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Cohen the Destroyer

  First I would like you to listen to the interview of the Stark Truth on VOR with Professor Kevin MacDonald. In this interview he claims that Christians don’t believe in Christianity anymore including himself because it’s just been too … Continue reading

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  Brooklyn, NY – Orthodox Jews charged with child sex abuse in Brooklyn should have their identities protected because of the community’s “tight-knit and insular” nature, prosecutors claim in a remarkable response to demands for information about the cases. No … Continue reading

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Melungeons and Gibsons

Take your pick of stories about the Melungeons and you will see that there is no doubt that these people were the Jews who were the offspring of the first Marrano’s that arrived in the USA more than likely involved … Continue reading

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All Dressed Up (as Women) and Ready to Go Posted on April 9, 2012 On this day 39 years ago, Israel Defense Forces commandos attacked several PLO targets in Lebanon and killed high-ranking terrorists with Israeli blood on their hands. … Continue reading

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The Not So Quiet Man

Bono: ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ By Haaretz getty images Bono U2 front man Bono surprised Israeli passers-by earlier this month with his sudden visit to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. On Wednesday, BuzzFeed published the note Bono left behind at Jerusalem’s King … Continue reading

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There Can Only Be One

If you see someone dividing their own people or even dividing someone else’s you should immediately have your Jew sun glasses on. Jews love to divide because it takes the heat off of them. Jews know that the only thing … Continue reading

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Last Stop for Paul

Representative from Texas and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul gestures during the House Financial Services Committee hearing on ‘Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy’ on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, USA, 29 February 2012.  EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS Washington – … Continue reading

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