Eastern Promises

Russian Jewish immigrant ‘hacked his roommate to death and tried to dissolve the dismembered corpse in vats of bleach’

  • ‘Wild party’ ends in vicious fight with Russian immigrant killing roommate and chopping him up into little pieces
  • Sergey Mamontov allegedly told the victim’s friend: ‘You’re not going to see him any more – I cut him up’
  • Mamontov tried to dissolve the body in vats of bleach

By Kevin Widdop

PUBLISHED: 08:35 EST, 4 April 2012 | UPDATED: 10:34 EST, 4 April 2012

A raucous house party ended like a scene from a horror film when a Russian immigrant allegedly butchered his roommate to death.

Sergey Mamontov, 50, reportedly confessed to police that he got into a violent fight with his victim, chopped him up into pieces and tried to dissolve the remains in vats of bleach.

Mamontov pounced on his roommate, 55, after he found him drinking with friends at ‘a wild party’ in their fourth-floor Brooklyn apartment, New York.

New York police found human remains at Sergey Mamontov's apartmentNew York police found human remains at Sergey Mamontov’s apartment

He threw them out and became embroiled in the fatal fistfight which ended in the unnamed man’s death.

The victim’s death had gone unnoticed until yesterday, when a friend of the dead man visited the apartment to look for him.

But Mamontov then allegedly said: ‘You’re not going to see him any more – I cut him up,’ according to the New York Post.

The man alerted police who reportedly found vats containing bleach and acid and what appeared to be human body parts inside the flat and within the suspect’s refrigerator.

A friend of the deceased called police when he saw vats in the refrigerator with what appeared to be human remainsA friend of the deceased called police to the scene when he saw vats in the refrigerator with what appeared to be human remains

It was packed with a five-gallon bucket and eight smaller Clorox bottles, sources told the paper.

Body parts and a rib cage were also uncovered in the fridge, a source told the tabloid. ‘There isn’t even room for an egg in the refrigerator’, another source added.

The paper reported that police investigators collected two Goodwill donation boxes which stank of human decaying flesh and trawled through every piece of rubbish from the building by hand in their search for more body parts.

The pair had been sharing an apartment together for six months after Mamontov had rented out a room, but they did not get along, he revealed to police.

Police then searched two Goodwill boxes that smelled like rotting flesh and combed all the trash in the building as they searched for more remainsPolice then searched two Goodwill boxes that smelled like rotting flesh and combed all the trash in the building as they searched for more remains

Suspect Mamontov, who has previously been charged twice for drink driving and for grand larceny, told officers he chopped up his roommate and soaked his body parts in bleach as he hoped to destroy the evidence, sources claimed.

A teenager, who lives in the flat directly below Mamontov, told of the moment he heard strange noises coming from upstairs.

Alan Lazebnik, 16, a student at James Madison High School, told The New York Post: ‘Me and my mom heard something really hard fell and I heard screaming. It was quick. I heard screaming, but it scared me.’

The city’s Medical Examiner’s Office is studying suspected body parts, including what looked like fingers, to confirm they are human.

Mamontov was being held in custody last night.

Before David Duke and all his Jew shill friends starts claiming this was a White guy like George Zimmerman, let us do a little fact checking on the name Mamontov.
1. “We do Hanukkah half-assed,” says 20-year-old Olga Mamontov, whose family moved to Northeast Philly from the former Soviet Union in 1988. Today an estimated 50,000 Russians live in the Northeast and its surrounding suburbs, but for the Mamontovs, there are no eight nights of presents or dreidel-spinning parties. Like many Russian Jews, Hanukkah is just a chance to get together with family. The kids may get some cash, but that’s about it.Read more: http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/news-and-opinion/cover-story/back_in_the_ussr-38372344.html#ixzz1r60Gn0f1
Another Jew with a body in his refrigerator folks. When do we draw the line? We are going to draw the line aren’t we? Mammon tov  chose mammon over G_d.

The Global Reach of the Judeo-Russian Mafia

Its been about 10 years since the Jerusalem Post admitted that the Israeli underworld had been taken over by Russian-Jewish mob bosses. But it remains the case despite official Mossad condemnations, that little has been done to interfere with the drug and slave trade the Russian-Jewish bosses have brought to Israel. Recently, even Amnesty International has slammed Israel for refusing to do much about the Jewish mob’s white slave traffic worldwide, based in Israel. Several years ago, Amnesty wrote this:

The Israeli government has failed to take adequate measures to prevent, investigate, prosecute and punish human rights abuses committed against trafficked women. In general, trafficked women are effectively treated as criminals by the various Israeli agencies with whom they come in contact, rather than as victims of human rights abuses. This is so even though many of them have been subjected to human rights abuses such as enslavement or torture, including rape and other forms of sexual abuse, by traffickers, pimps or others involved in Israel’s sex industry. . . .Trafficking of women to Israel is not illegal. (AI, “Israel’s Sex Industry” 2000.)

