Body of Lies

Have you been keeping up with the latest gossip of the media? I’m sure it’s something far more important than the criminals who pulled off 9/11 or the organ harvesting ring that paid young impoverished kids in the poorest countries with fiat money printed by our unimportant crime syndicate called the Federal Reserve. I’m sure something is far more interesting to hear than our grocery stores completely controlled by the folks who started the Black Plague. Of course Jews complained that the person caught was tortured, yet today torture is what Jews want done to people who don’t say what they want to hear.

I’m sure the media has far more historical events to tell us about like the so called White controlled slave trade, but that has simply dropped off the map it seems. The truth is we can’t even sue Jews for defamation when they blame these crimes on us and people still can’t see how having Jews around is like having a ticking bomb tied to your leg.

The media won’t focus on the Bishop who denies there were gas chambers and hear his side of the story because the truth is Jews will go psycho. These pathetic proselytes in the media will let their own get stoned and still claim to be Christians (and they go on as if it never happened-truly amazing). If the truth is let out at this magnitude someone is going to get poisoned or bombed whether it be the Lebanese, Palestinians, New Yorkers, USS Liberty members, Beirut Barracks Marines, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc., whatever.

It’s best the main stream media stays with stories like Whitney Houston with a drug problem to distract the dupes than tell any truth at all or the latest Chinese or African basketball sensation. When you really take a good look, it is all diversion designed to keep you from the truth you need. Turning it off is an option, but your duped brothers and sisters are in too deep. I see the same thing on the so called truther web sites. There is still the same Jewish diversionary tactics going on. Henry Makow is feuding with the UFO boy, Giliad Atzmon is feuding with Alan Dirtschortz, What Really Happened shows Ron Paul 2012 videos 24/7 starring Adam Kosher Kokesh, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Alan Sabrosky, Steven Sniegoski  and some beanie boy in Palestine taking up stolen land (as if Jews aren’t the problem at all). David Duke didn’t know Jews did 9/11 until Michael Rivero told him. Can you believe that one folks? His belief is we all came from the same place racially, but our DNA changed to adapt to the climate we lived in. Well if Whites aren’t proof that this is BS I don’t know who is. Whites have lived all over the world throughout time and they are still White.

These people aren’t in your face to save us from Jew lies folks. You are either focused on the liars or the lies. I suggest you read John 8:44 about Jews and their proselytes. When I say Jews I mean Revelations 2:9, 3:9 and 12:9. That wasn’t written in that book to be overlooked. It is meant to be completely understood at all times. In order for Jews to rip you off they have to get inside. I suggest you study true history without Jews doing the talking or writing first. The wolf in sheep’s clothing story just doesn’t work for duped sheep, they believe the wolf is on their side. I may not be a writer or a financial wiz, but I know for a fact I have common sense. I don’t need Jews helping me in my country. My country was never intended for Jews- period. That is the truth and the truth is most of the truth movement can’t handle it.

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10 Responses to Body of Lies

  1. John says:

    Very good points Mel, but unfortunately, most Christians don’t even read the Bible these days, let alone try and search for the deeper truths that it talks about. They all believe that as long as they believe in Jesus they’ll just be raptured away before anything bad happens, so why should they care about all the prophecy being fulfilled in front of them? Matthew 24:38-39 describes the times we are living in perfectly.

    The road to becoming jew wise is very difficult, as you know. And once you get there, there’s still so much info and disinfo to sort through. The sheep are being devoured by the wolves and they don’t even have the slightest clue that that is the case.

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont think many of the readers like when I include religion. As Ive said from the beginning, I am not here to make money or win a popularity contest. If they dont like religion I am not going to sell out so I get more readers or more eh ehh points (whatever that is) so I can pin it on my refrigerator. Most people have fallen away with religion because of all the hype and lies and it’s not unlike me to not go along with the crowd because they are always wrong.
      Thanks for the comment and yes there are deeper truths. I believe they have to be learned in order to make all the connections the same way solving the Jew problem must be done in order.

      I just spent some time with an old friend that has a wife in the hospital. He wanted to go have a few beers and get it off his mind, but me being the antisemite that I am had to open my big mouth (the entire ball of wax). By the end of his visit he was ready to blow a gasket. Much of what he was taught was not true and it hurts (especially when you get hit with what I learned in 10 years in 4 hours). He was ready to strangle me. And then I get that familiar call the next day as I always do “I really enjoy talking with you”. I cant keep him seeking the truth and thats where they make it or break it.
      To see someone like this so brainwashed drains on me as much as it drains on them when they hear it. He couldnt get off the Holocaust (of all things that was the biggest). It has nothing to do with the greater truths, but this issue has been so planted in the common persons brain it almost has to be exorcised out. That is one of the reasons why, I believe, we have to keep our religion.

