U Turn

This movie should’ve been named U Turn with a circled U because it is what the Judeans call kosher in their grocery stores. All the Jewish traits are in this one such as organized crime, porn, race mixing, dumb Whites, fornication, babel, drugs, murder, thievery and more. Not surprisingly, 80% of the characters are the self-proclaimed chosen people (with some crypto’s). Most of the Judeo Christians still believe we get our morals from these pathetic creatures which makes this movie even stranger than it was intended to be.

This movie is the exact same way Jews have the dumb White masses duped. Rather than actually read the Bible, study it and learn from it they are accepting whatever lunacy Jews (Judeans) dish out. They have taken the gullible on a wild ride as to what happened in the Bible and the duped are once again suckered. Anyone who studies the Bible and uses a concordance will know the meanings of words, but they don’t want to touch it, they want to believe what the status quo believes.  I’d guess that about 60% of the people between the ages of 20 to 50 have tattoo’s now. They just can’t stand being left out of anything. Jews want to make it normal to be abnormal and for the most part it’s working. This is entirely because of the Judeo churches and the media completely oblivious to the Bible and the ability to defend it.

The last thing that will ever come from the mouths of the media and the Judeo’s will be that Jesus came not but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. He said that to the people who call themselves Jews today. Where is the House of Israel today? It certainly isn’t the Jews in any way, shape or form. How many times have you heard Jews talk about the Northern 10 tribes (the House of Israel)? Jews are only concerned with Jews and “the Jewish state”. You people who claim to have figured out the Madoff sheist should see the sheist they pulled with their own identity as well, but you are clueless to it (maybe purposely). Don’t you “anti Zionists” understand that Jews can never be trusted yet? It just shows you are amateurs at this. When there are a specific people untrustworthy for over 2000 years you would think some people would catch on, but they can’t or won’t free themselves from the obvious babel they are in.

How do I know they don’t know what they are talking about? I know because they remove me and anyone else from their websites who prove they are hypocrites. You see they don’t even want an alternative viewpoint other than their own because they are either shills or cowards. They have to throw out all Christianity rather than debate it and learn from it. They don’t want to learn. If they debate it will show their lack of knowledge and show that they learned something new, but they don’t want anyone to see them learn anything new.

Look at all these internet radio shows, if they take calls they will cut you off if you tell too much truth and most take no calls at all. There is maybe one show on RBN that is worth a damn and the rest are about gold, the duh bankers (Jews themselves that admit they are Judeans, but don’t believe in the Bible. How can that be, folks?), common law that is never in opposition to Talmudic law, militia people who I wouldn’t share a foxhole with and just about everything under the sun, but the root of who and what these Judeans have done to our people for thousands of years. They are behind every last bit of our deterioration and always have been.

Every issue there is that is destroying us is coming from the same people (Judeans). You know the list folks, it’s endless. They are behind it all. They are most importantly behind polluting the Bible and you never hear how they do it, why? Still after all of this we have people dragging Judeans and Ashkenazi’s into the fold to help them get the truth to you? It is complete and utter babel. You have to be a glutton for punishment to allow it. These impostor Jews don’t know what a Jew is themselves, some will tell you it’s a religion, some say it’s a race through the Mother. Do you accept this trash? It’s obvious to me that most of the so called “movement” does.

You need to be able to point out the hypocrisy so you can call out these hypocrites if you indeed ever get the chance. I don’t care whose side they say they are on if they say they are Jews there are a thousand questions that need to be answered. And the truth is you won’t get them because they lie. One will tell you it’s a religion and disregard the fact of what a Jew is in the Bible. The word “Jew” is the most misunderstood word in the Bible.  As I’ve pointed out before, Judah didn’t come from a Jewish mother, he didn’t have a Jew or a Jewish wife (racially or religiously), his sons didn’t marry Jews or Jewish women, none of the 10 tribes married Jews, Judeans or women who believed in Judaism. Jesus Christ came from that lineage and didn’t believe in Judaism (there was no such thing).  Jesus did not even live in Judea; he had to flee from it. The king of Judea was an Edomite or Judean Idumean. There absolutely were racial issues, but it wasn’t the race of Judeans. Talk about dual citizens, they are dual people at the very least in general.