Making matters more complex, the Jewish mafia is deep into gun running, and the Islamic “terrorist groups” in the Middle East and Central Asia are their best customers. Given this, one would think that the IDF would have taken a bite out of their operations, but, to the contrary, the Jewish mob continues to function out of Israel with little interference.

Israeli estimates place the investment of the Jewish bosses in the Israeli economy at about $20 billion US dollars since the late 1970s. This might speak a little to the refusal of Israeli law enforcement to do anything about this. Further, the boss’ financing of the Chechen rebels throughout the 1990s protected the western owned pipelines the Russian government had its eye on. Significantly, mafia bosses have been involved in running less expensive weapons to the Georgian government, a government who harbors drug gangs throughout its mountainous and only semi-accessible Panskii Gorge.

According to the respected Stratfor.com research and intelligence organization, the Israeli government estimates that roughly 10% of all Jewish immigration to Israel is criminal, yet, little is done to stem this tide other than pious denunciations. Even more, the Israeli government has admitted that mafia money went to finance much of Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign for the Prime Ministership in 1996.

Back in 1995, the then-head of the FBI Louis Freeh claimed that the Russian-Jewish mafia was the “greatest threat the American security” in the world, though, several days later, he was forced to retract his statements according to the BBC. The Israelis might have several good reasons for not only harboring, but encouraging mafia activity within its borders.

First, the substantial Jewish investment in the global arms trade permits Israel to support rebel groups worldwide through mafia channels that otherwise would be credited to Israeli government policy. For example, Russian-Jewish mafia figures are financing the Darfur separatists in Sudan (though the agency of Ukrainian-Jewish boss Viktor Bout), and the Colombian communist FARC rebels through the agency of the greatest boss of them all, the Israeli Simon Mogilevich, who bought the Hungarian anti-aircraft factories in the early 1990s, as well as a chunk of the famous Sukhoi combat jet firm in Russia. Such red-handed deals with as Miami-based Ludwig “Tarzan” Fainberg’s attempt to supply the Cali cartel with Russian submarines some time ago might suggest a heavy hand in global arms sales.

The fact that the Israeli underworld could finance some of Georgia’s arms supplies permitted the Israeli’s plausible denial once the shooting started last Summer. Further more, the mob, in suppling weapons and even training to Central Asian Islamic groups might permit the Israeli’s a modicum of control over these groups. The Mossad itself admitted in the early 1990s that Mogilevich was deep within the IDF and the Israeli state, and by 1994, this master murderer and gangster was able to get an internationally recognized licence to sell and buy weapons on the open market. Apparently, Mogilevich was (and is) very important to the IDF as a subsidiary arms supplier.

As far as Israel itself is concerned, there are now hundreds of (legal) brothels in Israel featuring Slavic girls that, according to Fainberg, go for about $10,000 to $15,000 a piece. They are bought and sold by Russian-Jewish mafia figures and sent to Israel, America and Britain to work. As of this writing, no substantial effort from Tel Aviv has sought to stem this tide.

“Tarzan” Fainberg’s drug, weapons and slave trade with Tel Aviv, Kiev and St. Petersburg, in recent years, began using the comparatively free US-Canadian border for his transactions, financing the relatively new Toronto marijuana and cocaine fad. He was recently arrested by Canadian police and, without explanation, deported to Israel where he will continue his operations without interference. He apparently travels from Miami to Tel Aviv unhindered, and he brags that he has “ties” with the American FBI.

Hence, the Russian Jewish mafia is a “smoking gun” case linking American intelligence to international drugs and slavery, along with the Israeli government. At the same time, it also links these entities to the “Arab terror” groups operating throughout the world, who are the Israeli mafia’s top arms clients. In other words, it is not out of the question that the mafia ties the entire Anglo-Israeli complex together, linking the sexual revolution, pornography, weapons, slaves and drugs together with the apparent cooperation of the American FBI and the Israeli police services.

Since the ever-struggling Israeli economy has received investments by mob figures of a substantial percentage of GDP, it is unlikely that such figures will be brought to justice in any more than a symbolic way.

Hence, as of this writing, at least two of the big three Israeli-Russian crime figures have their base in Israel, the famed Sergei Mikhailov (who the media claims is not Jewish, but had no trouble gaining and keeping Israeli citizenship) and Ludwig “Tarzan” Fainberg. Mogilevich prefers the relative calm of Hungary, but also retains Israeli citizenship.


