The Shmucademy Awards

It’s great that the sold out media has free speech to twist and omit news, history and general chatter on a daily basis, but when can we counteract them? They do the talking and you are supposed to do the listening and that’s final. If they say it’s the bankers its bankers for G_ds sakes and if Jewish perverts are caught harvesting organs from young impoverished kids its just not important. In fact nothing about Jews is important but their suffering that everyone else has caused them. Never are they guilty of any crime ever. Glen Beck wants us to believe that and believe all his pals like Limbaugh, OReilly, Hannity, Laura Ingraham (who never shuts her mouth even when she isn’t talking). They are all the same sold out shoe shine boys/girls or behind washers, more accurately. Hymie has all the money that they stole from the same people going to watch these stupid shows and movies.
Some of you are saying “but that Mel Gibson, I sure love him, certainly he isn’t one of those Hollywood shoe shine boys”. When will you get it into your thick heads that he has been working with all these Jews who have gutted our world out of our money, morals and truth for decades? He owns land in Costa Rica you couldn’t afford in 10 lifetimes.
Outside of this completely traitorous media that just goes on and on without criticism in the case of Jews we have a completely sold out financial system, judicial system, political system and a movie industry that goes unscathed with their involvement with these manipulating, lying, thieving, murderous Jews. Not today.
The movies sometimes warn us that the movie you are about to see is intended for mature audiences. This in itself is a complete lie. If these movie watchers were mature they would be chasing these actors and media down in the streets and yoking them in the village square, then drawing and quartering them. This award ceremony is for the real mature audiences as Jack Nicholstone said “You can’t handle the truth” if you don’t see the truth in this.
I’d like to start this award ceremony out with some of our elder actors that never said a damned word about Jewish influence (crime) in America, the movie industry or anything and lived the life of heroes. They got the best seats in the restaurants, they were paid like kings, they obtained fame, fortune, trust, respect and FOR WHAT? They sold us down the toilet. They sold us false history in just about every category there is. I will leave those names out for the sake of the dead, but they were pretty much all of them.
No jewish jokes to get this started tonight, so let’s get to it.
Most boring actor list
Kevin Costner, Owen Wilson, Matthew McConahymie, Harrison Ford (he made several awards)
Biggest Idiots in Real Life
Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford, Matt Diamon (and on screen), Dennis Miller….longer list to come
Biggest Diversions in the Oscars
Richard Gere (w/Tibetan monks), Tim Robbins and sugar tits (something or other), Sean Penn and Bono (Haiti and Africa)  None of these folks give a damn about Iraqi’s, Afghani’s Palestinian’s or even any White countries).
Biggest Pervs That Are Still Loved in Hollywood
Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Whoopi Goldberg, who said about Polanski sodomizing a 13 year old girl, “it wasn’t rape rape”. She is every woman’s idol today on the Talmudvision.
Biggest Lying Yenta in a Historical Movie
All of them
Biggest Lying Directors of a Motion Picture (as opposed to the motionless kind)
Spielberg (Amistad, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan and on and on and on), Francis Ford Koppelstein in The G_dfather (just changed Jews into Europeans), Martin Scorsese-The Last Temptation of Christ, ok pretty much all of them too.
Most Likely To Do Anything For Jews
Jon Voight, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConahymie, please feel free to add your own, there are hundreds.
Biggest Crypto Award
Sylvester Stallonovich, Bruce Willis, Arnie  Scwatzneberger, Hugh Jackman
Most Likely to Sell His Soul to Louis Cipher
Mickey Rourke  (sweet lips)
Most Botox in a Musical
Bette Midler, Joyce Behar or whatever the hell her name is. These are always tough categories.
Most Didsruptive Fake Boobs
Megyn Foxman
Most Overall Makeup and Plastic Surgery Used in a Motion Picture
Sly Stallonovich, Adrian Brody’s nose job
Most Ridiculous Karate Move From a Jewish Actor
Steven Siegel  Seagull, whatever (the punch in the neck with the bicep thingy)

