Sepharvaim Falls

This was an odd piece of work on two Irishman from Ireland trying to pass as old Westerners and Civil War veterans in the USA. Jews can’t get enough of Whites fighting Whites wherever they may be. But the focus of this discussion is how people of European descent descend into the clutches of the Jew like a sheep to the wolves. Only God knows the compromises these two glossy eyed Irish boys have made to their masters over the years and what they have to do to keep whatever that is hidden from the audience they will entertain till death.
This movie is named Serephim Falls, but for all intents and purposes I have renamed it. Sepharvaim Falls is the bargain you make with Satan to receive your earthly goal knowing or not knowing it always comes with a price. Everyone has these prices to pay at all levels. Some instances are common in all our lives for instance, say you join the High School football team and see that you have a Jewish coach who is grooming a Jewish quarterback that you know sucks and would buckle under pressure like a coward. Why is this happening you ask? This guy wouldn’t even be picked by sand-lot football game in the neighborhood, yet he is the guy your coach has picked to lead your team. You have two choices, you go along with the lunacy or you quit in protest. You will pay dearly for this, but you do not sell out your honor.
Your daughter wants to be a cheerleader, yet the cheerleading squad may as well resemble a Bantu dish-mouth female marriage ritual with some redheaded Yenta as coach. Do you tell your daughter she will not become a cheerleader and risk losing all respect from her? Short answer is “yes you do”.
You may join the Marines and find that your government is nothing but Pharisee’s. What then? Would you risk being scarred for life as a military flunky? How about trying to run for office knowing full well about this rotten corrupted band of Jew thieves in Congress and not telling the truth about 9/11? They’re all sold out rats and wont dare call things as they are.

These types of scenarios are everywhere today and becoming clearer for even the novice to see on his own. You could dream about becoming a boxer and asked to take a fall, a baseball player and asked to drop the ball, throw a slow high outside pitch, whiff on purpose, etc. Otherwise the Jews who run the sports industry blackball you completely. Dream is over.
What would you sell out to become a movie star? Do you think even one of these actors hasn’t sold their soul?
The catch is your soul really isn’t sold to Jews, but to their father. When you take that bribe, turn away from your spirit, fall on your own sword you are no longer protected by the force that protects you. You are being asked to drop your guard and it will come with a heavy price.
In High School they tell you if you quit this team you will quit school, quit your wife, quit your job, etc. (you will be a quitter), but they don’t tell you that you will keep your soul, the fiber of your being.
Everything today is total charade designed to separate you from your own soul, from your family, your race and last but not least your spirit. Just go along with the Jew program and you will be respected, but by whom? It is designed to cut you off and lead you to the den of wolves.
I could go into detail after detail on this, but hopefully I got the point I wanted across. Take one bribe and you may appear better off for a while, you may get a big house, a fast car and all the things you really don’t need including a sold out wife and kids, but it isn’t what it appears to be. The only thing you have is your soul in the end.
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11 Responses to Sepharvaim Falls

  1. Barney says:

    Very true Mel. I’m effectively retired now, but throughout my working life I failed to understand why I was always despised, never promoted, never given a proper break while loud-mouthed lazy bastards were valued, even though (or as I thought at the time, because) I was the better worker, doing a good job, quietly using my own initiative and being a real asset to the company.

    I wasn’t jew-aware back then, but I knew something wasn’t right. Why would firms treat their best workers so badly? It didn’t make sense. It was only when I was leaving a job for what I always hoped would be better prospects that I very occasionally received the praise I knew I deserved, and that was to say how much I’d be missed. It never came from the upper levels of management of course, but more often from my immediate supervisor, who might say something along the lines of “You’ve worked wonders in this department”. That was true. As well as doing my best at any job, I’d re-organise where I found chaos. It was one of my strong points.

    Always though, the half-wit, the queer, the mason, the laziest one with the loudest voice, would get the promotion I deserved, and I was left struggling to survive on a pittance. Financially I’m much better off now that I’m not working. For the first time in my life I’ve got savings.

    New knowledge always comes just after we need it, and that’s certainly true in my case, though short of wearing a yarmulke at work, I don’t know how I could have improved my career prospects.

    • Barney says:

      I should add that I’ve always had standards and lived by them, never walking over my fellow workers to get to the top (even when they did the same to me), never doing what I knew to be wrong and always recognising unfairness wherever I saw it.

      I was poor, but I was true to myself.

      • melgibstein says:

        If you’ve been true you cant help but fight this Jew beast. Now if we could only snap the rest of the world out of their stupor we may have a fighting chance. They cant stop something that just keeps on coming.

    • melgibstein says:

      The entire European and American money system was hijacked by a bunch of nutjob lying murdering perverts. I keep that in mind to remind myself that the goal is simply only to get them the hell out. Let the dead bury the dead.

