Who’s That Yenta?

For those of you that still believe Madonna is or was a Christian, hopefully this will snap you out of it. Firstly, there isn’t a Christian bone in this creature. She has always had Jews all over her from day one. Jews know the names and Madonna has the name on her mother’s side if not both.

Louise Ciccone- It is of interest to note that in the article “The Gentle Art of Changing Jewish Names,” the author states that the Jewish name Levi became Lewis, Louis, Loewe. It was not unusual for this name change to occur during times of persecution. Not unusual for it to change for the females also, but the truth is these Ashkenazi’s changed their names to begin with and have no relation to Levi, Judah or anyone coming out of Judea or Israel.

Here is some info on the name “Fortin” (her mother’s name):

but first something briefly on the name Ciccone- Anthony “Sonny” Ciccone   From 2000 until 2001, Ciccone helped direct a Gambino bookmaking racket in Costa Rica. Ciccone was also accused of attempting to extort money from actor Steven Seagal. Oy Vey- can ve get a picture?

Ok back to Fortin (is that ok with you Mr Seagal?) He learned to be a karate star in 4 months in Okinawa. I lived there for a year so I am Bruce Lee.

http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/skylark3/page13.html   ~ This page will show you the names associated with Fortin such as Fortini which was used in South Carolina and frequently Jewish. This page has Jacob’s and Jona names up the wazoo (you’ll have to look for yourself). The name means “fortune” or “fortunate”.

Les Miserables~

Les Misérables is a 1995 film written and directed by Claude Lelouch. Set in France during World War II, it concerns a poor and illiterate man Henri Fortin (Jean-Paul Belmondo) who is introduced to Victor Hugo‘s classic novel Les Misérables and begins to see parallels between it and his own life.

[edit] Plot

The film starts with the accusation of the father of Henri Fortin, a chauffeur, for the death of his boss, who committed suicide. During the process and imprisonment, Henri’s mother finds a job in a tavern at a beach in Normandy where Henri sees a movie about Les Misérables for the first time. While attempting to escape with another prisoner, Henri’s father dies. Henri’s mother, upon receiving the news, commits suicide. Henri grows up an orphan and learns boxing.

The film continues with the encounter of a ballerina Elisa and André Ziman (a young Jewish journalist who studies law) after an interpretation of a Les Misérables ballet. Later, during World War II, in an attempt to reach the Swiss border to escape from the Nazis, the Ziman family, which now include their daughter Salomé, meet Henri Fortin, who owns a moving company. They start talking about the work of Victor Hugo. During the effort to cross the French-Swiss border, the Ziman family entrust their daughter to Henri and register her in a Catholic school managed by nuns. The Zimans later find themselves ambushed, while trying to cross the frontier with other fugitives. Elisa is arrested and a wounded André finds shelter with the farmers who find him.

Henri takes part in the French Resistance with old friends, a gang of house robbers who take advantage of the surprise bombings. Elisa is part of a group of women who are forced to entertain Nazi and France’s occupation offices. Due to her unwillingness to cooperate, she is sent to a concentration camp. After a bombing attack against a train which carried money of the Vichy France, Fortin and his mates travel to Normandy, to visit the tavern where he lived during his childhood. The next day sees the first actions of the D-Day invasion and Fortin helps the Allied forces to capture the beach, saving the life of the tavern owner’s son, Marius.

At the end of the war, Henri accepts the offer to run a resort by the sea, in Normandy. There he receives a letter from the Ziman’s daughter, Salomé, who has nobody else to contact, and he takes her with him to the resort (which he named Jean Valjean Château). Her mother, Elisa, arrives later, after surviving a concentration camp in Poland.

The past catches up with Fortin, however, when a former Vichy police agent accuses him of being part of his old gang during the war and robbing and burning a Vichy train. He is put in prison to await his trial. Meanwhile André Ziman manages to escape the farmers, who have turned into Thénardier-like wanna-be kidnappers, who intend to keep him secluded and live off his bank account. After reuniting with his family, Ziman represents his friend Fortin at his trial and wins.