The categories of truth go on much longer than this Jewish freak show called The Oscars and would go into the wee hours of the night. Instead we must be programmed with more garbage on who we should love, who we should hate, who we should pity, who we should disregard, etc.
I can tell you this, America and the world have been going straight down the toilet ever since Jews got complete control of our media and its no accident. What we must do is break this mold and treat these people as the lying traitorous sell-outs (and of course just plain Jews) they are and nothing more. You are living in your own private Science Fiction movie if you don’t start calling it what it is even if you don’t have any free speech to do so.
Those of you who refuse to call Jews Jews can call these non Jewish behind washers what they are at least (Jews will be right behind you however). And to you people who are still calling Jews Zionists, are these liars and thieves Zionists too? Do you honestly believe Jews want that desolate land in the Middle East and not what it represents? The last people in the world that could represent that land are these people and oddly enough it’s what that old book still says about the children of Cain and Esau
.Whereas Edom said, We are impoverished, but we will return and build the desolate places; thus said the LORD of hosts, They shall build, but I will throw down; and they shall call them, The border of wickedness, and, The people against whom the LORD has indignation for ever.
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34 Responses to The Shmucademy Awards

  1. Barney says:

    Thanks for that Mel. It clarifies what you said in your recent comment on the “Sepharvaim Falls” thread.

    Now I get your meaning, that “bankers” and “government” are just more code words like “communist” and “zionist”, anything to deflect people from saying “jew”.

    My dilemma (everyone’s really) is that there are so many potentially good people who aren’t yet ready to accept that there could be “a people” so thoroughly evil as the kikenvermin, so where the banking scam is concerned, anything to make people aware of how the scam actually works will be a small step in the right direction, even if the perpetrators aren’t immediately identified as jews.

    Not so long ago, when I was already partially jew-aware, I read about the jews poisoning wells during the time of (and to spread) the bubonic plague, and thought “This person’s going too far in trying to blame everything on the jews”. I was wrong. The ancient enemy of God and Man will do literally any evil in their imagined “war” against God and Creation. These obscenely-ugly things really are “the devil”.

    The trouble is that most of us just see “people”, and we can’t imagine a race of human-like devils. We Whites have virtues including compassion, empathy, a conscience and everything else that makes us Human, and it’s difficult to believe that not everyone is like us, especially with all the “PC” and “diversity” brainwashing.

    The good thing is that Whites living in immigrant-infested areas are waking up to the fact that racial differences do exist, that non-Whites are not like us, but still the jew remains invisible, hiding behind the curtain.

    A lot of sheeple will have to be written off as not worth saving, but remembering how difficult it was for me in the early days, even to accept that the holy hoax never really happened, I know there are still a lot of unaware people who are worth the effort, but unfortunately we have to take things slowly with a lot of them.

    With some people we can say “jew” right from the start, and there’s a surprising amount of jew-awareness just beneath the surface, but others haven’t yet started on the long process of learning about the jew, and these people will run away if we try to explain that everything bad is the work of the jew. It’s just too much to take in all at once.

    We’ll lose a lot of these basically good people who just don’t know, and that fact can’t be helped, but it’s worth trying to save as many as possible of the best while time permits.

    All that said though, I agree that we need to identify the jew in every situation where it won’t drive good people away,

    On the subject of jew “awards”, Harold Covington has an excellent idea for “Oscar Night”, as described in “The Brigade”. It’s just wishful thinking, unfortunately. I seriously doubt whether anyone could pull it off, even as a suicide mission, but it’s a pleasant fantasy while we’re waiting for the right time to make “The Brigade” reality.

    My main computer’s away at present, so I don’t have access to all my bookmarks, but let me know if you need a download link to “The Brigade” (and the rest of the NorthWest Quintet). H.A.C is more interested in getting the message out than in making money, so all five books (with another on the way) have been made available for free download in .pdf format.

    • melgibstein says:

      “We’ll lose a lot of these basically good people who just don’t know, and that fact can’t be helped, but it’s worth trying to save as many as possible of the best while time permits.”

      They are waxed gross. They dont seek the truth and those that do can see this Jew demon clear as a bagel ehhhhh bell. If you see the truth you see an entirely different world than these lemmings are living in. It is so evident, yet most dont see. Its those same folks who have been booted out of our countries for millenia, but the lemmings just cannot break free of the cobwebs (body snatchers pic).
      I know what my job is and it isnt working for the son of satan Jew.

      Most people dont even comment when you post the truth right in front of their faces on websites or acknowledge you in public as if they are owned. I have found that liars just cannot live with the truth or lemmings- the only thing left is the truth. They always run off together.

    • melgibstein says:

      They called us “white boys” crackers again. They didnt say slavery “we did it”. They also didnt say they started rap music that absolutely sucks “we did it”. Yes we know. Everything filthy in this world today “jews did it”.

