than whites. Again, sorry, but the facts are the facts (many Ben Friedman left out). They can claim they had the same father as we did, but their mother’s cannot.

“If you love me keep my Commandments”. Anyone care to guess where The Commandments came from? You won’t even hear Glenn take this on because the truth is going to have to hit home and it hits home hard when it does (its best to keep those phones cut off entirely). You bash my ancestors books and you’re gonna get hit. The truth is it was never the Jews book(s) or else we would be hearing the Jews speaking about the Edomites today, not to mention where the House of Israel went. They don’t care folks. They don’t want pure white Israel standing near them and people asking why one doesn’t look like the other.

There is a new family in my town, not in my immediate vicinity, but a family that frequents a park I do. A woman with no husband and five kids to feed, knocking on church doors and food pantries, there is no sadder story. She is a quite tall woman and her oldest daughter is quickly catching up to her in size. Unfortunately all five of them are as Black as any Nairobi or Sudanese I have ever seen in Africa. Not one of those five kids will ever be truly like their mother, they will get involved in rap music maybe, march in a Black protest against whitey or maybe even become president. And what type of women will the males be looking to mate with? You can blame it on God or you can blame it on Mother Nature or the Old Testament itself, but the truth is the truth. This is as much destruction on the white race as any Jew nuclear bomb on any submarines. Those kids replaced five white kids right from the start (not the other way around) and may replace five more on the employment line. The truth is that so called dirty book says to be a separate people. What people are robbed of their souls with race mixing? Edomite Jews are not one of them and why they were cast out to begin with. This is because, all because we let Jews in. Once they get their minions in they will do nothing but destroy and those are the facts of life. So what do whites do and what have whites done for centuries right back from the beginning of white civilization? They pack up their things and look for whiter ground. Then some fool like Mark Glenn comes in under the guise that he is one of us, a Christian and not his fault he is a mixed breed and opens up the doors for the Jew to use him as a vehicle to destroy us.  The Jew hates us for the very same reason oddly enough. Just as the serpent in the garden beguiled Eve the actors and the liars deceive and beguile to this very day. Folks it’s exactly what is happening and that my friends is the bloody ugly truth!

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86 Responses to Burn After Reading

  1. GTRman says:

    Pitt gets his goyisher-kopf blown off fairly early in the flick , a Cohen bros trademark.

    • melgibstein says:

      They’re either wearing a dress or homo’s in some fashion or both. Anyone who takes part in this Jew Hollywood in any position is toast if the truth ever gets out. It may not be long either. Its just a matter of freedom of speech and right now there is none in the main stream.

  2. John says:


    I remember George Clooney building and destroying a dildo machine. I don’t think there was one likable character in that entire movie.


    The truth will get out. Jesus guaranteed it. The satan spawn jews are desperately trying to stamp out freedom of speech, but they’ll never really be able to do it and they know it.

    I recently caught the movie “Paul”. It’s about a couple of British comic fans, played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who find an alien voiced by jew Seth Rogan. I was laughing a lot because the whole focus of the movie was to slam Christianity and promote evolution in the most ridiculous ways possible. Seriously, that was the point of the whole movie. My conclusion was that the jews in hollyweird are getting VERY desperate.

    • melgibstein says:

      That’s always been my conclusion, but it seems the more desperate they become the more pity they get. The lemmings have a sort of unconditional love for the dirtbags.

      • John says:

        Maybe they are getting more pity. It’s hard for me to tell sometimes. I comment on jewhoo articles quite a bit and from what I can tell more and more people are waking up. The fact that the kikes have to pay other kikes and shills to get on the internet and constantly post bullshit is a sign to me that things are not going to plan for them.

        I’ve been seeing lots of posts about the holocaust where even non jew-wise people are saying “Get over it.” That’s a good start.

        Lemmings is the perfect word Mel. They know not what they do and they’ve been conditioned to love their slavery.

  3. melgibstein says:

    John, the truth is people should be fuming mad out of their shorts. If they are waking up and not outraged they arent even human beings.

    • John says:

      I completely agree. Keep in mind though that some people wake up quickly and others wake up slowly. Every dirty road leads to the jew and people are starting to see it. It’s gonna be an interesting year.

    • melgibstein says:

      Thanks Nicky but I dont want anyone thinking Im tied in with your Facebook page. Doesnt look good.

    • russ hook says:

      Hi Mel, I am not trying to tie anyone into anything I am 60 and just trying to log in here so I can speak my 2 cents and going the FB way seems the easiest. I am not computer savvy. On subject, Mark “Glenn” booted me from his site/blog a few years ago, and he tried to insult me as best he could while doing so. A truther in the UK who blogs some great stuff was tied into Glenn for a while (diggerfortruth). I gave him the heads up about MG, and digger told me that MG tried to deny chemtrails. I am just reporting what I hear from someone who i trust and shows to have ethics. And Glenn can’t be his real name can it? Jews use christian names for last names all the time. He looks more like a kike than a “Glenn”. lol Anyhow, I like your blog here, thanx…

      • melgibstein says:

        If you are Nick I think you might want to change your Facebook page or people will get odd ideas. I dont care about Glenn anymore, he went to a paid subscription site and I doubt many people will pay to hear his anti Christian rants for money or his jew Muslims.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yes, good article. Glenn also likes to say that the Berbers and Muslims (we cant leave out Jews) were superior to the people who inhabited Spain (white people) in all areas including his own Scottish father’s lineage.

      Am I nuts or is this a bit too much to swallow that a guy is denigrating his own supposed heritage through his father in favor of Blacks, Arabs and jews? How is it only a couple of us pick up on this stuff? WTF is he doing here then?

  4. 卍巴 says:

    Michael Hoffman, “Judaism Discovered”, Page 145:

    “There is no fundamental opposition between spirit and matter in Judaism. When Jesus declared in John chapter 6 that ‘the flesh profiteth nothing,’ he was violating the oral tradition of the Pharisees: ‘Rabbinic anthropology differs in this respect from…Christian-anthropology…there is not a fundamental metaphysical opposition between (body and soul)…’

    “Judaism celebrates the body to such a sordid extent that it even has a defecation prayer which every Talmudic male is commanded to recite every time he relieves himself: ‘Blessed art thou O Lord…who has made the human in its orifices and holes.’