  2. Barney says:

    The key is to explain the debt-money scam. It would be easier if we could get control of the press, but the problem as I see it is that “the masses” will have difficulty in understanding the banking scam because it’s so much simpler than they expect.

    It’s like trying to explain a Vernier scale.

    People think it can’t possibly be that simple, but it is. They expect it to be complicated, so they close their minds to the truth.

    I keep trying to come up with a way of explaining the money scam, or the usury part at least, in just one or two sentences, but the best I’ve been able to come up with so far goes something like this,

    “If I had a unique product and I were to lend you ten of them at ten percent interest, where would you get another one to pay the interest?”

    It’s not good enough though. They’d miss the point. Most people nowadays don’t even understand what “unique” means, and they’d have trouble connecting that with governments pretending to “borrow” money from themselves and then charging the people compound interest forever.

    I mention governments pretending to borrow “from themselves” because that’s what the situation really is, or at least, that’s the way I see it. The money power is the real government, and their treason would never have been allowed unless they were already in control. The British “queen” may or may not be a biological jew, but we can be certain she’s the head of the “Rothschild” banking dynasty or it simply would not be allowed to continue.

    The kikenvermin were already in control here in Britain before they brought their accomplices over from Holland to establish their fraudulently-named bank “of England” and put one of their own on the British throne, and if the US hadn’t already been under Rothschild/Rockefeller control in 1913, a few traitors would never have been able to get away with the kind of trickery they used to establish the “Fed”. Their new “law” would have been overturned as soon as the Christmas break was over.

    This one scam is the key to their power. That’s how they were able to get control of the media, by having the sole right to create as much “money” as they wanted from nothing. If you’ve got a printing press in your basement, or nowadays a computer you can type silly numbers on and call it “money”, there’s nothing you can’t buy, and when you can charge “interest” (or “rent”) on something that doesn’t even exist, there’s nothing you can’t steal.

    People sometimes ask how every country can have a “national debt”, and if enough of them really understood the scam, the power of the jew bankers would end within a week and all those lamp posts would be groaning under the strain. The people are sheeple because they’re continually being lied to. Most aren’t stupid, just uninformed. I’m convinced that once enough people know the truth, they’ll do something about it.

    It’s all about the banks “gambling” with mysterious things called “derivatives” or borrowing too much” and similar nonsense, when the truth is that it’s all about the banks being able to create money from nothing and then charge interest that can never be paid because there’s no alternative source of money to pay that “interest”.

    Dishonest bloggers pretend to “explain” the “crisis” by blinding people with complicated lies, and too many blame us for “allowing” it to happen, conveniently overlooking the fact that “it” happened long before any of us were born. These are often the same people who say we should “vote them all out”.

    Who would you vote for? Stalin? Lenin? Marx? Bush? Obongo? Rabbi Schneerson? The game is fixed, FFS! You can’t vote for an honest politician because honest candidates aren’t selected. Whoever we “vote” for, the jews remain in power because they choose the candidates.

    Too many people try to appear “clever” by using terms they should know will confuse rather than enlighten, which is probably why they do it. Most people have heard the word “usury”, but very few understand what it means. On the internet we often come across the obscure word “oxymoron”. What’s wrong with saying “contradiction” or “blatant contradiction”? Similarly, we often come across the term “mind control”, something guaranteed to to drive the average reader/listener away. We know governments would like nothing better than to have total control over our minds, and are developing technology they hope with give them that direct control, but the public just switch off when they hear (or read) that term. What’s wrong with saying “perception control” or “perception management”? Better still, what’s wrong with more familiar terms like “propaganda” and “brainwashing”?

    K-I-S-S – Keep It Simple Stupid. If you want to get your message across, use language the people will both accept and understand. They don’t want obsolete terms like “usury” instead of the more familiar “interest”, and neither do they want images of mad scientists with mind-control rays when propaganda is something they can understand.

    I’m not criticising you Mel. You don’t do any of these things.

    If we could come up with just one or two simple sentences that would explain the banking scam in language a child could understand, the power of the jews would be over. If the people understand it, they’ll talk about it, and true awareness will spread like wildfire.

    • melgibstein says:

      I agree! The media has to go first so it can be explained to school kids so they can protest the lies they are being taught in the brainwashing schools.

      Getting a talk show somewhere on the internet is fine, but I am more concerned with replacing the main stream we have right now. Theyre all liars and traitors and simply going elsewhere is not enforcing our laws. The sheep just go along with the top echelon of Jews and their shoeshine boys. They need to be obliterated and by force if need be. This crap about “we cant violently overthrow them” is hogwash because nothing else works. We have lost our voices and when that time comes we are supposed to use our 2nd Amendment rights. Its so simple, as simple as the money scam. Our people arent stupid, most know they are being ripped off by Jews despite what Kevin MacDonald says. The problem is we dont have enough MEN to defend the truth and risk their lives. I dont mean blabbering at a Klan rally either, I mean taking over a media outlet and getting people off their duffs. That may sound harsh, but it aint gonna go away by itself. Just like changing a baby’s diaper.