The film ends with the civil marriage of Salomé and Marius, presided by Fortin, now the mayor, in the presence of the Zimans and the mother superior of the Catholic school who sheltered Salomé. Salomè, during the civil marriage, in the French version of the movie, wears a cross around her neck. André Ziman quotes Victor Hugo: “The best of our lives is yet to come.”

~Jews want that word “Miserables” to themselves.

Back to the Yenta. This crypto girl has been seen wearing the Jewish star of remphan, she married at least one Jew, Sean Penn, she is pro Israhell and in the arms of possibly the most grotesque creature on earth (that is of course if Sharon isn’t still around).

Ladies and gentlemen, know this now. This woman or more appropriately, this slith is definitely not one of mine.

The Jew Peres knows a yenta when he see’s one.

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15 Responses to Who’s That Yenta?

  1. GTRman says:

    How coincidental : not 5 minutes ago I was at Madonnas wiki page to see if there was any substance to the jew rumours . I noticed the mother described only as ” French -Canadian ” and left it at that .

    Then I come here and voila ! Lets not forget the kabala thing , one of her wiki tabs describe her as a
    “Christian Kabalist ” !!

    Anyway , I came here to bring this link , be sure to watch the vid …

    “Shakin’ like a Leaf ….. Oy Vey !! ”

    Rod Meloni: No ‘Drive’ in the park
    Michigan woman says movie ‘Drive’ is anti Semitic

    “………..But Drive is something completely different to a Michigan woman named Sarah Deming and her attorney Martin Leaf. They say yes the trailer was a bait and switch, but they believe it is something infinitely more sinister. They say the trailer sells you on car chases when the movie is peddling anti Semitic hate! So much so they have filed suit in Oakland County Michigan against the movie. And while we originally were intrigued last fall that anyone would sue a movie for being terrible, we had no idea the scale on which this lawsuit is willing to go to combat what Leaf calls a blatantly offensive film, artfully and craftily displaying just about every Nazi-era Jewish stereotype as entertainment. The original filing was against the FilmDistrict Distribution company, Drive’s makers and distributers. But new filings today claim the Scandinavian Director Nicolas Winding Refn and screen writer Hossein Amini along with a “John Doe” of unknown origin conspired to produce what the suit alleges is the most anti Semitic movie in cinematic history. The suit further claims the film commits ethnic intimidation……

    ……In an interview with Local Four today attorney Leaf says Drive makes certain the viewer understands that the Jewish characters have absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Worse yet, it is unprecedented [he says] in its connection between criminality caused by the Jewish religion. Leaf says the film uses subtle imagery like angle iron on a garage door in the shape of a Star of David as the backdrop for a murder where a Jew, masquerading as an Italian, uses a straight razor to sever the brachial artery of a sympathetic character’s arm and is left to bleed to death. After the killing the Jew who committed the crime carefully cleans off the blade and then stores it in a special case. Leaf says this is a blatant and sick parody of kosher slaughter. Leaf said of Drive “it seeks to dehumanize and vilify Jews… Its hate filled, very well made, very clever, but nevertheless its anti Semitic propaganda… everything works together towards that purpose.” He went on to say Drive portrays “The Jewish religion as sadistic, unforgiving, cruel which of course it is not. And I think that this is new ground in cinema, American mainstream cinema. I don’t think that has been done before.”

    The first time I reported this story it reverberated around the world. I even did a morning radio interview on an Australian station asking about how this suit could have ever come to the fore. It is laughed at and scoffed at by those who say film makers should have free and total reign, especially considering our First Amendment protection. At first I thought it frivolous too. Who sues because the movie stunk I asked?

    Well, it turns out I know little about the intricacies of Nazi anti Semitic hate propaganda and kosher slaughter. I could not see that concern here. Leaf does a good job of explaining his dark concerns. As a Jew, he understood immediately what he was looking at and does not want anyone to walk away without understanding it, too……”


    • melgibstein says:

      Meloni – Mel being the route there.
      Mel Gibson was asked about his next movie about the Maccabee’s

      “That’s from the last two books of the Old Testament, which is like; [turns to audience] just read it some time. Maccabee 1 and 2. Just read it, it’s like a Western. It’s an amazing story. It’s heroic beyond belief. The entire might of the Seleucid Empire, which was Persia, their whole objective at the time was to wipe Judea off the map and they almost did it except for this little hold out that miraculously grew and wanted it all back again.”