The famous White leaders, the neo Nazi’s, the Whites the media love to bash are keeping this info hidden just like a Hollywood movie. Jews are pretending to be the pure offspring of Judah like a Hollywood movie.  Everything they do, everything the Judeo preachers say about Jews being the offspring of Judah is Hollywood or more of a Broadway play being played out in front of your straggling eyes. While you are watching this play, take a look around and at least acknowledge what they have done to our countries, our means of trade, our women, our kids. When you snap out of it you will realize separation is the only cure and always has been. Funny, that’s exactly what that book teaches. Jews have you turned upside down because you actually trust them. You are your own worst enemy for that.

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4 Responses to U Turn

  1. Jager says:

    Then what the hell are we dealing with here? Is it as simple as it appears? What are they?

    • melgibstein says:

      If you want one word, I cant give it to you. I know they are contrary to mankind, usurpers, impostors, fathers of liars and sons of Satan (oh and serpents).
      I guess it all depends what situation you are in and how you are affected the most at that time. You will never get a feeling of security with them or any of the good words you have for your own.

      Have you ever just wanted to “ditch” someone when you were a kid (get away from them entirely without any one specific reason)? Thats what they are and should be to any honest person.

      oops I forgot “swine”. What happens when you cast pearls amongst swine? Marrano means swine coincidentally. Just because you cant explain something with few words doesnt mean it cant be easily defined. There is nothing even close to the Jew. They are in a league of smutt of their own. There is not a word in the dictionary to define them because as time goes by they make that word look better than what they are. They impurify, they pollute, pervert. If you cant see what they do its because you’ve been brainwashed by them. It is impossible to share a country or a money system with them. They cannot be trusted.
      If a dog bites, you keep away from it or remove it. You cant let it roam around free.

  2. Barney says:

    I’ve got a single word for them, Mel.


    As far as I’m concerned, they ARE the devil, whether by possession or intentionally. Everything they do is done consciously to defile all that’s good (of God). They set themselves up to knowingly fulfil the function of “the devil” as we understand the term.

    The devil is said to be “at war” against God.

    The jews imagine themselves to BE God.

    They have no thought of a life beyond this one, and everything they do is a deliberate act of evil. They destroy and defile. That’s all they know how to do, and they delight in doing it.

    In their feeble minds (or possibly just a single mind controlling them all) they imagine that by destroying Creation they can “defeat” God, thus satisfying themselves that they are somehow “superior” to The Creator.

    I’ve got news for them. Creation takes genius. Any idiot (jew) can knock something down.

    As for what they are on a physical level, they have no religion that any normal person would recognise as such, but neither are they a single race. There are black jews, nearly-white jews, jews of every race.

    My belief (which I accept may be wrong) is that when a male jew marries a wealthy non-jew to acquire her fortune, all children of that marriage are declared jews. Perhaps the mother becomes classified as a jew (for convenience of course). After that, all females resulting from the union automatically produce “jews”, even though their mother wasn’t born of a jewess.

    That would at least explain how there can be so many “bloodline” jews of every race.

    The jew is a mongrel, though predominantly Khazarian. They cannot therefore call themselves a race because there is no such creature as a pure-blood jew. They bred among the races of Humans when it suited them, but now they are so inbred that even Mother Nature has declared war on them with jew-specific diseases such as Tay Sachs.

    Nature is the work of The Creator. If something is Natural, it is of God. Nature, meaning God, has marked the jew for extinction.

    We don’t have time to wait for Nature to exterminate the species, but that will happen eventually if we do nothing. They cannot survive and they MUST NOT survive.

    One final point to the jews. If you declare war on God, don’t be surprised when God fights back.

    • melgibstein says:

      I think more and more people are waking up to the fact that Jews arent just affecting lives, but all life form. It’s a Science Fiction movie being played out in front of the worlds eyes, but they cant or refuse to see it. Jews supposedly pray to God every morning (Hasids) thanking God they were not a woman. I thank God I am not a Jew. Its just not possible that a specific people could be so contrary, but they are. Its one of the reasons I will never ever quit believing in Christianity. History will repeat itself, Jews will go back to the ghetto again, but not before they take out a large number of people who trusted them. That is as much nature as the swallows returning to Capistrano or the salmon swimming upstream to lay their eggs.People are taken away from all nature by the Jew and the creator of it all. Any imbecile could understand this if they didnt turn their back on it. Money has replaced God and there will be consequences as usual.

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