    “Everything about Orthodox Judaism is either a distortion or falsification of the Old Testament, because it is based on anthropomorphic traditions that void the Old Testament by means of a series of dispensations and loopholes. These begin with the Mishnah, which represents the commitment to writing of the occult legends and lore of those Israelites who had preserved ‘secret knowledge’ which had arisen with the worship of the golden calf, of Molech and similar abominations.

    “With the rejection of their Messiah and the commitment of the formerly oral traditions to writing, these Israelites completely abandoned themselves to a perversion which had once been only a persistent underground stream polluting Israel, but after Christ’s crucifixion, emerged as the main ideology of those who refused to accept Jesus as their savior.”

    • melgibstein says:

      Some of these Talmudic phrases are a little too hard to believe like “Gentiles do it with cows” or “Jesus is the son of Romans soldier(s)”, meaning more than one. Sometimes I wonder if this is to make people say things so stupid that they get laughed out of the room repeating them. I stay away from their logic and focus on my own and what is written in my books.

  5. 卍巴 says:


    “Mark Dankof is a broadcaster for The Ugly Truth Podcast. Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, the son of a United States Air Force Colonel, he graduated from Valparaiso University in 1977 and from Chicago’s Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1983. In recent years, he has pursued post-graduate work in systematic theology and theological German at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.”


    “Through the literally hundreds of Passover demonstrations conducted by Menorah Ministries staff, some 15,000 people have learned of the Jewish roots and connections of their faith. The staff have also been responsible for establishing Jewish studies courses at one seminary (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) and for establishing and leading a Jewish studies department and major at still another (St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva).”


    “Rabbi Dr. John Fischer: Born on May 27, 1946 in Budapest, Hungary, to survivors of the Holocaust. M.A. in New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1972. Visiting Faculty in Jewish Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1975 -1981.”

    WTS K’s:

    WTS offers a “Hazel Stone Memorial Scholarship: For Jewish women (at least one Jewish parent) who are planning on going to Bible college or seminary, have committed their life to Jesus Christ, and are going to be committed to an evangelistic ministry after graduation are encouraged to apply for these scholarships.”

  6. melgibstein says:

    Deanna Spingola has the out of the closet Jew Yonathan Azaziah on now and apparently I have been banned from her show. Its not important that Azaziah came out and said his mother was a Jew. As long as you whistle the right tune you can get on this show and blame Zionists for all the worlds problems and leave the word Jew completely out of the equation (because it will offend Yonnie’s momma). Of course the word “JEW” pops up every now and then, but they will never admit what a Jew IS!!!
    The question I want to ask him is “If your mother is a Jew doesnt that make you also a Jew?”, “If you are not a Jew then you must also believe your mother is not a Jew” and “If you believe being a Jew is a religion then being a Jew is fundamentally pretending to be the lineage of Judah and Jesus is it not?”

    Its a no win situation and the shill Spingola knows this. She is knee deep in the Mark Glenn doo doo where the entire crowd is nothing but crypto Jews, Jews who think they are related to Judah using words from a book that had nothing to do with their religion and an occasional dupe that disappears once they understand this.

    A guy used to call in the Piper show (great caller) Jim from Texas I think his name was. He was right on the money every time. He died shortly after that No More Wars for Israel shindif he attended. Coincidence? I dont think so!

    Glenn was bashing his so called Scottish ancestry in his last show and Jim from Texas caught on to Glenn when he described a BS dog story that happened in his town (the german shepard was the villain). This guy despises whites and Christianity and hangs out with Commies and Muslims. Chuck Carlson another Judeo fool. I dont know if he is a crypto or simply a complete idiot.

    I will say Ted Pike caught on to him pretty fast. Everything on Spingola’s show is somehow involved with the Glenn crowd outside of an occasional Abramoff visit. These are all people who are nowhere to be found on key issues about Loughner, Breivik, the Jew porn industry and all the issues that would make Jews go back into the holes they came out of. The truth is they are bringing more Jews in.

    • 卍巴 says:

      I don’t follow the Ugly crowd except for when it occasionally comes to my attention. so I wasn’t aware of any split between them and Ted Pike. I guess this rabbi has been deployed in order to raise Ugly Troof’s profile.

      Anyway, the last thing I heard about Pike was something about him attacking “antisemites”, and “reminding” everyone that “a remnant must be saved before the messiah will return” and so on.

      Yes, Spingola’s all over the place. If she’s an out-and-out con-woman, she does it much better than Ugly Glenn or Piperakhim or most of these clowns. I’ve only heard a few of her podcasts. Anyway RBN is a racket.

      • melgibstein says:

        He is a Judeo, but there are still many of them out there who are simply blind. I could be wrong. I wouldnt bet the farm on it either way thats for sure.

      • melgibstein says:

        I like Rick Adams, but every so often I wonder if he is a good con man too. I hope not. The rest of them are full of crap, yes.

      • 卍巴 says:

        Somebody just sent me some link to a recent Rick Adams podcast that was full of complete rubbish. I’ll see if I still have it. I try not to get too caught up in all of these characters’ nonsense and feuds. I just listen or read until I see something blatantly kike; then I’ll point out what I see as kike and move on. But this Mark of Clan Glenn of Lebanon and Idaho is like some sort of virus that keeps acting up from time to time on the Internet.

      • 卍巴 says:


        Strike that Rick Adams comment.

        I was thinking of Mike Harris on Veterans Today. Was Harris at RBN before?

        Sorry I don’t follow these Troofers and patriotards and Paulites and whatever much any more.

        Yes, what I heard from Adams seemed fine. I was confusing him with another RBN character.

        All I know of Adams is his interviews with Fr Matthew Raphael Johnson.

        Anyway, please just delete this and the previous Adams comment, to avoid confusion.

      • melgibstein says:

        They are cointel without the intelligence part. Who funds these people? Like the main stream they have all their phones cut off to criticism and that in itself is Jewish to the core. Yes it keeps growing, but I dont see any people other than Jews joining. It might as well be the JDL.

