Pilpul Fiction



“The people were astounded for He taught as one with authority, not as the Scribes and Pharisees.” it says that at the end of the Sermon on the mount, in Matthew. What they meant was Jesus would not engage in pilpul. He said, “This is what God says.” He wouldn’t engage in this legalistic, nitpicking and looking for loopholes. He wouldn’t’ engage in it. He said it was an endless road to nowhere. He referred to this kind of teaching as “leaven, The leaven of the Pharisees, beware of it.”


What isn’t pilpul regarding Jews today? Ashkenazi’s aren’t Jews or Israelites so how can they have anything to do with Zion or Zionism? Sephardic Jews have changed their names like most change their bed sheets, why? If Jesus was one of these people and we love all Jews, why have they been booted out of so many places continuously over the years? Could it be because of exactly what Jesus said of them in John chapter 8? Are we supposed to disregard these words that make more sense than any words ever spoken regarding so called Jews?


Jesus didn’t give into pilpulism (hairsplitting) and that is why I know he was one of my own. It is endless BS that has gone on just as he said it would if we gave in to it. Don’t engage in it, it’s fruitless; they are liars, end of story. They will lead you around in endless circles because you want to believe they are morally human, but you are defying Jesus himself if you do.


Everywhere I look today I see people giving in to pilpulism, some Christians, some non Christians and some deliberate heathens who deep down don’t have a dog in the fight at all. So many so called fearless leaders allow Jews to steal Biblical words and phrases because they don’t know that Jews stole their Bible from them in the first place and perverted it. They continually allow Jews to steal our names without question, places, TV screens, words, etc. with pilpul they are never prepared to just call them the liars they are as our God in the flesh did. Are they smarter than Christianity itself? I think not. Because the priests don’t preach doesn’t mean religion shouldn’t be discussed, it’s all the more reason it needs to be. Instead there is an all out crusade to destroy everything Christian as a bargain to do away with Zionism. If you take that deal you are a fool.


Instead of these people giving Jews Biblical credence, why aren’t they proving they could never be the people of the Bible by proving they are a mixed race (not a race at all) and never the religion of Jesus Christ, Old or New Testaments. Zionism could never be from the Old Testament when the Israelites were told to be a separate people. Nothing in that book says to control the world’s food supply, provide usury to the world, pump the world with offensive porn, turn the masses into homosexuals and lesbians, pedophiles, etc etc etc. No folks, this is exactly what Jesus said it was to a tee, the synagogue of Satan. Who else is responsible for all of this all of the time? The answer is “nobody”.


If you do not know what you are supposed to do, Jews will rule over you, it’s just that simple. The only way to end this insanity is to follow the words of the Father. Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t have a big family, how I would even be able to prove my own father existed. If he was a fisherman living outside the government watch, how would anyone know he even existed except for my word? It doesn’t even matter because the truth he taught is proof he existed even though it was less than 10 years ago. The truth was meant for some people and for others it was not. For others it is as if their own fathers never existed and are blown to the four winds. The truth is all you have and pilpulism is the leaven of the Jews. They are not even Jews (Judahites), they are liars, each and every one of them. The true Jews became Christians exactly how it was written, who were in search of the Israelites that were not in that cesspool of a place we call “The Jewish State” today. It is blatant nonsense fiction. Forget their fables and start digging into your own past. Most Americans disregarded their own forefathers in Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Russia, etc. and America itself trusting this alien Jew in our midst. Are you going to carry this hairsplitting Jew nonsense over to your kids? God help you if you do, but I don’t think he will and I don’t blame him one iota. Learn what you were taught by your own and not what their enemies teach you. Can it be any clearer than that? You better figure out who your own is fast because their game is to keep you from ever knowing.

No pictures today (not in the mood). You want a laugh, go watch Joe Pesci (Joe Fish) with Mel and his Jew cast and producers.




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4 Responses to Pilpul Fiction

  1. melgibstein says:

    Mel shows up at fashion event with the stars (Jew stars)

    Consuelo Castiglioni fashion line called “Marni” (means “rejoice” in Hebrew)

    Oyvey, Mel is such an antisemite. Someone get a cross so Mel can hammer those nails in.


    Bryan Ferry to perform in Tel Aviv http://www.thejc.com/news/israel-news/45254/bryan-ferry-perform-tel-aviv

    The former Roxy Music frontman will sing solo at a Tel Aviv venue in April, in the same week that teenage star Justin Bieber takes to the stage in the city.

    The show will take place almost exactly four years after Mr Ferry was forced to apologise for describing Nazi parades and art as “amazing” and “really beautiful” in an interview with a German newspaper.

    His Jewish manager Steven Howard later said of the controversy that Mr ferry did not “have a drop of antisemitic or racist blood in his body”.

    ~ he obviously doesnt know what a semite is- it just goes round in circles.

  2. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    “Forget their fables and start digging into your own past. Most Americans disregarded their own forefathers in Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Russia, etc. and America itself trusting this alien Jew in our midst.” Gibstein

    “History will, however also call before her tribunal those who are in power today, those who trample on justice and law, those who have led our people into suffering and misery, and hose who during the Fatherland’s humiliation , placed their own interest ahead of the community’s life.”

    “In view of the great troubles in our Fatherland we all share , I would not want to offend and thus alienate those who someday in the future will have to form a great united front made up of all true Germans against the common enemies of our nation. I know the day will come when even those who once were hostile to us will respect those who died bitterly for the sake of the German nation.”

    “Mein Kampf” p. 555 The Ford Translation

    All of us (racially aware Whites) are Germans now.
    The war on us was declared in the London Express March 24, 1933 and again in the early 40s.

    • melgibstein says:

      “”The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes””.

      Im pretty sure he knew there are two history’s, theirs and ours. We chose theirs.

      ~Someone is feverishly trying to break my password code.

  3. GTRman says:

    ” Someone is feverishly trying to break my password code.”

    Is’nt that Morrisseys new album ?

    Nothing personal Mel , a silly joke .

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