On Deadly Ground

“I am the truth, the light and the way, no one comes to the Father except through me”

The Un-Christian Truth Movement

Piper- clueless on Biblical issues

Darryl Bradford Smith- despises the Bible

Kaminski- Jew atheist?

Mark Glenn- has no clue what Christianity is and doesn’t believe in the Old Testament

Michael Hoffman- nowhere around to be debated

Culture Wars, Michael Jones will not debate the Christian Identity issue

Texe Marrs wont touch it with a big stick- 100% Judeo and wont debate.

The entire Oracle Network is nothing but heathenous, atheist, crypto Jew disinfo

David Icke- God knows what he believes ~ lizard people

All the Jews in the supposed truth movement wont debate Christianity or Judaism and spend most of their time focused on the Nazi’s. If you can’t see you are being spanked you don’t have a full deck.

Salbucci- Judeo? Jew? Definitely has no clue of true Christianity and you wont be hearing him or David Duke discussing it. When you have doubts about someones beliefs it usually indicates they wont be questioned and in fact he never is.

David Duke- clueless in Christianity. Has no clue what a Jew or a Gentile is.

MacDonald- doesn’t believe the Bible because it’s Zionist occupied (his own words) enuf said.

Ted Pike- at least he will argue his side and that I admire in him. He doesn’t do it often enough because he simply can’t.

Stadmiller, Rense- believe in gold. They have no clue nor want a clue what Christianity is nor what word meanings they often discuss really mean.

Alex Jones- if he isn’t a Jew he will sell out to be one.

Michael Rivero- says he is Judean, not a Jew. He doesn’t believe there was a Judah- just too much crap to dig into! He has zero shame!

Azazaiah- Just came out and said he was a Jew (slowly and subtly so that it will sink in without really hitting bottom). All the shill hosts like Spingola that have him on “don’t care”. Giuliani- “doesn’t care”. It doesn’t bother them in the least he kept his Jew secret from us for over 2 years after Mark Glenn brought him into the fold.

Atzmon (G_d himself) is an Ashkenazi- more babel than you want to get involved in. Listening to people try to get truth from this guy is like trying to get seeds out of plastic fruit.

The newbies who are wet behind the ears like Nucky Johnson and Zion Crime Factory are just as much haters of Christianity as they claim to be against Jews (excuse me Zionists). It’s just so pathetic folks. They wont dare have an open debate and don’t look for Spingola to set one up. If you are for the truth, nothing should stop you. Is it any wonder that all of these people are knit together more or less and the Christian Identists arent even spoken of? No, my friends.

All the forum owners are atheists, crypto Jews, Agnostics whatever they call themselves. I could go on and on and on.

The truth is folks, these people can’t handle the truth whether they are Jews, crypto Jews, Judeo’s or just plain pussies. They wont have that debate. It aint gonna happen. They don’t want to learn something they can’t carry. The Jews had to stone and crucify the truth tellers because liars can’t afford to have the truth around. It makes too much truth, it makes people think and it makes the truth too obvious. These people will not offend Jews and prefer to offend Christians because not enough Christians are able to spread the truth. That’s the bottom line. You are either hot or cold- no middle ground.

Seek the truth. That doesn’t mean stop seeking the truth because it will stop your book sales or lose listeners to your ehh ehhh show. If you aren’t debating what Christianity and Judaism really are, if you are not debating the difference between what an Israelite and a Kenite is you might as well hang it up. You aint seeking the truth! Getting your ears tickled isnt getting the truth. Jews have made it so you despise the truth at first, but when you keep seeking the truth it opens up more and more every day and never goes back the other way.

All you have to do is ask people what a Jew is. They don’t want to say the difference between an Edomite and a Judahite- period. Herod was an Edomite and he was the king of Judea. Herod and the Edomite Jews wanted Jesus killed from DAY ONE! That fact alone and of course a slew of others can’t be overlooked. Jews are destroying any evidence of this they can in Palestine today.

It’s easy to say you don’t believe something openly and freely on a radio show and give your reasons why, but nobody is ever around to point out all their hypocrisies. They have the Jackie Mason/Seinfeld rhythm but none of it makes any sense. Its tripe!

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18 Responses to On Deadly Ground

  1. Chris says:

    Excellent Mel. Right on the money, so to speak. Guess that’s why I’ve always appreciated Akira.

