The Outlaw Josey Bales

   In all the time I was in the service, never did I see someone in an infantry related position with a chin strap on so erroneously. Never have I seen in any combat type unit with so much crap on his helmet, so unorganized and with the look without any fear of being seen by a superior NCO or above. I’ve been to Iraq and Afghanistan and have been with every kind of combat Army and Marine units and never once have I seen any of them so unorganized. This is a look of a supply or Garrison (in the rear) military man. To believe this guy escaped his base and went out on a one man murdering spree is just plain lunacy. Many times combat units will go out with a spook and have no idea who this spook is or who he even works for and the unit is to take orders from him. That spook isn’t going out without top notch trained forces. They aren’t going out there with SSgt Robert Bales, trust me.

That being said, we have people stateside believing the Jewish media, people who can never ever be trusted on anything, eating it up like they have just won the jackpot in Vegas. Look for these people, take notes, and remember who they are. Lies are as deadly as bullets if they’re aimed in your direction.

On another note we have every so called Jew, Zionist, pro out there claiming this Black teen that was shot by an obvious Jew/Hispanic mix (the Indian Edomite kind) was using his right to the law. You see somehow, someway they are again on the media’s side with the same lack of facts, same lack of background on both parties, yet these shills are sucking it up like they have the whole story. The really embarrassing thing to me is they have the chutzpah to keep coming back even after being so obviously wrong. Nothing seems to tell them they should be ashamed for derailing the truth.

The facts are in this Zimmerman case (an obvious Jew name because you more than likely don’t even know a half German/Hispanic) that they told Zimmerman to back off, quit following the Black kid. Right there is the end of the case as far as I’m concerned. Zimmerman was not a cop, he was told to stop following the kid (guilty or not) because Zimmerman is not a police officer, he is a WATCHMAN (duh). This doesn’t register in all of these so called White leaders minds, who aren’t Christians and obviously don’t give a damn about the truth. The truth is this Jew Zimmerman, whose father is a retired judge, pursued this guy and killed him. The video of him clearly showed he had no blood on him, no evidence of any rolling around in the street, no clothing torn, nothing! The media and the shills went into protection mode for the Jew immediately right when they had the bull by the horns. They did the exact same thing with Loughner. Take note of who they are and do not ever trust them. They obviously want whites in a race war that had nothing to do with whites. Why not let them deal with it themselves and watch the Jew issue blossom out of it like it should?

I was going to do another thread on this similar subject, but I’m going to mix it in because I believe it’s a horse of the same color. The same people are involved protecting not whites, but Jews. Why is it so many radio show people who can’t be hit with criticism constantly clamor for Jew guests? You have the Sabrosky pawns, the Atzmon fan club, the Izzie Shamir worshipers, the Rivero butt washers, etc. What is the sense of this? How many times does it take to realize you cannot trust these people- PERIOD? You have to be one of two things, a bloody pussy or a shill working for the other side.

The USS Liberty folks we all love to hear couldn’t trust Jews, the Marines in Beirut couldn’t trust them, the people in the WTC couldn’t trust them, the Brits in the King David Hotel couldn’t trust them, every country in Europe couldn’t trust them, Kings didn’t trust them, military leaders didn’t trust them, women should never trust them, kids should never trust them and last, but not least Jesus didn’t trust them (the Jews that were there nor any Jew that says they are a Jew and are not). To trust these people as Jews is a lie in itself and when you believe a lie you go into deeper deception. I didn’t say that, Jesus did.

There is no excuse for trusting any Jews at all, they are the root of the world’s problems right now and always have been. They control our countries because pussies and shills let them into our fold. They will say they are Lebanese, Canadian, French, German, Indian, Dutch, Arab, Chinese, it does not matter. You must know them by their fruits. And I’m here to tell you in God’s stead that those fruits are rotten to the core. There is nothing they won’t do to keep you from rounding them up as we should have done long ago. The first thing you need to do is separate from them and anyone who wants to bring them into your vicinity should be considered persona non grata (watch the shills flock to their favorite Jew now). If you feel bad for doing this you are as much part of the problem and nowhere near any solution. It’s schizophrenic to think that praising or honoring a Jew is going to help. I am here to tell you that you will lose everything you own including your identity if you continue to believe this. If you think complete separation is too radical for you then you are among the lemmings you claim to be trying to assist and its best you keep your phones cut off to any outside criticism like you have.

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5 Responses to The Outlaw Josey Bales

  1. Bob Wocca says:

    SSgt(?)Bale is a mason.Check the hand shake.Most likely a member of the knights of malta,working for the vatican.Replace the word “war” with crusade and all the pieces fall together.

  2. melgibstein says:

    This Mason and Roman Empire stuff aint cuttin it. Its Jews- period.

    • Chris says:

      ” Mrs. Van Hyning, I am surprised at your surprise. You are a student of history — and you know that both the Borgias and the Mediciis are Jewish families of Italy. Surely you know that there have been Popes from both of these houses.

      Perhaps it will surprise you to know that we have had 20 Jewish Popes, and when you have sufficient time, which may coincide with my free time, I can show you these names and dates.

      You will learn from these that: The crimes committed in the name of the Catholic Church were under Jewish Popes. The leaders of the inquisition was one, de TorQuemada, a Jew.”

      – Woman’s Voice, November 25, 1953

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