ba·bel also Ba·bel  (bbl, bbl)


1. A confusion of sounds or voices. See Synonyms at noise.
2. A scene of noise and confusion.
In this movie Jews depict the babel that goes on in an apparent White couples life complete with some anti Muslim propaganda, anti-Japanese propaganda, anti-Mexican propaganda, but overall as the White mans babel. Jews are completely left out as usual. The focus is on everyone else as usual, but the real babel is the Jewish movie itself, like all other movies I have ever seen creating the babel out of thin air as they do everything else. Jews are the fathers of confusion because people who create confusion create lies that ultimately create death. I can’t think of any reason to ever trust or even listen to Jews because they will always ultimately confuse you (it’s what they do). All they have to do is get you to participate in it and lead you just a short distance and as soon as you accept the first lie you are headed for more delusion.
Anyone with the intelligence of a cricket has to see what isn’t portrayed in the movies to realize that you are always going to be lead into complete delusion. Anything they can produce will always be to give you lies and propaganda somewhere along the way. They taught you that Whites were the “crackers” in the American slave trade and you bought it, they told you it was those Nazi’s that caused all that havoc in their so called holocaust days, in fact you can go on some of the major so called truther Jew run sites and see they are telling you we are headed for another Nazi Germany (all of us included) complete with Gestapo German cops etc…
In this movie they weren’t telling you all the lies our Jewish media feeds our families day in and day out or the wars they have gotten us into under babel like pretenses. No you wont be seeing a movie about that. Instead we have Occupy Wall Street rally’s to create more delusion knowing many of you will swallow that first lie to lead you deeper into delusion and total anarchy (lawlessness).
Read famous Jews quotes and you will see that they are the fathers of babel. Start with Karl Marx and Lenin and you will see the same babel going on right here this day, but it remains constant throughout time. Jews simply keep you off your game plan, but what is your game plan? Most of the Caucasian people don’t even know where they came from or why we’re under this constant Jewish babel attack. It is being done to keep you from doing what you were put here to do. How can a true movie be done about the Caucasian people without making Jews into liars? It can’t be done. So what happens is you are an antisemite if you seek your own historical past and if you do not believe theirs. The only way to ever get to the truth is to shut them out completely.
They will have you hating your own brother for pedophilia before they allow themselves to be exposed as the true pedophiles. They will get into everything you hold dear if you let them and destroy it forever. All you have to do is welcome them in. Look around today, is it not complete babel? Where does it all originate? It originates exactly where your ancestors have always pointed to. That was the truth then and always has been right up to this very second (just flip over to Yahoo news or turn on that TV and you will see). You need none of it.
The comment I love to hear from Jews is when they tell you that you aren’t educated, but the truth of the matter is the more educated you become the more you see the never changing babel of the Jews. If Jews are telling you they are the chosen people of God surely you must see the pattern by now. I can only tell you that you need to quit following the lies they spew from the very beginning and get on the path of your own history and what kind of world your kids will end up living in.
Jews are on both sides of every issue and that is something I just cant seem to penetrate into your mental gymnasium. Do not go along with either of them. Jews in Congress are anti gun, yet Jews are without a doubt most of the gun merchants, they are your teachers, yet call you uneducated, they draw you to movies with truth to lie to you, they steal your names and tell you they are just like you. Its all babel and destroys not just the one who accepts it, but everyone else that lemming takes it to. Eventually you will realize that this is a team sport and none of us will make the changes on our own. Find out what the game plan is and use it. Its called seeking the truth and shaming the liars. Laws of morality are not the Jews laws they are ours. Offense is just as important as defense for you football lemmings. Tell the truth and live or shut up and watch your kids suffer the consequences. This is not a spectator sport.
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  1. Glory B. says:

    I just wanted to let you know I’m still around, and I’m reading all of your posts, and going back through your earlier ones, too. You are a very good writer, and you make some very intelligent points. Jews are the world’s greatest liars, they are parasites who are sucking the life blood out of this country. Jews are leeches, whose only goal in life is to swindle Christians out of their hard-earned money. Jews are two-faced back-stabbers, who will smile at your to your face while they sneak around behind your back and pick your pocket. I agree with most everything you say about Jews, except that you consider me a Jew, while I think I’m an ex-Jew. I was very hurt for a while when you said you don’t trust me and never will, and I was going to write you back something nasty, but then I remembered that Jesus said to forgive your enemies, which I have done with you. (Not that I consider you my enemy, although you consider me yours.) So go ahead and take your slams at me, but keep going after the Jews, the real enemy of mankind, and perhaps your way of thinking will penetrate the thick heads of most White Christians and make them think twice about trusting the Jews.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for not lambasting me. If I were you Id let it out though, you’ll feel better. Firstly trust is only made through time. In history I could give you several stories that Jews were highly trusted and welcomed, but turned on their friends, in fact many of them changed their names to become trusted.

    I am not going to be punished for not trusting you. Again I am not the pedophile or the war monger or the media monopolizer or usurer, etc etc etc. If you want to help me help your own people. You cant expect me to side with Jews when so many are involved in a controlled Mafia to destroy my people do you?

    For the record I don’t trust any Jews because they are contrary to me in spirit, but in words they are anything they want their victims to believe. I had to draw the line and my line is if you are a Jew, call yourself a Jew or have direct Sephardic or Ashkenazi blood, to me you are already lying knowingly or unknowingly and its not my duty in life to discern the difference. Jews by their very existence make Whites into liars (you know what I mean).

    The Lion and the Hyena

    The Hyena has to kill the lions cubs before they become strong. The lion cubs have done nothing wrong, simply doing what they were born to do. The lion doesn’t give a damn about the Hyena except that it murders its young. Should the lion accept a Hyena into its den?

    If you are a Jew you would be practicing being a separate people and that means to not become usurers or war mongers, etc etc etc The truth is I am the one practicing it and for good reason. Much better than yours!

    Dont confuse me as a hater. I am simply reacting to thousands of years of your peoples hatred of everyone and I live to put an end to it.

  3. Barney says:

    Good for you Mel. I’m sure a few (very few) biological jews must acquire some Human traits from time to time, and Brother Nathanael seems like one of those, as Glory B may be, but how can we ever be sure?

