There Can Only Be One

If you see someone dividing their own people or even dividing someone else’s you should immediately have your Jew sun glasses on. Jews love to divide because it takes the heat off of them. Jews know that the only thing worse than Jews themselves are the non-Jews who sell out to them.

Just look at all the divisions Jews use against Whites in general. I am not claiming that Whites are the only victims of this, certainly Arabs, Muslims, Blacks, Indians of North, Central and South America, Chinese, Japanese and many more have been victims of the Jews as well. I will let them write their own divisions caused by Jews. Right now let’s just look at all the division Jews cause in White countries.

  1. They were the reason for the Civil War and had treasurers on both sides benefiting from our own destruction.
  2. They were the reason for every war in my lifetime and through my Grandfathers lifetime alone
  3. They got into the churches and divided when Christians should always be united
  4. They bussed in Blacks to our schools, shipped in Blacks as slaves
  5. Our borders have been left wide open by them in all our countries
  6. They divide us by demonizing us separately as a people. For instance they demonize Germans as if they are another species. They are Whites as the Irish, the English, French, Russian, etc. We are all Whites and we all need to watch each other’s back.
  7. They divide women from women and men from men in their homosexual and lesbian movements.
  8. They divide with their media under false pretenses by creating false opposition. With this media they can divide us individually, by state, by country, by belief, etc. and we have zero way to expose them.
  9. They divide by history, by our schoolbooks, by BS Hollywood movies (all of them), radio broadcasting and by every means of media.
  10. They divide by bashing Christianity as a whole seeking new recruits to hate Christians as much as they should hate Jews. In fact they spend more time criticizing Christianity than all the Jew filth that is all over the room. You have to ask yourself “Is Christianity as evil as the Jews?” Yes, it is insane, but that is what the Jews do. They actually believe dropping Christianity will be a benefit to defeating Jews (these are crypto’s Im referring to).

If you see someone dividing Whites like many are doing in the Zimmerman case by including Whites into this murder and leaving out the fact that Zimmerman is most likely a Jew, like Loughner was as well, they are there to divide. It took some of these dividers to even say Zimmerman was Hispanic (another dividing word). The world doesn’t have any problem, but a Jew problem no matter where you live. Without the Jew around none of this would’ve ever taken place.

If you hear someone with full reign on a microphone and they are bashing Christianity as if it was the problem or leaving out basic facts like the Zimmerman case you should know these people are there to divide. Jews absolutely love to divide more than anything else. This is why I have always said “forget what Jews are doing”; we need to unite first for the sake of our people, our religion and our countries that are being trashed right now. We know who is doing it, we know their names, and we know what they do and what they have been doing for centuries. They divide us with words like Irish, Italian, German, English, Scottish, Australian, etc. We need to unite as one force together and take care of business our ancestors already knew had to be done. There can only be one and it isn’t because it is our choice, but because it is theirs. We are beyond self-defense now. They drew first blood long ago and have been doing it every day since. There is only one way out and it’s by marching them out and away from human beings together. Nothing else should be distracting us from achieving this. I say this in the name of humanity. If that is evil than you will suffer the consequences until you understand that it isn’t.

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