Rebel With a Cause

As I’ve said many times before, there are people all over in the media and on the internet in place to keep the truth buried. You have to back off for a while and collect yourself because these people call themselves Professors and Doctors and one needs to cool off before they blow a gasket to respond. What are they Professors of, Judeo history? It is certainly not history based on Whites even though they claim to be White Civil Rights people. The truth is they don’t know the difference between a White and a Jew without going into Biblical history. They don’t know meanings of words like Jew, Zionism (this word has nothing to do with Jews), Judaism, etc. One of the biggest words these people don’t know is “Caucasians”. As I have also stated before, when you go to buy a gun or fill out an employment questionnaire you are never asked if you are a Jew.  Henry Makow once said he doesn’t check any of them, but the meaning of Caucasian is the people that crossed through the Caucus Mountains (that wasn’t Southeastern Europe, Professor). Do they deny we are Caucasians now too?

Isn’t it somewhat odd that these doctors and professors don’t believe in religion or simply have never studied the Bible, yet they are trying to convince us to stay white so they can enjoy good music, art, etc. as if we were some form of entertainment (are we clowns?)? Have these folks listened to the radio or turned on their TV’s lately? We are here right now and it doesn’t matter how good a musician we are anyway, we wont be able to get this music out if Jews have anything to do with it. Jews don’t give a dam about us, they want our countries trashed. They don’t care about art or music other than to control it. If there is no Bible, how is a Jew distinguished from a White person? The Bible gives the best record of who we are and who they are and it was all about race.

Some of the words these people claim to understand is hilarious, they have no clue of what they say or they know exactly what they are not saying. For instance many times I hear the Judeo’s or the non-religious white professors bring up the word “Marrano” (pig). A Marrano  in their minds (they both cheat off the same wrong paper) are Jews who claimed to have converted, but secretly remained Jews. What they fail to tell you is they are no relation to Judah and a mixed people. True Jews were based on their racial relations to Israel and the White race (Adamites). Jews cannot become Christians and Christians cannot become Jews unless they are reborn. They followed the religion of the Israelites through Moses who was an Israelite and not a Jew in any sense of the word. In fact the Cohanim that Doctor Duke likes to keep bringing up have no relation to the Levites whatsoever. John Kerry is a Cohen and he is an Ashkenazi, not even the lineage of Shem. They also fail to reveal that both Ashkenazi’s and Sephardic’s are mixed people and Whites are not. Just a little tidbit they seem to deliberately leave out.

Another word they love to throw around is “Judaism”. Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament. How many times must that be drilled into these intellects heads? Judaism is Babylonian and what Jesus (a Judahite) so perfectly pointed out.

How is it that Whites keep getting referred to as “hunter gatherers” as if they evolved from apes that were spiritless, unintelligent stragglers who chased squirrels across the planet all the way to Scotland, Iceland and the America’s? Certainly they didn’t think the world was flat as they were later told by the same misinformation agents in the day. This whole thing is exactly what I’ve been saying about priests that don’t preach, an FBI that doesn’t investigate, teachers that teach the same boneheaded nonsense, etc.

Another thing I cannot stand is when people who know about one issue such as the Hitler issue and use it to squeeze their way into other issues such as religion as if they were experts at it as well. When they are interviewed by radio hosts they go along with these lies so to not discredit what they both agreed on about Hitler. Is Hitler more important than Jesus? If these radio hosts knew the Bible they could easily dispute the verses these heathens use to discredit it such as the verse about the Israelites sucking the Gentiles dry. They refuse to accept or understand what Gentile means and if they discussed it (which they wont) it can be easily explained. This verse means nothing about killing the Gentiles or destroying them, but to be nursed and that is indeed what occurred. In another verse in the New Testament it says “Woe to them that give suck in those days” referring to nursing their children and that was indeed true as well.

The main point is what I have always said, without free speech this is nothing more than programming, no different from the Hannity show. These people need to be confronted and exposed for misleading either intentionally or unintentionally. I completely understand why some people are irate when they call into these shows because many of them are stuck in the same lies that have been uncovered if they just quit talking and listen for a change. These people are always cut off as if they don’t deserve free speech and their misleading guests are free to ramble on. People are in the higher paid positions and places today because they do not tell the truth, plain and simple. Our truth makes total liars out of the so called Jews and that’s the bottom line. They must have their people in place to continue their lies.

If you are wondering what I am referring to it is about the latest Kevin MacDonald/Tom Sunic interview on VOR and the latest David Duke interview with a fellow named Fields. The other references are to all (most) internet discussions regarding this issue in general.

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2 Responses to Rebel With a Cause

  1. Life is Beautiful says:

    The Old Testament, the Bible, is not the word of God.

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