Take Shelter

With all the twisters going on in America and Hollywood I would like to direct you to another kind of twister. This twister is more devastating than any single twister in history; it’s called the “word twister”. This kind of twisting words can sometimes be done unintentionally, but needs to be exposed whether it is or it isn’t.

I’d like to use David Duke for an example because many people hear him and take him and others as great scholars of Jews, Judaism, Zionism, etc. and I am going to prove they are willingly or unwillingly taking you into a whirlwind of confusion.

Let me give you some examples of what Duke says on a daily basis (sometimes all in the same one hour program). Bear with me while I explain some of the words David Duke uses, not to single him out because this is common among many so called anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish, anti-Semite (whatever) talk show hosts.

  1. David Duke will claim Zionists aren’t all Jews, Zionists are the Jews committing all the crime. Jesus never used the word, Longshanks never used it, Hitler didn’t, Patton didn’t, Martin Luther didn’t, etc. etc. Even Mel Gibson didn’t (everyone’s hero).
  2. He claims Cohanim are not allowed to marry anyone but full-blooded Jews in Israel. Now this is a farce in itself and leads into a cauldron of misinformation. Firstly Jews aren’t the Jews of the Bible, they are a mixed race. These so called Cohanim are Khazars and no relation to Judah or anyone else regarding the tribes of Israel. If they are related to Jews they are related to the Sephardic Jews that were the Judeans (not Judahites) or Edomites (a mixed people of numerous mixtures). So they are Jews who say they are Jews who say they are Jews who are not Jews, but the synagogue of Satan. (twice or even more the children of hell). Khazars are mixed too or you think Ariel Sharon is your normal white guy I assume.
  3. With that, at the same time he talks about many Jews and even Rabbis who don’t even believe in Judaism or even God which is completely true. So what makes a Jew a Jew? If Indian Jews are part of the Jewish race, Ashkenazi’s, Sephardic’s, Druze (Arabic Jews), Chinese Jews, Hispanic Jews how in the hell can Jews be considered a race? Are all of these peoples from Jewish mothers? What is classified as a Jewish mother? Are these Indian women going to be Jewish mothers as well? Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir and Jack Burnstein werent or aren’t Zionists you see, but they are Jews. All moved to a land they knew had nothing to do with them. Why arent these living Jews exposing the Jews of the Federal Reserve, the Jews that perpatrated 9/11, the porn industry Jews, the slave trade Jews? Because they will be hanging themselves. So what good are they to us? They are no good whatsoever and only stunt the punishment of banishment of all Jews as was done for close to 2000 years (numerous times).
  4. The one Duke likes to throw around most is that a Jew can’t marry a Gentile in Israel. Well this is true, but like the title of this thread relates to there is a big twister. If Jews are mixed, and we all know they are, what is the sin of a Jew marrying a non-Jew (this is what Duke means by a Gentile)? Indians were never considered the ethnos or kindred in the Old Testament. Jews are the mixed people not the Gentiles. The Gentiles are the White race.  Jews would like nothing more than to breed us out of existence. Again, Israel is the pure race, Jews (Judeans) are the mixed race and Gentiles are the dispersed Israelites. 7200 Indian Jews are on their way to Palestine (certainly they aren’t a pure race of anyone except maybe Indians). Saying a Jew can’t marry a non-Jew is like saying a mutt can’t mate with a pure bred dog. Jews are already mixed.

I ask you to look at the hypocrisy and ludicrous nature of going along with the Jew lies and look at it as you should always look at everything coming from Jews because they twist, distort and pervert EVERYTHING!!! Look at it both ways and ask yourself where it leads if words have no meanings. That is what Jared Loughner wrote to his fellow Ashkenazi Jewish congresswoman. Jews know words have to have meanings to make sense, therefore they change the definitions of words and the willing dupes just follow them like sheep to the slaughter.

