Valley of the Dalal’s

Hackensack, NJ – Prosecutors say a teenager charged in a series of attacks on New Jersey synagogues had a blueprint for a public school marked up for an attack with the words “Project Anarchy” written on it.

The Record of Woodland Park ( ) reports a Bergen County prosecutor discussed the blueprint during a bail hearing Wednesday for Aakash Dalal (AH-kash DAH’lal). The prosecutor said the Camden County school blueprint was the first thing police found while searching Dalal’s home.

The 19-year-old has pleaded not guilty to charges of arson, bias intimidation and criminal mischief. The charges stem from a series of attacks on synagogues in Bergen County, including the firebombing of a rabbi’s home.

His alleged co-conspirator, 19-year-old Anthony Graziano, has also pleaded not guilty.

Dalal’s bail was maintained at $2.5 million.

~Dalal is a Jewish name. Yair Dalal is a famous musician in Israel

 He is of Iraqi Jewish descent.

Dallal and Dalal are Sephardic Jewish names.

Aakash was’nt really Nakash in this case. He may have an Iraqi mother which makes him a bastard in the land of New Jerusalem Jersey. All Jews are considered bastards if they don’t have the demon seed on the mother’s side. Either way they bombed their own synagogue again and the media is long gone as usual. He may also be part Indian. Not a single word about a “hate crime”.

‘The Aakash I knew’

A former classmate of Aakash Dalal, the 19-year-old charged in the attacks on four synagogues in Northern New Jersey, writes of being taken in by his friend:

The Aakash I knew was intelligent, interesting to talk to and fiercely passionate about his beliefs. I never heard him utter an anti-Semitic remark, although I heard him make disparaging remarks about Muslims. He was a loyal follower of Ron Paul, having volunteered for his campaign throughout the early primary states. His views were noxious, as he was an anarcho-capitalist who argued that President Obama, President Bush–and probably every other American President since 1898–were mass murderers. Certainly, I thought this political beliefs were a little out there, but I also always found his radical idealism (that’s what it seemed like at the time) to be refreshing. Kind of. The Aakash in the mugshot is completely different.  The photo doesn’t show that Dalal is just a small and scrawny kid. If you met him on the street, you would be surprised to learn that such a tiny person could be capable of so much destruction.


Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli has characterized Dalal as an instigator in the January firebombings, allegedly carried out by then-19-year-old Graziano. Molinelli has said Graziano was motivated by “anti-Jewish animus, a bias against them; an intent to harm them.” He hasn’t given a motive for Dalal’s alleged actions.

Molinelli is most certainly a Jew as well. They seem to be feverishly trying to take the heat off the obvious Jew Graziano they have never charged with a hate crime after getting film of him picking up the supplies at Wal Mart. The entire point of this is “are these kids Jews in any shape or form”? That we have to find out ourselves and I still say Jews are involved in this to deceive one way or the other. More bombs means more security and cash and everyone on earth should know by now that Jews are, have been and always will be the terrorists. They did 9/11 and still have not been prosecuted (walking around to strike again). This was just two young men that have sephardic jewish names that bombed an Ashkenazi synagogue (nothing here- move along folks).

A poster named Aakash comments on

More than 7,200 Indian Jews to immigrate to Israel

PTI Sep 27, 2011, 05.08pm IST

JERUSALEM: The Israeli government is expected to approve the long awaited ‘aliyah’ (immigration) of more than 7,200 Indian Jews from the north-eastern states of Manipur and Mizoram in the coming weeks, a media report said.

The decision to allow the last members of the “lost” Bnei Menashe tribe to immigrate to Israel is being greeted with excitement by local Evangelical Christian groups, who view it as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and who have pledged financial support for the move, ‘The Jerusalem Post’ daily reported.

The Ministerial Committee on Immigration and Absorption, headed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, decided, about three months ago, “in principle” to bring the remaining 7,232 members of the northeastern Indian community to the Jewish state

“I am very optimistic that within the next few weeks we will at last have a historic breakthrough which will allow the lost tribe of Bnei Menashe to return to Zion,” Michael Freund, founder and chairman of Shavei Israel, a Jerusalem-based organisation that has been at the forefront of Bnei Menashe immigration to Israel, was quoted as saying.

More than 1,700 members of the north-eastern Indian Jewish community, referred as Bnei Menashe (sons of Menashe), have immigrated to Israel over the last decade, but their aliya was subsequently halted in 2007 over the issue of their “Jewishness”, even though the Israeli Chief Rabbinate had earlier recognised the community as “descendants of Israel”.

The community claims descent from one of the 10 lost tribes of Israel, who were sent into exile by the Assyrian Empire more than 27 centuries ago.

Their ancestors are believed to have wandered through Central Asia and the Far East for centuries, before settling in what is now northeastern India, along the border with Burma and Bangladesh.

Indian Jews, Black Jews, Chinese Jews……..if you read the Old Testament this makes no sense whatsoever.  If you have never heard a Jew talk about how inter racial mixing is forbidden in the Bible there is a good reason for it. They can’t defend it and will pull that old BS line that being a Jew is a religion not a race or ethnicity. So in that case, if a Palestinian says he has converted to Judaism he or she should have the right of return. Nope, doesn’t work that way. Jews want to be hypocrites and have you praise them too. We are talking mental maniacs folks!

They have to be approved of their “Jewishness” even though they claim they are descendants of the lost 10 tribes. Knock knock- is anybody home? Its mental folks {picture of Martin Short and his Talmud hairdoo here}

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3 Responses to Valley of the Dalal’s

  1. Aakash Dalal is not a Jew. This is almost comical. Dalal is a hero for what he has done to expose the fraud perpetrated on the United States by the Jewry. Just read what he filed in federal court:

    And take a look at what the JEW prosecutors in Bergen County got in return for prosecuting him:

    • melgibstein says:

      Yes Im sure aakash was another antisemite like the Jew hiding out in the jew slum in the Middle East right now awaiting hearings on over 1000 bomb scares, not to mention other things. Yes Im always wrong, including about Ashkenash. Go to hell!

      Couldnt they all have been working together? Why would they need a terrorist when they can make one?


      Ron Pearl and the Jews would never lie to us.

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