    A jew will say literally anything to get us to believe his lies, so how can we tell a “good” jew from all the rest? Brother Nathanael is currently exposing jew lies, including the “holy hoax”, and he does seem genuine, but he may just be a very good liar, telling us some truth to distract us from something more important while reinforcing the myth of “the good jew”.

    Another point is that the “holy hoax” can’t last much longer. Too many people are becoming aware of the truth. Perhaps “jew central” (the kehilla) has decided to allow this big lie to be exposed by one of their own because it’s outlived it’s usefulness to them, and so they use that exposure to convince us that BN really is a “good jew”.

    I don’t know. What I do know is that a species (they’re not human) which historically does nothing but lie, cheat, steal, kill and pervert, and which still swears every year never to tell the truth (the kol nidre) can NEVER be trusted. It may be sad in the case of the few genuinely good jews (assuming there are any), but they ALL have to go if WE are to have a future.

    To quote David Lane, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”, and that means ridding the entire world of the devil’s own, which are the jews. There is no other way.

    • melgibstein says:

      I was led to a Joe Cortina/Nathan article and Joe is badmouthing Jews left and right while joined at the hip with one. Makes no sense whatsoever. Nathan thinks he is a descendant of Judah and all the Israelites just disappeared even though the gates of Iberia in the Caucus mts. means “gates of the Hebrews” not Jews. Iberia became known as Spain long before Judaism even existed. Jews did rape that country too however. The Iberian’s were the Celts, there is just no other explanation to it.
      So Joe Cortina who is supposedly of Spanish descent (true Spanish descent is Celtic) anything else out of Spain is Arab, Jew or a mixture of any of the 2. Both are already mixed. People of mixed descent will not grasp this because it hurts their minds just like lemmings on the Federal Reserve.
      People have this mindset that Jews lie 100% about everything, which is true, but how they do it is designed to keep you from what you need to know (they know what to keep you from). You just cant trust them at all. I’ll let the guy comment whenever he wants. Like I said I’m not the hater, but I’m not going to throw the truth out the window to please anyone. Maybe if my dentist became the mad German on Marathon Man pulling out my teeth or the mad whitey in Conspiracy Theory hitting me in the toe with a hammer (wont know till the time comes). I might even lie at that point.

      This is not to say that I hate or even dislike mixed people. Just the facts maam (ID right here).

      Russians have an icon called “Mother of Iverskaya” Iverskaya means Hebrew (from Iberia) in Russian. Why isnt Mary known as mother of the Jew?

      Somehow that word Iberian or Iberia gets changed around through time and then redefined. The old icon is now evidently called Iveron Theotokos and is supposed to mean “Mother of God”. Something stinks in Moscow and I think I know who it is.

      Theotokos apparently means God-birthgiver so why is the Iveron meaning left out?

      • melgibstein says:

        The name Darial originates from Dar-e Alān (در الان) meaning Gate of the Alans in Persian. The gorge, alternatively known as the Iberian Gates or the Caucasian Gates, is mentioned in the Georgian annals under the names of Ralani, Dargani, Darialani; Strabo calls it Porta Caucasica and Porta Cumana; Ptolemy, Fortes Sarmatica; it was sometimes known as Porta Caucasica and Portae Caspiae (a name bestowed also on the “gate” or pass beside the Caspian Sea at Derbent); and the Tatars call it Darioly.

        Wikipedia calls it the Caucasian gates. Are Jews Caucasians? Survey says…….. XXX

      • Cortina’s a lunatic/acting-lunatic kike. He’s all hooked up with Ugly Glenn & His Kike Crew, and he’s the bagman for Bro-Nat’s Foundation.

      • “Theotokos” means “God-Bearer”.

    • melgibstein says:

      Here is what Jews say…
      The Sephardim
      Sefarad is a Hebrew word meaning Spain. So, in the strictest sense of the word the Sephardim (plural of Sephardi) are the Jews who came from the Iberian peninsula. Today however the word Sephardim has taken a much wider meaning and includes Jewish Communities in North Africa, Iraq (Babylon), Syria, Greece, Turkey and most Jews who are not Ashkenazim. The word Ashkenazi has had a similar broadening of its definition. Arising from a Hebrew word meaning “german” it has taken on a broader definition that includes not only German Jews but those of Eastern Europe and Russia as well.

      Today the distinction between Sephardim and Ashkenazim is primarily one of differing traditions due to their backgrounds. Differing languages (ladino and arabic vs yiddish and polish), religious melodies during the services, festival traditions, Hebrew pronunciation are among the things that differ between Sephardim and Ashkenazim.

      While Ashkenazim can be religiously subdivided into Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, etc, the Sephardim have remained largely homogeneous and more traditionally religious in what, for lack of a better term, is called Orthodox. However it is an Orthodoxy that encompasses the entire spectrum of Sephardim, with obviously some Sephardim more religious than others, and possibly due to its Moorish exposure and free thinking Jewish philosophers such as Maimonides (see later) it is usually, in practice if not in dogma, often less rigid than one would expect.

      **So Jews are saying that the Iberians or Hebrews came through the Iberian gate- named (gave name to) Iberia (modern Spain) and somehow became Jews and only the race of Judah?

      I think it was Clint Eastwood who was just told he destroyed a small town in “The Gauntlet” His reply was “How can that be?”

      Nothing Jews say about history or religion makes a dimes bit of sense.

  4. GTRman says:

    Hi mel

    When I awoke this morning , the lead story on the news was ” Child sex abuse in UK is on a far vaster scale than previously thought .”

    By the time I got to work this LEADING STORY had been dropped .


    I was listening to radio at work today . ( BBC Radio 2 , Jeremy Vine )

    The topic under discussion was the sloppy way many elderly people are treated by terrible care -workers , ( it’s true , and thousands will die from the cold weather this winter , as we keep sending billions overseas ) and the phrase ” violation of human rights ” was mentioned ………I swear this is true : In the next ten minutes I heard the word ” holocaust ” NINE times , the phrase ” 6 million jews ” TWICE , and the word ” NAZIS ” once .

    It doesnt matter what the topic is , they always manage to get it in .

    Sympathy for 6 mill fictional dead jews , and fuck the rest .