  2. I’m sick of warnings and threats and suspensions and bannings from wordpiss, jewtube, facekike and the rest of the kikemerica-based slave-media. from now on i’ll just use the slave media for interacting when necessary, for jew-bating, and for archiving old posts until some kike deletes them i guess. if i keep blogging, I’ll stick to sites in the only free country in the world — japan. maybe backed also in places like Taiwan or Thailand, where they don’t give a flying monkey’s **** about poor, poor offended kikes, muz, Mormons, zio-scum, queers, Negros or whatever.

  3. GTRman says:

    Just flicking thru TV this Sunday morning :

    BBC1 :

    a “debate ” on “racism ” , obligatory jew , a rabbi Adam Goldstein , who manages to get in the words ” Auscwitz” and “gas chambers ” within a minute .

    followed by “The Politics Show ” presented by jew Jon Sopel .

    Later , jew movie , the aptly – titled ” Ruthless People ” , starring a whole bunch of chosen ones : (CREDITS:

    Danny DeVito Bette Midler Judge Reinhold Helen Slater Anita Morris Bill Pullman William Shilling Art Evans Clarence Felder J E Freeman Gary Riley Phyllis Applegate
    Director avid Zucker
    DirectorJerry Zucker
    DirectorJim Abrahams
    ProducerMichael Peyser )

    followed by

    “Film 2011 ” presented by jew Claudia Winkleman )

    BBC2 :

    “Something for the Weekend ” presented by jew Louise Rednapp / Nurdin , followed by :

    a food show presented by homosexual israeli jew , Yotam Ottilenghi .

    Followed by another food programme , ” Hairy Bikers ” presented by a jew
    ( Dave Myers who denies being jew ) biker and ” Simon King ” …..and , I kid you not , in this episode they visit a bagel bakery in London to learn how to make bagels …

    Channel 4 : The jew Simpsons .

    The other night , the BBC showed a programme called ” Old jews telling jokes ”
    which was a bunch of ugly old New York Askenazim telling filthy jokes , all about blow-jobs and bodily fluids …

    • melgibstein says:

      It couldnt be any more “in the lemmings faces”, but they just cant see it. “Nope itsch juscht not there” Papillon.

    • Either he didn’t listen or there was no such wag about:


      2011/03/12 at 09:24 | In reply to 正教会の智.

      When the bullets are flying all around , at least some wag will be able to shout, “Gadaffy! …… Duck!”

      If you’d been there, you could have saved your secret service’s kike asset from the wrath of the muz he lorded it over these past 4 decades.

    • melgibstein says:

      David Icke lying his ass off about slavery in America. This guy pretends to be sticking his head on the chopping block and charges admission to come watch. He is so full of sh#$ its pathetic and so are his lackeys like Tzarion and Maxwell. All diversions for the Jew. They’ll mention a little about Jews, but no where that line cuts off their wallet.

      These jew stooges get their ideas from someone else and all of a sudden have a brain storm to make them their own in front of their dumbstruck audiences. Its how these stooges always stay one step ahead. Not too long ago he was telling us about Mayan Indian third dimensional relatives of his or some dogdoo.

  4. Ekologist says:

    Not so long ago, when I was already partially jew-aware, I read about the jews poisoning wells during the time of (and to spread) the bubonic plague, and thought “This person’s going too far in trying to blame everything on the jews”. I was wrong. The ancient enemy of God and Man will do literally any evil in their imagined “war” against God and Creation. These obscenely-ugly things really are “the devil”.

    • melgibstein says:

      Interesting subject as to who or what “the devil” is. Is it correct to give God a competitor?
      Its us who have a competitor. This competitor is called “the adversary”. You say tomato and they say tamato, you want to celebrate a holy day of white people and they want it destroyed.

  5. yo, brutha nate b speechifyin fo real, nigga, he dun broke it all down what white folks b’s all bout. respec’.

  6. ramzkiked

    This guy’s shtick is pathetic.

    Rosenbaumer ramzpaul:

    Oh moan, moan. Oh those darkies just complain about everything, oy vey. We should split the usa into national/ethnic/religious zones [oh yeah, that’s really gonna happen…] — oh those awful liberals.

    No, the problem is that the school and the school-board are run by…

    • melgibstein says:

      “This guy’s shtick is pathetic.

      Rosenbaumer ramzpaul:”

      Yes, he is a constant reminder that we could look that ridiculous if we werent aware as he isnt or ehhhhh wants us to believe.