      • 卍巴 says:

        Jew VT’s Chief Jewbo Gordon “Global Intelligence Operative” Duff and Orion (ex-RBN) personality Mike Harris recently exposed the new ultra-ultra-ultra-secret shadowy super elite who are planning another nuclear attack on Japan from the bottom of the ocean in August!!!!!! They also discussed coffee… interspersed with ads about fecal waste and berky water filters and whatever else… Recently, they’ve also discussed “the state of plasma physics that has been in use by the secret space program for 20 years” … “in connection with a small New Jersey company, Iran is well along in building commercially viable plasma physics plants that can power interstellar space flight well outside our solar system, with a by-product of all the electricity you can use. And desalinated sea water… with no radiation and no other ill effects.” and “the impact of Iran going public with this technology that puts the energy wars into sharp relief… the possible real reason why the U.S. and Israel are so anxious to go to war with Iran” and “the absurdity of Gary McKinnon being in prison for stumbling on the Secret Space Program fleet-to-fleet transfers and list of off-world non terrestrial officers.”

        Free Lizard Mask with every broafcast!

      • melgibstein says:

        Its ok to be wrong and change your mind. You’re not going to get bashed for changing your mind ever as long as its logical and truthful. We are amongst viperous liars. Rick Adams is in a sea of lying vipers, but he sticks to Christianity. If I take a sword for someone that sticks to Christianity Im ok with that.

  7. 卍巴 says:

    MArk Dankhof, 2011.10.11:

    “For the story on fiat money, fractional reserve banking, and the Fed, consult the late (and very Jewish!) Murray Rothbard’s writings.”


  8. melgibstein says:

    Rivero says he isnt a jew, but his blood relatives come from Judea. He may not be lying when he says this. There were a lot of people living in Judea that werent of Judah and they gotta be somewhere.

  9. 卍巴 says:


    “By Rev. Ted Pike, 28 Dec 06

    “Anti-Semitism is the racist belief that Jews are genetically evil and subversive and should be persecuted. This is what Hitler believed.


    “As a result of liberal Jewish activism, many unjustly blame “the Jews” in general for widespread anti-Christianity and attacks on freedom.”


    Huh !? Jews are “unjustly” blamed for anti-Christianity and attacks on freedom?

    Anyway, just last week Pike correctly categorized Islam along with K***ry (“Judaism”)

    “Judaism’s and Islam’s Futile Efforts to Please God through Works

    “One criteria of truth is workability. Any religion that requires its adherents to pay the penalty for sin through good works is an unworkable religion.

    “The weaknesses, errors, temptations, fears and doubts having to do with moral issues are simply too numerous to be adequately covered by good works. Good works quickly fail to either give us lasting peace of mind or convincingly make us compatible with a holy God after death.

    “In this Bible study I explain the basic premises of Christianity versus Judaism and Islam. By the end I hope you will see clearly that the only true religion is one which lets the Author of this experiment called life, Jesus, be the One who lifts off our weary, heavy-laden shoulders the burden of being good. There is only one religion that gives one the pure motives and love of God that make pleasing Him the great joy and instinct of life.

    “That religion is Christianity.”

    Obviously that won’t go down well with all the Kikes and Muz (or supposed Muz) at The Ugly Troof. And Pike doesn’t even go so far as to point out that Islam is derived from Talmudism!

  10. melgibstein says:

    I know Ted is a Judeo, but he is old school. Many of the old school are Judeo’s and cant snap out of it. I have some in my own family so I know it is simply brainwashing. All he has to do is call for all kinds of Christians for a round table debate on what a Christian really is and what a jew is and let the truth flow. None of them want to do it, but thats what the so called church is supposed to do. Everything else is opinion. I dont want opinion I want fact.

  11. melgibstein says:

    Ted exposed the Talmud all over the internet before anyone I know out there. He has his faults, but I dont think he is a liar. I dont dislike people who say what they believe, but I do dislike when they refuse to have debates or discussions on key issues such as what a Jew really is. Sometimes they are simply in fear to touch it, but inside they know.

    • 卍巴 says:

      Yes, I agree, he’s probably just confused.

      Also, I made sure to date his comment (“As a result of liberal Jewish activism, many unjustly blame “the Jews” in general for widespread anti-Christianity and attacks on freedom.”) from 2006. Perhaps his thinking has changed since then.

      The comment in which he puts Islam and Jewism in the same category was what he wrote just last week. Perhaps that was in response to his sometime “friends” attempts to put Christianity and Islam in the same basket.

  12. 卍巴 says:

    I just posted a couple of comments that were sent to “moderation” because of the multiple url links. You should check them out.

  13. 卍巴 says:

    Check out this K***ry:


    Manji no Akira says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 6, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Pleb: “the whole Darfur brain wash campaign to split Sudan in two. Why you ask? … because of rich south Sudanese oil fields in the south that are now protected by Israel”

    * There are no oil fields anywhere in Sudan protected by “Israel”.

    * Darfur is Western Sudan.

    Try again.

    I note you followed that with a link to that twat Tarpley. Why not link to his interview with the Kike Kokesh?

    Manji no Akira says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 6, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    Pleb: “Although Egypt is 90% muslim, we pride ourselves on our tolerance of other races and religion and with our relations with the Christians here for almost 1500 years.”

    You mean the Egyptians whose land the Muslim Arabs invaded 1500 years ago, and who are second class citizens in their own land? Going to jail for giving someone a New Testament is “tolerance”?

    Pleb says:
    June 6, 2012 at 4:29 pm



    Just to a add a piece of amusing trivia to add to what you mention about Islam’s view about Jesus and how high regard we hold him that most Christians are unaware of (disclaimer: this is not religious banter just interesting trivia):

    Muslims like Christians believe in Armageddon much like how Revelations would describe it. Muslim’s also believe that during that time a prophet will come to lead the good against the evil. Guess who that prophet is? Mohammed? Nope. It is Jesus who will come to fight the Anti-Christ, he is the leader. Guess who the wicked are mainly composed of? Yes, Jews. It is stated that the Jew will hide behind a tree from fear and the tree shall speak that behind me hides a Jew. No wonder they hate us.

