Double Indemnitsky

New York – A cadre of corrupt doctors and scam artists sought to cheat auto insurance companies out of $279 million in bogus medical claims — the largest-ever fraud involving New York’s no-fault law, authorities said Wednesday.

The investigation resulted in federal racketeering, health care fraud, mail fraud and money laundering charges against 36 people, mainly of Russian descent. They include 10 physicians and three lawyers. One had the nickname “KGB.”

At a news conference, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said while the false claims totaled $279 million, the actual loss to private insurers was $113 million. Some of the ill-gotten gains were spent on vacations in Mexico, shopping sprees at Saks Fifth Avenue and rides in limousines, he said.

The charges “expose a colossal criminal trifecta, as the fraud’s tentacles simultaneously reached into the medical system, the legal system and the insurance system, pulling out cash to fund the defendants’ lavish lifestyles,” he said.


Since 2007, the ring operated a chain of medical clinics in Brooklyn and the Bronx that systematically exploited the state’s no-fault insurance law, authorities said. The law allows car accident victims to get up to $50,000 in benefits per person, no matter who was at fault.

The fraud relied on ambulance chasers — called “runners” — to convince real victims of car accidents to seek unnecessary care at the corrupt clinics in exchange for kickbacks of up to $3,000 per patient, authorities said.

Doctors would prescribe physical therapy, acupuncture and other treatments to every patient no matter what their condition, sometimes five times a week. Authorities allege the clinics also referred people to lawyers who filed baseless personal injury lawsuits.

“The accidents were real but the claims were not,” said Janice Fedarcyk, head of the FBI’s New York office.

The probe relied in part on two New York Police Department undercover investigators posing as accident victims. The clinics gave them neck and back braces even though it was clear they had no injuries, authorities said.

On visits to a chiropractor, all the officers were expected to do was “sign in, say hello and leave,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

The defendants also are accused of laundering proceeds from the bogus billing through cash-checking outlets and shell companies. Many of them face up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the most serious charges.

The indictment documents here PDF

Names from the pdf

a/k/a “Mike Zemlin,”
a/k/a “Russian Mike,”
a/k/a “Mike Z,”
a/k/a “Zem,”
a/k/a “Mike Daniels,”
a/k/a “Fat Mike,”
a/k/a “Mike D,”
a/k/a “KGB,”
a/k/a “Barkin,”
a/k/a “Mike B,”
a/k/a “Skinny Mike,”
a/k/a “Borya,”
a/k/a “Eugene,”
a/k/a “Lokh,”
a/k/a “Zhenya,”
a/k/a “Dima,”
a/k/a “Sasha,”
a/k/a “Nose,”
a/k/a “Dima,”
a/k/a “Danny,”
Sl 12 Cr. 171 (JPO)
. ‘,.

What a country!

Go back to bed America, just more Jews pillaging your country. Nothing to be outraged about. That Chinese basketball player is gonna go out with Kim Kardashian I hear.

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14 Responses to Double Indemnitsky

  1. melgibstein says:

    On a brighter note…………
    Brooklyn, NY – A Brooklyn rabbi could face up to 15 years in prison after being busted for selling illegal cigarettes. Rabbi Meshulam Rothschild is said to have cheated New York state out of nearly $200,000 in taxes, The New York Post reports.

    Rothschild, an assistant to Pupa Rebbe, was arrested in a raid conducted earlier this month by the Brooklyn DA and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms on Spencer Street in Williamsburg.

    He’s accused of buying untaxed cigarettes en masse in Virginia, and then bringing them back to New York where he’d pawn them off to stores in Chinatown and other bodegas throughout the city—a practice, smokers will know, that is likely the genesis of “loosies” and 8-dollar packs. The average price of a pack of cigarettes in New York is $12.50.

    The rabbi reportedly sold 3,600 cartons of cigarettes a week.

    Additionally, when storeowners became weary of Rothschilds goods because they lacked the necessary tax stamp and refused to buy them fearing they were fakes, the resourceful rabbi sent the cigs back to Virginia where he then imprinted them with a phony tax stamp. Thus, the rabbi has also been “charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument for allegedly possessing more than 11,000 phony tax stamps from the Old Dominion state.”

    Also arrested in the raid were “Nasmi Havolli, 51; his son Nart, 20; and Nasmi’s nephew Blerim, 24.”

    “I want to send a clear message that tax cheats, no matter how they try to deprive the citizens of this state of legitimate revenue, they will be arrested and prosecuted,” said District Attorney Hynes. “Since this investigation is not over, others who believe that they are above the law and seek to evade cigarette taxes, should take heed of what happened to these defendants.”

    In other cigarette smuggling news, three more former NYPD cops plead guilty Monday to being involved a smuggling ring that, while also selling thousands cartons of cigarettes, also sold guns and stolen slot machines.

    In April of 2011, “Operation Smokeout” in Queens, conducted by the Queens DA, nabbed 12 people for selling illegal cigarettes, shortchanging the state by $300,000 in taxes.

    and another G_ds chosen Rabbi…..

    Queens, NY – A Yeshiva student who was trusted by parents to tutor their children pleaded guilty today for sexually molesting two fourth grade students.

    Hillel Selznick, 25 of Flushing, admitted to Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter that he inappropriately touched a set of eight-year-old girls—over a year-long period—during private tutoring lessons inside the victim’s homes.

    Selznick, who was a student at Rabbinical Seminary of America, pleaded to two counts of course sexual misconduct against a child and will be sentenced on April 17 to six months in jail, 10 years probation, complete a sex offender program and register as sex offender.

    ~Does this mean he is not going to become a Rabbi? I think not. Since when did pedophilia ever disqualify a Rabbi?

