Yes I watched this movie and yes it is another completely Jewish production not unlike most of the movies you have ever seen in your life. The fact is they are all Jewish and have gotten progressively worse and worse just like our country. When you look at what White Christian countries have become today you cant help but think of countries like Egypt that were taken over by foreigners and then were basically trashed forever. If you don’t know the true facts of Egypt you wont know what I’m talking about. I am talking about a great White civilization that was overtaken by outsiders. Whenever Egypt is mentioned these days the brain-dead lemmings immediately think of the Khazars who were never in Egypt or Judea nor anywhere even close to it. It was “the Israelites” and most of those same lemmings believe the Israelites just dropped off the face of the earth even though they are addressed specifically by Christ and various apostles such as James in chapter one, verse one.

1James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.

Christians have been so brainwashed and so twisted into the Jew web of lies they don’t even realize it. In one sentence they say Jews are Khazars and in the next sentence they place them in the Biblical Egypt as “Jews” when Joseph was not a Jew and married a non Jew which also had two sons nobody even gives a damn about because Jews have overtaken your thinking process.

Moneyball is supposed to be a movie about baseball, but it’s of course not about the cattle that Jews of today hire with their corrupt money, it’s about Jews themselves. Jonah Hill (aka Feldstein) is the hero of this movie not the players (many of which seemed to be non White that the Jew brought in). You see it isn’t the players who make the game today it’s the Jews who put the teams together. That’s what I have always thought from day one in all High School sports on my own. It always confused me how coaches picked what players would play each position when most of the kids, if not all, already knew who should play each position. After all they have played Football or Baseball together all their lives. There was probably a time when Jews were not in the sports business, but Jewish coaches, Jewish owners have to be running sports today because most of White America is being completely removed from all of them (team sports). It is part of the plan to meld us all together and destroy us. We have been drilled with the same sports heroes now, shop at the same Jewish grocery stores, bank at the same institutions, dream about the same pretty White women all because it is part of the overall Jew World Order plan. We sit back and watch it happening on our Talmudvisions.

Every sector of our White countries has been taken over by Jewish psychopaths who use this tube to slowly enter us into World Jewry. All it will ever take is for enough people to get up off their asses at one time and start telling the truth. If we don’t get a main stream media outlet in our own country and tell the truth to our own people we are NOTHING! People often ask “what can we do?” or “what will we do?”. The answer is “These lying antichrist vipers and their dupes need to be removed from the media” as a number one on the list. If you are not for that than you will slowly boil like frogs in a pot. Talk on the internet shows isn’t working, it has never worked and never will work. What will work is the same things that worked in the past. Lying traitors need to be held responsible and hanged publicly. You either expose these criminals in the main stream or you don’t (that is where they all are). Every action is supposed to have an equal and opposite reaction. Your reaction isn’t supposed to be anywhere else. If you know where the action against you is coming from you will react against it. This media is the only thing keeping this natural reaction from happening. Jews are all over this world now seeking their psychopathic agenda and it is no longer a city or a country at stake, but the entire planet. Do or die!

And don’t miss Jonah Hill in “The Sitter” to see what the great Brad Pitt spent months with to make this pathetic movie. There is a Jew Jerry Maguire in every movie made today. You have to wonder why these liars, perverts and thieves are never openly exposed as the enemies of humanity that they are, but is has to start with you. If it doesn’t outrage you into action then you are not human and have lost your will.

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16 Responses to Moneyball

  1. Jager says:

    I thought I finally heard the last of kikeball. It seemed once a week since the film launched some clown was trying to convince me why it was great and was shocked when they learned I had not seen it. And now here it is again; however, I like the way you explained it the best. Did not need to see it to know it – yuck…

  2. Barney says:

    I’m here Mel. I just don’t always comment.

    BN does tell a lot of (what seems like) truth about the infernal jew, but I hardly ever go there because – in some way I don’t quite understand – I find it heavy going.

    He talks a lot about the problem, but I haven’t noticed him offering any solutions. Perhaps he does. Perhaps it’s just the fact that I don’t go there unless someone posts a link at Hofflandia or one of the few other sites I visit.

    I can stand his videos, but not his site. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s too jewish.

    Harold Covington is the only person I know of who does discuss a possible solution. I particularly like his “The Brigade”. It may not happen the way he describes, and I’m 100% certain that it won’t be televised – until we take control – but I have yet to see anything better. Certainly not the blue-contact-lens wearing White Man “of Norman descent” who’s always pleading poverty while he plans his presidential election campaign, after which he’ll be rounding up and shooting all the White People who failed to send him enough money. Some White Leader! He even says he’ll work with the jews if it gets him the power he craves. That’s another site I don’t bother with very much nowadays.

    Four of Harold Covington’s books on the subject are available here for free download, with his blessing, so no copyright or ethical issues.

    Start with The Brigade, and work your way through the others. There’s a fifth book already available (Freedom’s Sons part one) and a sixth (part two) still being written.

    His Thought Crime blog is

    jug ears being a reference to Bush the lesser.

    I like his one-hour-plus weekly podcasts too, linked to from the main Thought Crime site.

    • melgibstein says:

      I’ll check it out. It looks like a good site from a brief visit there.

      The biggest problem with Brother Nathan is, he says he was brought up Jewish. What does that mean? Does it mean he was brought up a racial Jew? If he was brought up anything else its a bloody lie. A Jew can be a Judean and he isnt a Judean. It is meant to mean a blood relative of Judah or the House of Judah and we all know that cant be either. He is a Khazar. Im sorry, but lets be honest. He is no more a Jew either way than a Bhantu spear chucker. That is what Im trying to purvey to these people who think they are getting the truth from the horses mouth. The truth is they are getting BS’d once again. It is an incurable disease. They want their ears tickled- period.