Be aware of every word these so called leaders say. People ask me why I believe in Christianity if it was written by Jews and that is precisely why I believe it (and these folks who say they are Jews are not- exactly what that book says). It was translated with the help of Jews (Judeans) and you can compare it with the non Judean translations. You must know when the word “Judean” is being referred to and when the word “Judahite” is. Both have been deliberately mistranslated as “Jew” in our English Bible.

This twisting around just doesn’t work, its Jews doing what they always do and why they have to control the media entirely. If you hear hypocrisy like this from anyone on radio, get through and hit them with questions immediately. If you can’t it’s just more programming. Find out what a Jew is by asking and researching yourself. Nobody is going to lead you to the truth, you have to lead yourself. Seek the truth or get the hell out-of-the-way because it will leave tracks all over your back.

Jews are liars and have no honor. Anyone that knows the truth can slap them silly with it at any given time, but for some reason we don’t. You can’t make lies into lemonade, lies are exactly what they are and if you are dancing with the liars you are going to get bounced all over the room. That is one of the hundreds of reasons why we must always be separate from them. You are not helping anyone by trusting them; they are historical liars, impostors, thieves, perverts and murderers. As I’ve said many times, don’t get caught up in their pilpulism. You are going right into the twister if you do.

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5 Responses to Take Shelter

  1. Barney says:

    Another good one Mel.

    My thinking on what makes a jew a jew, apart from lacking a soul, conscience, spirit or any other word we may choose, is that when a jew marries a Human woman (jews aren’t human) for her money, that woman is then considered a jewess so that her children can be considered jews.

    I could be wrong, but it would certainly explain how there can be jews of so many different races.

    As for that other “jewish” twister shown above, Albert One Stone (Einstein), if you take the trouble to properly understand “his” (stolen) “Theory of Relativity”, you’ll find it’s pure gibberish. The “time dilation” part had already been disproved (by Johann Doppler) before One Stone was even born, and that famous equation, E=MC squared uses a “constant” made up of two other values, time and distance (velocity), both of which can be expressed in any number of ways, yielding a different result every time.

    Is his “constant” 186,282, the velocity of light expressed in miles per second?

    Is it 300,000,000 (I believe I’ve got that right), the velocity of light in metres per second?

    Inches per second, kilometres per year, furlongs per month, millimetres per week and an infinity of other options would be equally valid in the absence of a precise explanation of what this “constant” is supposed to be, and every one of them gives a different value for “C”, and therefore a vast range of possible values for “E”.

    A scientific constant needs to BE constant, not something that can be interpreted in any way we choose.

  2. melgibstein says:

    I wouldnt trust the Jew either way. Like a Jew is going to do something good for humanity. That alone is an equation most people will never figure out.

  3. melgibstein says:

    All the usual shills are sticking up for the jew Zimmerman. Take note of this, these are the same people who backed off the fact Loughner was a jew and didnt say a word (they went along with the jew media lies that he was white). Its the usual shills. The way I look at it is if you have any doubt someone is a shill, they usually arent people you want in your foxhole anyway. They are stirring up racial tensions, lying and disregarding in your face evidence. Look at David Duke, MacDonald, Prothink, etc… all going for the white/Black issue when its clearly a Jew/Black issue. The same thing these shills did during slavery (they are no doubt paid off shills). Thats the truth as I see it. This guy Zimmerman is not bruised, doesnt look beaten, doesnt look remorseful, nothing. Its Zimmerman in plain clothes that could have easily looked to me like a thief himself. All the pro white dissenters are willing to throw the truth out the window on this (none are Christians coincidentally either).


    This jew was in plain clothes looking to clip someone even after he was told to back off. The jew lawyers are stirring up a BS story now to save this jews hide (father a retired judge). Sharpton is another shill that will leave jews out of it altogether and the blame will be elsewhere as usual unless people of truth speak up loud and clear. Dont expect the big voices already in place. As Ive told you before, there are more shills out there than you think. You may not like me, but Im going to give you the truth. The truth is the only way out.

    All of these idiots pulling for Zimmerman are shills. They know Zimmerman is a Jew. It just reinforces what I already know.

