A 19-year-old New Jersey man is accused of tossing explosives into two synagogues, including one in Rutherford where a rabbi and his family were sleeping, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli identified the suspect as Anthony Graziano, of Lodi, N.J.

Authorities believe he acted alone in both attacks, a week apart, and was motivated by anti-Jewish bias.

No one was seriously injured when several objects, including a rigged aerosol can and a Molotov cocktail, were thrown into the synagogue in Rutherford on Jan. 11, but Graziano has been charged with first-degree attempted murder, bias intimidation and aggravated arson in that attack.

The building houses Congregation Beth El, a school, and a residence where Rabbi Nosson Schuman lives with his family.
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One of the firebomb devices crashed through Schuman’s second-floor bedroom window at about 4:30 a.m., burning him on the hand. His wife, five children and mother- and father-in-law escaped unscathed.

In the Paramus attack on Jan. 3, Graziano is charged with first-degree aggravated arson and bias intimidation.

Authorities released photos of a possible suspect last week. He was seen on surveillance video wearing a red and black track suit, black sneakers and a red wool skullcap. He was carrying a camouflage backpack.

Prosecutors say they received several tips after releasing the photos, and confirmed it was Graziano on Monday.

It was not immediately known whether he had an attorney.



Italian rabbi; died at Modena in 1685; cousin of Nathanael b. Benjamin Trabot. He probably belonged to the Gallico family, the name “Graziano” being the Italian equivalent of “Johanan.” Graziano, who was rabbi of Modena, was the author of the following works: “Sha’are Efrayim,” explaining all the passages in which the particles and are found in the Pentateuch; “Haggahot we-Ḥiddushim,” annotations and novellæ on the Shulḥan ‘Aruk, cited by Ishmael Coen in “Zera’ Emet”; “Liḳḳuṭe Dinim,” various halakic decisions; and a collection of poems. Of these works there have been published only two elegies on the death of Rabbi Aaron Benoit Modena, inserted in the “Ma’abar Yabboḳ,” and some responsa included in the “‘Afar Ya’aḳob” of Nathanael ben Aaron Jacob Segre.

Graziano was very broad-minded, and the ultra-orthodox rabbis disapproved of some of his halakic decisions. He permitted the use of an organ in the synagogue (“Haggahot we-Ḥiddushim” on Shulḥan ‘Aruk, Oraḥ Ḥayyim, 560, § 3). As a poet he was highly appreciated, his style being both easy and elegant. Graziano signed his works , the initials of his name and that of his father.


Scazzocchio Graziano

Among four children of Graziano Scazzocchio, a Roman Jew, and Giovanna Baraffael, three females (Bianca [later Ettorre], Giuseppina [later Adami], and Eugenia [later Piervitali]) were baptized at birth, and the only male (Bruno) was left at liberty to decide about his choice of religion in his adult age. He eventually was baptized in 1927 at the SS. Pietro e Marcellino church and even became a member of the Franciscan Third Order, but continued to pay taxes to the Synagogue of Rome. All of Scazzocchio’s children married Catholics (Bruno—twice), and all their surviving 14 children were baptized at birth. Nevertheless, in December 1938 Graziano and Giovanna submitted their application letter for “discrimination,” for they and many of their children had been unwillingly enrolled in the Jewish Community due to the fact—they explained—that their mother was considered Jewish, despite the fact that she was the daughter of a mixed marriage and that her Jewish father had converted to Catholicism before 1896, as had her husband in August 1938. “They were threatened,” they wrote, “by being considered Jewish even though they proved their total disentanglement from the Jewish race and despite the fact that all their descendants, through their four marriages with Aryan Catholics, are and will be Aryan.”

In a word “Crypto”


When Vincent Graziano, opened a Jewish funeral home in Mamaroneck, seven years ago, he had a lot of trepidation. Would the local Jewish community embrace his business? Or would they exclude him as an outsider?


ROCKY GRAZIANO (1919–1990)

Thomas Rocco Barbella (his manager, Irving Cohen, convinced him to take his grandfather’s last name, Graziano) grew up in one of the toughest sections of New York City, and overcame extreme poverty and his own run-ins with the law to become one of the greatest middleweight boxers of the 1950s.

The Rock was once a world champion, and he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Part famous, part infamous, Paul Newman portrayed him in the 1956 film Somebody Up There Likes Me.

Rocky also co-starred with the inimitable comedian Henny Youngman in a short-lived 1955 TV series called The Henny and Rocky Show.  Oy Vey!

