The Zimmer Man

It’s a beautiful time to out the shills in the so called pro White movement (and Black movement for that matter) who are really paid shills of the Jews. Jews have money to watch anyone reading this right now. They will hire another Jew to move in a couple of doors down from you specifically to watch you. Don’t think for a minute it doesn’t happen.

This Zimmerman case had to be diverted to a White/Black issue and that’s what the diverters are for. These leaders of Stormfront, Nazi’s in full uniform, etc.  are leaders only in their minds and hope you will believe them. Most if not all are constantly begging for money “for the cause”. As I’ve said before, none of these people know the meanings of any of the words they use. A Jew is sometimes Jewish and someone Jewish is sometimes not a Jew, but a Zionist and on and on and on. The fact that some of these shills started off right out of the chute that Zimmerman was White and using his rights to pursue and kill someone is just beyond the pale. These are the people who say “it’s not all the Jews” every time they say the word Jew, but when they say “Blacks” they mean every last one of them. All of a sudden they have forgotten who brought Blacks here to begin with as slaves and then had them bussed into our schools. You see Jews are much smarter than Whites  our most intellectual so called White leaders say. You can hear them dart out their porch doors every time they mention the word Jew in their interviews so to be not overheard. They are there to keep you completely entangled in Jew lies, whether they be Jewish lies, Zionist lies, crypto Jew White lies, whatever.

A forum I used to frequent had a shill on there that used to call me a bigot for putting all Jews in one basket. A Jew is a Jew is it not? But this shill is now defending Zimmerman (the Jew) and foaming at the mouth how primitive Blacks are and that we should go along with the fact that he isn’t a bigot, but I am. At the very least he could say that Jews brought these people here he loathes so much. Only one huge problem, never has he uttered a bad word about Blacks until the Zimmerman case (now Blacks are worse than Jews).

Blacks do not belong in America, but nor do Jews. Can we at least agree on that? Oh the hypocrisy of these shills. I got booted from this forum for far less when I posted about Jews than this guy did in one day on Blacks. No problem at all, the forum owner welcomes it with wide open arms. These forums are just like Facebook looking for as much info on you as possible, however if you are too truthful about Jews they have to cut you off and give up their investigating that way and silence you. Jew shills who have talk shows hang out on these forums pretending to be Whites (take your pick). Some say they are Catholics that know nothing about Christianity, they simply copy and paste from other sites. Others claim that at one time they were studying to be a Christian pastor and found out Christianity was a Jew hoax and still don’t know the meanings of the basic root words such as Jew and Gentile or what a Semite is. They are there to use your knowledge to hook the gullible with their trust and then cut them off from the herd. They aren’t called wolves for nothing.

90% of people out there don’t know that the word Jew is schizophrenic. In the English Bible Jew can mean “related to the House of Judah” (or the pure racial lineage from Adam through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with their White Adamic wives) or it can mean “Judean”. Judean means the people living in Judea. The Judahites were as pure White as the Irish, Germans, Celts, Saxons and true White people are today. If a White mixes with a non-White he no longer will look White and that’s a fact of life. The Jews of today were the Judeans of yesterday (a mixed people). Today there are Jews from every walk of life. How can that be? If you ever read the Bible you must know that this is impossible to claim they are the Israelites.

What I am getting at is it doesn’t matter if the father is a Jew or the mother; Jews are mixed people either way. The one difference Jews have over all other mixed people is they have the Canaanite, Kenite, son of Satan seed (from either side). It doesn’t matter if they believe the Talmud, the Torah, the Kabbalah, the Zohar or Satanism. It does not matter. Look at all the crime, look at all the perversion, and look at all the filth. The Jew is always there.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

That was advice right from God in the flesh’s own mouth. You better take that advice and listen to your own soul. Mine rarely ever fails me. You will know them doesnt mean you might know them or stumble over finding it out. It means what it says.

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4 Responses to The Zimmer Man

  1. melgibstein says:

    You think Hannity will ask the Zimmer Man if he is a Jew? Hannity agreed not to report what he heard. How many people do you know that the media will protect? I know one group~ they’re called Jews.

    In this Wednesday, April 11, 2012 photo provided by the Sanford Police Department, George Zimmerman is shown in a booking photo. Zimmerman, 28, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder Wednesday after weeks of mounting tensions and protests across the country. O’Mara said Zimmerman would plead not guilty. (AP Photo/Sanford Police Department)In this Wednesday, April 11, 2012 photo provided by the Sanford Police Department, George Zimmerman is shown in a booking photo. Zimmerman, 28, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder Wednesday after weeks of mounting tensions and protests across the country. O’Mara said Zimmerman would plead not guilty. (AP Photo/Sanford Police Department)

    New York – Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity has become the second cable news host whose involvement in the Trayvon Martin shooting case has gone beyond merely talking about it on the air.