    Insane .


    There is a website of the UK government called ” You-Gov ” .

    My sister told me something VERY interesting tonight …earlier today she filled out a survey at the Yougov site…after a load of crappy questions she came across this one :

    ” Do you believe that there is a jewish / communist plot to destroy this country through immigration ? ”

    Very revealing , I mean it’s not like ” Do you think Elvis lives on the moon ? ” , or ” Is the queen a reptoid ? ”

    Im proud to say my sis ticked the ” Strongly believe ” box !!

    I’ll try to get her to mail me a link or screen capture

    Brit TV tonight …”highlights ” include :

    ( and they call this the “All American ” season )

    Doc about jew Gershwin followed by ” Old Jews Telling Jokes ” part 2

    Episode 2

    Episode 2 of 2
    In the fine tradition of American Jewish humour, a group of pensioners from all walks of life gather together to tell their favourite jokes. Remember, laugh loud. They don’t hear so good.”

    I watched as much as I could bear : without exception its all piss , shit , toilet stuff , sex , filth ……. Surprise .

    ” When Bankers Were Good ”

    ” Ian Hislop presents an entertaining and provocative film about the colourful Victorian financiers whose spectacular philanthropy shows that banking wasn’t always associated with greed or self-serving financial recklessness.
    Victorian bankers achieved wealth on a scale never envisaged by previous generations, but many of them were far from comfortable about their new-found riches, which caused them intense soul-searching amidst furious national debate about the moral purpose of money and its potential to corrupt.
    Like so many other Victorian bankers, Samuel Gurney was a Quaker. Banking and its rewards seemed at odds with a faith that valued modest simplicity, but Gurney’s wealth helped the work of his sister, prison reformer Elizabeth Fry, who is immortalised on today’s five-pound note.
    Self-made millionaire George Peabody was a merchant banker who made an enormous donation to London housing. 150 years on, his housing estates still provide accommodation to 50,000 Londoners.
    Angela Burdett-Coutts became an overnight celebrity after she inherited the enormous Coutts fortune. With her love of small dogs and her vast stash, she could have been the Paris Hilton of her day. Instead, she went on to become a great philanthropist.
    Perhaps the richest of them all was Natty Rothschild, who tried not just to ensure that his personal wealth did good, but that his bank’s did too.
    Deploying his customary mix of light touch and big ideas, Ian champions these extraordinary and generous individuals. Along the way, he meets Dr Giles Fraser, until his recent, dramatic resignation canon chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, chairman of the FSA Lord Turner, philanthropic financier the current Lord Rothschild, historian A N Wilson and chief rabbi Lord Sacks. ”

    Good ole ” Natty Rothschild ” , eh ???

    Kike-fest :

    Wedding Daze
    Romantic comedy about two unlucky-in-love strangers who decide to get married on a whim. There are many obstacles blocking their way to the altar, including the guy’s sex-obsessed parents, the girl’s jailbound father and a highly-strung ex-fiance who is yet to emerge from the closet.With Jason Biggs, Isla Fisher, Chris Diamantopoulos, Joe Pantoliano, and Michael Weston.(2007)

    Film 2011 with Claudia Winkleman

    ” Film news, reviews and interviews with Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh.
    They review Brad Pitt getting sporty in Moneyball, Rachel Weisz going back to the forties in The Deep Blue Sea ”

    Where’s that sledgehammer ?

    • melgibstein says:

      Sounds like your sister made the ADL list.
      The more Jew slime the better, its all going to hit a brick wall as usual. Its gonna be fun to watch just how much of a beating we will take until we start swinging. They’re only about 15 years behind me so they should be getting close now. All the Jew crap is designed to keep people from hearing the truth. Its a good sign really. Jews will never show theyre getting desperate, but they are. The longer it takes for the lemming majority to wake up the better because in order to really put an end to this people are going to have to be severely pissed. Jews are going to start staging some anti Jew false flags soon. They will be throwing out all their moves. As my pal Mel said in Braveheart “Hold, Hold, Hoooooold”

      Claudia seems to be a Jew favorite name. Somewhere down the line there was a good Claudia. When they like a particular name its a front. And you really have to wonder about Joey Pantoliano. They guy has his head up Jew behind 24/7.

      Boy am I rude, hi!

  5. Glory B. says:

    Well, I seem to have started quite a discussion here. And that’s good! Like you say, Mel, non-Jewish people take a long time to wake up, but when they do, oh boy, look out. And it’s coming, I can feel it.

    If I were a Jew anymore, I would be very concerned. The Jews are heading for a fall, again, a big one, maybe even the “final solution.” They’ve always been pushy and aggressive, but now they’re getting brazen. Their thumbing their long hook-noses at us Christians, daring us to take action against them. And then when we do, there’s going to be whining and screeching and catterwauling and accusations of anti-semitism. Like they always do. Jews never learn!

    Mel, you keep saying I should take care of “my own people.” What people is that? I keep telling you that I am not a Jew any more, that I am just as outraged at the criminal activities of the Jews as you are. You cannot be a Jew and accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Son of God and the Savior of mankind … and that is what I have done. When I went away to college and was introduced for the first time to Jesus, the real Jesus, not the bastard offspring of a whore as the Jews describe Him, I realized that I could no longer be affiliated with the Jews, even though I was born into a Jewish family. (Although I always hated the Jews’ superior attitude, their lying and cheating, and laughing about how they cheated the Christians.) .And when I told my parents of my decision to become a Christian, they cut me out of my rightful inheritance and cut me off from any relationship with them. They even held a funeral for me and refuse to have anything to do with me. And you know what, I don’t care, because I have Jesus and He is everything!

    You say, “If you want to help me help your own people. [Again, I repeat, they are NOT my people.] My line is if you are a Jew, call yourself a Jew or have direct Sephardic or Ashkenazi blood, to me you are already lying knowingly or unknowingly and its not my duty in life to discern the difference. Jews by their very existence make Whites into liars (you know what I mean).”

    Mel, I don’t give a shit about Sephardi or Ashkenazi or Judea or Edomism or Galilee or any of that ancient history. Maybe you like living in the past, but I don’t. I have never been to the Holy Land, and I have no desire to go. Why would I want to travel at great expense to a place that is filled with Jews, the same kind of people I have struggled against and opposed all my life? I am just as committed to opposing and fighting Jewry as you are, and I don’t care whether you believe me or not.

