Coming Home

I hate to talk about the Marines because I don’t want to be identified as a Marine. Before I was a Marine I already had a name for myself, some good, some bad, but never as someone to not give a good fight at any time. I find out who my enemy is, is he or even sometimes she an honorable enemy or am I dealing with a psycho? There is a huge difference.  Firstly, if you are fighting for your country it may not be a personal thing, but fighting someone who is affecting you personally is a different ball game altogether.

What I take into account is:

  1. Are they moral and or honorable people?
  2. What are they fighting for or against?
  3. Where do they get their morals from?

These questions lead to how I must fight my enemy and of course the question is “are they really my enemy or my real enemy?”

Jews, and I mean the synagogue of satan Jews, do not fight morally on any level, they are not fighting against anything but what is pure, decent, honest, moral and or good. There is really no good in them. The God they pretend to have has disowned them and long ago even though there is this so called “antiZionist movement” in place to claim that they are acting in accordance with the Old Testament.  This is utter hogwash in itself.

Most of this anti Zionist movement is either heathens or Judeo Christians that don’t even understand the Bible. None of them, no not one, will debate the Bible with a Christian Identist because they will get steamrolled.  The thing about Christian Identity I totally admire is that there is only black and white and no gray areas. How many countries have been trashed, obliterated by Jew usury, porn, and degradation of all decency because some bleeding heart said “this Jew is ok”? The fact is none of them are ok amongst us and if you can’t grasp this you are hopeless.

Time and time again I have to reiterate what Jews have wrought upon our society. They brought slaves to America and all over our islands, porn, usury, controlled media, political slavery, Hollywood that is more destructive than an army, drugs of every kind all over the world, wars upon wars, Feminism disguised as freedom, Homosexuality disguised as natural, etc. How on earth can you trust ANY OF THEM with the destruction they have wrought upon our earth? It can only be one reason and that is cowardice. Someone who keeps his mouth shut is better than these so called anti Zionists because they will do nothing but keep business as usual.

Everyone in the truth movement has to find a Jew to prop up on a pedestal and these very same people disregard true Christianity altogether. I want no part of these people and they are just as much part of the destruction as the Jews themselves. You can be a heathen and still understand that it is Jews that have always destroyed everyone they live amongst, but all of these people have no religion or claim to have it and know nothing of it. Go ahead and ask them if you can get through. Most have their phone lines cut off entirely.

So the deal is throwing away Christianity and help the heathens defeat Jews. That is a complete laugh. You don’t defeat satan without the antidote. How many internet shows have you heard from newbies right out of their diapers talking about “Zionists”? Most of them parrot everything they read and have no understanding of Jews whatsoever. They claim Hitler was a Jew or he wasn’t a Jew; claim Alex Jones is disinfo (like we didn’t know this a decade ago). Why is it so important these people continually go after the obvious shill Alex Jones? They go after obvious shills to prop themselves up as the truth when they are shills themselves. These people are paid to stay in the forums to find out what’s being said and how to derail it.

There is one thing they are all deathly afraid of and that is Christian Identity because it ties race and religion together and it shows without a doubt who they are and who Christians are. There is no gray area at all. That is the only answer there is out there folks. Everything else is diversion.

Jews don’t fight the war on the field, they fight the propaganda wars. That’s why you have to know who you are and who they are. Listen for the hypocrisy of these “anti Zionist” morons and understand that they contradict themselves over and over again. They don’t know what being White is, neither what Christianity is nor what a Jew is. Everything they say is flawed if you understand how they deliberately or unintentionally  frame their arguments. There is only one truth and only one truth defeats all the Jews lies. They can’t be Jews unless they are direct descendants of Judah and they are anything but this. They don’t follow the laws of the Old Testament at all (so forget the Jewish religion hogwash). It’s all a show, just like the Holohoax, just like Hollowood. They are actors, hypocrites and impostors. God will you wake up?

Hollywood doesn’t just wipe out morality it wipes out truth altogether. It will make life into a Mortal Combat video game if you allow it. It is not reality and you have to understand that these folks have no intentions of you ever accepting reality because it’s back to the ghetto they go when reality really hits home.

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4 Responses to Coming Home

  1. John says:

    I really like this statement: “The thing about Christian Identity I totally admire is that there is only black and white and no gray areas.”

    I can’t stand it when people say that the Bible is “grey”. How can they be so stupid? I’ve never met anyone in the Christian Identity movement, but I’d like to. The thing is, how can we best inform them that God’s Feasts are still for us and that the jews hijacked them?

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told people that holidays like xmas and easter have nothing to do with Yahshua, only to hear some stupid response about how we can do whatever holidays we want now because all of God’s Feasts have been done away with.

    • melgibstein says:

      People can say what they want about Christian Identity on their own microphones far away from one, but the truth is they cant and wont expose how little they know about what they are talking about. They simply dont believe it because Jews rained on their parade. Its like looking at a fresh area of snow to get water from and you go get a container to put it in and find out the jew has pissed all over it. That is their M.O. to a tee. Their art is perversion and its not always perversion meant for themselves as well. Their kind of perversion makes ours look lame.
      They spread lies before the truth gets its pants on and the most obvious thing about this is “WE ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS”.

      People need to find out why they have to keep the Sabbath day. I used to think it was stupid, like jews running through town with their kikels blowing in the wind. They dressed the whole part and it was a satanic act. Enoch was not a Jew and this calender showed when the Messiah would come (which the Parthians knew), that is if you believe in the New Testament.
      There are liars also out there claiming that all Christianity going back to Genesis was all made up from the stars. Someone that studied the stars created a story and religion based on the stars. No, I dont think so. Its funny how Ive never heard them connect Enoch to being a henge builder. They stay away from that one entirely. They continually use the words “sun worshipers”. Do they call astronomers “sun worshipers”? You cant know where you are going or where youve been without a compass. Not very long ago our compass was the stars. Jews with money will steal our history and make it their own. They will steal your drawers and make them their own if we arent paying attention and most “truthers” out there dont want us ever doing that. I think thats exactly why we were told to keep the Sabbath day. It reminds us, it syncs us and it binds us. What White person on the earth wouldnt want that?

  2. John says:

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Most Christians today aren’t even remotely interested in the true Biblical calendar. Just believe in Jesus and you’ll be raptured away before anything bad happens. Who wouldn’t want to hear something like that?

    • melgibstein says:

      Jews have defeated a lot of people as they always do (with lies). Some people just cant get through their lies and keep looking for one so called honest Jew who agrees with them. It is so dumb it’s pathetic.
      Jews opened the flood gates up to all races and mixed peoples with their so called love of minorities to anhialate us (except of course in Jew town). Just as they destroy white countries with illegal immigration they did with our books with mistranslations. Most people that cant see this are deliberate disinfo. Jews had their people in place years ago. You have to ask yourself why these so called experts are so clueless to what a Jew is and what a White is. They are liars and their time is up.

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