Melungeons and Gibsons

Take your pick of stories about the Melungeons and you will see that there is no doubt that these people were the Jews who were the offspring of the first Marrano’s that arrived in the USA more than likely involved in the Indian and Black slave trade. Wikipedia doesn’t go very deep into the fact that the so called “White” part of these tri racial people may not have been White at all, but Jew. Wikipedia does have some pertinent facts on these people as far as names go as you will see. Here are a few clips from websites on the Melungeons. Some may be part truths, some may be no truth at all, but the common denominator is the Jew and more evidence of history deliberately withheld. If Jews were amongst the Indians it was to make them slaves. They had hatchlings with these slaves as they did with the Black slaves. So maybe it wasnt really Blacks that sold themselves, but Jew Blacks that sold themselves. The Indians were also without a doubt more victims of the satanic Jew and it had nothing to do with the ancient Israelites who may have come to America thousands of years before these Marrano Edomite racially mixed so called Jews.

I’m going to speak to you today about the influence of Sephardic Jews – one of the two divisions of world Jewry, the Western division — on Indian cultures in the Southeast U.S. in a time frame of approximately 1600 to 1800, when the area was predominantly Spanish and the first contact took place between the tribes of the interior and traders from the coastal settlements of St. Augustine, Savannah, Jamestown and Pensacola. My work seeks to establish the thesis that—funny as it may sound—the five so-called “Civilized Tribes” of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole owe their high degree of assimilation, long history of treaty-making, trade and legal rights, and in fact their very survival to Sephardic Jews like my forefather Isaac Cooper. It is not true that the Indians of North America are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, but it is true that the earliest Jewish travelers and the indigenous people they visited and chose to settle among had many, many things in common. Relations between the two races were probably promoted by the mistaken belief on both sides that they were historically related. Whatever the implications of this wrong notion might have been, the Jewish descent of Indians was generally accepted on a popular level and also on a scientific level until quite recently. In the interests of condensing a large amount of material into the short span of thirty minutes here at the ISAC conference, I will concentrate on three arguments to show the degree of inter-influence between Jews and Indians—the identity and importance of the Melungeons, the ancient history of North American reflected in what is called Indian seer tradition, and certain chiefs’ genealogies.


My first argument has to do with Melungeons, a “triracial Appalachian isolate,” whose origins have, until recently, been one of the long-standing mysteries of American history. Nearly every surname in my family tree – also in my wife’s – is a Melungeon name, though there are only about 200 identified as such. Several substantive research works have been written about this ethnic group, each building upon the others to identify their origins. Among the most popular and well-documented theories are (1) that the Melungeons are survivors of Sir Walter Raleigh’s “Lost Colony” of Roanoke, (2) that the Melungeons are descendents of early Spanish and Portuguese sailors marooned or “dumped” in the Carolinas, and (3) that the Melugeons are the descendents of converso Moors and Jews who fled the Inquisition. In 2003, the Mercer University Press in nearby Macon will publish Dr. Elizabeth Hirschman’s breakthrough study, Melungeons: The Last Lost Tribe in America. I was fortunate enough to read the work in manuscript and become a collaborator with Hirschman, who is a marketing professor at Rutgers University and a well-known marketing consultant specializing in the impact of ethnicity on consumer behavior. Using a combination of y-chromosome testing, genealogy and local history, Hirschman has proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the forebears of the Melungeons were Sephardic Jews. Among her quite brilliant discoveries are that Daniel Boone, David Crockett, Andrew Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Sam Houston and James Robertson, the founder of the Cumberland settlements were Jewish, if not in practice, at least in genetics and by association.

The establishment of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 was indeed an important event in American history. But it was by no means the first European settlement in the New World. The Spanish established the Santa Elena, South Carolina, colony in 1566, forty yrs before Jamestown. The colony thrived for more than twenty yrs until it was overrun by the English in 1587. But since the English won the battle for this Nation, Santa Elena was conveniently left out of American history books.

What happened to the survivors of Santa Elena, and who were they? Their identity is important to understanding the hidden role played by Islam in the shaping of the American nation. Many of the Santa Elena colonists were converted Muslims and Jews or Conversos. In Spain the Muslims were known as Mudajjan a word probably related to the term Melungeon. Ethnically, many of the Santa Elena colonists were Berber Muslims and Sephardic Jews, recruited by the Portuguese Captain Joao Pardo from the heavily Berber Galician Mountains of northern Portugal in 1567—-less than one year before the Inquisition kicked into high gear against the Muslims.