      Good to see you are still around.

  3. Jager says:

    Beware of the cause providing the cure. My time and thought is not spent on the brother’s site. Try xymphora. A Canadain point-of-view. Just started reading The Brigade. Been on my back burner for a while now.

    • melgibstein says:

      Ive heard of xymphora I think and will check him or them out. If they have a message of complete separation from Jews I am 100% with them, otherwise its the same jew door open nonsense to me. The only solution is to realize how Jews completely ransacked our countries and face up to it before its too late.

      • Jager says:

        Indeed. My only position as well. Have you ever had an exchange/debate with Paul at stuff black people don’t like? Yeager can be a bit much sometimes, but I do like her shows on high German Kulture. Finck is good. His work on ww2 is excellent.

  4. GTRman says:

    Im still here too .

    Been listening to Covington , gonna read “The Brigade ” shortly .

    J R Campbell’s interesting too .

  5. GTRman says:

    Sorry thats’s J B Campbell .

    • melgibstein says:

      GTRman , Dont take this as a bad thing as I wouldnt take it as a bad thing if you were to warn me of anything. I have heard good things about JB Campbell and he says some good things, but I dont think after hearing him on a recent Carolynn Yeager program that I trust him. Im going to do a post soon on debates Id like to see, but never will see. I have emailed thousands of people trying to get to the truth, lining up one side with the other. JB Campbell showed his lack of knowledge in the Bible with Carolynn Yeager and an inability to make a point. He is against Jews, but against Christianity too. Sorry, but that sounds like a deal with the devil to me (Christians are supposed to be for truth and the Talmud is for lies-Judaism- and they arent racial Jews related to any Israelites). I am for what Campbell says- expulsion, but Im not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I am for freedom, if you want to be an atheist its free will, but lets all agree for now that all of our freedom is at stake and Christians have not been known to be intentional deceivers or haters of freedom (sheep sometimes maybe), but not the head of the snake.
      Some of these debates or discussions are between 2 people who wont go for the root of the truth and ask the questions that need to be asked. Hard questions need to be brought up in spite of egos. Its much bigger than an individual ego and the Jew feeds off it like maggots on a dead armadillo.

      • melgibstein says:

        and dont think I believe all of what Yeager has to say either- she lacks Christianity and Biblical knowledge herself and after all, all of the root words come from that old book. You have to know it all (your own religion or beliefs) or the jew will stomp you. You dont have to be an expert in any of them to know where the line of truth is (the line they cant cross).

  6. melgibstein says:

    Jager says:

    January 22, 2012 at 10:43 am (Edit)

    Indeed. My only position as well. Have you ever had an exchange/debate with Paul at stuff black people don’t like? Yeager can be a bit much sometimes, but I do like her shows on high German Kulture. Finck is good. His work on ww2 is excellent.

    ~No, regarding Paul (dont know who he is). You cant say Finck doesnt know history, but the proof will be in debating it. I have found that people are scared to debate CI people. Go ahead and ask people to debate history or Christianity with Finck or James. They run for the hills. That in itself means a lot to me because whatever the truth is its where I go (good or bad). If people are scared to debate it means they are scared of having to admit to it if their argument fails. I know this already full well trying to set up debates with some of the blowhards out there. Just offer them a challenge. We are all after the truth, no? Its as simple as that. To not debate shows lack of seeking the truth. Some of these people talking on the internet for years refuse to have a wide open debate on religion and history combined. All facts have to be on the table- instead the atheists call in and drop bombs with no substance and then run away. The next day they come back just like jews always do without any memory. It just doesnt fit in with some people and to think it ever will is foolish. These same people will tell you Hitler was a Jew, Christianity is Jewish, everything is Jewish and started out Jewish. It is the same program of cutting you off from all truth and lead you right out into the jew wolfpack. We are supposed to separate from jews not our own people and past.

  7. GTRman says:

    Mel , I would imagine you have no time for Kaminski , but this paragraph here reminded me of something similar to what I think youve said in the past :

    ” From more than 200 radio interviews I’ve done over the years, the most frequently recurring phenomenon I’ve experienced is that on the shows that include call-in segments, the first caller is always a Jew pretending he (or she) is not a Jew.

    Why would somebody do that? There’s only one answer. Because they have something to hide.”

    from here

    Counterintuition and the coming epiphany

    • melgibstein says:

      He’s only recently started claiming he isnt Jewish. Albert Pike and him have the same regard for us I think. They will both claim Christianity is bogus until their bones are eaten by maggots. These guys love to talk about Hitler being a Jew from afar and never say anything about Joe Stalin, aka, Kochba, aka Jewgasvili. Kaminski is like a gator in the lake waiting for you to swim near him. Thats my opinion and my opinion has served me well.

      • Jager says:

        stopped reading Kaminski’s work in 2007. He had me going for a bit, but I am not searching for 95% of the truth. Classic goy keeper? Plus, I think his girlfriend back then was a j.

        Any clown that goes on about Hitler is this and Hitler is that does not know the first thing about him or what he achieved in Germany (Have they even read his book or understand it?). When I was a child it always struck me as strange how people would carry-on about Hitler. He was a fag, he had one ball, he had to shit on you before sex & etc…..
        Now it is the back side of the coin: He is a jew, an agent of the crown, a pagan – blah blah…

        When it comes to it – go with your gut.

  8. GTRman says:

    PS I read The Brigade in about 3 days . A ripping yarn !!!!

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