      Mel is back in business with a movie about the Vikings- he will make them out to be the most vicious, heathanist, satanic people ever on the face of the earth and totally disregard they are related to all other Whites on the face of the earth.

      Wiping Judea off the map would have included wiping out all the Edomites as well. Of course they are never even mentioned. There were also Greeks living there as well who werent of the Selucid Empire.

      Is Mel talking about 2 different types of Jews? Because he once said Jews started all the wars, didnt he? What is going awn?

    • melgibstein says:

      “Drive makes certain the viewer understands that the Jewish characters have absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever”

      Thats the most truth Ive heard from a Jew in my entire life- even the director got that one right.

      “Drive portrays “The Jewish religion as sadistic, unforgiving, cruel…”

      Its official, being a Jew is a race. I didnt see Ron Pearlman wearing a yarmulke did you? In fact Im not sure Jews would even want to see Pearlman in a yarmulke.

      Leaf says the film uses subtle imagery like angle iron on a garage door in the shape of a Star of David as the backdrop for a murder where a Jew, masquerading as an Italian, uses a straight razor to sever the brachial artery of a sympathetic character’s arm and is left to bleed to death


      I missed the angle iron- maybe I should buy the DVD or go pay 12 bucks to see it again. Is she sure that wasnt a Jew masquerading as an Italian masquerading as a Jew- who is masquerading he is related to Judah in real life?

      The brachial artery is an important Jewish blood ritual artery too (we wont discuss that one).

      And I think that this is new ground in cinema, American mainstream cinema. I don’t think that has been done before.”

      It sounds like truth, but I just dont trust em.

      • GTRman says:

        See the link , they have video of the whining rabbi / lawyer , and some stills from the movie highlighting the jew-star on the garage door ..

        Seems far-fetched that they would construct a set like that just to “subconciously embed ” a jew -star , but on the other hand , very little appears in a movie by accident .

      • melgibstein says:

        Yes, this is how they get laws passed. Jews speak badly of other Jews (Khazars and Edomites) and start antisemitic laws, even though they arent semitic. If this wasnt a Jew he could make a case that Jews arent semitic and Jews are being antisemitic for impersonating semites. So we just watch……as usual.

  2. melgibstein says:

    She was introduced to the Jewish mysticism by actress Sandra Bernhard

    cock a doodle doo!

  3. melgibstein says:

    Hebrew Academy

    Awarded in recognition of exemplary community service.

    2008: Aimee Katz, Jessica Katz, and Lora Kantorovich

    2007: Caroline Fortin

    2005: Yael Tarshish, Naomi Wischinia

    2004: Sarah Anolik, Talia Buchsbaum, Tamara Rosen

    If your name made this page there is about a 99.4% chance you are a Jew. Just take a look at all the other names and you will agree.

    Yael Tarshish- now thats interesting. Yael was named after Biblical Spain. Why were Jews going to Spain in those days (Europe) when there was no Judaism yet? There was no such thing as Judaism, it was for all Israelites (many of which went to *drum roll) Tarshish.

    Israelites were known to be going to Tarshish or Iberia since the time of Solomon. Tartessos, The Tartessians were rich in metal. In the 4th century BC the historian Ephorus describes “a very prosperous market called Tartessos, with much tin carried by river, as well as gold and copper from Celtic lands”

    I always thought GW Bush was a Bushblum, but now I suspect he was a Buchsbaum.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Trying to get a movie called “Killing Kasztner”. Odd that nobody copied it and torrented it.

  5. GTRman says:

    A link to “Drive ” , vidreels usually pretty good

    Oh , I see , another holocaust doc :

  6. GTRman says:

    Akira sent this my way…………mices in moishies trousers , oh , the horror ..

  7. GTRman says:

    I dont know if this is even funny , but try substituting ” Girlfriend In A Coma ” for
    ” Pearlman in a Yarmulke” :

    ( I know , it’s not serious )

  8. melgibstein says:

    I wonder if Adam Pearlman is related. He looks slightly prehistoric himself.

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