    I know that I will never convince you that I am not a Jew so I won’t try. In a way, you are demonstrating the same sort of Jewish obstinance that the Jews do. I’m not saying that you are a Jew or that you have Jewish ancestry (I would never do that), but I can detect traces of Yiddish spite and malice in your feelings towards me (I have very sensitive antennae that is tuned to Jewish attitudes.) Now I know you’ll say that I’m using Jewish trickery and slyness to turn your argument around, so don’t even try. You’ll just have to learn that you have to put up with me, whether you like it or not. (Of course, you could bar me from your House, but I don’t think you’ll do that because that would really be a Jewish reaction … the same kind of attitude my parents have.)

    Well, I’ll close now by wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a pleasant holiday. You see, I am not your enemy, although I realize we will never be friends. But that’s OK, because as I said, Jesus is my friend, my brother, my leader and my God, and I neither want nor need any other.

  6. Barney says:

    Good arguments, Glory B, and if you really are telling the truth, welcome to the Human Race. I’m sure you understand why we can’t afford to trust you though. Jews lie, and jewishness is genetic. They’re a separate species. You argue your case in a convincingly non-jewish way, but if the White Race is to survive the current and planned jewish attacks, we dare not trust anyone born a jew.

    For example, we can learn from Brother Nathanael’s message, but we can never afford to overlook the fact that he carries the “devil” gene. As Edgar Steele says about a civilised black man in his book “Defensive Racism”, “I know you won’t steal my hubcaps, but your grand-children will”. An individual can change, but the racial characteristics will always re-surface sooner or later.

    As I said before, I’m sure there must be a few “good jews” (ex-jews), as you claim to be and quite possibly are, but this will be the final battle between good and evil, servants of God against servants of the devil, and however genuinely good you may be, you’ll probably have to share the fate of all members of your genetic race. It’s a pity if you really are the good Christian you say you are, and for what it’s worth I’m inclined to believe you, but unfortunately even in a “good” war, meaning one not deliberately waged against non-combatants as every jew war is, there will inevitably be what bush the lesser callously calls “collateral damage”.

    The entire jewish species must be eliminated.

    Btw, here’s a Claudia I’m sure the jews would love to claim as their own. I sincerely hope she isn’t.

    • melgibstein says:

      I hope so too! She certainly doesnt look like one thats for sure, but like the name Christina, Kristen, Chrissie, etc (they take names that resemble an original), or Kathy. You will rarely see a Catherine that’s a Jew, they must know of Catherine the Great, but theyre all around it. Jews always steal first names just like last names, they’re equal opportunity name stealers. Early history is supposed to have us stealing their names, but nothing is new under the sun, they have always stolen ours.

      Sorry to say, however the jury is still out on her, she seemed to have married a Jew film producer. If Jews mix in with the right people they can become quite attractive and put right in your face in their undies. There are thousands of white women out there who will outdo Claudia that have never been near modeling. I wouldnt want my wife waltzing around half naked in front of the world I can tell you that.

      Her and that schvantz David Copperfield were a hot item for some time too.

  7. Glory B. says:


    Maybe I carry within me the “devil” gene (whatever that is), but you have within you the “stupidity” gene. I never argue with stupid people, so I’m not going to break my rule by going head to head with you. When you come for me to eliminate me for being part of the Jewish “species,” you’ll find me surrounded by a lot of Christian friends who might object to your attempt to kill or harm me. They DO accept me as a sincere Christian, and they don’t like the Jews any more than you or I do, but they believe in the Bible, which you obviously don’t.

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont think Barney ever implied to do you any harm whatsoever nor did I. I can only speak for myself of course, but how did this ever come about that we were going to kill you? You are free to live, just do it with your own people. You have proven to be a menace amongst mine. Take that as good advice not hostility. Go and provide usury to your own people or stop it, sell porn or stop it with your own people, but you will never be fully accepted by people who know history except for “stupid whites”. I agree they are out there, but you are confused which ones they are. The stupid ones are the slaves or dead that have trusted your kind.

      • Glory B. says:


        Barney says, “The entire jewish species must be eliminated”, and according to him I am a Jew ( I’m not).. That sounds like a threat to me. I never get that sense from you; I enjoy corresponding with you. Best wishes, Mel.

      • melgibstein says:

        Glory B,

        Your message didnt have a reply thingy so may you find this, glory be to G_d!
        Eliminate can mean “expel” or “remove from consideration”. Barney is a pretty bright guy and seems to know meanings of words. Jews have been eliminated from numerous city states as you know and certainly you can see why they did what they did as well. Never have Jews been eliminated in that other regard, in fact most of the time they were allowed to keep all their belongings (bad ole Longshanks was one). This is like the Achmadini#@&d line. The irony is we are talking about us possibly murdering Jews when it has always been the other way around. Ive got to hand it to you for that.

        Now you want to leave me with guilt for saying what I believe and not what you want to hear. Somehow, some way Ive been ripped off. You see what I mean?

  8. GTRman says:

    Copperfield or Copenfeld was on a rape charge as I recall , Im pretty sure nothing came of it ..

    • melgibstein says:

      A German girl dating a Jewish magician? Hard to believe. Most of the women with Blacks on TV out there are Jews. Jews brought Blacks here to destroy us not to watch them play basketball or football. They have this system down to a tee now and its because we dont make the stand we once did.

  9. GTRman says:

    Just for argument’s sake , let’s forget jew / gentile / queer / black / muslim etc etc etc …

    all our objections , at the end of the day , are based on BEHAVIOUR .

    So , just BEHAVE like a GOOD PERSON , with decency , empathy and righteous anger in the face of INJUSTICE when necessary , and you can sup with me .

    Just BEHAVE !!!!

    • melgibstein says:

      “Just for argument’s sake , let’s forget jew / gentile / queer / black / muslim etc etc etc …

      all our objections , at the end of the day , are based on BEHAVIOUR .”