Mel~ Santa Elena is where present day Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island is located.

When Santa Elena fell, its inhabitants-including its converted Jews and Muslims-escaped into the mountains of North Carolina. And there they survived, intermarrying to some degree with Native Americans, eventually merging with a second group arriving on American shores in, ironically, 1587—-the same year Santa Elena fell.

The theory is Crypto or Converso Sephardic Jews in America gave their children unique Jewish names. I had encountered some odd names while looking at our New England family groups. One particular name stood out; Uncle Carmi BENSON who lived in the late 1700′s in Upstate New York. At the time, I wondered what kind of New English(ish) sort of name was “Carmi”. It sounded Italian, not Puritan.   I checked the census during his life, and there were a small handful of other Carmis.  I could not make sense of it, so Uncle Carmi went on a shelf.

With a new direction on where to go to look for the origin of “Carmi”;  I checked on the Sephardic Jewish name lists.  Lo and behold, there was Carmi, an North African Sephardic Jewish name.  I then read Melungeons: The Last Lost Tribe in America by Dr. Elizabeth C. Hirschman, a Melungeon descendant,  and  professor at Rutgers University.

I learned that the Sephardic Jewish descendants in America, who were either Converso or Crypto, often mixed with the Moors/Moriscoes of Spain, left naming clues for us to find.  Fortunately for me, as a descendant of Mormon pioneers, my relatives had faithfully done their genealogy and consequently I had large files of names I could access from my home computer.

From Wiki  (Random Cuts)

There are many hypotheses about the etymology of the term “Melungeon”. One theory favored by linguists and many researchers on the topic, and found in several dictionaries, is that the name derives from the French mélange, or mixture. As there were French Huguenot immigrants in Virginia from 1700, their language could have contributed a term.

The scholars Joanne Pezzullo and Karlton Douglas speculate that a more likely derivation of “Melungeon,” related to the English culture of the colonies, may have been from the now obsolete English word “malengin” (also spelled “mal engine”) meaning “guile”, “deceit”, or “ill intent.” It was used by Edmund Spenser as the name of a trickster figure in his epic poem The Faerie Queene (1590–1596), widely popular in Elizabethan England.[26] The phrase “harbored them Melungins” would be equivalent to “harbored someone of ill will,” or could mean “harbored evil people,” without reference to any ethnicity.

Another theory traces the word to malungu (or malungo), a Luso-African word from Angola meaning “shipmate”, derived from the Kimbundu word ma’luno, meaning “companion” or “friend”.[27][28]

Kennedy (1994) speculates that it derives from the Turkish melun can (from Arabic mal`un jinn ملعون جنّ), which purportedly means “damned soul.” But, the Turkish word can, meaning “soul”, is Persian in origin, rather than Arabic. Kennedy apparently confuses it with the Arabic word jinn, better known as genie. He suggests that, at the time, the (condemned soul) was a term used by Turks for Muslims who had been captured and enslaved aboard Spanish galleons.[citation needed]

Some writers try to connect the term “Melungeon” to an ethnic origin of people designated by that term, but there is no basis for this assumption. It appears the name arose as an exonym, something which neighboring people, of whatever origin, called the multiracial people.

Some individuals begin to self-identity as Melungeons after reading about the group on a website and discovering their surname on the expanding list of “Melungeon-associated” surnames. Others believe they have certain physical traits or conditions. For example, some Melungeons are allegedly identifiable by shovel-shaped incisors, a dental feature more commonly found among, but not restricted to, Native Americans and Northeast Asians.[34] A second feature attributed by some to Melungeons is an enlarged external occipital protuberance, dubbed an “Anatolian bump”, after an unsubstantiated hypothesis, popularized by N. Brent Kennedy, that Melungeons are of Turkish origin.[33][35] Academic historians have not found any evidence for this thesis, nor is it supported by results from the Melungeon DNA Project.