    Another interesting tidbit (another declaimer: all other beliefs about Jesus are duly respected):

    Muslim’s do not believe that Jesus was crucified but raised to heaven and only a body resembling Jesus was crucified. Thereby Jesus never truly died and awaits Judgement Day where his role will be fulfilled. How is that for evil Christian hating Muslims. That is why generally in Muslim conquests you will find Christians were IN GENERAL well treated, i.e. Saladin or when Arabs freed Egyptian Coptic Christians from the Romans.

    More, this is factual:

    The prophet Mohamed married a christian coptic from Egypt (Maria the Copt) to set an example of brotherhood and tolerance that must be respected between the two religions.

    Manji no Akira says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 6, 2012 at 4:40 pm
    Pleb: “The prophet Mohamed married a christian coptic from Egypt (Maria the Copt) to set an example of brotherhood and tolerance that must be respected between the two religions.”

    Maria the Copt was an Egyptian Coptic Christian slave given to The Pedo Muhammad. Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya claims that she was a concubine. She is not mentioned in Ibn-Hisham’s notes on Ibn-Ishaq’s biography where he lists the wives of Muhammad. She was the mother of Muhammad’s son Ibrahim, who died in infancy. Her sister, Sirin, was also sent as a slave to Muhammad, who gave her to Hassan ibn Thabit.


    @ That site mentioned above.

  14. melgibstein says:

    Nucky Johnson doesnt take comments from Mel either. Lindsey is suffering from Crohn’s disease and requested he would leave the movement if I wasnt silenced. So Nucky picked and chose all the comments of mine he didnt like and left the first one as if I was too ascared to come back. This is the great American Free Press writer that is supposed to be the new generation of truthers. Its all dung! I have a local radio host who cut me off the air entirely because I was getting all kinds of people calling in to agree with me. He made up a story that I called for the killing of 6 million Jews. These people are gutless cowards. I dont use my real name for the sake of kids and relatives (because these people will kill innocent people). When and if they do they are going to have a huge problem with me so its a catch 22. Bottom line is they wont debate openly because 1. They will be exposed for not being of the truth. 2. They will be terminated from their crypto jew positions.
    If RBN lost Rick Adams the whole thing would turn to shite (and the person responsible).

    • 卍巴 says:

      “Nucky Johnson”? C’est qui?

      Yes, you’re right, it’s common to pick and choose comments posted, to make it look like there’s diversity of opinion, but to keep any really cutting comments unapproved.

      Anyway, here’s another comment not appreciated (so far…) there, at that kikesite where the “Whiteys” are busy sucking off that real/supposed Arab Muz “Pleb”:


      Bella says:
      June 6, 2012 at 4:47 pm

      Yes. The Koran does state that Jesus did not die on the cross. Buy the book & read! However, if you look deep enough…the Vatican is the manufactuer of the Koran.

      Manji no Akira says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      June 6, 2012 at 4:57 pm

      Oh look “Pleb” those Egyptians the Muz “liberated” from Christian rule don’t appreciate their “liberation” or Muz “tolerance” :

      Iris Habib El Masry, “The Story of the Copts”:

      “The arrival of the Arabs marked the beginning of one of the worst eras in Egyptian history. Egyptians were offered three options: converting to Islam, paying a huge amount of money every year, or being killed. Many converted to Islam to evade persecution, but many remained faithful to Christ and either managed to secure the yearly amount of money they had to pay every year, or were tortured and killed for having rejected Islam. The Muslims attempted to erase the identity of the Egyptians by forcing them to adopt a new language, Arabic. Copts resisted and managed to keep their Egyptian language alive in their churches until today.”

      “The 19th and early 20th centuries witnessed a great improvement in the conditions of the Copts. They no longer had to pay the yearly sum of money for being Christians, and they were allowed to enroll in the army to defend their beloved Egypt. They held important positions in the country, such as that of prime ministers and ministers. However, with the 1952 communist revolution of Nasser, their properties were confiscated and they were forced to adopt pan-Arabism. Following Nasser’s death, his vice-president – Sadat – became president. He described himself as a “Muslim president of a Muslim country.” He put the Pope of Alexandria in confinement and swore to either convert all Copts to Islam or to make beggars and shoe-cleaners of them. Luckily, he was assassinated by Islamic radicals before executing his ideas. Mubarak, his vice-president, continued Sadat’s strategy of harassing and humiliating the Copts. He gave free hand to Islamic radicals to target Christians, killing them, stealing their money and raping their daughters. Forced conversion of Copts became one of the features of Mubarak’s regime. The killers of Christians were never convicted. Unfortunately, Mubarak’s regime sells itself to the world as a liberal and democratic one, and is supported by the West. Today, Copts are left to face injustice and persecution on their own in the land of their ancestors, the Land of Kimi.”

      No surprise to me, having attended many Coptic churches, and knowing very well how much the Christians of Egypt despise their Muz Arab oppressors.

      Pleb says:
      June 6, 2012 at 4:58 pm

      Your idea of Akenaton as Moses is interesting and the first time I heard it. I will look further into that idea. Some do say that Akenaton is one of the first prophets as he was the first to preach the idea of monotheism. Moses is generally accepted to have lived during the time of Ramses II although nothing in literature exists that proves this. Maybe we can attribute this to Charlton Heston.


      Note that supposed Muz is not bothered by that twat “Bella”s nonsensical assertion about the Talmudic Koran: “the Vatican is the manufactuer of the Koran.”

  15. melgibstein says:

    As far as Muslims go, I dont really care what they believe. I stay focused on the head of the snake. If they want to join in on putting jews back in the ghetto I will work with them and part, but I havent heard any of them suggesting this yet.

    • 卍巴 says:

      Most of them boast about how they are supposedly Jews’ cousins, and “We treated the Jews very well, and always provided them with refuge from Christian pogroms and deportations” blah blah blah.

      The majority of Muz (Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh — make up over half of all Muz) aren’t very Jew-wise. A Jew wrote Pakistan’s constitution.