      Good point, but whose behavior? All of those behaviors are different. I lived in central Africa and it wasnt considered bad behavior to drop your pants and crap in the park etc etc. (because nobody cared). In Brooklyn Heights good behavior is to not report another Jew molesting a child. Good behavior comes from laws of morality and Jews, queers and Blacks are far from being the morality trendsetters (of course Jews are in their own league). Just saw a white woman mugged in Boston by 2 Black men and the surrounding Blacks did nothing. The down side of that is if it was a black, queer, Jew or anyone else I probably wouldve helped them out of instinct. Someone is setting the standards of behavior and its always been the same people. In a sense bad behavior is willingly committing bad behavior. Some seem to be born without that sense and some with. Its built in. It is never bad behavior to expose bad behavior. Im not saying Glory B did anything to me, but the people he claims he is part of have done hundreds of things to me because others trusted them (I do it for others as well as myself). Could go on for days on this, but you do what your gut tells you (my gut is probably not much different than my ancestors 2000 years ago)- absolutely right (but not what you meant Im sure).

      I want complete separation from Jews and I have no regrets.

  10. GTRman says:

    My two -word bible :

    BE GOOD .

    • “BE GOOD”?

      What is “GOOD”?

      Kike Randy Cohen writes “The Ethicist” column for the Jew York Times Sunday Magazine


      “Years ago in Seattle I worked for an insurance company with just one Jewish employee, a good friend. He invented Jewish holidays, taking days off several times a year. As the only other employee at all familiar with Judaism, I could have finked on him or kept silent and been disloyal to my employer. I kept silent. Was that the right choice?” — WALTER HENRY, DOWNEY, CALIF.

      [Kike Cohen:] It was an acceptable choice. This is not to justify your friend’s actions. He lied to his boss and burdened his co-workers, who presumably filled in for him while he was out cavorting.

      My heart says mazel tov! This imaginative scheme imposed a tax on ignorance, penalizing an employer for lacking even a cursory grasp of a world religion’s holidays. Such a plan could encourage all of us in our diverse, immigrant nation to learn more about our neighbors, or reward them with extra vacation time if we cling to our provincialism.

      Send your queries to ethicist @ or The Ethicist, The New York Times Magazine, 620 Eighth Avenue, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10018.

      • melgibstein says:

        In the movie “An Innocent Man” the Jew teacher ends up taking a bribe from a ehhhh Chinese student. He didnt want to do it, but everyone else in the world was doing it (I think that was the reason).

      • Hogorina- says:

        I have read your interesting remarks about your fellow employee. As a child, in school and later as an adult it was known as pimping, when someone squealed on another. Today, pimping this has so eloquently metamorphosed as to being aliened with whoredom. To be more specific, let me qualify as to people and words go hand-in-hand.
        All my working days in various working divisions one will always notice that pimping seems to be a mental disorder. I’ve wondered why Dr. Freud didn’t do some research upon this strange weakness in doing harm to others. Absolutely, our whole political setup is held in place with pimping from top to bottom. Isn’t this what Judas did to Christ. I’ve worked around all classes of society. The blacks do this as a crowd with each other, but practice this very little on jobs. Here I respect them. I am a white man. In this society the white man leads the way on snitching on his own kind. I actually hate this sort of activity and any white man that does so. will you explain to me just what makes a pimp ?

  11. Barney says:

    Typical jew response. I’m too stupid to debate anything with the superior intellect of the highly intelligent Glory B, so I’ll ignore him after this one last comment. An idiot like me can’t possibly have anything worthwhile to say to a genius like him.

    Did you get that, Glory B? I didn’t mention mythical gas chambers or Zyklon B bug-spray even once. I said I’d ignore you. Ignoring isn’t the same thing as killing (we always have to explain that because jews are too stupid to understand the difference).

    Funny how jews always assume everyone who dares to stand up to them wants to kill them. Perhaps that’s what they secretly want. They’re a plague upon God’s good Earth, and even in their simple, under-developed minds, they know what they are. Keep pushing jews, and who knows? Perhaps one day soon you’ll get your wish.

    As GTRman said, the key to being accepted or not is your behaviour. Treat us right and we’ll respond in kind. That’s what White People do, but White People don’t have hooked noses, forked tongues and their hand in your back pocket while professing undying friendship. White People don’t scream in agony as they stick a knife in your back. White People don’t forever whine about being endlessly “victimised” by the innocent people they themselves are victimising. White People don’t generally invert the truth as jews habitually do (though I admit there are whiggers and jew imitators, but that’s mainly down to jewish interference).

    If a man is thrown out of a bar, it may not be his fault, but when he’s thrown out of every bar in town it’s time to look in the mirror and ask himself what he’s doing wrong.

    How many times have jews been expelled? From how many countries?

    It’s not because we Whites have some mysterious and irrational mental illness called anti-septicism (my preferred, and more accurate version). It’s because jews are lazy, destructive, disruptive, completely immoral parasites that exhibit a mental defect known as psychopathy. The jew will not work for a living. Instead they lie, steal and cheat to get what belongs to others, blaming their victims while they do it.

    The jews have been evicted from so many countries, and have now infested so many countries that there may well be nowhere else to send them than back to their father the devil, as identified by Jesus Christ and every thinking jew-aware person since.

    Like any true White Man, I don’t want to kill any living thing, even when that thing is a lying, stinking, murderous thieving jew, one of the devil’s own, but when the time comes – very soon now – we may not have a choice. Whatever the final solution has to be, so be it. We can’t cure a life-threatening disease by “being kind” to germs. It’s them or us, and it sure as hell isn’t going to be us. The White Race is Nature’s Finest, and we will not be exterminated by the mentally retarded kikenvermin.

    Threaten my race, threaten my family, threaten me and you’ll get exactly what you deserve, whether you’re black, white, green, yellow or a lousy jew. It’s called self-defence, and it’s the duty of every one of God’s creatures.

    Note that I said God’s creatures. The jew is of it’s father, the devil, and not of God. If you claim to be a Christian, you should know that.

    It’s a race war (an inter-species war actually), not a religious war (judaism isn’t a religion), but this time God will be on our side in the war against the devil’s gargoyles.

