Last Stop for Paul

Representative from Texas and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul gestures during the House Financial Services Committee hearing on 'Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy' on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, USA, 29 February 2012.  EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDSRepresentative from Texas and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul gestures during the House Financial Services Committee hearing on ‘Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy’ on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, USA, 29 February 2012.  EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

Washington – Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul revealed this week that he would support moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a surprising position that contradicts conventional wisdom about Paul’s stance toward the Jewish state.

Paul first made this position known Wednesday night, during a private meeting with evangelical leaders interested in helping the Texas Congressman reach out to the conservative Christian community.

According to a transcript of the meeting obtained by Business Insider, the leaders started off the meeting by asking Paul whether he would sign an Executive Order to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a major policy objective for Israeli hardliners and many leaders in the Christian Right.

~so much for Mr Pearl. This would’ve once been considered Zionism, but now Zionism has so many different meanings I doubt anyone even knows what the original Jewish meaning was. It certainly never had anything to do with God.

Now you know why all the anti Israel (Israeli) Jews love this guy. Jews control the media, do you think they control it to give truth? It’s a pipe dream.

I’ve noticed the Ron Paul shills haven’t posted this yet.  Maybe they will pretend this doesn’t mean anything, who knows what they will try to slip by you. One things for sure, they always have their say. Just give the Jews what they want and we’ll see about whatever you want later. Just a small deal with the devil is all.

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2 Responses to Last Stop for Paul

  1. Barney says:

    I’m in the sewer that was once known as England (and will be again), so the only real information I get about Ron Paul comes from the internet, and most of that is fragmentary, so I may be completely misunderstanding the situation, but …

    It seems to me that Ron Paul’s function is that of a “vote splitter”, someone to take the dissident vote and let the main parties play their silly games without too much interference.

    Here in the UK that’s the function of the third party, the yellows, whatever name they choose to be known by this week.

    My understanding is that Ron Paul raised millions of dollars from ordinary members of the public during the run-up to the last (s)election, and then pulled out at the last minute, betraying all those people who supported him with their hard-earned and over-taxed dollars.

    Nobody who genuinely opposed the jew would even be allowed to stand for election, and if he ever showed any signs of becoming a threat, they’d deal with him in the usual way.

    Curt Maynard, a far less serious threat to the power structure, “shot himself in the head with a rifle while driving at 65mph” if you can believe that. Other enemies of the system “jump” or “fall” from tall buildings. Jorg Haider had an “unfortunate accident”, and we all know what happened to JFK.

    Anyone perceived as a threat suddenly stops breathing, so the fact that Ron Paul is allowed to remain alive tells me he’s NOT the saviour a lot of people still believe him to be.

    You can’t repair a corrupt system from within. It takes bullets, not ballots. The whole thing has to go.

    • melgibstein says:

      Sadly, everything you say is true. Paul wants to investigate the Fed. Then what? He doesnt even want to investigate 9/11. We dont need politicians, we need straight shooters (some literally). Someone has to rattle the jew cage like never before.

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