Eight is Enough

Haifa Hasid Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison For Serially Raping, Sodomizing 5 Of His Daughters

Handcuffs Orange JumpsuitThe 55-year-old Haifa resident serially raped his daughters for almost 14 years beginning when the oldest was 8, preying on them whenever his wife was a niddah or otherwise sexually unavailable. This unnamed hasid was himself sexually assaulted as a child.

Here are few roughly translated sentences from Ynet’s Hebrew article:

…The father, 55 year old resident of Haifa, with eight children, was convicted of serially raping and sodomizing five of his daughters for nearly 14 years.…During the trial it became clear that the father was himself a victim of sexual assault since he was seven.…The defendant started sexually assaulting his daughters in 1997, when his eldest daughter reached the age of eight, and continued frequently until last year. The father used to wake the children at night, lead them to the shower or bathroom, and sodomize and rape them.

Prior to sentencing, a probation report was prepared  which says that while he was a child, his family traveled with him in South America where he was sexually assaulted by other children due to his Jewish origins.…

“The defendant before us has his daughters a tool to satisfy sexual desires at any time he could not come to his wife because he believed that he was forbidden to have sex with his wife while she was shaking, therefore, comes to his daughters when they were little girls and we exploited sexually as a matter of routine,” the jury verdict stated.…

~Now they’re Hebrews, tomorrow they’re Jews, the next day they’re Israelites. The truth is they are none of these things. can someone show me in the Bible where it says you can rape children? Some moron out there will attribute this to the Old Testament and claim it’s what Jews have always done (only one problem, 95% of these so called Jews were doing it before they even new there was an Old Testament).

When your wife is “niddah” its niddah bad or good, but it is what it is. We better nuke South America for doing such a thing. They dont qualify for the niddah ting.

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4 Responses to Eight is Enough

  1. melgibstein says:

    Bad bad language here- we are talking Jews.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Mel is hanging out with a Desperate Housewives star “Maloof”. She is supposed to be Lebanese like Shakira (never bought that one either). Her father owned a basketball team and a casino in Oy Vegas.
    There isnt much difference in any area of Jews in this family as far as I can see. She looks like she had a Jew plastic surgeon too.
    In addition to their gaming business, the Maloofs had exclusive proprietorship rights to the distribution of Boston Beer Company, Coors, Corona, Guinness, Heineken, Miller, Red Bull, and Tecate products throughout New Mexico. They sold Maloof Distributing in 2010 to Admiral Beverage Corporation.

    The Maloof Companies are one of the largest single shareholders in Wells Fargo Bank.

    Just another coincidence.

    http://favim.com/image/159621/ so much for that line about his second wife getting gang raped by schwartzers.

    Pic of her ex husband/plastic surgeon Nassif http://stoopidhousewives.com/the-men-of-real-housewives/paul-nassif-md-rhobh/

    They lived next to Charlie Sheen and apparently someone else thinks he is juwish too
    He specializes in Rhinoplasty- eh eh ehhhhh nose jobs.

    Mel is such a hater and Holocoust denier.

    http://www.avotaynu.com/csi/csi-result.html?page=next Nassif

  3. Chris says:

    “Prior to sentencing, a probation report was prepared which says that while he was a child, his family traveled with him in South America where he was sexually assaulted by other children due to his Jewish origins.…”

    Satanic Jew always playing the victim.

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