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A group of fervently Orthodox Jews reportedly set to gather at Citi Field later this month for a conference on the dangers of the internet will have counter protesters.

The secondary protest is titled “The Internet Is Not The Problem,” and has been organized on, of all places, facebook.

The pro-internet faction hopes to fly in the face of a loose confederation of Ultra Orthodox leaders who have reportedly raised $1.5 million to rent out the inside of the stadium on May 20. They will reportedly use the massive space to rally against and discuss the problems the internet has caused the insular community.

“It is well known that in recent times through the Internet many serious family-related problems have been created, and it all happens because of it, and something must be done so they won’t be hurt,” the group, known as the Great Men of Israel  (but we’re all Jews MG), said in a statement translated by the Jewish Press. “And since this touches almost everyone, we must assemble together to protect and be protected, and we hope that through this gathering in search of ideas we will be helped from Heaven to save the many, and may it be that we will be successful in encouraging the public not to stumble over this obstacle, and the Lord will guide us in a truthful path,” they added.

But not all Jews are sympathetic to the anti-internet cause. Ari Mandel, a secular Jew who was raised as a Hassid before leaving the fold, began the counter protest for outside the stadium, because he feels the attention of the Hassidic leadership ought to be turned elsewhere.

“It’s infuriating that these rabbis are so focused on the Internet, instead of far more serious dangers,” said Mandel, who was thinking specifically of the problem of child molestation—which he says someone close to him has been a victim of.

“In my mind, there is one calamity so serious it trumps any other concern: Jewish leadership needs to totally reform how they keep our children safe,” he added.

To Rabbi Yossi Blesofsky of Chabad of Northeast Queens, the internet can be a serious hazard to children.

“Everybody is aware that in one click, you can be in a very dark space spiritually,” he said, adding, “Whether it’s pornography, or crime…racism, hate, or learning how to make a bomb—that’s how dangerous it is.”

Blesofsky wished to emphasize that he is not an organizer of the Citi Field conference—and may not even attend—but does find some common ground with the organizers, who are of different Orthodox sects.

“It’s about educating our children to understand the power of the internet and the danger of it,” he said, adding, “You can’t say that the internet is evil. That’s silly. That’s sort of immature. The issue is you have to use it in a positive manner.”

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~When Jews “raise money” it means they have plans to steal it back.

And down under news…..

Rabbi ignored warnings on sexual abuse, say parents

Jewel Topsfield

May 8, 2012

David Cyprys.David Cyprys leaves Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday. Photo: Jason South

ONE of Australia’s leading rabbis told a man whose son had been allegedly sexually abused by a youth group leader at a Melbourne Jewish school that the child would not need counselling because he was under eight years old, court documents say.

David Samuel Cyprys, a former security guard at the Yeshivah Centre in St Kilda East, has been charged with 53 offences, including six counts of rape, allegedly committed against 12 boys between 1982 and 1991.

He is contesting the allegations at a committal hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

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Rabbi Groner.Rabbi Groner.

In court documents, the parents of two separate boys said they went to Yeshivah Centre director Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner in the 1980s to complain about alleged molestation.

The parents of both boys said no action was taken, with one woman saying her son was abused for another three years after her complaint.

One father said he told Rabbi Groner in 1984 that Cyprys had ”interfered” with his son. ” He told me that [the boy] wouldn’t need counselling because [he] was under eight years old,” the man said in a statement.

”Rabbi Groner told me he had spoken to psychologists before and they had told him because the children are so young counselling would not be necessary. Since that day I never heard another word.”

The mother of another boy said she called Rabbi Groner in 1987 after being ”shocked out of my brain” to learn of alleged abuse of her son.

”I recall when I mentioned David Cyprys’ name to Rabbi Groner he replied, ‘Oh, no, I thought we cured him’. By this I was sure that Rabbi Groner meant this sort of thing had happened before with David Cyprys,” the woman said in a witness statement.

Rabbi Groner, who was

Melbourne’s most senior Chabad rabbi, died in 2008.

The court documents say Cyprys, who owns a locksmith business, has been affiliated with the yeshivah for many years. He was employed as a security guard, was a co-leader of a Jewish youth group there and was a martial arts instructor who recruited students from the school.

Cyprys, 44, of Balaclava, also supervised young males at the mikvah baths attached to the Yeshivah Centre, which are used for the spiritual cleansing of Jewish males.

”The accused was seen as a role model by members of the Jewish community who trusted him in the company of their children,” the summary of charges says.

The alleged victims, who were aged between seven and 17, say they were abused by Cyprys at locations including the mikvah bath house, Elwood houses, his van, Gan Israel youth camps and Yeshivah College.

”He was known as the ‘key master’. People knew this, and still do, and we were afraid of his reputation as being able to access everybody’s houses and also because of his martial arts prowess,” one alleged victim said in his statement.

”Cyprys was never shy about touching up kids. He was never violent, but you were scared, because he had the keys to everything, and he was a black belt at karate.”

Another alleged victim said Cyprys was ”a lot bigger and stronger than me at the time”. ”He had me pinned and cornered. I felt sick to my bones and wanted to die, I was so afraid.”

The man said that in the US, paedophiles in the Jewish community were reported to the police and dealt with accordingly. ”For some reason, the Jewish community in Melbourne covers things up,” he said in his statement.

Rabbi Abraham Glick, who was the principal of Yeshivah College between 1986 and 2007, said he had no recollection of any child or parent making a complaint to him about Cyprys molesting children.

”More recently it became known that the students did talk about David allegedly molesting children, but amongst the children there was a code of keeping this in ‘their world’,” Rabbi Glick said in his statement.

”The children did not discuss these issues with adults.”

Rabbi Glick, who still teaches at Yeshivah College and is the head of student wellbeing, said ”attitudes at the time were very different to current attitudes”.

”In those times it was a general practice that parents would not discuss these type of issues with anyone other than Rabbi Groner in his capacity as rabbi of the community and director of the colleges.”

The committal hearing is continuing before Magistrate Luisa Bazzani.

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~Where is the media? Where are the Sean Hannity’s, Glen Beck’s, OReilly’s who went after Catholic priests like hound dogs? They need to be hanged folks!

Jews have a time bomb on their hands. Jews will molest children and Jewish children will lie about being molested. When the Catholic church had their so called molester problems they decided to air it out. When the Jews decide to air this out they know the stench will be too much. Yes, nature sometimes takes care of itself because nobody else is.

The Ugly Truthers dont like to discuss Jewish child molestation (they will lose all their guests and listeners). You think any of these guys and gals that sell new books every year will do one on Jewish child molestation? Dont hold your breath.

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  1. John says:

    The jews are shocked that their children are being molested when their own talmud says that child rape is perfectly fine. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Jewish crime is becoming so rapant that not even their control of the media can keep a lid on it.

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