  2. Barney says:

    You can talk about religion as much as you like as far as I’m concerned, Mel. I’m not what you might call a “conventional Christian”, but my values are pretty much what most people would think of “Christian”, and out of the various “flavours” of Christianity, CI does seem the most logical.

    That said, a while ago there was a poster who tried to turn the comments section of another site into his own personal CI pulpit, a real “bible-thumper” who wanted to send everyone who disagreed with him to hell. That got a bit too much, but I can’t imagine you taking things to that extreme. Even if you did though, it’s your blog so you can do what you like. You’re not trying to hijack someone else’s work like he did.

    I remember how difficult it was for me to break through the holy hoax programming. I once learned that a neighbour “didn’t believe” the Nazis gassed six million of the devil’s own, and I was shocked that anyone could doubt what I believed at that time to be “proven historical fact”. It’s only when you start looking at the numbers, at the immense resources and the practical impossibilities of such a thing that you can start to break out of the jewvision.

    As someone said only the other day, if Herr Hitler really had wanted to send the devil back to hell, why wouldn’t he have done it the way the jew Eisenhower (spelling?) murdered a million or more German civilians after the war by starving them to death in open fields?

    Barbed wire. A few guards. No gas chambers. No Zyklon B. No crematoria. No food. Very little expense at all. No Human Being can condone what “Ike the kike” did, but it was certainly cheap and effective.

    I don’t have the answers. Somehow we do need to break the holy hoax conditioning, but it may not happen on any large scale until we can properly explain the money scam in just a few words to someone with three working brain cells.

    Expose the bankers. Educate the people/sheeple regarding the jewish nature of usury. Give them a bit more information about the infernal kike, and then perhaps they’ll be ready to examine the holy hoax rationally rather than just blindly accepting it as “indisputable fact”, as I once did.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Those are all excellent points, but for me, not for the novice unfortunately. I understand what you say because it is just truth on top of more truth, but the average brainwashed lemmings (our brothers) cant soak that up. You know the look you would get as well as I do.

    The importance of the Bible, to me, is the more I really dug into it and more importantly the history of it (looking at it from a racial point of view too) there is just no way whatsoever it can be for so called jews. As I told this friend of mine, first I asked him if he trusted me, then I asked him if he trusted me more than Sean Hannity or his High School or college professor. Why would you not at least look into what I am saying, I asked. If I had a bag of gold and I wanted to tell you where it was located, you would certainly listen wouldnt you? This is worth much more than a bag of gold in the long haul. It proves there is no doubt a people on this planet deliberately keeping you in the dark and not only you, but your kids and theirs (I am talking to this friend of mine here).
    It has to be someone interested in their history. In the next thread I am going to include a talk show that will make anyone that is interested in true history prove it wrong, believe it or just pretend it isnt there. Thats what it all comes down to. One has to be interested in the rock bottom truth and it just doesnt all come at the same time. It comes in hard work. Ive listened to thousands of discussions, read all kinds of Biblical points of view and the answer is always the same. Jews are throwing dirt right back into that gold mine as fast as you can haul it out.
    I dont belittle anyone who doesnt accept what I am saying. I accept fully that they are under a completely Jewish controlled fog. My intentions are always to snap them out of it, not lead them, not take their money etc. The truth is I cant win this on my own. None of us can win this on our own. It is a group effort and that is thee only way we will ever win at this. I believe some people are deliberately misleading in the truth movement because they wont debate certain people. And if they do debate them they are never asked back because they are brought on to be destroyed. it never works. If someone cant debate someone else I go with the winner and take what is good. Jews control the media for that very reason.

  4. GTRman says:

    Unfotunately Hitler and the nazis have become the byword for all the worlds evils , even having to shoulder all the inhuman crimes perpetrated by communists .

    So ingrained is this slander , that it is rare to see or hear a TV or radio programme that does not drop at least one reference to Hitler , Nazi or holocaust .

    A UK comic I like a lot called Frank Skinner is especially guilty of this , Im not sure even he realises.

    Gets bloody annoying when you know what’s what , eh ?

    The bloody holocaust gets more sacrosanct as it gets older .

    How many songs were written in the 60 ‘s about it ? That’s right , NONE , and Brian Jones and Keith Moon could cavort in full Nazi uniform without any feathers ruffled or yiddish screeching .

    The seventies ? None , and Sid Vicious and Siouxie Soux could wear Swastika armbands without too much fuss .

    In the 80s / 90s there were shows like Donahue where it could be discussed .

    All that is over now , it is set in stone , signed , sealed and delivered .

    G-D has spoken !

  5. Barney says:

    I like this one from 1963. It was supposed to be “anti-racist” of course, but could be interpreted both ways. The jews are only mentioned in passing, but it shows how much the BBC’s attitude to “racist” language has changed in a comparatively short time.

  6. Barney says:

    Oops! Sorry. Forgot the link.

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