    • melgibstein says:

      “Who would you vote for? Stalin? Lenin? Marx? Bush? Obongo? Rabbi Schneerson? The game is fixed, FFS! You can’t vote for an honest politician because honest candidates aren’t selected. Whoever we “vote” for, the jews remain in power because they choose the candidates.”

      DeNiro and Matt Damon did- so did Mikey Rivero and a laaaaaaatof Jews.

  3. Barney says:

    Me again, and this time it’s completely off-topic, or perhaps not.

    I’ve just learned Edgar J Steele has been sentenced to FIFTY YEARS for the thought-crime of telling the TRUTH about the kikenvermin and their pets!

    ZOG pretends it’s for supposedly hiring the thief Larry Fairfax to murder his wife and mother-in-law, but does anyone really believe that crap?

    Curt Maynard “shot himself in the head” with a rifle while driving at 65 miles an hour.

    Of course he f***ing did! Doesn’t everyone?

    You may have realised Mel that I’m f***ing livid!

    The devil’s gargoyles are taking our most effective truth-tellers out one at a time and it’s still too early to start shooting the bastards. Not for much longer though, I hope.

    • melgibstein says:

      They have been taking us out one at a time for centuries now. We either join together for the benefit of our people or we get destroyed. I believe that will eventually sink into the minds of White people everywhere. They are being taken to their knees and will have 2 choices. Fight and live or cower and die right in front of your kids. As I said before, we need a king, rally around him with a set amount of goals. 1. Take back our media 2. Take back our money 3. Take back our countries 4. Get rid of all Jews (sorry, but if you want the cancer gone it all has to go).

  4. Barney says:

    I agree Mel. You don’t cure a serious illness by “being kind” to the germs. That’s why I refer to myself as “anti-septic” rather than “anti-semitic”, which would only reinforce the big lie by calling the kikenvermin Semites, something they never were, not that it really matters except in exposing the big lie. They’re anti-Human, and that’s all that really matters.

    I’ve been thinking (for years really, but I think I could be getting somewhere at last), and perhaps we could try a different approach in explaining the debt-money scam.

    The central banks are usually referred to as not being a part of “the government”, but in following this approach, we’re falling into the trap the jews set for us.

    The banks are the (illegitimate) government, so perhaps it’s time we acknowledged this fact rather than endlessly repeat the fact that the Rothschild central banks are one private company/corporation/whatever. It seems to me that we don’t need to bother with this distinction, at least in the early stages. The banks are the government, and the puppet politicians are merely their employees.

    To try to explain the (non-existent) difference just complicates things by giving us another level of complexity when we’re trying to educate people who aren’t yet ready to take it all in.

    The Bank of England creates Britain’s money. The “Fed” creates America’s money. Neither would be allowed to operate independently of government (by which I mean no legitimate government would allow the country to be stolen by independent bankers). The public believes these are government institutions, and in reality they’re right. The bankers are the government.

    With that explanation (to the already aware) out of the way, we can simplify our argument to any awakening sheeple.

    The government creates our money and then charges us compound interest on it forever.

    That sums it up in one sentence. No complicated explanations necessary. We can supply the details as appropriate, but that should be enough to start the process in those who are ready. Another way of putting it might be,

    The government charges us interest on our own money.

    From that simple start, we can go on to explain that each county’s “national debt” is the interest “the government” pretends we owe them for the use of our own money.

    I’ve heard people ask who the “national debt” is owed to, so that should start some on the long path to awakening. We simply explain that the national debt is (supposedly) owed to “the government” by the people as compound interest on our own money.

    That’s 316 years of compound interest for the British and 98 years for the Americans. Every penny/cent the government spends is charged, at interest, to the people.

    There are those who can never be reached, but even here in ZOG-central (Britain) there’s a surprising amount of jew awareness. All the jew-aware need is a start, and those that can be saved, will be. The rest will just have to be written off as beyond salvation.

    • melgibstein says:

      “anti-septic” rather than “anti-semitic”

      I agree with you entirely, but I dont like the phrase “the government are the bankers or vice versa (that is what that crypto Celente is saying). The point people need to hear is the bankers are the government are the Jews are the sons of satan in shoe leather.

      I know you didnt mean it in that fashion however, but all this has to be kept in focus for the beginners and people who are just plain apt to be caught back up into the jew vacuum of lies. This issue is just one of dozens Jews are in complete control of and will simply just morph back into place like a lizard grows back its tail.

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