    Hannity acknowledged having a conversation with a man he believed to be George Zimmerman, who shot and killed the black Florida teenager Feb. 26 in a case that has ignited racial tensions. Zimmerman’s former lawyers, in quitting the case Tuesday, noted that their client had talked to Hannity more recently than with them.

    Hannity, who last week interviewed Zimmerman’s father on Fox, said there has been a “rush to judgment” about the shooter.

    Over on MSNBC, Al Sharpton has participated in marches and demonstrations in support of Martin while continuing to discuss the case on his evening talk show. There have been stark differences in the attention and focus on the case at the two networks.

    Zimmerman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder on Wednesday. He turned himself in and arrived at jail in Sanford, Fla., where the shooting took place. Cable networks ramped up their coverage to make note of the news.

    Hannity’s involvement in the case came to light Tuesday at a news conference held by Zimmerman’s former lawyers, Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner. Hannity, who said on his show Tuesday night that he’s been pursuing a Zimmerman interview for weeks, said he was contacted Monday by a man he believes was Zimmerman.

    “He reached out to me, we spoke on the phone about his case and I agreed not to report on the contents of that conversation,” Hannity said.

    On his radio show Monday, Hannity said he had confirmed that Zimmerman was a mentor to minority children. “Now, if you were racist, I don’t think you’d be a mentor to minority children,” he said.

    With Uhrig and Sonner present, Hannity last week on Fox interviewed Zimmerman’s father, Robert. Robert Zimmerman’s face was concealed during the interview.

    During the interview, Hannity told Zimmerman that “I would argue there has been a rush to judgment.” He cited statements made by political and civil rights leaders about the shooting being racially motivated — George Zimmerman’s father is white and his mother Hispanic — and mentioned President Barack Obama’s comment that if he had a son, he would likely look like Trayvon.

    Zimmerman’s father said he agreed. “I just believe it’s very sad that so many people are not telling the truth for their own agenda,” he said.

    During the interview, Zimmerman’s father said he had never heard his son utter a racial slur and, prompted by Hannity, recalled a time when his son helped a black homeless man.

    Hannity also devoted a portion of his show Tuesday to discussing a report that the New Black Panther Party had put a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head.

    There was no progress to report Wednesday on Hannity’s attempt to get a George Zimmerman interview, according to Fox.

    Cable news networks had sharply different appetites for the case, according to research by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. From March 19 to 28, MSNBC — where the prime-time hosts are liberal — the network devoted 49 percent of its on-air time to the Martin story. During the same period at Fox, where the prime-time hosts are conservative, 15 percent of the news hole was spent on the case. It was 40 percent at CNN.

    On March 26, for example, MSNBC carried 14 minutes of a mid-afternoon news conference by Martin’s parents live and uninterrupted by commercials, the project said. CNN aired the news conference for a little more than five minutes. Fox didn’t mention the story at all in that hour, the Excellence Project reported.

    The topics that drew the most attention about the case on MSNBC concerned gun control and Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, the project said. On Fox, the most time spent was on Martin’s background and statements in defense of Zimmerman.

    With Zimmerman’s arrest on Wednesday, Fox aired a lengthy live segment of a news conference held by the defendant’s new lawyer shortly after 7 p.m. ET. At the same time, MSNBC showed Sharpton interviewing Martin’s parents.

    • melgibstein says:

      Esterhaz may very well be a crypto Jew himself. A Hungarian calling people antisemites? I wonder what the Hungarians, true Hungarians think of this scumbucket.

  2. gtrman says:

    U.S. writer accuses Mel Gibson of anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial
    In letter published by The Wrap blog, Joe Eszterhas says Hollywood director called Jews ‘oven-dodgers,’ saying the Holocaust was ‘mostly horseshit’; Gibson: Majority of facts, statements attributed to me are ‘utter fabrications.’

    Police hold Israeli hoopster for blood-libel joke on Facebook
    ‘There’s nothing like starting the holiday with matza dipped in the blood of Christian and Muslim children,’ reads post on basketball player’s Facebook page.

    • melgibstein says:

      Mel is some antisemite (he has co-starred with every Jewess in Hollywood). He was going to do a movie about the Holocoust too (that one nixed as well). He gave Jesus a hooked nose in the passion, made Longshanks look like a father of a homo in Braveheart (the guy who kicked out all the Jews), he drove around with his head in Goldie Hawns crotch yelling “Jesus”, took kabballa girl (Britney) to his beach home in Costa Rica, has a jew bodyguard, jew publicist, jew agent and most likely had a child with one. If he’s an antisemite I am worse than Hitler.

      As far as a Jew joking about blood libel goes… it keeps people focused away from the Jew DA of Sanford, the Jew police chief (who both stepped down) and Zimmermans Jew father out of the news for getting the top investigator off the case that wanted Zimmermans @ss in jail.

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