  4. melgibstein says:

    A little extra etymology of the word “shelter”

    1580s, “structure affording protection,” possibly an alteration of Middle English sheltron, sheldtrume “roof or wall formed by locked shields,” from Old English scyldtruma, from scield “shield” (see shield (n.)) + truma “troop,” related to Old English trum “strong, firm, stable,” from Proto-Germanic *trum-, from PIE *dru-mo-, suffixed form of root *deru- “be firm, solid, steadfast.”

    If so, the original notion is of a compact body of men protected by interlocking shields. OED finds this “untenable” and proposed derivation from shield + -ture. Figurative sense is recorded from 1580s; meaning “temporary lodging for homeless poor” is first recorded 1890 in Salvation Army jargon; sense of “temporary home for animals” is from 1971. Related: Shelterless.

    Going a little further back

    what is “shield” in Hebrew?
    “Magen” as in Magen David, the shield of David, but a shield is also a form of armour. Like a “sea shell” or a shield or shelter is a kind of arour or armor.

    The word for armour in Hebrew is “kel-lee” or “keliy” why the “i” is used is your guess. The “y” was only used for words like “Tyre” coincidentally it too was a kind off armour “attire” was a battle dress.

    This word shelter comes from the root of Kell which is the same root of Celtic with a hard C
    As I have said many times the “sh”, “s”, “k”, “g”, “c” and “ch” were often intertwined in different European languages.

    And David H1732 took H3947 the head H7218 of the Philistine, H6430 and brought H935 it to Jerusalem; H3389 but he put H7760 his armour H3627 in his tent. H168

    H3627 = Keliy

    weapons = Keliy

    Thou art my battle axe H4661 and weapons H3627 of war: H4421 for with thee will I break in pieces H5310 the nations, H1471 and with thee will I destroy H7843 kingdoms; H4467

    If you dont believe there is a correlation with words like shelter, shield, shell, etc. in Gaelic or Celtic (Keltic) look at names like Sinead aka Shinead, aka Kenneth, Kennedy, etc. Folks this is just one word and the proof is everywhere.

  5. melgibstein says:

    The word “cell” is also related to the word Keltic or Celtic

    cell (n.)
    early 12c., “small monastery, subordinate monastery” (from Medieval Latin in this sense), later “small room for a monk or a nun in a monastic establishment; a hermit’s dwelling” (c. 1300), from Latin cella “small room, store room, hut,” related to Latin celare “to hide, conceal,” from PIE root *kel-(1) “to cover, conceal, save.”

    From “monastic room” the sense was extended to “prison room” (1722). The word was used in 14c., figuratively, of brain “compartments” as the abode of some faculty; it was used in biology by 17c. of various cavities (wood structure, segments of fruit, bee combs), gradually focusing to the modern sense of “basic structure of all living organisms” (which OED dates to 1845).

    Electric battery sense is from 1828, based on the “compartments” in very early types. Meaning “small group of people working within a larger organization” is from 1925. Cell-body is from 1851, cell-division from 1846, cell-membrane from 1837 (but cellular membrane is 1732), cell wall from 1842.

    ~ to “cover” or “shelter”

    Shellack- to beat soundly

    helmut or kelmut is armour for the head (is that German or really Gaelic- Hebrew).

    The name Anselm- Anskelm- means Ansi- Gods-helm- helmut.

    coleoptera (n.)
    1763, from Modern Latin, from Greek koleopteros, literally “sheath-wing,” used by Aristotle to describe beetles, from koleos “sheath” (from PIE root *kel-(1) “to cover, conceal, save”) + pteron “wing” (see ptero-). Related: Coleopterous.


    Maybe it was Coleopatra and not Cleopatra

    ancient country on the southeastern coast of Asia Minor, from Latinized form of Greek Kilikia. At its east end was the pass through Mount Amanus into Syria known as the Cicilian Gates.

    ~I bet that has nothing to do with Celts folks (where the Celts lived). The Celts have no lands start with Kil
    Kilkenny, Kildare, kilrush, kilbride, Killucan, Killaloe, killarney, kilbarrick…

    It goes on and on and on.

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