Free people of color, sometimes mixed-race families, are documented as migrating with European-American neighbors in the first half of the 18th century to the frontier of Virginia and to North and South Carolina. The Collins, Gibson, and Ridley (Riddle) families owned land adjacent to one another in Orange County, North Carolina, where they and the Bunch family were listed as “free Molatas (mulattos)”, taxable on tithes in 1755. By settling in frontier areas, free people of color found more amenable living conditions and could escape some of the racial strictures of plantation areas.[5]

Not long after, Collins and Gibson families (identified as Melungeon ancestors) were members of the Stony Creek Primitive Baptist Church in nearby Scott County, Virginia, where they appear to have been treated as social equals of the white members. The earliest documented use of the term “Melungeon” is found in the minutes of this church (see Etymology below).[7] While there are historical references to the documents, the originals have not been found, and evidence came from a transcribed copy.[citation needed]

The families known as “Melungeons” in the 19th century were generally well integrated into the communities in which they lived, though this is not to say that racism was never a factor in their social interactions. Records show that on the whole they enjoyed the same rights as whites. For example, they held property, voted, and served in the Army; some, such as the Gibsons, owned slaves as early as the 18th century.[16]

More recently, Jack Goins, an independent researcher, has acted as coordinator of the Melungeon DNA Project, an independent project started in 2005. Its goal is to study the ancestry of lines for which there is academic and genealogical consensus as belonging to historical Melungeon families. According to Jack Goins, the Melungeons who have the following surnames are in the Core Melungeon Group 1: Bunch, Collins, Goins, Gibson, Minor, Williams, Breedlove, Mullins, Denham, Bowlin(g), Moore, Shumake, Bolton, Perkins, Morning, Menley, Hopkins, and Mallet.

The Y-chromosomal DNA testing of male subjects with the Melungeon surnames Collins, Gibson, Goins, Bunch, Bowlin(g), Denham, Mullins, Hopkins, Perkins, Williams, Minor and Moore, has so far revealed evidence of a majority of European and sub-Saharan African ancestry: Y haplogroups R1b, R1a, I1, and E1b1a, respectively.[43][44]

~Hard to say how the name Gibson took hold into a Sephardic Jewish Melungeon lineage. I don’t claim to have the answers, but sometimes the best way to get answers is to throw it all out on the floor so it has to be stepped in or stepped over. This certainly doesn’t mean that all Gibson’s were Melungeons, but the fact that they were of Sephardic Jewish descent is something to think about.

JFK once said “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names”. Kennedy happened to make this list as well.

Again, Jews steal names so this isn’t to suggest all these names are associated with Jews or Melungeons, but imagine the damage one could do if gone undetected? Our forefathers knew who they were for a reason. More importantly Jews also knew who they were. It may be a good thing that you do as well.

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30 Responses to Melungeons and Gibsons

  1. jim john says:

    Spooky. These “tri-racials” integrated into white communities and Christian churches. Over time the lines get blurred.

    I’d always assumed Gibson was a Scottish name.

    • melgibstein says:

      Can you tell me what a Jewish name is? Every name they have they have stolen all the way back from the beginning (or made them very similar to ours).

      Some names its ridiculous to take, those relating to Irish royal lines is one. Pretty tough for them to squeeze in on that without being exposed. They seem to have squeezed in on most other names. If you get a hold of the American Jewish names list you will see some of the names they took were pretty bold. Gibson has made every list Ive found.

  2. Arnie says:

    You are forgetting that Mel Gibson is from Australia. Gibson is just an english surname. So called Melungions are just isolated tri-racial group in United States.

    • melgibstein says:

      Actually the Gibsons are from New York. I didnt claim all Gibsons were Jews. I think I clarified that, but the name Gibson has made every Jewish names list I have looked into. I had Gibsons living down the street from me growing up (two Jewesses).

      As I said, Jews steal names, some names are easier than others to steal. Gibson is an easy one. Also, just because someone comes from Australia doesnt make them not biological Jews nor does it anywhere on earth. Its the ones that blend in that do the most damage. That is their bread and butter.

      There is no doubt in my mind that Melungeons spread far and wide the more they interbred with Whites.