    • melgibstein says:

      You are making my point entirely. If Jews had good behavior, behaviour, we wouldnt be here right now, but the fact is theyre in too deep even if they turned into angels right now. Most people dont know what Jews are collectively doing to us and its better they dont, but if Jews start turning over a new leaf everything changes and people will know theyve been ripped off their entire lives. Its not going to change, its going to get worse, they already crossed the middle of the swamp so to speak and its all the way (wherever that is) or back. Jews are led by their greed and aint comin back. I believe they do what they were born to do and that is to destroy us. Why have Jews been following us for millenia? Why cant they just mind their own business? They love themselves, but they need us to parasite off of. This is parasitic alien behaviour not human. We can analyze it until we are blue, but it isnt going away and it never has.They hate us and they lie, cheat, steal and murder us directly or indirectly. Anyone with a logical brain cell in his head has to come to a conclusion that they will destroy us because we wont un-attach ourselves from them or them from us.

      Notice when you say you want to separate from them they are present? They are contrary to everything we do. They are indeed weeds that get wrapped around us and choke us. It is without a doubt true. The crop isnt adversarial to the weeds, the weeds kill the crop. It makes absolutely perfect sense. We are not the same. Jews are hell bent against us and they can make it look like a comedy. The reason why people arent acting directly against them defies logic because their minds have been stolen from them.

      As far as ‘killing” this is a way to draw in the moderators of this blog to destroy me (or erase me), plain and simple.
      They get in to destroy and it doesnt take them long to begin. Why would someone want to be part of something they arent wanted in? Like I want to go to a Jewish mikvah and hang around. It is to destroy and they are aces at it.

      There’s a huge movement out there now that doesnt believe in God, but hates Jews and fears Satan. How can you fear Satan and not God? Its Jewish lunacy or its people who have fallen into the Jew trap. Every radio show just about has to have a so called “good Jew” to derail the entire function before it even gets off the ground. Im not going to be one of them. Of Course I can be duped like anyone else. We are, as you say somewhat “we are trusting people at heart” and they know this. We need to start trusting our own gut and admit that we just cant afford to continue to make these mistakes.

    • Glory B. says:


      I love it when you get so upset, you get red in the face and you start breathing heavily as you imagine what you would do to me if I was standing in front of you.

      Your anger really turns me on.

      “Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you. I can feel your anger. Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete.” – Emperor Palpatine

      “Go ahead, punk! Make my day!” Harry Callahan

  12. Barney says:

    You’ve got it Mel. There’s another dangerous jew troll still circulating as far as I can tell. Curt Maynard (RIP) could have told you a few things about that one, as could Patrick Grimm. It calls itself “Apollonian”, presumably based on “the destroyer” in the book of Revelation, and it has certainly destroyed quite a few good blogs in more or less the way you describe.

    I’ve crossed swords with this creature a few times. He copies and pastes extremely long, extremely boring texts arguing in typical jew fashion that there are no absolutes such as right and wrong, basically “do what thou wilt is the whole of the law”, though he doesn’t put it like that.

    The comments section of a blog he decides to attack ends up consisting almost entirely of his crap, and when he judges it’s safe to do so because everyone’s scrolling past his stuff without reading it, he starts inserting “forbidden” words and phrases, and then gets the blog shut down for having “allowed” his own comments, the same technique used by Richard Warman in Canada.

    I believe he’s a paid hasbarat, and it’s rumoured that he’s quite wealthy, though he tries to come across as a poorly-educated teenager. He ends every one of his comments with the words “honest elections and death to the fed, Apollonian”.

  13. Barney says:

    Almost forgot. I believe (no time to check right now) that the reference to Apollyon, alias Apollo, the destroyer, is to be found at (surprise, surprise) Revelation 9,11. Isn’t that a coincidence?

    • melgibstein says:

      Interesting! It also means SAT/AN. Animal House
      I knew there had to be a link (to Jews I mean not Animal House, maybe all 3)

      It means “a destroyer” and “Satan”. In other words there are more than one.

      • Glory B. says:


        Here is the entry on “eliminate.” As you can see, “eliminate” has more than one meaning. Take your pick.

        Part of Speech:



        remove, throw out


        annihilate, blot out, bump off, cancel, cast out, count out, cut out, defeat, discard, discharge, dismiss, dispense with, dispose of, disqualify, disregard, do away with, drive out, drop, eject, eradicate, erase, evict, exclude, expel, exterminate, get rid of, ignore, invalidate, kill, knock out, leave out, liquidate, murder, omit, oust, phase out, put out, reject, rub out, rule out, set aside, shut the door on, slay, stamp out, take out, terminate, waive, waste, wipe out

        If Barney had said “removed” or “expelled” with regard to Jews, I could find no fault with that. I actually agree with it. Jews are like cancer, if you don’t remove it, it will kill you.

        As far as you feeling guilty because you didn’t say what I wanted you to say, that’s your frame of mind, not mine. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” — Rhett Butler

  14. The Talmud is all about how to be good.

    “But oy vey, is it good for the jooooz?”

  15. melgibstein says:

    There is a difference of course with ‘do what thou wilt” and ‘all things are for the good” and can be confusing.
    All things are for the good who have been called for his purpose in Christianity means people have to make mistakes to know they are off the path and that unfortunately works for the entire group. People are always asking why does God allow this or why that? It means the war has already been won with or without you (its up to you). Which makes a lot of sense to me (it means a lot of things really, but thats the general theme of it).

    Do what thou wilt is just plain chaos and stupidity. Its more babel.

  16. I generally avoid the troofersphere but I saw recently Kaffir Kenny (of the Sideshow) promoting Alice Bailey and Madame Blavatsky.

    What a joke.

    Kaffir Kenny banned me from his sty because it was brought to his attention that I’d written “Islam is Shit” — “Oy vey” they shrieked, and invoked the big kike word “Islamophobia!”

  17. 2 Kikes on Kinema: Dangerous Mooks

    • melgibstein says:

      Typical crypto psycho.

    • melgibstein says:

      All the sold out internet stations are running this video. Like he is telling us something new. “The Zionist Entity”
      Always has to be a Jew to praise, like we would never have figured it out if they hadnt told us what we see with our own eyes.
      All the bus drivers in the so called anti Zionist movement have to bring up Benjie Friedman (Freedmen- he changed it because he decided not to be a lying Jew anymore?) and Jack Boinstein (everybodies dead hero). Its so blatantly obvious that these guys are there to drive the bus over the cliff with as many goy passengers as possible.