      John Reed toured the Muz parts of the proto-USSR with his Jew hosts, giving Commie speeches that were “translated” by local imams into Uzbek, Kazakh, Tajiki and so on. He couldn’t understand the violent and euphoric responses he got to bland Marxist analyses of the proletariat blah blah. His Jew hosts told him that the imam was “translating” his speeches … not at all .. but was instead telling the huddled Muzzled masses that the Bolsheviks would lead a Jihad against the Orthodox Christians and would bring Sharia law. They had a good laugh over it.

      Kikedaffy was a Jew.

      Morocco is run by Jews. I suspect the King is also Jew. Certainly a Mason.

      The Jordanian and Gulf State and Saudi rulers are all Masonic pigs.

      Besides that, lots of Muz are genetically retarded (Somalis, Nigerians, many Arabs and Turks). Also, Muz culture and society is pathetic, and they are just a slight step more civilized than Congoloids. But at least clever enough to have enslaved so many Africans. The only “achievements” of Muz were invasions, and then utilizing in their burearcracies the skills of the Hindus, Christians, Persians that they had conquered. Anything good about Iranian or S.E. Asian Muz culture was there before they were conquered or converted.

      Mahatir Mohammad is praised by some as a sort of anti-Jew champ. In fact it was he who invited the Jew Soros into Malaysia. When he got Jewed, then he turned on Soros, but kept assuring everybody how much he admired Jews in general. His supposed anti-Jew speech was mostly anti-White and anti-Christian, all about how the evil Whiteys/Euros had oppressed the Jews, and the Muz had taken them in…

  16. melgibstein says:

    From your website…

    DBS is a Kike/Kiked disinfo agent provocateur, whose mission is to discredit genuine critics of Kikism, Judaism, Masonry and Zionism. His persona is that of a “historian”, a would-be reasonable and intense “researcher” into Zionism and the Rothschilds, who from time to time goes off into insane rages. One day he’ll say he opposes all forms of bigotry and hatred. The next he’ll demand that all Jews be rounded up and dispossessed until “we” can figure out which ones are not criminals, before “taking care of” the “Ashkenazi and Crypto Criminal Zionists”.

    end quote

    This is one of the reasons why I have trouble with Rick Adams. DBS” brother is on Rick Adams all the time and is supposed to be a Christian. How do two brothers come from the same family and be so completely opposite in such an important issue? I come from a huge family and every one of them are die hard Christians, most Judeo’s, but Christians none the less. DBS is vehemently antichristian. How can that be? In the video someone made about his mother she was wearing a Jew star. Oddly enough none of my relatives have ever been seen wearing one with my knowledge at least.

    • 卍巴 says:

      Those are older posts, from a few years ago, when I still started out taking people at face value, and trying to be “moderate” (or whatever the right word is) about The Jew — trying to distinguish between the mythical good jews and the “elites” etc.

      Now, after much, much, much reading and listening, I assume that just about anybody getting pumped up in the “anti-Zionist” or “Patriot” or “WN” or 911 Truth” movements must be some sort of shill, or K***, or deviant, or lunatic, or con-artist out for cash, or somehow toxic or useless.

      You seem to know a lot about these characters and their connections )I have no idea who DBS’s brother is, or what his name really is, though I’ve heard different things. I just go by what he says online and analyze and judge that on its own terms)..

      I mostly only know these Internet characters from what they say or write on-air/online; with a few exceptions. I correspond with a few of them, who tell me some interesting things about some “backstage” nonsense. But I never repeat online what people write to me privately. Still, it helps to see through what people are really talking about when I hear them on the web. I corresponded with Curtis Maynard just before he went to Valhalla or Hell or wherever they go. In his emails, he was very decent, very reasonable. Seemed sincere. Anyway, after reading my blogs, he wrote a bit about all the bitchy infighting of the “WN”s. I think a lot of that is public though.

  17. melgibstein says:

    From your site

    A typical example of Kaminski’s kikish lies and lunatic ravings:

    “The creation of the Christian bible is actually the principal template for deception that has been followed ever since its clumsy conception in 325 AD by a group later called “a synod of fools and madmen.” Uttered as it was by the Empress Irene, a Khazarian Jew serving as de facto Pope in 787 AD, one can only wonder what from the original Bible was lost as she changed the lineage of Jesus from Galilean to Jewish.”

    end quote

    Yes, Kaminski is another hitchkiker (and where the word originated from).

    • 卍巴 says:

      “Hitchkiker”. Hadn’t heard that one. I guess that would be a K-bo who latches/leeches onto some movement?

      I had a kiktionary on a now-banned blog, mostly of words I’d come up with. I should look through my files to see if I saved it.

      I’m sure I invented “kikesucker”. I guess Jared Taylor would be the best example of a kikesucker. Greg Johnson would be the most literal kikesucker of course.

      • melgibstein says:

        I thought you were referring to Kike Keith Johnson. No idea who Greg is, but Jews do love that name Greg. (and Johnson btw).

      • 卍巴 says:

        Greg Johnson is the queer who runs kiker-queerents / counter-currents.

        Over half the people their are cockjockies.

        Jack Donovan and James O’Meara are the most prominent.

        Their big spiel is that in order to combat Judaism, we have to fight homophobia and encourage assplay amongst boys.

        They also say that “family values” is a Jew invention, designed to destroy White civilization.

        If you think I’m exaggerating I can provide links.

        O’Meara says that Aryan society was founded upon transvestitism and anal sex, and that is why the Jew invented decency and family families. He says that their is onl one choice facing White culture: to be Negroes or Homos. That’s the title of his book which is set to be released: “The Homo or the Negro” (or “The Negro or the Homo”?) Anyway, yes, he says that the Negro is the most homophobic creature and therefore the most savage, and that civilization is created by homos.

  18. 卍巴 says:

    A great collection of STM-ery:

    • melgibstein says:

      Sounds like Meyer Lansky giving the Lucciano mob boss his directions. “Send me dose f@in codes right now ya f@”.

      • melgibstein says:

        When Huffschmid started to comment on DBS’s wifes photo on the internet Hufschmid started to answer and was quickly told to “stop” as if he knew it was being recorded’

        He said he was “just a voice on the phone” a couple more times needed I think too.