    • Fred says:

      Mel Gibson was born in the USA ~ the family emigrating to Australia. Gibson is a Scottish surname. You could do a bit of looking into “When Scotland was Jewish ” .It is the name of a book that discusses that very topic. The European has an average IQ of 100 ~whereas the North Asian (Chinese Korean Japanese has an average IQ of 105 . Amongst the European there are two groups of people who have an IQ higher than 105 on average~ these are The Ashkenazi Jew and the Scot. Some would be wont to debate if these two are connected in some way? Enough said

      • melgibstein says:

        Fred, could you pleae tell us what a Jewish surname is? Jews have taken every European name under the sun to conceal their true identities. Do you agree?

        I wont limit it to European names either considering Europeans were once Middle Easterners and Asians and Africans (they happened to name all 3 of them too) considering they were the geologists of the world. Gibson and Kennedy are two of the biggest Melungeon names – period. This doesnt make Mel Gibson a Jew, but working with Jews your whole life in show bizness, making a fool of yourself and then apologizing to Jews and leaving out words in the Passion and giving Jesus a hooked nose very well does.

      • melgibstein says:

        When Scotland was Jewish

        The popular image of Scotland is dominated by widely recognized elements of Celtic culture. But could it be that a significant non-Celtic influence on Scotland’s history has been largely ignored or unknown for centuries? This book argues just such a case, maintaining that much of Scotland’s history and culture from 1100 forward is Jewish. The authors provide evidence that much of the population, including several national heroes, villains, rulers, nobles, traders, merchants, bishops, guild members, burgesses, and ministers, was of Jewish descent. They describe how the ancestors of these persons originated in France and Spain and then made their way to Scotland’s shores, moors, burgs and castles from the reign of Malcolm Canmore to the aftermath of the Spanish Inquisition.

        It is proposed here that much of the traditional historical account of Scotland rests on fundamental interpretive errors, and that these errors have been perpetuated in order to manufacture and maintain an origin for Scotland that affirms its identity as a Celtic, Christian society. This equation of Scotland with Celtic culture in the popular (and academic) imagination has buried a more accurate and profound understanding of its history. The authors’ wide-ranging research includes examination of census records, archaeological artifacts, castle carvings, cemetery inscriptions, religious seals, coinage, burgess and guild member rolls, noble genealogies, family crests, portraiture, and geographic place names.

        ~Eh hem, The Celts werent Jews for Christs sakes! The Jews arent even related to Judah. The Judahites that migrated to Europe with the Israelites who were mixed with Adamites (white Adamic people) that didnt call themselves Jews or Judahites, they were all one people as the white race is and always will be. The true Judahites (white people) mixed back in with the same people they came out of. Do you understand? Drop and give me 20!

        Scotland was never Jewish it was Judahite, huge difference. You also have to understand that when Judahites came to Scotland it was after they came through other places along the way (duhr Europe I think its called). To call someone a Jew in reference to race is just dumb. A Judahite is the son of Jacob who was the son of Isaac and had 11 brothers and they were a lineage of the white race who mixed back in with the other white peoples OF ONE RACE (100% PURE and no race mixing). A Jew or someone who is Jewish is void of being classified as a race. Do you understand this? If someone from the white race marries someone from the Black race it is no longer of the white race. If a horse mates with an ass it is a mule, do you understand?

        I have heard people say that whites are not a pure race, but these people throw stones and hide like the jewboys in Jerusalem. Prove the white race isnt a pure race and I will go away forever. Prove to me Jews are a pure race and I will eat a bagel out of my buttocks.

        Jews are not listed as a race because they arent one- plain and simple. And if you claim they are related to the white race you have to prove where they broke off from it. Races just dont get hooked noses, fat lower lips, sloped foreheads and the ability to lie, cheat, steal and murder relentlessly all by themselves. Ask a Jew where the Israelites are. Dont they care about there long lost brothers? The difference comes all the way back from Cain and Adam (2 entirely different lineages and 2 entirely different fathers). Read genesis and you will see.