      Bob Tushkin is out there asking people if they know Building 7 wasnt hit by a plane. What they should be asking is “Do you know what a Zionist is?”, but the truth is they dont want people to even learn because then they would have to distinguish the difference. That might cause more questions to be asked like “Do you even know what a Jew is racially and or religiously?” or “Do you know what the Talmud is?”. Might be too much of a shock for questioner and answerer. In other words why waste time? So they walk away like “I dont know a Zionist from a Jew so I might as well have never heard this”. As someone on a forum once explained this is pupilism (I think that was the word used) meaning constant hair splitting. I have always said just cut the damned hair off bald. Most Jews dont believe in God and yet our grocery stores are full of their Kosher cesspool food. What does this have to do with Zionism? Jews only follow the Old Testament to fraud.

      • Q: “Do you know what a Zionist is?”

        A: A Kike

        Q: “Do you even know what a Jew is racially and or religiously?”

        A: A Kike

        Q: “Do you know what the Talmud is?”

        A: Kikery

        I used to say “Jewism”/”Jewbos”/”Jewey” &c.; but you always get the “O, Jesus was a Jew, you know!” and the “Hey!, not all Jews are Zionists/Talmudists/Kabbalists/Communists/Neo-Cons/in the media/in …[jew cetera]” tactics thrown at you.

        So now it’s just: Kikes & Kikery.

  18. Barney says:

    One other point that most people miss concerns jews who “convert to Christianity”. I’m sure some jews genuinely do adopt Christianity, but that can’t alter the fact that they are part of the jewish race (species would be a more accurate term in my opinion).

    A black person can become a Christian (many are), but will always be black.

    Blackness is no more a religion than jewishness. Nobody can change their genetics. A (genuine) Christian jew may be a true Christian, but he or she will still be a jew because that’s his (or her) race (or species).

    White people can convert to other religions, but they remain biologically White. If I adopt the religion of a black community, I don’t change my skin colour, the shape of my head remains the same, nothing changes but my religious beliefs. I was born White and I’ll be White until the time comes to leave this world, and that would be true even if I didn’t want to be White.

    Actually I’m rightly proud of my White heritage.

    A rabbit can’t become a fox by believing whatever foxes believe. We are all what we are, whether we like it or not, and what we believe can never change that. A White Man is of the White Race. Black people are of the black race. Brown people are of the brown races. The jews are of the jew race.

    Too many people confuse race with religion, but there are black Christians, brown Christians, White Christians, and even, I’m sure, a few genuine jewish Christians, but that doesn’t change their genetics.

    A jew will always be a jew, whether he’s a Christian, a Buddhist, a Muslim or a member of any other religious group. A jew is a jew is a jew, and the children of jews will inherit jewish racial characteristics, regardless of what the parents believe, in the same way that a black couple will produce black children.

    At the risk of repeating myself, race and religion are two different things. To use a well-known example, Brother Nathanael Kapner may well be a genuine Christian and a good man (as far as we can tell), but he’ll always be a jew. The two are not mutually exclusive. If someone was born a jew, he’ll always be a jew, even though he may totally reject the jewish way of life (I won’t call it a religion because it isn’t).

    • melgibstein says:

      The more you study Christianity the more the race issue comes clear to you. They are both the same thing. I know people hate to hear about religion, but Jews have made it that way. Christianity doesnt get more confusing if you know the right questions to ask. First you have to know what the theme is and then all you have to do is connect all the dots. It wont happen over night. If you seek you will find, if you dont seek you get thrown back into delusion (thats exactly what it says). This guy has some outstanding writings if you can give it some time. Start with this one.

      Dont let words youve heard before throw you off like everything else. Nothing else makes sense, everything else is babel. You will find that so many words, places, dates, people are deliberately changed around just like Jews changed their names around. Look at all the places that have turned to wreckage that were once great, what happened to these places and why? Take Detroit, New York, L.A. etc. This pattern has been going on forever and its because we dont follow the game plan.

      Read some of this guys writings or audios. You cant deny the truth when you hear it and all you can do is follow it further if you want answers.

      Jews cannot become Christians- ever. It’s a family deal and they aint part of it, nor is it for even all so called Christians.

  19. Barney says:

    Thanks for that Mel. I’ll look into it. Unlike some, I’m always willing to look at things from a different angle in the hope of learning something new.

    • melgibstein says:

      I guarantee you when that Jew wall thats been built in your mind (as it was mine) starts to come down you will see that Jews know exactly what they’re doing. It isnt a fluke that our countries are being deluged with other races. The Jew knows all the different ways to destroy their enemy. Anyone that knows he is going to be attacked needs to learn how to defend himself and then how to go about eh eh ehh eradicating it.

      “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil,

      as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may

      devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that

      the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren

      that are in the world.” (I Peter 5:8,9)
      “…how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and

      spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man?

      and then he will spoil his house.” (Matthew 12:29)

  20. melgibstein says:

    Rabbi Fishel Jacobs- breaks concrete block with his head. Its worth the wait.

  21. Barney says:

    I’ve read that one Mel, and I’ve bookmarked the site for future reading. The more I learn about Christian Identity, the more I find that makes sense to me, though I still have some reservations.

    I’m not trying to challenge your beliefs. I respect any genuinely held beliefs that don’t threaten My People (voodoo? jew supremacy. satanism). Religion is our strength, even if we don’t necessarily share the same beliefs. Almost certainly nobody has the whole truth.

    In studying CI, we need to beware of the distorted version known as “British Israel”, which states that the tyrant (jew?) “queen” of the sewer that was once England is directly descended from Jesus Himself and therefore rules by divine right (barf bag please, and make it quick!).

    My problem with CI is that I don’t (yet?) accept the bible as the uncorrupted word of God. Primitive tribes, even of White People, had primitive thoughts and beliefs, and I personally believe that the people of thousands of years ago were more like today’s children. Biologically we’re the same as we’ve always been, as long as we keep the races pure, but I’m convinced that intellectually we’ve “grown up” since ancient times (some of us anyway). We’re not there yet, and won’t be for perhaps another few thousand years, but I believe we are developing through the generations. These changes in (White) human thinking are easily masked by technological advances, but I’m convinced that they’re real.