Robert Friedman Red Mafiya Jewish Mafia or Russian mafia 3/6


In New York, part of the drugs was sold to Sicilian mobsters out of a dive in Coney Island, while another fac* tion of the ring dealt the heroin to Hispanic customers out of the S&S Hot Bagel Shop, next to Katz’s Delicatessen on East Houston Street in Manhattan. The DEA was impressed with the sophistication of the mobsters’ busi­ness. “What’s unique,” said one official admiringly, “is that these guys were actually controlling it from the source to the street.”
Elson, however, viewed his rival’s expanding empire with displeasure. “I knew when I got out of jail that Biba [Boris Nayfeld’s nickname] would still be in the ballpark. He would be a fucking problem,” Elson said derisively. “Everybody said Biba, Biba. Biba Shmeeba. I said he was a piece of ass. He’s a fucking nobody. And somebody sent word to Biba that I’m cursing him. And I said yes, I want to meet the motherfucker. He was a piece of shit] For this rea-son, I declared the war! I said, he cannot be what he wants to be! He’s a musor in his heart. He wanted to be some­body. He was never nobody. You know to be a godfather you have to have leadership qualities. He don’t have any qualities.”

On a frigid night shortly before the Russian New Year in January 1991, Elson’s men taped a powerful bomb under the muffler of Nayfeld’s car. The following afternoon, Nayfeld drove the car to Brooklyn to pick up his children at school. As the engine idled, the youngsters piled into the backseat. Just then, a maintenance man pointed to an object hanging from the chassis. The bomb, which was designed to have been activated by heat from the muffler, had become dislodged and failed to explode. (sound familiar?)

By the way, where are the Kevin MacDonalds, David Dukes and Don Black’s (Schwartz’s) on the Edgar Steele case? Lying in their beds thats where.

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4 Responses to Eastern Promises

  1. John says:

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The jews’ crimes are becoming so numerous that not even their own puppet media can keep the lid on them anymore. The most frustrating thing though is that despite all these crimes, most of these guys will probably walk. And there isn’t yet a large enough organized group of us to do much about it, let alone protect ourselves from what they’re planning. We need to find a way to get organized. And quick.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yup, its so obvious to some and so far away to others. Only the people who seek the truth and stop at nothing to get it are ever going to find it. They have to keep us all away from microphones or keep us from hanging our traitors in the media. Jews need to be asked to leave nicely, then when they dont take the advice simply follow through with the truth of removing them (they cannot coexist with us and a historical fact of life). One person on a national microphone telling the country all the crimes Jews have taken part in, how Jews are poisonous to every other people, etc. and none of it will be lying would start a brushfire. Invite any Jew on to defend themselves on what a Jew is or how innocent Jews are and it will just prove even more what lengths they will go to lie.

      Yes, its beyond odd whats going on and so right on the mark Biblical its even more odd people cant see it.

      I guarantee you that Longshanks and every leader that threw the Jews out didnt want to harm them, they just wanted them separated from them. People are going to have to think “separation” first and foremost before they do anything. Unfortunately we have a lot of shills out there in place to thwart any movement against Jews. We need to set an example that if you even side with the jews YOU GO WITH THEM-period. I have a list already made up and I NEVAH FAHGHET!

  2. John says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. Another thing I’ve noticed recently being that it’s Easter/Passover week is that many Christian Identists and White Nationalists have failed to realize that the Feasts of YHWH in the Torah are really OUR feasts. I read Incog’s site a lot and post there occasionally and it’s Easter fever over there. That’s okay and I suppose this is because most of them think that Passover, Feast of tabernacles, etc. are “jewish”, but don’t they realize how much money jewish businesses make during holidays like Christmas and Easter? I know it’s best right now for all of us to stay united and keep our focus on the source of all these problems, but it is an issue that’s going to have to be addressed eventually.

    • melgibstein says:

      As long as we have teachers like Kevin MacDonald and Christian bashing atheists acting on the Jews behalf we wont wake many up (unless of course we expose them). I think if some of these shills were confronted and put on the spot as the shill they are we would gain some momentum. This Jew Zimmerman case has exposed all the shills I have always suspected. They are in places to be heard to divert and not to help anyone but the Jews that most certainly pay them (or they are Jews themselves or married Jews). To see Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, ProThink, Don Black and others allow Zimmerman to pass as white is unforgivable and unforgettable. This ProThink somehow was able to get the attention of Alex Jones and when I called him at least a year earlier he simply hung up on me (him and the Jewboy Bermas)). I knew the putz Jones was a Jewboy the minute I heard his short, scratchy putz voice. To even think anything else is little league BS or just plain Jew splinter groups.

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