        Sounds like the kike DeNiro “whats a matter witt you?” whack ‘How could jew?” whack “Whats a matta wit choo?” “hoo hoo hoo”

  19. 卍巴 says:

    The “good, religious, anti-Zionist” Jews:

  20. melgibstein says:

    DBS had a fight with Ognir in Svitzerland and created a new Jew splinter group. Ognir is the ugliest looking non jew I have ever seen (its not possible). He is another Lindsey, Jewliani, Marky Mark Glenn Jew kike shill.

  21. 卍巴 says:

    Greg Johnson, homo-in-chief at kiker-queerents:

    “intolerance of homosexuality is Jewish”

    He and his gaggle of queers say that it was the Jew who invented the image of queers as effeminate. That real homos are tough and sweaty and dynamic and intellectual and brave and envied by other men, and the Jew emasculated homos to encourage the idea that they are limpwristed pathetic victims. And that Whites are the ultimate homos.


    “[The Jew invention of gayness] has created the heterosexual, who thinks he is immune from same-sex attractions. This allows some heterosexuals to fuse Jewish intolerance with self-righteousness, turning them into queer-bashing bullies like Westphal.

    “All these destructive consequences could be alleviated if we freed our minds from the legacy of Jewish hatred and intolerance. Queer-Bashers are in the grip of Jewry without even knowing it. White Nationalism requires that we de-Jew our thinking, but many White Nationalists have no idea of just what a radical change of outlook that requires.”

  22. melgibstein says:

    You can easily determine a Christian from his family and what they know and agree to. Not one person in my immediate family would deny Christianity in the face of jews. Thats why free speech has to be allowed. When people see a family of Christians and they are all white without hooked noses it does grave damage to the jew and all the money in the world cant deny it.

  23. 卍巴 says:

    The Great MR-VNN Summit of 2009!


    GuessedWorker’s site is Majority Rights. He is a rich and frustrated English guy, with a fuzzy Masonic-Neo-Pagan-Gnostic-Alt-Kike-New-Right-Neitzschean weltanshauung, who admires Jews and attacks “anti-Semitism”. GuessedWorker (GW): “The manner in which Western societies treat their Jews is a measure of their civilisation.” Alex Linder’s site is VNN. He is a very poor and bitter American. He was a Christian Scientist, is a militant Atheist Libertarian, and acts extremely Anti-Jewish. Linder and GW agree that Christianity is the greatest enemy of The White Man, and that it has destroyed Europe and America. Both of them see themselves as unrecognized geniuses. Both of their “movements” are impotent except in advancing Jew interests.

  24. 卍巴 says:

    Re: “Jesus came for the exiled sheep of the House of Israel and Mark Glenn is cursing Israel.”

    That’s why I deny that name to that parasite state.

    I avoid using it as much as possible, and only use it occasionally for the sake of facilitating conversations.

    Otherwise I call it “Kikestan-In-Palestine” (KIP, KP) or “Kikestan”, or “The Kike State”, or, if I have to be “polite”, “The Jew-State”. Even “The Jewish State”. Anything but “Israel”.

    “Zionism” is another problematic word. They pollute “Zion”, but I guess it’s somewhat acceptable to use the word “Zionism”, since the “~ism” suffix makes it clear it’s an ideology.

  25. melgibstein says:

    The Commie Okeefe speaks (opens with rap music)

    Just pitiful. This putz is a Commie kike if I ever saw or heard one.

    The world needs an ex heroin addict who likes to paint his face.

    You think he cares about whites in South Africa being slaughtered? You think he cares about the whites unemployed in their own countries because of Jew illegal immigration? He wants us to look the other way while we are being pick pocketed.

    It might as well be Goldberg on that screen. No questions, no free speech, no exposing his Commie hypocrisy, nothing.

    I think his mother is a kike.

    He swam with dolphins and turtles. he’s ready to give his life for the beautiful people. The Commie God.

    All this guy needs is a Jew band, some needles to sterilize all his extended family and he is another Bono.

    Just SHAMELESS!!!

    • melgibstein says:

      I used to swim with dolphins, turtles, alligators and snakes just about every day fishing for golfballs, but I aint no Commie. Alligators are much more fun to swim with, trust me. You aint lived till you have swum with the biggest gator around. All those golfballs were mine the minute they hit that water. The teenager gators are the worst.

  26. melgibstein says:

    The Jew Ugly Truthers have a full court press on and your buddy Michael E (Jew name beginning with E?) Jones was aboard- check out the Jew Dankopf’s latest show. Jones thinks Jews can be converted STILL. He obviously has NO idea what a Jew is, a Judean is, an Edomite is or what Paul meant when he said Jews are contrary to mankind. He refuses to understand that Jews does not always mean Judahites. This is deliberate. He is history in my book.

    Cardinal Lustiger said “I was born a Jew and I will die a Jew”. This is an ashkenazi speaking as one of the children of Israel. Its just so ridiculous.

    • 卍巴 says:

      My buddy MEJ?

      I’ve heard and read good things from him, but have also posted criticisms; especially related to his relationship with “Israel Shamir” or whatever his name is. Especially in regards to Izzy’s article in which he said “The Church” has three branches: 1. Orthodox, 2. (Roman) Catholic, and 3. …. Islam!

      Something else that’s iffy just came to my attention:

      “Jones has made numerous appearances as a journalistic commentator on Russia Today and PressTV. In an interview with PressTV on the 2011 Libyan civil war, Jones praised Muammar Gaddafi for running his government “in the interest of the Libyan people” and denounced the NATO intervention as “a looting operation.”

      Khaddafi was a Kike, installed in power by the British. He never ran Libya in the interests of the Libyan people, but to use its oil profits to fund terrorism and subversion around the world; and to promote an EU-style Arab Union; then, when that failed, to promote Africa as one country (ruled by him of course).

    • melgibstein says:

      I used to like the guy too. Unfortunately I was wrong too, but thats the way it is. These liars are hitting their limits and they gotta go along to get along or be banned like the rest of us. If he thinks Jews can be converted he needs to go with them in my opinion. Whats left of our lives and kids futures is too precious to even think about their welfare. I have a feeling that was the idea right from the start.

      • 卍巴 says:

        I don’t think being interviewed on some show is the same as endorsing everything about it.

