The Beach

Go to any White event and you will see the Jew hard at work doing what they always do. Jews love to work when you are at your weakest, whether it be on a vacation, in a Judeo Christian church, at the movies or at a beach event where 99.9% of the people are Whites. Their subtleties are unmatchable with anyone else so they have to bring others in to do their deeds. For instance you will see almost all Whites on the beach except one couple (Black man and what appears to be a white woman); with further examination it is almost always a redheaded yenta.

This couple is always holding hands, doodling right in front of everyone. This isn’t by accident. Why would a white girl even want to take a Black guy to a White event in the first place? Why would the Black guy want to go? To sunbathe or surf?

When things are too White, Jews get nervous so they have to divert. This particular day at this event the Jews had to hire a plane to advertise to the Whites with a “Live Reggae at Bernstein’s Bar Tonight”  banner going up and down the beach. It couldn’t have been a local White band or even a famous White music event because they have to mix Blacks with Whites if the Jew is going to make any progress. The Blacks aren’t doing this the Jews are. Go into their grocery stores and they are playing Black music and it is’nt to please the Black customers, but to destroy the White ones.

Blacks didn’t bus themselves into the White schools to literally destroy them, Jews did. Blacks didn’t sell themselves to Jews so they could bring them to America. Jews didn’t even need to bring Blacks to America, they could’ve made the same money with their rum and sugar (and opium) trade and kept Blacks in the islands where the sugar was, but that wasn’t their goal. The Jews goal has always been to destroy Whites and everyone else that stands in their way.

I noticed about 8 more Blacks at this event as I was leaving and they were pushing around a cart handing out hummus. I turned around and a Black guy handed me two Jewish looking samples of something. It was like a spoonful of something like a dip. I took it instinctively just curious as to what it was. As I looked down to it I saw a big circled K and PAREVE in big letters. When I looked back up to hand it back they were gone.

Sabra Dipping Opens $68 million factory in Richmond, Virginia

Completed in 13 months, 260+ workers, state-of-art

Posted 08/02/2010

The Sabra Dipping Company, a joint venture between the Strauss Group of Israel and Pepsico,  opened a new state-of-the-art factory on May 26 in Richmond, Virginia .  The $68 million facility took only thirteen months from ground-breaking to production because of the combined efforts of the State, Sabra’s management and the County of Chesterfield that facilitated the process through their “Fast Track” Project Review process.

The name of this hummus was Sabra. Being a fairly educated Jewolgist I remembered the Sabra and Shatilla massacre (read about it here Needless to say I fed the stuff to the pigeons which appeared they neither wanted anything to do with it. After checking out the company on the internet I knew my hunch was correct. They were out of New York, just north of the city and claimed they were an American company. They used to go by the name Sabra Blue and White foods (Jew colors). Every name on the Key Executives list was purely Jew with one no doubt crypto name. Names like Zohar and Pearl were the top two and noticed they were joint  ventured with Strauss Foods and Pepsi. I know Pepsi is Jew so I checked out Strauss Foods. Strauss is an Israeli company without a doubt. with the Blue and White Israeli flag in your face. Some American company eh? The question is why are the cheapest bastards on the face of the earth handing out free food samples at a White event on the beach with only Blacks handing them out?

I have a feeling one day down the road we will find out and it won’t be because this crap is good for you. If Jews can’t find a way into your brain with lies they will find a way into your stomach with poison. Remember that next time anyone hands you free food with the antichrist symbol on it.  Hummus comes from the Middle East, but these Jews had not a thing to do with it. Whatever they make they have stolen and whatever they sell it is never the truth.

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9 Responses to The Beach

  1. lesbaer1911 says:

    The same with the Dead Sea salts – they even take credit for this. Dead Sea salts come
    from Palestine. Pure greed and jealously.

    • melgibstein says:

      The Dead Sea Scrolls were written by the Essenes. The Essenes were pure blood Judahites as Jesus was. These Jews stole them because they dont want the truth getting out who they really are. Some of them are Judeans, not Israelites at all, but the majority of them are mongrel Khazars who never set foot in Palestine or Judea (not even Semites or Shemites).

  2. Loki says:

    Once mentioned but never again

    King Merneptah Stele – 1208 BC

    The only time Israel was mentioned in the ancient Egyptian texts, the most meticulous and coherent of the world’s ancient civilizations and which covered the chronicles of nearly 3000 years, was in Merneptah Stele, a black granite slab engraved with a description of the victories of king Merneptah- son of the great Ramses II- in a military campaign against the Meshwesh Libyans and their Sea People allies, but its final two lines, line 26 & 27, refer to a prior military campaign in Canaan in the Near East.

    The stele which dates to about 1208 BC was discovered by renowned British archaeologist Flinders Petrie at Thebes in 1896.

    The Inscription contains a hymn and a list of the Pharaoh’s military victories. A tribe, whom Merenptah had victoriously smitten””Or as Petrie quickly suggested that it read: “Israel!” is on the list of conquests. The mention of Israel is very short; it simply says, “Israel is laid waste, its seed is no more.”

    • melgibstein says:

      The Merneptah Stele—also known as the Israel Stele or Victory Stele of Merneptah—is an inscription by the Ancient Egyptian king Merneptah (reign:1213 to 1203 BC), which appears on the reverse side of a granite stele erected by the king Amenhotep III. It was discovered by Flinders Petrie in 1896 at Thebes.

      The stele is notable for being the only Ancient Egyptian document generally accepted as mentioning “Isrir” or “Israel”. It is the earliest known attestation of the demonym Israelite. It is therefore refereed to it as the “Israel stele”.

      History always written by the victors or the ones who perceive themselves as victors. It doesnt surprise me what they wrote, but their seed is no more from what? Egypt of course.

      Jews said the were never in bondage to any man (Judean Pharisee’s).

  3. lynn parks says:

    You illiterate, ignorant fools! I love reading this crap because it makes me laugh soooo much!!! The best comedy around, no doubt! Keep up the assenine work.

  4. lynn parks says:

    You illiterate, ignorant fools! I love reading this crap because it makes me laugh soooo much!!! The best comedy around, no doubt! Keep up the assenine work. You and idiots like you are the reason there will never be a Palestine and Jews will ALWAYS remain in the upper eschelon of society.

    • melgibstein says:

      I had Jewish English teachers Miss Lynn just like your asinine self . Im sure youre a looker too. We are better than Seinfeld, but that aint saying a lot.

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