  2. melgibstein says:

    Michael Hoffman doesnt mention the word “Jew” one time in this video (s). Jews were well known for controlling the slave trade throughout the Caribbean. Part of their African slave ring involved the sale of rum and sugar cane. To not mention Jews once keeps my belief that Hoffman is a shill. I dont listen to a word this guy says. He is completely duped in every category (if not a Jew himself) Take a look at his schnoz sometime.

    Unlike the case in Suriname, very few of the Barbadian Sephardim were plantation owners. Given the small size of Barbados, all the arable land was already occupied by the 1660s. Consequently, Jews settled in Bridgetown as merchants with a smaller community in the northern town of Speightstown. As an examination of the Barbados telephone directory will show[2][citation needed], several of the original Jewish last names from the Brazilian Jews can still be found in Barbados, either held by the white or mixed race descendants of the various Sephardic families or adopted by the original slaves of the Jewish families which held them in bondage. (that is just wiki)

    I could give you a mountain of proof, but not a word from our pal Hoffman.

    Jewish Library

    The British first colonized Barbados in 1627. A year later, Spanish and Portuguese Jews, Marranos, arrived in Barbados from Dutch Brazil, Suriname, Germany and England. The British actively promoted Jewish settlement in Barbados during this time.

    A year later? That was convenient, no?

    We get around, you know? (Al Pacino pic here)

  3. GTRman says:

    Covington discusses CI here at 24 mins , followed by a review of a CI book .

    • melgibstein says:

      I’ll listen to it, but dont be mad at me if I tell you what I think.

    • melgibstein says:

      That was pretty shallow about CI. They kept referring to British Israel and that isnt CI at all. She also said the Northeast isnt new to CI and had many CI people. I am willing to bet there are more UFO nutjobs and magic mushroom freaks than there are CI people. Ive not known one ever.
      In fact I am listening to David Duke now discuss religion of the so called Jews on the UFO Rense network who has a phone number that is an Arkansas title company. The entire network is trash in my opinion, but its always a good laugh to hear David Dukes rationalization for denying the fact that Zion (ism) has nothing to do with so called Jews who arent Judahites in the first place, although in his book he says that the white people are Edomites. Its total nonsense and why his phones are always cut off. My opinion is he is in position to lead the duped like most of these people on the internet today. If there is no free speech it is hogwash.

      As far as hating Blacks for being Black is ridiculous. I dont hate people because of their color, I simply dont want them involved in my culture and religion. I like Pastor Manning although he is not Jew wise, I like Farrakhan although he probably hates me. If they want their own society Im all for them. I lived in the Bahamas for years and those people know how to fish and live on their own. Its always the jew, always always always. You dont chop off tails, you go for the head.

      Blacks were brought here by Jews and then bussed them into our schools. If someone is planting roaches (figuratively speaking) into your home you go for the planter and deal with the roaches later. You might even save some of those roaches to plant them back on them.

      Bottom line- I dont hate South American Indians, they never bothered me, but I dont want them moving in next door either.

      • melgibstein says:

        I lived in central Africa and Egypt for a pretty long time too. I have no clue why they cant make it on their own there as they do in the islands other than tribal conflicts most likely created by guess who? I dont like their culture or the fact that they would genocide whites living amongst us and Pastor Manning and Farrakhan indeed know this whether they admit it or not. I dont think thats hatred at all, I think its common sense. South Africa is proof of that. Keep in mind that whites named Africa, they lived there thousands of years ago and history proves our religion is 100% correct. I have lived all over the Arab world too and dont hate them at all. I dont hate them any more than Abraham did, but I am not going to try to convert them to my religion either. If they dont have the demon seed they are not my enemy.

        To refer Jews to the people of the Bible (not even knowing the meaning) is entirely ignorant of their knowledge of the Bible itself. Not knowing the mistakes of the word Jew (that is entirely obvious if one reads the Bible) shows their inability to lead anyone anywhere. If you dont know who your enemy is or who you are, you are pissing in the wind. Yes “piss” comes from the Bible too.

        Israel is a people, Jesus came for the house of Israel not Khazars, not Judeans, not Edomites or Jebusites or Canaanites or Kenites. Jesus did not call for all Israelites to return to that little amusement park called Jewrusalem in the Middle East. Ive been there too and that is what it is.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Gilad Atzmon is a ehhh ehhhhhh Jew (Ehud is in town), but he is named after eh ehhh ehhhh an Israelite.
    In the Bible, Gilead or Galaad (Hebrew: גִּלְעָד‎‎, “Heap/mass of testimony/witness”, Standard Hebrew Gilʻad, Tiberian Hebrew Gilʻāḏ; Latin: Galaad) is the name of three persons and two geographic places. Gilead is divided among the tribes of Gad and Manasseh.

    Ladies and gentlemen we have found the Israelites- they are those folks that call themselves Ashkenazi’s who are named after someone other than a Shemite.

    For lack of knowledge the synagogue of satan will bury you in lies.

  5. melgibstein says:

    One of these guys had the nickname KGB

    Yes and one had the nickname= hooknose, but we wont mention that guy.
    Im making a lot of comments, but “I got no place else ta go” (Richard Gere- “An Officer and a Jewtleman” 1970 whatevah)

    In case you havent noticed I like parentheses, they make babies of some sort.

  6. Life is Beautiful says:

    Oh yes, Michael Hoffman is of Jewish heritage, and still protective of his tribe.

  7. GTRman says:

    Check out a blog called ” Failed Messiah ” . Its a jew slinging dirt at ( some ) jews .

    As with many blogs , the comments section is most revealing .

  8. GTRman says:

    Its easy to say Hoffman’s jewish , but I believe its a fairly common German name . I know Wiki is as kosher as it gets , but , Wiki says not jew :

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