Good Morning Vietnam

I’d like to start this particular thread about what Pat Buchanan said regarding…….. and what Pat Buchanan did at the….  Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on.

Today I’d like to talk a little about radio…… we need some theme music. I’ve chosen  “If I were a rich man” by Tevye because quite frankly that is what radio is really about. Everyone is selling something Jewish on the radio whether it’s gold, Jew juice that cures hemorrhoids (guaranteed money back), sell us a book (hell, we don’t need the money and after all, why write anything to help your brothers if you can’t make some pocket change- we will give you all our money so YOU can do our fighting for us sitting on your arse), Go Berkewicz water purifiers, Jewish doctors DVD’s for the kids that are acting out in school, hemp, hemp and more hemp  to get weed legalized for the kids, etc. Some of these commercials are the same on the internet as they are on main stream media radio. You see it takes money to run a radio network and we all know who has all the money.

Hoard gold, hoard food, hoard everything you possibly can because the fiat money system is going to go bust. Whatever you do, get as many Jews on your network so you don’t look like you hate those Jews that ransacked our country. You wouldn’t want to be known as a hater. These are the same people who would put a Jew or any minority at shortstop in a Little League baseball game so to not look like a hater and let that team lose because of it. You can’t stow them out in right field or sit them on the bench where they belong, but some other White  kid will lose all hope because of it. It’s the same thing going on with these radio networks.

If I was a radio host I would tell the audience I was a Jew because these lemmings, and I mean lemmings love Jews more than their own White hosts, not to mention they don’t even know what a Jew is. It’s the truth, 90% of people in the truth movement don’t know what a Jew is.

Ever notice that the same folks call the same shows? You think there is a reason for that? One radio host is a Holocaust expert, another is a Judeo Christian, another a follower of Jew finance, another a complete moron with dough somewhere in the middle, a Christian Identist, a Jew who says he is a Hebrew and not an Israelite (whatever), an illegal immigration heathen, etc. We don’t want anyone to be left out you see?

You won’t find this anywhere else folks, but what is it really you won’t find anywhere else? Who won’t debate whom? Anyone can flash illegal immigration stats, any Jew can run his blubber hole about Hitler, morons can talk about moronic things anywhere, but religion and the lies of the Jews are the really only issues that need to be discussed. That definitely includes the Holohoax, but that leads to the identity of Jews (who are they?). Not even Catholic priests (who were kicked out for some truth) who know the Holocaust was a hoax will go into the depths of whole truth about Jews. These Holocaust experts can’t and won’t ever point that out and do you know why? It leads to too much truth and the truth is they can’t handle it. Jews  sort of appear on the scene in Germany within the last 100 years and none of the Holohoax experts ever want to take it any deeper than that. And quite frankly you will find that their knowledge of Jews prior to Germany is flawed if you ask them, but rarely is it anyone ever does. Are people frozen on this issue and afraid to let the cat out of the bag on what they really believe? Is it UFO’s, the Big Bang Theory and evolution, Enki and the space ship Shemites, magic mushrooms gone wild, what? Yes, its best you don’t say.

What I think would make great radio is a pro White guy with a Christian Identist (lets really see what you know about being White) and a Judeo Christian debating a Christian Identist on scriptures in the Bible. Wouldn’t you like to see this? How else will you get to the nitty gritty of the truth between the two? Don’t try going to your local priest or pastor because they are totally owned by Jews. Forget Hannity; forget Doctors and Professors because they don’t teach this stuff in school or Sundy School. Let’s get real. Are we afraid of disagreements or arguments? Some young White kid is going to sit on the bench because of it.

It comes down to the truth and the truth goes all the way. It has no bounds, no time limits and is only going to be found by those who can handle it all. And that folks……….is the rest of the story.

Almost forgot, Happy Purim everyone! Purim was that day that the Jews (who aren’t of Judah or Israel) celebrate preserving their race (that is blatantly obviously mixed) in a land they were never in. It’s Hollywood without the screen.

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3 Responses to Good Morning Vietnam

  1. Barney says:

    One thing that annoys me about radio and the electric jew is drug advertising disguised as “news”.

    Here in zog-central (formerly known as England), over-the-counter drugs may be advertised, but it’s supposedly “illegal” to advertise prescription-only poisons, so they get round that by inventing a “news” story.

    Whenever a new cancer drug comes out, so do the jew violins. They produce some perfectly healthy actor (oops! I mean “terminally-ill cancer patient”) with a sob story about how this new drug would definitely extend his life by a few more months, but that Britain’s NHS (National Health Service) won’t let him have it because it’s “too expensive”.

    A few weeks’ repetition of this LIE, and desperate dupes are swarming to their quacks demanding this new drug by name. It works every time.

    They do like using fake “experts” too, actors who know nothing but what they’re paid to say.

    As for ‘phone ins, it doesn’t take a genius to realise most “callers” aren’t genuine. Either they’re paid to support the official line, or “dissidents” are “weeded out” to prevent the listeners hearing anything zog wouldn’t approve of.

    There was a time, a few years back, when my local BBC station had a ‘phone-in “debate” on the same subject EVERY morning.

    The “question” was whether it was right/natural/normal/highly-desirable to be QUEER, and every caller had to answer YES.

    One morning a sensible, tactful, inoffensive person managed to get on air and said help should be made available to any homosexual who wanted to become heterosexual.

    That was as far as he got. He hadn’t said anything that could offend even the most “sensitive” queer, but he was cut off and the presenter shouted “We don’t need idiots like YOU”.

    Btw, my understanding of “purim” is that it’s a celebration of the slaughter, real or imagined, of 75,000 PERSIANS. Watch out today and tomorrow (sunset to sunset) for a major false-flag attack to be blamed on Iran (formerly Persia for anyone who doesn’t know).

    I read somewhere that a significant part of the internet is to be shut down during purim for “virus removal” or something. How convenient for the kikenvermin.

    • melgibstein says:

      The synagogue of satan doesnt waste a minute of their airtime- the princes of the air. if there is some truth it is bombarded with lies all around it.

      Jews have to put on a show on their so called holy days, but they follow none of the 10 Commandments. Its all a Broadway show. They will wear stupid hats that stick out, grow beards, put Sukkots in their backyards, but cant prove their descendants ever even lived in Judea. The Sephardic Jews want you to believe they are Spanish Jews of Judah and that the word Sephardic means Spanish. Its all a completely twisted hog turd tied in a tight knot. They are vicious liars that will lie about ANYTHING. You know that.

      True about the subliminal messages Jews orchestrate. You have to really hate humanity as a whole to do what they do. You have to be an enemy of everything good. There is just no other explanation. It isnt just about money.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone will face Jim Caviezel in their new action movie The Tomb.

    Jim Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s religious epic The Passion of The Christ, has signed on to play the villain in the thriller.

    The Tomb will be Caviezel’s first role after completing work on Ward Allen biopic Savannah. The actor portrays the post-Civil War era aristocrat-turned-naturalist in the film, which recently wrapped.

    ~Oy vey, two Jews against Jesus. I wonder who wins. Caviezel and Gibson are sooooo persecuted. You think Caviezal will have a hooked nose in this film? Mel will hammer the nails in himself if there are any free of charge.

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