    • melgibstein says:

      I like Akira and I like a few of the non Jews on that list, but Akira doesnt agree with me on CI. All I can say is if you dont believe something, make it known why and have a debate on it. It doesnt mean we have to do it in a name calling way. If you’ve got the truth, let it shine for all of us. I know for a fact that CI people dont back down to anyone on the scriptures. I know for a fact that the Judeo’s will not debate the pastors in an open discussion. I dont hate Judeo’s, I was once one myself. I seek the truth and go where it is.

      • Chris says:

        Was just looking at the latest comments on incogman’s site and had the feeling how right you are about these “keyboard evangelists”. These people will not look into what a Jew is or Christianity for that matter as the truth is rather unsettling. That being through popular culture (frankfurt school kikery) and the mass media they have become externalised Jews. From their language, humour, mentality etc they are have become Jewish themselves.



      • melgibstein says:

        CI is Christian Identity. Dont mix it up with British Israel, although I hear British Israel has discovered the Jew are the Edomite/Canaanites. The Apochryphal books are loaded with great info on this. People despise it, but they wont debate it because they cant. The words dont lie. The Bible is a racial book and Jews are not a race. The Bible was written by and to White people. Faith has nothing to do with being saved unless you are the wheat. The tares were never Gods people. Who are the people who kept the Bible sacred? All the Israelite males, whether you believe they were Jews or not (BS) married white women. All of them. Some mated with non whites and were cast out. When Professor MacDonald claims that Christians cant refute Science he is somewhat right, but not in his declarations. He believes Noah had Blacks, Chinese and Indians (just popped out and said “Whatup No?”). Science proves that cant happen.

  2. Barney says:

    Testing. Sorry Mel. Feel free to delete this if it does get through, but I tried to post a comment the other day and it disappeared. I tried a few times, but nothing got through.

    I haven’t been here for a few weeks, so I wouldn’t have been surprised to find my comments going through moderation, but they didn’t go anywhere.

    I’ll be AWOL again next week, but I’ll check back here when I can.

    I wonder whether WordPress might have changed something.

    • melgibstein says:

      Havent gotten it, Barney and usually your comments go straight through. I only delete comments from people trying to railroad this site into “Illuminati” type nonsense. I let Jews write in all the time. They love that “Back to the Jew Future” thread for some reason. If they write in I aint gonna sugar coat it so they usually dont come back. Thats what we lack doing more than anything.

  3. Barney says:

    That’s funny. Straight through without a problem.

    As I said, feel free to delete these two posts because they don’t contribute anything of value.

  4. Bob says:

    A debate is an argument; a quarrel. Usually it concerns the establishment of truth or falsehood. That’s nice. So what? Isn’t research supposed to sniff out truth? If so, why argue about it?
    Debates come about because of opinions, and not facts. Beliefs, as it were. Jim thinks he knows the truth about something and Sam also thinks he knows the truth about that same something. They differ about what they think the facts are. They debate and for what purpose? When was the last time you witnessed a debate, or heard a debate, where one fellow bows and admits he was in error and swears to forever accept the view of his opponent? Ha….. ha…… ha…..

    One cannot change anyone’s mind with a presentation of facts, much less, any silly debate. A person changes his own mind if indeed that is at all possible. People have a vested interest in maintaining a belief that their noggin holds only truth. To admit sincerely that one has believed something in error, takes a courage which is noticeable by its rarity.

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont know if you believe in Jesus or John the Baptist, but they never backed out of a debate because the truth exposes lies and hypocrisy. No doubt you are correct that many debates are opinions, but whose opinions? We know Jews dont believe in Christianity, yet we have their kosher food in all our stores. Shouldnt we expose the hypocrisy? Shouldnt we expose who was behind slavery and blamed it on whites?

      What this does is make people think twice about trusting a Jew. These shills are claiming WE SHOULD trust Jews (its babel). A debate exposes peoples weaknesses and there are Black and White issues such as “What is a Jew?” If you dont know the answer to that one how can you possibly pretend to be an expert on the subject?

  5. buff says:

    This is such a bunch of bull crap. The entire old testament is false and Jesus never existed.
    Christianity is the cause the death of the west.
    It is Judaism for Europeans.
    Kenites, wharf a load of bull. Deal with the issues at hand. No god will save us from the Jew.
    We have to do it ourselves.

    • melgibstein says:

      Thats your opinion feller, you are free to have your own opinions in Christian society. Seems you want a more Commie type society. Good luck with that.