        I wouldn’t have anything to do with anything I thought/knew was disinfo or a scam, but it’s possible EMJ wasn’t aware of everything about Ugly Kike Troof.

        I don’t know — I’d have to listen to the show, which I probably never will, because life’s too short and I hope never to hear that Kike Glenn’s braying ever again.

        I do know someone who was on The Ugly Kike Troof one time, and told me after that he was disgusted with them and the callers there, and said he’d never have anything to do with them again, and hasn’t; so people can just make mistakes.

  27. melgibstein says:

    I guess Revelations 2;9, 3;9 and 12;9 mean absolutely nothing to him. He is a Jew in my opinion. If he doesnt defend Christianity and debate all aspects of it he isnt of the truth.

    He doesnt understand being yoked with unbelievers either. Satan and his synagogue is destroyed not converted.

  28. 卍巴 says:

    An Ugly Kike Troof satellite racket:


    “The Mask of Zion Broadcast on The Ugly Truth Broadcasting Newtowk”

    All the usual scum named checked in the first few minutes:

    Martin Iqbal (“Empire Strikes Black”), “Pastor” Mark Dankopf, Azaziah, Glenn, K. Johnson, Chuck Carlos, Sammy Ibrahim, et muz kikera.

    Inkike is going ever more open re promoting the Kikemuz Ugly Troof outfit.

    • melgibstein says:

      All the shills are pushing this vehemently antichristian Zion Crime yeshiva boy. I could knock him off his rhythm with a quick left jab and then drop kick him.A lot of the cryptos bring him in like a stray cat into the chicken coup to prove Hitler wasnt a Jew, but what they dont care about is that he thinks Jesus was a Jew. Just a slight bargain with Louis Cipher that they willingly accept. These guys are good because they have control over the internet as well as the media. Its just going to take one voice to knock them off their perch, but they come back. They have no shame!

      • 卍巴 says:

        How can people be so stupid? They think a site called “Zion Crime Factory” is going to tell them the truth about Zionist crimes, when obviously the main industry of a “Zion Crime Factory” is to produce zionist crimes.

  29. 卍巴 says:

    See that Ugly Troofer Marty “Empire Strikes Black” Iqbal’s main link is to Kike Michel Chossudovsky’s “Global Research” racket:


  30. 卍巴 says:

    So, Ugly Kike Troof, Revolt of The Plebs, Empire Strikes Black, Zion Crime Factory, Mask of Zion and related outfits are set up to suck in anyone who’s basically retarded but interested in National Socialism, and get them to think National Socialism means hanging out with a pack of Kikes and Muz and Negroes.

  31. melgibstein says:

    I think you are on target. If they dont see they stepped in dogdoo and cant smell it, someone needs to tell em, only they have the phones cut off. Glenn was challenged to a debate and a lot of people saw the email. He turned it down because he is a little rat. All the people who saw that email know it too. He is going to have it rough from here on in and anyone around him.

  32. gtrman says:

    You guys sure sort the wheat from the chaff . Im trying now to back off the internet cos it doth seem that the ” troof ” aint always wot it seems , and Im more than a bit confused .

    Im not yet ready to write off ZCF , he’s only 22 or thereabouts .

    Anyway , thanks for the wisdom .

    May God help us all in our quest for Truth .

    As pompous as that sounds , I mean it .

  33. 卍巴 says:

    Alan Hart is another idiot they pimp at Ugly Troof.


    9/11 : Open letter & challenge to ADL’s Abe Foxman

    By Alan Hart, 08. Sep, 2011

    JUDAISM is the religion of Jews, not “the” Jews because not all Jews are religious. Like Christianity and Islam, Judaism has at its core a set of moral values and ethical principles.

    ZIONISM is a sectarian, colonial-like nationalism which created a state for some Jews in the Arab heartland mainly by terrorism and ethnic cleansing, and by doing so demonstrated contempt for, and made a mockery of, Judaism’s moral values and ethical principles. In reality mainstream Judaism and Zionism are total opposites.

    I’m also going to wonder aloud how many in my German audience are aware of two particular background facts. One is of that the return of Jews to the land of biblical Israel by the efforts of man [i.e. Adolf Hitler] – one possible but wholly inadequate definition of Zionism – was proscribed by Judaism. The other is that prior to the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust, the vast majority of Jews everywhere, and especially many eminent American Jews including the then owner of The New York Times, were totally opposed to Zionism’s Palestine project.


    When you know the difference between Judaism and Zionism, you can understand why it is wrong to blame all Jews everywhere for the crimes of the hard core Zionists in Israel.



    This tool Hart (who treasures his signed photograph of Golda Meir that the bitch gave him — he call her “Mother Israel” and says she and Ben Gurion would be ashamed of Zionists) … this tool Hart was featured at Ugly Troof as recently as March of this year:


    Hart speaks of himself in the third person, on his own site, regarding his relationship with Ugly Glenn:

    “Alan Hart Esq, former reporter with the BBC, weighs in with Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth, viz a viz the latest events taking place in his former stomping grounds–the Middle East and Palestine. An articulate Mark Glenn, has a rational and honest approach.”

    What he writes is the exact opposite of what Ugly Glenn and his Kike buddies at Mask of Zion and Zion Crime Factory pump out. And yet…they are work together, one hand stroking the other.

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont know much about him, but if he is in with douche Glenn he is most likely a crypto. Yup, they work together like Jews, no doubt. All different, all Commies, alphabet soup Talmudists.

      • 卍巴 says:

        Here’s a photo that Alan Hart treasures. The typed part is Hart’s own description of the photo, as he posted it online:


      • 卍巴 says:

        Alan Hart is the author of the 3-Volume “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews.”

        Yes, another one of these “Zionism is bad for The Jews” people.

        This book was praised by Ugly Glenn and the Jewbos who write and yap at Ugly Troof.

        Here’s Hart’s own sales spiel:

        “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews is a journey through the propaganda lies and truth of history.


        The insight Alan brings to the pages of this book is assisted by revelations from private conversations he had over the years with leaders on both sides of the conflict, including the two greatest opposites in all of human history – Golda Meir, Mother Israel, and Yasser Arafat, Father Palestine.