    God, the White People’s God, is in every one of us. We know right from wrong, something that does seem to be specific to the White Race (species). We have empathy, compassion, a sense of “fair play”. We don’t need a book to guide us if we’re true to ourselves, and when we do need additional guidance, we have God’s work, the Natural world, which to me is equivalent to “a bible written in God’s own handwriting”.

    CI has a lot to say to me personally, and I thank you again for directing me to the work of Pastor Mark Downey. I’ll learn a lot from that site. I’m not (yet?) a full convert though. Perhaps I never will be. We can only gain by studying the work of other genuine truth-seekers.

    Certainly though, history and archaeology do seem to confirm that the ancient Israelites were White, and true Christianity resonates with our own thinking, which is unique among “mankind”. Only the White race could have created great civilisations and the kind of artefacts found in the lands of the bible.

    Race mixing is certainly not a good thing, and neither are all these attempts at creating new species by cross-breeding. God, or Nature (two words with the same meaning) created separate species to breed only with their own kind, and yet we have these idiots (and worse) forcibly cross-breeding (as just one example among many) lions and tigers to create an abomination they call “ligers”, as well as interfering with many species that are used by humanity for food or clothing.

    Half-breeds, or cross-breeds, don’t belong in the community of either parent. Nobody wants them. They’re neither one thing nor the other. They are less than either parent.

    The various races of “humans” are, in my opinion, separate species. I don’t accept the BS of Darwin, but it should be obvious that the pure black race is much closer in physical characteristics to the gorilla than to any other of the “human” races (species). Wolves and foxes are breeds of “dog”, but I can’t imagine anyone outside the insanity of the pet trade suggesting that they are the same species. Foxes breed with foxes, wolves with wolves, and it’s not due to considerations of size. The various species, human and otherwise, don’t want to interbreed. If that were anything other than the whole truth, Nature would be filled with hybrid species.

    The thought of sharing my bed with a black woman would make me want to throw up. There’s nothing necessarily “wrong” with black women, but they don’t appeal to me in the slightest. Black women were created to appeal to black men. I could list the features I’d find repellent, but it’s not necessary. There’s nothing wrong with black women, as long as they stay with black men. The different races/species are supposed to remain separate, and God gave us an aversion to mating with the “wrong” species to ensure that we would follow this law.

    The one species that defies God’s laws is the satanic jew, and these too, in their unadulerated form, have been made repellent to us. We consider them ugly. They are ugly because they’re ugly inside, being “of the devil”.

    The fact that separate races (species) exist, and have an inbuilt aversion to race mixing, is all the proof I need that this is the way things are supposed to be. Each species (whether “human” or otherwise) was given it’s own space on the surface of the Earth where conditions are exactly right for that species to thrive. Racial characteristics too are right for those conditions. We were each given the physical and mental skills that would best equip us to survive in our intended environments.

    The only exception is the jew, which would appear to have no place on Earth, and which, by it’s behaviour, is “contrary to all men” and to God’s laws.

    • melgibstein says:

      “In studying CI, we need to beware of the distorted version known as “British Israel”, which states that the tyrant (jew?) “queen” of the sewer that was once England is directly descended from Jesus Himself and therefore rules by divine right (barf bag please, and make it quick!).”

      The so called British Israel was correct except they let the Edomite Jew synagogue in.

      All I can tell you is “Seek the truth”. I know when I first heard about CI I hated the people trying to lead me into a trap (I thought). How dare they go against everything I was taught? The truth is everything I was taught was Jew garbage. I started on basic facts, basic truths and basic contradictions. “Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good”

      I have no idea how to get people over that hurdle. In my opinion only God himself can do this.

      To learn the truth you have to dig into the facts and what you cant prove you have to weigh with your common sense. That common sense gets better and better as you see the patterns and mistakes you’ve made in your own life. Soon you start to see them real time. Confusion is not God’s. That doesnt mean Jews havent covered up the truth with confusion. The lies are right in front of our faces, but we’ve been trained to not even look.

      Prove all things.

      Do whites advance in technology by mixing with Blacks? Do Whites gain anything mixing with Jews? There will be devastation and that is whats happening right now (maybe not Iceland however).

      Why are whites the moral cornerstone of the world? Why arent we just like Jews and join together to rip the world off? Because we are not evil people genetically. I could go into this for hours, but the bottom line is you may hate it now, but the more you follow the truth (not the Bible the liars taught you) the more you will see where the deception always comes from and why. Many know where the deception is coming from, but they dont know why. Why do Jews want to destroy Whites? Why are they so united against us? Its because the liars know the truth and if they dont keep the lies coming the truth will come back.

      I am not implying that you are uneducated or unaware of Jews or most everything else per say. Its like trying to tell someone (hint them) that they have have a booger in their nose at a crowded dinner table (happens to everyone). You might consider it an insult, but I might also be blamed for not telling you (Ive had this happen).

  22. melgibstein says:

    Have you seen “Animal House” when the parade leader gets bumped off (forget the proper name) by one of the students and leads the parade into an alley with no outlet? Thats what these truther sites do (most of them). They have to lead you with some truth or momentum thats already been going and hop in the drivers seat. Some CI movements will do this too, but once again “Hold fast to that which is good”. No confusion, no babel, just follow that road and never get stuck in the alley. I am not leading you I am just informing you which way to go if you want my opinion. All I can tell you is they (Jews) have laid the BS on thick and there is a defense against it. These people that are deliberately leading you away from that are just as eager to rob you as Jews are (or they are one in the same).

    Jews manipulated the books. For instance the Masoretic text says love your enemy and do good to the unGodly. The Septuagint nor any of the other books say this. The BS is laid on thick, but the truth just keeps comin’. Nobody can stop it and I believe everyone in Christianity can help in uncovering the lies if they seek the truth. Its wake up time and its growing fast. Jews are in no way whatsoever part of this.

  23. GTRman says:

    “Animal House ” , is for me , the film that first implanted the idea / meme that university is a place to “party” , first and foremost , ( ie , get drunk and screw “chicks ” ) rather than study .

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