      • melgibstein says:

        Further more, to say Scotland was Jewish, what does that then make the rest of Europe? Are you saying that Jews (the seed of Satan) slithered into the Scottish landscape and didnt destroy it as they destroyed every other town and city they have ever inhabited? I think not. I think Jews have gotten into Scotland as they have anywhere else and people of the white race knew who they were even though they tried not to. The Jew’s target is to destroy white civilization and always has been. They are contrary to Adamic mankind (God created man in his image). They are the seed of Satan and have to use preemptive measures to distort. This writer claims that these Jews cam out of Spain just like the Scottish or Irish did, wow what a coincidence? Only the Scottish and Irish (the same people) came out of Spain more than 2 centuries before these so called Jews (Judeans) who had to leave Jerusalem because it was destroyed
        by Rome in 70 AD.
        As Richard Gere said in “An Officer and a Gentleman”~ “They had no place left ta go”!

      • melgibstein says:

        That book was wriiten by By Andrew M. Cowan (aka Cohen). and they call us cows.

  3. koaorpa says:

    Melungeons and Gibsons | The House of Mel Gibstein Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  4. Why does it have to be refered to as stealing, a lot of the immigrants from all parts of the world change the spelling of the surname or change the surname to “fit in” if you will and various other reasons.

    • melgibstein says:

      Taking someone elses name is like taking someone elses identity. I would never want to be known as a Jew in real life because it would embarrass the hell out of me. It would make me ashamed. Jews have no shame. True Judahites are supposed to be a separate people and to never blend in as you say under any circumstances. It is LYING. Jews arent German and shouldnt have German names or any other names but their own. Unfortunately they dont have their own and if they kept their own everyone would know exactly who they are right back to Cain and his father.

  5. melgibstein says:

    The scholars Joanne Pezzullo and Karlton Douglas speculate that a more likely derivation of “Melungeon,” related to the English culture of the colonies, may have been from the now obsolete English word “malengin” (also spelled “mal engine”) meaning “guile”, “deceit”, or “ill
    intent.” It was used by Edmund Spenser as the name of a trickster figure in his epic poem The Faerie Queene (1590–1596), widely popular in Elizabethan England.[26] The phrase “harbored them Melungins” would be equivalent to “harbored someone of ill will,” or could mean “harbored evil people,” without reference to any ethnicity.

    ~ This paragraph makes the most sense of all because Jews are not an ethnicity and why they referred to us as the ethnicity (the nations or goyim). They are mixed people, sad but true and there aint a thing you can do about it.

  6. melgibstein says:

    Other than stories from the Bible, the legends of King Arthur have been told and retold in many ways throughout the centuries, more than any other. One can only imagine the settlers at old
    Fort Blackmore sitting around a campfire telling stories that were told to them by their parents and grandparents.

    The word Malengin [or mal engine] is a favorite word used by Sir Thomas Malory in his tales of King Arthur meaning “mischievous intent.” Anyone who has read or heard the stories of Vardy Collins and Buck Gibson should be able to easily see why they would be dubbed “Malengins” by their neighbors.

    This is the story as told by Will Allen Dromgoole in the article THE MELUNGEON TREE AND THEIR FOUR BRANCHES written in 1890;

    “They claimed to have come from Virginia and many years after emigrating,themselves told the story of their past. These two, Vardy Collins and Buck Gibson, were the head and source of the Melungeons in Tennessee. With the cunning of their Cherokee ancestors, they planned and executed a scheme by which they were enabled to “set up for themselves” in the almost unbroken Territory of North Carolina. Old Buck, as he was called, was disguised by a
    wash of some dark description, and taken to Virginia by Vardy where he was sold as a slave.

    He was a magnificent specimen of physical strength, and brought a fine price, a wagon and mules, a lot of goods, and three hundred dollars in money being paid to old Vardy for his “likely nigger”. Once out of Richmond, Vardy turned his mules shoes and stuck out for the wilderness of North Carolina, as previously planned. Buck lost little time ridding himself of his Negro disguise, swore he was not the man bought of Collins , and followed in the wake of his fellow thief to the Territory. The proceeds of the sale were divided and each chose his habitation; old Vardy choosing Newman’s Ridge, where he was soon joined by others of his race, and so the Melungeons became a part of the inhabitants of Tennessee.”

    Yee Hah! {Jed Clampett pic}

    and the rest is history folks. Welcome to Vardy’s Jewelers

    You have to laugh about the hypocrisy of these writers and anyone who speaks of Jews or Melungeons as a race. The purpose of this entire Melungeon thing is that they are not a race. Its the same ideology Jews use when speaking of the Exodus. The Israelites were the people in Egypt and these so called Jews were never there, yet if you go to wikipedia and look up Exodus it will start off that it was the Israelites and somehow miraculously turns into Jews and only Jews (people who call themselves Jews and are not- in reference to Judah). It is so foul, so ludicrous to go along with this nonsense that every time you see the word Jew you have to know exactly what you are dealing with.