        Written in his down-to-earth, television reporting and conversational style, the book reads more like a novel than a conventional history.


        Israel, the child of Zionism, became its own worst enemy and a threat not only to the peace of the region and the world, but also to the best interests of Jews everywhere and the moral integrity of Judaism itself.

        The key to understanding, the author writes, is knowledge of the difference between Judaism and Zionism. He explains: “Judaism is the religion of Jews, not ‘the’ Jews because not all Jews are religious. Like Christianity and Islam, Judaism has at its core a set of moral values and ethical principles. Zionism is Jewish nationalism in the form of a sectarian, colonial enterprise which, in the process of creating and then expanding in the Arab heartland a state for some Jews, made a mockery of Judaism’s moral values and ethical principles and demonstrated contempt for international law and the human and political rights of the Palestinians. That’s why, for example, Nazi holocaust survivor Dr. Hajo Meyer titled his latest book An Ethical Tradition Betrayed, The End of Judaism.

        The author adds: “Supporters of Israel right or wrong conflate Judaism and Zionism because the assertion that they are one and the same enables them to claim that criticism of the Zionist state of Israel is a manifestation of anti-Semitism. Often, almost always these days, the accusation that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism is false. And this false charge is the blackmail card played to silence criticism of, and suppress informed and honest debate about, the Zionist state and its policies. The reality is that Judaism and political Zionism are total opposites, and knowledge of the difference is the key to understanding two things. One is why it is perfectly possible to be passionately anti-Zionist – opposed to Zionism’s colonial enterprise – without being in any way, shape or form anti-Semitic (anti-Jew). The other is why it is wrong to blame all Jews everywhere for the crimes of the hard core Zionist few in Palestine that became Israel.”

        This is the kind of garbage promoted and praised by Ugly Glenn, who poses as a hardcore opponent of everything “Jew”, including Judaism (including the Bible, which he says is Judaic).


      • 卍巴 says:

        Alan Hart with Neturei Karta pharisees (whom Ugly Glenn pretends to hate):

      • melgibstein says:

        He is another Jew or paid shill. What really gets me is how they continually praise these guys on the Liberty and denigrate any other veterans. These guys waited 40 years to open their holes about ehhh ehhhh Israel bombing their ship. How many people were waxed during that time? I say this standing alone knowing the BS I will take for it, but I dont care. I am a veteran too and had my life on the line too. McGovern is another schvantz, one minute he is bashing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the next he is telling us how much he enjoyed having doughnuts with George Bush Sr on Sundays at Camp David.

        This entire Mark Glenn crowd is a circus act. Anyone reading this……DUMP THEM! They are bad news!

      • melgibstein says:

        In the No More Wars for Israel, Mark Glenn bashed his Nutra Karta sweet guests right in front of the world (full frontal assault at a friendly gathering). He said they believed in that diwty book the Talmud he rarely brings up. The hypocrisy is just too much. Why doesnt he bash his buddy Azaziah about believing in the Old Testament or Dankopf? He knows they’re Jews like him I think. It’s all just a tangled mess that want to steal the show like Rupert Pupkin. Every one of these guys are fruitcakes. They hate White Christians not Jews.

  34. kostalooks says:

    Mel, you said “I dont dislike people who say what they believe, but I do dislike when they refuse to have debates or discussions on key issues such as what a Jew really is. Sometimes they are simply in fear to touch it, but inside they know.”

    Sounds reasonable to me.
    I Accept that there is a huge and unreasonable “cultural cringe” restricting discussions on Judaism/Jews.
    This squashes discussion and therefore discovery of truth.
    I presume you’re willing to extend your comment to all topics.

    As one born and raised in Australia, of Greek stock; it has been my observation [impression] that the Anglo-Sphere is willing to examine much and reasonably freely, but apart from the above “cringe”, the Anghlosphere also lacks the willingness for free introspection.
    I can give you an example.

    I have observed in Australia that whenever there is a case of a paedophile involving PRE-pubescents;
    ie: children without hair to sit on, and not some arbitrary legal age of 16,18, 21, 15 or what ever, but that age which nature/God has designated to be too young for sex/reproduction…. In all those observed cases, the perpetrator is an [apparent] AngloSaxon, and yes… Ashkenazis too.

    Do you concur with my observation.?
    To what do you attribute this phenomenon?

    I have tried hard to find a “scientific” study on this issue, but can find none, so it’s just my “impression”/observation.

    I have looked at online paedophile registers, of which America seems willing to compile (and that’s good). Unfortunately however, they don’t seem to distinguish between those most vile who harm PRE-Pubescents as opposed to [legally defined] “juveniles”.
    A cursory visual of their mug shots reveals an unusual low rate of Black Faces when compared to the high % of Black Faces among America’s convicted criminals.

    Is it then reasonable to cringe away from this discussion, as the Anglo-Sphere seems want to do.

    Matthew 18:6 [KJV]
    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    Mel, sincerely, I respect what seems to me, your forthrightness and wide knowledge on the issues you speak to.
    But I, as a member of the Anglo-Centric sphere [being born and raised here] feel great culpability in the murder of Millions in the Middle East in our time. It is not morally or legally justifiable.
    It matters not to me if we blame Jews, as we have many, many in positions of power and influence, as the fact is that we are “in bed with them”.

    • melgibstein says:

      If we had law based on the white mans law it would be unheard of to harm a child in any way, but we have Jews here who can make some of our dumb sheep do whatever they want. Jews have gotten into our high office and that is the problem. Its obvious these molesters dont fear the law because there is none anymore.

      Law # 1 is separation, without separation none of the other laws make a dimes worth of difference.Jews are Jews and Jews destroy anything they get near. As long as they are around the perversion will be with them and the lemmings with no backbone will give into them- its a given. Get the Jew out and people have no reason or excuse to do satanic things like this. It is without a doubt satanic to do this. Without Jews women wouldnt hate us in our own countries which obviously many of them do today (confusing us with Jews). All of this would be gone, as well as a ton of other things. Think of it like popped blister because thats what it is, a filthy pussey Jewish gefilte smelling blister.

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