  7. Warning!

    ‘Offensive’ film footage here of a man walking around and greeting people

    Obviously the German sklavenvolk have been denied the opportunity to see non-kike-filtered documentary footage of their greatest modern leader and some Wehrmacht heroes:

    “The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. We have determined that the following video contains content in violation of our [kike] guidelines, and it has been disabled: ‘What Was Lost’

    “YouTube blocks content where necessary to comply with local laws in certain countries. Check your videos to make sure they comply with your own country’s laws to prevent videos from being blocked in the future.”

    jewtube — protecting the ‘goyim’ from themselves

    What Was Lost? Freedom.

  8. Barney says:

    正教会の智 – Would you be Brian Akira by any chance? It seems to be generally accepted that you are, but I’d appreciate your confirmation or otherwise.

    Btw, you must be doing something right for ZOG to be attacking you.

    • i am forced to go by many names [except ‘legion’], but yes, i am me.

      anyway internet-i.d.s are just pixels in the aether — judge by content

      these kikes seems to have apb’s out on my names, nicknames, emails, ip address… i’m an outlaw, man

      you’d think they’d busy enough spinning chickens and counting their gold

      but of course, they’ve trained shabbos goyeeem to rat out dissidents

      kikes — protecting the ‘goyim’ from themselves

  9. GTRman says:

    Yes that’s Akira : Im gutted your site is down , it’s my “most visited ” . Hope it’s all backed up and maybe you could send me it via e-mail ? I dont know if that’s possible , but ..

    Just had to take a day off work ( losing a day’s pay ) just to go to bank , council , post office etc and shell out 700 quid in bills , council tax , etc …what’s it all for ?

    Akira , I shall check mail tonight , hope you will be back up in some form soon .

    The bastards .

  10. GTRman says:

    In keeping with the movie favour of this site , I was flicking yesterday , saw a few minutes of a very dismal film called ” The Man ” , which had all the elements :

    Boss man Alpha Male federal agent cop : Big black Samuel L ” no movie too crap ” Jackson

    Harmless neurotic beetle-browed jew : Eugene “American Pie ” Levy

    Evil Blonde , Blue-eyed villain : Luke ” my actings as good as my drumming ” Goss .

  11. GTRman says:

    I tried a test comment at

    but cant get through .

  12. Barney says:

    Thanks Akira, or 正教会の智. I hope you get back up soon. As I said before, you must be doing something right, so keep doing it for as long as you can.

    I haven’t read anything of yours since all that crap at Incogland, but if you’re anti-kike, you’re worth a read. Perhaps when you do get back up, you could post a link at Hofflandia. No need to stay on-topic. Hoff says if it’s important and anti-jew, just post on the most recent thread.

    I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

  13. Barney says:

    Apart from other considerations, and there are quite a few warning flags, David Icke claims to have found “all the answers” during a drug trip using something called ayahuasca.

    I’ve never experimented with drugs for the simple reason that I don’t want to give my mind away, but it seems to me that people who take certain poisons have hallucinations as a prelude to death, the difference being that they don’t take quite enough of the poison to kill them, so they “come back” with all these weird, mixed-up memories.

    I could be wrong, never having experienced these things myself.

    Hallucinations, vomiting and the body’s other “exhaust” functions all happening outside of one’s control doesn’t sound like my idea of “fun”, and neither does it seem the way to get answers about the true nature of God and the universe. Perhaps it is, but I’d rather keep my mind and learn the way we’re supposed to.

    It may be that David Icke did meet God during his drug trips, but it’s equally likely that he met “something else” between worlds or created all that imagery from the darker recesses of his own mind once he was no longer in control of it. There’s no way of knowing.

    Junkies often describe their hallucinations as “more real than reality itself”, but are they right or is that just a part of the drug-induced illusion? Can a drug trip ever be the “greater reality” they believe it to be? To me it seems more likely to be a result of poisoning the brain.

    This world may well be a matrix-like hologram in the mind of the Creator, but I’d rather keep my mind and deal with things as they appear to be.

    As for God having a “competitor”, my thinking, right or wrong, is that God gave us the jews to fulfil the function of “the devil” as a challenge for us to overcome. Perhaps life would be too easy for the imaginative White Race if we didn’t have something holding us back. It all comes down to why we’re here though, and that’s something we’re not supposed to know until we get back Home.

    It’s just a though. I respect all genuinely held beliefs, so feel free to dismiss my idea as BS if it doesn’t fit with your beliefs (and that applies to anyone).

    (Monty Python did conclude that the meaning of life is 42 though. 😉 )

  14. GTRman says:

    42 ? Wasnt that Douglas Adams ?

    I will turn 42 on the Winter Solstice , 2012…..OOOOOOOOOH BABEHH!!!

    Or am I 42 already ? I forget…

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