    More: Many researchers believe Vardy Collins and Buck Gibson were the original Melungeons of Newman’s Ridge, and perhaps the first people actually called Melungeons. There are also many first hand accounts that describes them as “Indians,” with long straight hair, coppery skin, etc., yet there is no evidence there was a tribe known as Melungeons.

    This theory pretty much makes just about everyone who ever wrote anything about Melungeons fairly correct. They could be anyone from any ancestry, born in any country or from any tribe with any name. The fact is they were tricksters, bent on mischievous intent, using the cunning of their ancestors to make a buck.

    Mel: Im putting my money on the Jews!

  7. melgibstein says:

    Yates and Hirschman selected a set of surnames names from descendants in a Melungeon population of Appalachia, believed to be representative of names in a wave of immigration to Scotland about 1100 CE. The selected names were Caldwell, Christie, Cowan and Kennedy.
    Samples were collected from donors having these names because the authors considered them to have a high probability of Jewish ancestry. Part of that belief is because the authors both have concluded they had Jewish ancestors among this Melungeon population. No supporting evidence is given of the extent of Jewishness in the overall Melungeon population. From this Y-DNA base inferences are made concerning the possible Jewishness of people with these surnames in Scotland.

    and dont forget Gi Gi Gibson. Why are the Melungeons being brought up in a critique of the book “When Scotland was Jewish”. Speaking of critiques I am betting this is the nutty professor Kevin MacDonalds lineage as well.

    Always understand that one can be Jewish easily just by acting Jewish. When you act like a Canaanite Judean you are being JEW- ish. When you leave without tipping you are being JEW-ish, but you aint being Judah- ish or Davidic or Jesus like.

  8. nunya bisnus says:

    seed of Satan. you have got to be on drugs dude .. seriously I am not the seed of SATAN I don’t even believe in Satan. Omg your ignorant.. you are brain washed I do not know who did it to you but seriously do some damned research before you run off at the keyboard.

  9. nunya bisnus says:

    oh and your gonna moderate it so no one can debate you smooth

  10. Excellent and informative website! Thank you for your research. 🙂

  11. l.m. says:

    I must say it’s about time a few keen people have unlocked the secret Jewish ethnic cover ups in our American history. Jews have always been at the helm of every major historic event and funding while profiting from them as well. This is what gives them the “authority” to scatter and dominate into European societies. They have been the secret global financiers since the Holy Roman Empire. They were the masterminds and funders behind maritime trade of gold, diamonds, textiles, spices and slaves from the continent of Africa! Not to make lite of the ugly and gruesome history of slavery in Americas. I believe most intelligent and humane people can agree it is our dark past. But so often white Americans are targeted and solely blamed as the perpetrators of such autrocities, which in fact, many rich Jews reigned at the helm and as primary financiers of almost the entire major slave, gold and diamond trading that took place in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade from Western Africa to South America (Brazil) to the North America. Jews later even buit a seaport for slaves to be traded as far north as Newport, Rhode Island. Such enterprises allowed for them to gain economic and political world power amongst the old elite and royal families of Europe further at times being knighted as Barrons and Counts of such places in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, England and Scotland. See Americans have been so busy preoccupied with keeping eyes on Black “Melungeons” and Black Americans, Mexicans, Latinos which its more difficult for them to mask behind their whiteness as it is much easier at times for Jewish people to simply change their names.

    Quest for the Truth

  12. this is what they wanted when they founded America I have no shame whats my purpose

  13. Karl says:

    1) We’re all descendent from people who originated in Africa.
    2) Who cares what version of ‘babysitter in the sky’ people believe? Thrre are good and bad in every teligion.

  14. MELISSA ANN says:

    Lol this thread is so funny. I am Melungeon. I am Gibson. I have done several DNA tests. I am not Jewish!!!

  15. Bill says:

    MeliSSA has the ASS in her name. A jew was in the woodpile somewhere along the way.

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