The Nutty Professor and Doctor Dolittle

If you have heard Professor MacDonald lately you have most likely heard the word “ethnocentric”  a hundred times relating to Jews who are undoubtedly a mixed people. The word ethnicity comes from the word “ethnos” in the Greek. The word was used for “race” or “nation” of people (literally the same thing). It was translated as “gens” in Latin and morphed into the word “gentile” which the professor and doctor have us believe means non-Jew. Of course the professor doesn’t know that the word Jew was also mistranslated and can now mean the people who call themselves Jews (Judahites) and are not as written in Revelations 2;9 and 3:9. Talk about being mixed up teachers. Jews are not a race and I don’t care what ethnos has morphed into. Words have specific meanings and should be the same or you will be chasing your tail like these teachers obviously want you to. Golden Retrievers have baby Golden Retrievers, a Golden Retriever and a Dachsund have mutts.

On the latest David Duke show, Duke starts off claiming the watchman who shot the Black teen in front of his house in Sanford, Fl.  was  a White man. This guy Zimmerman is everything, but a White man and Duke did not even check and see for himself obviously before engaging in this conversation. Zimmerman is a common Jewish name and it just swooped right over Duke’s head (and the professor). They didn’t check out the name or the racial characteristics. This shows huge flaws in the so called white heathen movement (whatever they claim they believe it isn’t Christianity). Jews are mixed with all peoples of the world and the very essence of their racial characteristics are evident in most Jews. Some Jews are mixed in with Whites and difficult to detect. Some Jews have even been in top areas of the so called “white movement” feeding constant misinformation.

These same people are never quick to say “Jews did 9/11” or  “Jared Loughner” is a Jew and so on. They are always miles behind the curve, yet are in place to get the news out before the truth comes out. They never even considered the Norway bomber to be a Jew either which shows a very clear pattern.

MacDonald brings up wolves as a comparison to Jews and ehh ehhh ethnocentrism (his favorite word he has no clue the meaning of) and how they bind together, but wolves have many canine family members and you wont find a common dog getting along with a pack of wolves. Wolves may bind together and may well be a great comparison to jews (as Jesus did 2000 years ago before this great experiment). Comparing Jews in a racial manner was never the intention, however any more than comparing wolves to sheep (they are two different animals). There are Black Jews, Arab Jews, Mongol Jews, Forest Gump Jews, you could even go into saying German Jews, Iranian Jews, South American Jews as they say Whites are Europeans (which is another farce). Whites are Caucasians, when you see a list of races you normally see Whites, Latinos, Blacks, Asian, other and unspecified. Jews will classify themselves for all of these, yet should always be in the “other” category.

For some reason these intellects never distinguish between a white and a jew when reporting crime. This should be the number one thing on every white persons mind (everyone’s mind) because whites have been blamed for Jewish crime (and everyone else) for thousands of years and have been thrown out of white countries for it countless times.

Many times you will hear these people bring up the word “identity” as well and the truth is Jews have no racial identity or religious identity. Jews are Jews because they have Jewish ancestry (mixed whether they are Ashkenazi’s, Sephardic or anything else) somewhere in their past where these intellects will never go (not even in the Bible Jews claim to be the people of). David Duke believes whites are the people of Edom (its in his book). You see he believes Jesus was a Jew like Gilad Atzmon (bringing wolves into the fold).

I can only conclude that these are people of disinformation purposely. They obviously don’t know what Race, Ethnos, Gentile, Zionist or Jew even means. They simply go with the flow of what Jews dictate to them. A Zionist was (used to be) Jews (the people who claim to be of Judah) returning to Israel (a person not a land mass) and before that it was a word used in the Bible people of Judah used (not impostor Jews), but now it is everything regarding Jew crime. Its psychotic folks. They are clueless or they are simply Frank Colin frauds! You have to ask how so called doctor’s and professors can be so completely wrong and agree with each other on every word. I am White and a Christian and these are not my leaders. They are sowing more Jew crime in the long run keeping people delusional. Their arguments will never hold up in an open debate.

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5 Responses to The Nutty Professor and Doctor Dolittle

  1. melgibstein says:

    “Trayvon had a bag of Skittles,’’ Fulton’s attorney, Ben Crump, told Lauer. “(Zimmerman) had a nine millimeter gun. He was almost 80 pounds more weight than Trayvon Martin. This is a situation where when you…listen to those 911 tapes and the three witnesses, everyone in America is asking, when are they going to arrest Zimmerman for killing this kid in cold blood?’’

    Why is David Duke saying this Jewish named Hispanic was half Trayvon Martin’s size? The TRUTH is it was the other way around. Why would David Duke say something entirely unsubstantiated? Why is he always on the wrong side of the jew curve folks?

    How can you overlook something like this as Jared Loughner or 9/11? He calls this “his work”. I dont call this work, I call it a duty.

  2. Barney says:

    Thanks for the link explaining the true meaning of Gentile, Mel. That’s something new I’ve learned today, and I’ll be passing it on at every opportunity.

    Whenever I read the word “gentile”, I automatically translate it as “Human”, because of the way it’s used nowadays, and anyone who knows anything about the “jew” knows those THINGS are NOT Human.

    It’s good to know the truth at last though.

    • melgibstein says:

      Jews called the dispersed the nations. Who were they the nations of? They were the dispersed nations of Israel (and or the ethnic white race). They (Jews) feared that Jesus would go out and teach the Israelites scattered abroad (North and East) because they (the Edomite Pharisees) knew who they were (seed of Cain). James chapter one verse one is directed to the Israelites (he went to France and Britain today). The deeper you look into it the more you see the hoax liars continually want you to believe. Duke and MacDonald are two of them. Sad, but its true. I dont give a damn if they are MENSA master minds that love white people with all their heart, they are wrong. You love the truth first.

      Jesus never called the Canaanites “gentiles” nor the Kenites or the Jebusites or any mixed people. He called the lineage of Adam (the pure lineage) the gentiles (ethnos because they were genetically related), but the lineage he came for was the House of Israel. None of the 12 tribes married Israelites, they married white pure Adamic people. That is why whites are still pure today and everyone knows if a white mixes with someone else it is evident.

      I dont believe everything that guy writes for the record (on that link), I just used the first link I found that knew about the word “gentile”.

      The truth the jews fear the most is their own identity.

      • Chris says:

        “The truth the jews fear the most is their own identity.”

        That’s what it all boils down to. Living in their fictitious worlds of “entertainment” so they don’t have to face the reality that they are cursed. Trying to turn everyone into a freak so they are indistinguishable from the rest.

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