Alex Jones and the Temple of Spume

Ever notice how many people on the internet spawned out of the Alex Jones crowd? Every one of these people are fruitcake liars to say the very least. They are always on the wrong side of key issues and most of them have some sort of hang-up why they can’t come out and say that the world’s problem today is the same as it always has been. The problems in Germany, Russia, Poland, England, America throughout the age and virtually every country Jews have inhabited on the face of this earth has always been the same and yet these truthers always have to find another name for the Jews responsible for it all.  These people are criminals keeping the blame off the Jews and blaming it on others, plain and simple.

This little group of shills that have branched out have brought new shills into the fold with all kinds of new tactics to  thwart the problems in White countries and that, I believe, is the true goal of these liars. When you hear about Nazi’s and Inquisition Catholics being bashed, take note that this is directed towards Whites only. These tactics go hand in hand with other obvious maneuvers to replace Jews with names like neocons, bankers, globalists, etc. They will bash the US Military, the US Government and lead you to Iranian news agencies (Muslim). These people are basically living in America working for a foreign government not unlike Jews themselves. These are the same people who continually use the words “founding fathers” whom they have absolutely no relationship to. If the American government is corrupt, which it is, you go to the source and name names not somewhere else looking for allies who are not Americans and unrelated to the eh ehhh founding fathers.. These shills will spend hours each day focused on how the crimes are being committed, where, when and why, but who they always are seems to be unimportant. They will never cross that line and tell the whole truth.

Some of these rats don’t even live in America, some have given up their citizenship and have run away or simply for the ability to lie from afar. Whatever the case may be they surely did not run away to tell the truth because these people all seem to leave out the main factor that is destroying all countries “the Jew”. They claim that all people are lemmings and won’t awaken to the true problem “The New World Order” or “Globalism”, etc. Try asking them who controls porn when they are bloviating about Palestine or who controls the Fed when they are blubbering about “the money junkies” or who was blamed for the Black slave trade and who really ran it and still will not admit to it this day.

When they are shooting their mouths off about 9/11 and “Israeli’s” ask them if Israeli’s are the children of Israel (prove it) and why then do Jews want Israel called the Jewish state? I don’t think one of these people even believe the Bible at all and still wont ask that question to their Jew buddies. Whenever they use the word “they” ask them to be specific or shut the hell up. When they are full of pride about defending Palestine, ask them why they will not defend America and add the two together and get the same Jewish names. Certainly they care about their own country first, no?

Ask them who have their religion stamped all over our food products and what Kosher really means to Jews. Get specific and make it clear to them that if they are so pro our American forefathers why do we have a Jewish food industry? Most of them will laugh it off like it’s nothing that Jews have complete control over our food supply. They will take our organs, but not our unclean food we eat to nourish our organs. It doesn’t affect the shills in the least that these people who are killing their buddies in Palestine also control the food supply. These people are nothing but hypocrites and more than likely on the payroll or are Jews themselves.

It isn’t difficult to see the hypocrisy of these shills. One way to easily spot a shill is anyone glued to another subject (I don’t care what it is). Every other subject is a far far distant second place. UFO’s, Bigfoot, Enki and his magic mushrooms, it’s all diversion from the information you need to hear. Every issue affecting this planet today involves Jews and still people are out there protecting them with diversion. Feel free to give me a subject today where Jews aren’t involved in polluting this planet. If you happen to find one I will give you one hundred where they are.

If you are for the truth and you are for decency and you are not exposing the stench that Jews have caused this entire planet today you are simply a hypocrite and have to work within your own splinter groups to justify focusing somewhere else. You can see that the forums are controlled by people who are scared shitless to focus on the truth. You have to wonder why they have forums if they will not let these demons (it’s what they are) be exposed too harshly. They want people kept in their slumbers so they can keep their Jewish BS forums. They claim politicians are traitors towing the Jew line, but they are no different to a degree.

If you are looking for the truth out of ANY of the Alex Jones BS artists you are a bloody fool. If you follow any of the people who bloomed out of the Alex Jones BS show you are even a bigger fool. You are getting your ears tickled by the best liars the world has ever produced and they have NO SHAME whatsoever. Look for the hypocrisies and the crossed lines (the babel). Look for the doctors and professors that because of their titles it is expected they tell the truth. Unfortunately titles today are for that very reason (to perpetuate the lies) because most everything today that we are expected to believe from these pros are lies.

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