Le Haine

La Haine (French pronunciation: [la ʔɛn], ‘hatred’) is a 1995 French black-and-white film written, co-edited, and directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. It is commonly released under its French title in the English-speaking world, although its U.S. VHS release was entitled Hate. It is about three young friends and their struggle to live in the banlieues of Paris. The title derives from a line spoken by one of them, Hubert: “La haine attire la haine!”, “hatred breeds hatred.”

When someone tells you not to hate it is like telling you not to smell a foul odor, taste something rotten, see something perverted or turn off your own emotions about the acts of a particular person or people. Hate was not designed originally for despising a particular food or animal God and or nature created. There is nothing on earth to hate what nature or God created, but the people who pervert what he did create.

The word “hate” is used in Genesis all the way to Revelations so to claim that hate is an emotion to be ashamed of is hogwash. God himself hated Esau and not because of a bowl of porridge, but because he married into the Kenites or descendants of another one he hated, Cain. If you don’t believe this I suggest you look into it.

When we hear about the Holocaust, what are our emotions supposed to be? Is this to make us pity Germans who were also Celts (White people) or is it to make us hate ourselves? Why are Jews allowed to hate us and we are not allowed to even use the word Jew in a bad light?

In my neighborhood, when I first moved in, not one of my neighbors came to me to welcome me in; I had to go to them. I was out of town much of the time, but let a family member stay to watch over the place. He got in with the neighbors somewhat, even more so than I have in many years. I learned from him that an old lady who lived down the street in a huge house was nicknamed “the bitch”. I asked this family member where he learned this from and he said the whole neighborhood knows it.

One day I was putting avocado’s out in front of my house to sell for a dollar apiece and this old lady was driving (the bitch) by and said “Can I buy all of them and maybe more?”, with a smile in a very humble looking car. I said, you are the lady who lives down the street right? She said, “yes that’s my house at the end of the street”. I said, you are a neighbor then, so you can take what you want, no charge. She refused and took everything I had out at the time and dropped more than enough money in the wheelbarrow because I wouldn’t accept it.

I saw her several more times after that and each time got to know her a little better. I found out that this old lady was one of the nicest people I had met in town. I went to her garage sale once after that and was interested in some Italian marble she had shipped in from Italy that she wasn’t using. She said, “You are a neighbor, no charge, take it all”. This marble was worth close to a grand easy. I had to turn it down. I see this old lady often; she is German and not Jewish and know if I need anything I can go to her and vise versa.

In the meantime I learned that my other neighbors are entirely Jews and I asked this old lady why there are words flying around about her as being a bitch. She hadn’t a clue why.

What I am trying to say is it should never be about who others dislike or hate, but what affects you and how YOU perceive things. If I trusted my neighbors and hated this woman myself that would’ve been “The Hate”.


While I am somewhat on the subject of the Holocaust I would like to add “The Hypocrisy” to this title. When you hear about the Holocaust, what emotion do you feel? Why do you feel this? When I hear about the Holocaust I hate the fact that Jews have quashed my free speech to prove it a hoax. Free speech is not allowed in this subject.

Have you heard the internet radio people who harp on the Holocaust every day? They all hate not having free speech in the main stream media and why they do what they do, but when you try to explain to them what a Jew is they are no longer for free speech. Its off topic and never on topic similar to every main stream radio show in America. They convinced themselves that it is hate to use words taken from the Bible itself.

You are either for the truth all the way or you aint.

In the news…

Cleveland, OH – Federal authorities say five men have been arrested in an alleged plot to blow up a bridge near Cleveland.


The FBI said Tuesday there was no danger to the public because the explosive devices were inoperable and were controlled by an undercover FBI employee.

Three men were arrested Monday on charges of conspiracy and trying to use explosive to damage property affecting interstate commerce. Charges were pending against two men.

The suspects range in age from 20 and 35. Authorities say at least three are self-described anarchists and are not tied to international terrorism.

The FBI says the target of the plot was a bridge over the Cuyahoga (keye-uh-HOH’-gah) Valley National Park in the Brecksville area, roughly 15 miles south of downtown Cleveland.

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