      • buff says:

        Are u kidding gibby?
        McDonald is right.
        The so-called word of god bible is zionist Jew supremacy.
        Where do you think the Talmud came from?
        Communism is Jew through and through. So is Christianity. Psychology on and on.
        You and countless other Euros are deceived. I was a tongue talking bible believing blind man once.
        All religions based on the old testament are diseased.

      • melgibstein says:

        You must not be a white man, right? That book was never written for Jews. Why would you trust Jews on ANYTHING? You think Jews would want us to believe that God in the flesh called them “sons of satan”? If you read the Bible correctly you can see that God hates Jews more than any of us.

  6. melgibstein says:

    [audio src="http://theuglytruth.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/tut4jun2012giraldi999xyxy.mp3" /]

    Mark the Mongrel Glenn shooting the breeze with ex Jew sold out security guy Phil Giurardi and then goes on to bash the Old Testament (he thinks the Old Testament is the same thing as the Torah). He begs for calls and gets nothing.
    I only listened to the part where he said Ham mated with a Black and nowhere in the Bible does it say it was a Black. It was a seed of satan Jew (known as Jews today). The debate would be what Glenn really knows about the Bible (or what he is willing to admit it says) and then simply point out all his eroneous Jew errors. He can never take honest calls because if he does he is toast.

    • melgibstein says:

      Phil Gyurardi was in the CIA or some kind of intelligence agency for 24 years and didnt say a damned word about Israel the whole time. Is this crap for real?

  7. melgibstein says:

    This is Americaaa, This is America? Who are you?

    Duh Im Mark Glenns buddy and I became another Jew USS Liberty spokesman and a Marvi Marmara passenger. I served 20 something years in intelligence AND STILL NEVER SPOKE OUT AGAINST THE JEWS.

    These people want our gratitude? You can find me on the Jew Antiwar.com website.

  8. EDOMS THORN says:

    Great work Mark.

    I love what you said about David Duke, …”clueless in Christianity. Has no clue what a Jew or a Gentile is”…

    I have known David since 1994 and have shared with him TEN THOUSAND words to many for him not to see the truth of ‘our’ Israel Identity! I have come to the conclusion that he is a C.I.A or some such subversive infiltrator name taker!

    If you will research what I have presented about EDOM at my site. You will find that I have a bit of a different take about the sons of Noah. And EDOM and the Kenites have become one in the same. I have to work up what I have recently come to understand on that subject.

    I don’t know how I have not found your site until now, but glad I did!


    EXPOSING the Gods CHOSEN™ People MYTH

  9. melgibstein says:

    Ive heard stuff about MK Ultra in Laos involving mind control, not sure what to make of it, but what better mind control is there than taking words and twisting them around or claiming to be against Jews and with them at the same time. For instance, Duke is against Jews marrying themselves and calls it the ultimate racism when Jews arent a race and Jews can be any ad mixture on earth. What he is really doing is making whites think it is hatred to marry their own and ok for whites to marry any people while still claiming to be pro “European”. What is European? Its another BS word that originally came from a Phoenician who identified themselves as Middle Eastern. David Duke will not make that connection nor will any of his so called Christian friends like MacDonald, Slattery, Don bighead Black, etc.
    Jews know they have to get people to follow them in order to lead them away from the truth when people need to follow the truth itself and not a person. Just today they (the usual cointel gang) was talking about exactly what I just wrote about, using words the way they were intended to, but just two days ago every other word he used was in the complete opposite context. What they say is not what they do.
    I havent read your site, but if it is related to CI you must see why Duke hates CI just like Jews hated Jesus. What did Jesus say to Jews that they hated so much? One: You are not my sheep, why would these Jews care not to be the sheep of Jesus (Yashua)? They hated him because he told the truth- period and still do. Two: David Duke hates the Bible as does MacDonald and I believe Slattery and Don Black are Jews themselves. I was kicked off Blacks website in less than a week and I was getting more “likes” than anyone on his site at the time. People want to hear the truth but these guys are there to fill your ears with crap and keep the truth muffled. They will bring on so called preachers like Mark Dankopf that works with Mark Glenn who lambastes the Old Testament. Dankopf is a supposed Lutheran and last I checked they believed in the Old Testament. The hypocrisy is the same as it always has been- of the Pharisees. What is the passion of these guys? They claim to be white, but none of them have ever read the Bible and have obviously finished reading whatever they had read years ago. They believe the Bible is Jewish- period. Thats their final story and they’re stickin to it. Now they need a microphone and an audience to prove it. They break down Christianity (the white mans religion) into the sewer and they are all evolutionists at the same time.
    It’s a sham indeed!

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