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15 Responses to Rocky

  1. Noah Avram says:

    I thought I was the only one who knew this asshole is descended from Italian Jews. Hell, look at that Sephardic face. Christianity stripped him of his Jewish roots during the inquisition and created another Psycho unaware he is trying to kill his own people.

  2. Noah Avram says:

    Not Rocky but Anthony Graziano the one attacked the Synagogue

  3. melgibstein says:

    Eddie Cocco is the main reason Rocky started amateur boxing. Rocky heard from a couple of his friends about a tournament going on with a gold medal for the winner. Rocky entered under the name of “Joe Giuliani”. He fought four matches and ended up winning the New York Metropolitan Amateur Athletic Union Boxing competition (1939). He sold the gold medal for $15 and decided that boxing was a good way to make cash.[4]

    But he also thought that stealing and ripping apart houses was a better idea, although trainers who saw him fight thought he could make a real mark on boxing. A couple of weeks into amateur fighting, he was picked up for stealing from a school. He went to Coxsackie Correctional Facility, where he spent three weeks, with boyhood friend Jake LaMotta, and then he went on to the New York City Reformatory where he spent five months.

    After Rocky got out of the Reformatory, he headed back to the gym to make money. There he met Eddie Cocco, who started his professional career. He entered the ring under the name of Robert Barber.

    • melgibstein says:

      a lot of names, this guy.

      He is most famous for his three title bouts with Tony Zale, all for the middleweight title. In their first match (September 27, 1946), after flooring Graziano in the first round, Zale took a savage beating from Graziano, and was on the verge of losing the fight by TKO. However, he rallied and knocked out Graziano in the sixth round to retain his title. The rematch, a year later in Chicago (July 16, 1947), was a mirror image of their first fight. The referee almost stopped the second fight in the third round because of a severe cut over Graziano’s left eye, which would have awarded the victory to Zale, but Graziano’s cutman, Morris (“Whitey”) Bimstein, was able to stop the bleeding to let the fight continue. Graziano was battered around the ring, suffered a closed eye and appeared ready to lose by a knockout, then rallied and knocked Zale out in the sixth round, becoming middleweight champion of the world.

  4. Barney says:

    I thought Molotov cocktails were supposed to go up in flames when the bottle broke.

    Glass bottles won’t break if they land on a bed. Were the bottles even made of glass?

    Engine oil is hardly suitable. It needs to be fuel oil (petrol in UK, gasoline in US) if someone really wants to cause a fire. Even a chimp knows that.

    I’ll be surprised if it turns out this bozo isn’t a jew, They can’t do anything right, and to me it smells like a typical false-flag attack that was never intended to cause any harm, like jews painting swastikas on synagogues. I don’t think he intended to start a fire, just another false example of what I prefer to call “anti-septicism”. I could be mistaken of course, but I doubt that we’ll hear much more about this case.

    • melgibstein says:

      I thought people were supposed to die when shot in the head too.

    • melgibstein says:

      low grade oil? Why was that important to note? Orange Crush soda? He bought the brand he wanted to drink first I gather. Too difficult to find empty bottles so he bought a 6 pack of Crush. No doubt in my mind this guy is a Jew, none whatsoever. But we arent going to get this info from anyone in the media unless Jews want it to be heard- period.

  5. GTRman says:

    If the guy had read a couple of Covington’s books , he would have known that a mixture of liquid detergent , gasoline and oil , maybe with a few magnesium flakes , burns sticky and hot , a sort of home-made napalm !!

  6. melgibstein says:

    Jews cant keep from attacking Christianity whether they are against so called “Israel” or not. Take Mikey Rivero of What Really for example….. his top ad has a picture of two women kissing each other. Just a little light lesbian porn for all the “truth movement” to lay their eyes on. They do damage instinctively. There is no hope for any of them. Yet all the shill stations are posting videos of Rivero’s great speeches (he copies every word from the internet like Glen Beck does). What a joke!
    What is this new America going to be like with Rivero’s leading the way? Picture Herod ordering Salome to dance eating grapes and drinking wine out of a golden goblet.

    Notice how these Jews are always just after or anti “elite Jew” and never point out any other minority or people other than priests or people who represent Christianity (real or fake) for crime? They could be reporting Black on White crime that is through the roof (people they, Jews, brought to our countries), but they dont touch it. They want to be in a position to lead the goyim away and not into the real truth. Come with them and everything will be fine without discussing it. The lemmings fall for it every time.

    No, I would rather deport all Jews first and then discuss it with them from afar if at all.

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  8. melgibstein says:

    Italian Rabbi- I didnt turn the comments off. If they were off it wasnt my doing.

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