The Long Weekend

After the Passion of the Christ James Caviezel was supposedly never going to work in Hollywood again because of Jews, but he starred in at least 7 more movies and still going strong (7 more than I have starred in) since then. One I discussed on this site concerning the nose job he had in The “Stoning of Soraya M.”. When I told the lemmings that Caviezel had a nose job in “The Passion” nobody listened to me, but I was undoubtedly correct.
I saw Outlander, but didn’t think much about it, but of the destruction of Irish, Scottish, Nordic heritage. Hollywood is hell-bent on distorting the true past of the Celts, Saxons, Picts, White race, etc. If they portray Celtic history correctly it makes Jews into complete liars and that means no paycheck. So what these actors do is distort history any way they can and get paid for it (even if it is in a subtle fantasy way).
The Long Weekend
This movie is about a married couple in Australia who go on an outback camping trip and you gradually see why the wife is being a complete eh ehhh bitch to her husband (she had an abortion and didn’t tell her husband-Caviezel until years later). This movie is a remake from an earlier movie, but I am betting in the earlier movie the Caviezel character didn’t curse God in the same manner that he said “Ullahi, Ullahi, lamah sabactani.” as he did in “The Passion”. This was a complete distortion in itself, but for another day. Jesus never mouthed off at God, but in The Passion he did.
There were too many uncanny coincidences with The Passion in this movie to disregard not to even mention the snakes Caviezal runs into. Easter Im sure is a long weekend to Jews as well. Claudia Karvan imho is a Jewess in real life and was nailed to a tree by a spear gun as if she was nailed to a cross. Caviezal, his wife and dog have a very weird encounter with a Dugong or Manatee (sea cow) of the Pacific as well. Somehow the baby Dugong was killed and washed ashore while the mother or father Dugong cried out for it, then later on in the movie seemed to not die crawling right up to Caviezel’s camp site, although looking as if it were dead. Dugongs did have a significance in the Bible I found. Their skin was used to cover the Ark of the Covenant. In those days they were commonly found in the Red Sea and the coast of Africa.
Anyone that watches this movie that has seen The Passion will see the strange coincidences in it and one must ask why. The most peculiar fact regarding this movie was that it was produced by an Israeli footballer (soccer player- of all people) named Tal Ben Haim and Jamie Blancs (Hymie Weiss). Some may find this completely coincidental as they did when I told them Mel Gibson had an Israeli bodyguard, all Yenta co-stars, a Jew publicist, Jew agent (Rahm Emanuel’s brother- and don’t even look up what Emanuel means), but the really big facts are that he gave Jesus a hooked nose causing him to be racially related to Madeline Albright or Fagin and the fact that he misinterpreted ” My God My God Why hast though forsaken me?” from “Mission Accomplished”. Why would he claim he was foresaken when he knew exactly what he came to do? Makes as much sense as this movie.
Genesis, gentile, gentleman, generation,genitals, etc. all come from the root word “gene” as in Geneaology. The Bible has always been about genes ( the good genes and the bad genes). The good genes are for truth and all the good things God has given and the bad genes are against everything true and everything created by God. Take a guess which is which and who is who. It is’nt that hard to figure out. If you see someone trying to distort this simple truth he is not of the truth. You have to ask how Juda Maccabee will be portrayed (will he have a hooked nose too?). Mel Gibson was going to do a Holocaust movie for Disney, you think Disney will ever let me do one? If you are going to give Jesus a hooked nose at least give the so called Jewish women hooked noses too (all Mel’s co-stars in all his movies). They didn’t have nose jobs back then I’m sure.
Looks like Mel is dating another Yenta to me. I’m sure she was raised Methodist, however.
Note to any readers. This site goes haywire whenever I post on it nowadays. Sometimes it wont let me post pictures, sometimes the format is completely rearranged, punctuation doesnt show up as incorrect and my internet connection seems to take a dump on this site whenever I am uploading posts. This seems to happen only when I am posting on the internet about Jews (on several other sites as well).
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36 Responses to The Long Weekend

  1. Barney says:

    A question for you Mel, or for anyone else reading this. Perhaps you can answer it, perhaps not. I don’t suppose it really matters anyway. If it acts like a jew, smells like a jew … and all the rest of it.

    Would I be right in thinking that when jewish women have nose jobs, the gap between the tip of the (new) nose and the upper lip becomes unnaturally large?

    I ask because a lot of women presented as “beautiful” (who aren’t really) seem to have these excessively short noses as if the plastic surgeon has over-compensated, leaving that large gap above the top lip.

    Easy answer. If in doubt, kick it out.

    • melgibstein says:

      Looks like you and me, bub. The lemmings are too chicken to call a Jew a Jew. Theres always an excuse.

    • melgibstein says:

      As far as spotting Jews as you know it comes from experience. I have about 10 different things I look for. The number one thing I let direct me is my spirit (its right 99% of the time even if it isnt revealed until 20 years later). I grew up around a plethora of different Jews and I have a memory of them that just never left. Many times Jews just remind me of one of them by their eyes, noses, head shape, jaw shape, fat lower lip, skinny shins, reptilian skin, nervous hair, skin tone, general aura, but the number one clincher always comes out when they open their mouths (gators). Too many people are trying to make it fashionable to go out and find a Jew to trust. These morons dont understand (or they do) that this is exactly why the world is in the mess that its in. They will praise Atzmon and in the next sentence claim Hitler was a Jew (makes no sense whatsoever). Look for the hypocrisy because a Jews story never adds up. There is always something waiting to be knocked down into the dunking tank.
      The bottom line is….would you leave your kids alone with a Jew? Then why try and convince us some Jew is telling the truth?
      You are correct- Jews are all over the truther movement lying as usual.

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  3. Barney says:

    Quote “When folks check the search engines….there I am.”

    That’s what matters Mel. Keep spreading the truth, and sooner or later it’s going to happen. You’re one among many, but you’re one of the best (that’s my opinion anyway).

    Too many sites aren’t what they seem, but your message is consistent.

    With so many “bait” sites exposing themselves, traffic can only improve. I used to find more than enough on line to keep me occupied all day. Now it’s just the odd half hour a few times a day, but at least what little I do find is quality.

    • melgibstein says:

      Thanks for noting that. There wont be any change in my tune, but the lemmings dont care about that. The lemmings want Atzmon and Rivero and Peter Schiff, etc. Every so called truther out there has to have Jews to praise. Sabrosky is an ex Marine and a Jew (a reason to honor him and not the 99.99% white American Marines). Rivero has a website unfettered by Jews, all the bells and whistles, lights, videos and the lemmings just cant get enough of it. David Duke is kissing Black behind (that makes me a hater now because I didnt put Blacks on a pedestal over my own), Jewish behind, but rarely comments on the white folk out there busting their backs getting the message out because these types want to be the leaders to lead us right back into the same Jew cesspool and too much unity with others may lead whites to actually DO SOMETHING and they dont want that to happen. Im so damned sick of it.

      Jews made it look as if whites brought black slaves to America because we couldnt make it on our own when it was Jews (who weaseled into our damned SCHOOLBOOKS to distort this) and these gutless fools are honoring Jews. If you cant feel that in your gut, if it doesnt make you want to puke, you are no truther and no speaker for the white race- you are a Jew sympathizer and traitor (as far as Im concerned). I have no need for any of them. Mel Gibstein is now a hater, no Mel Gibstein knows snakes when he sees or hears them- period.

      And another thing…you wont see me claiming its the end of the world or that UFO’s are surrounding the sun or anything weird either. I am focused on Jews and Jews alone (and they are the elephant in the room and always have been). Oh yeah, one more thing, I’m not related to any Jews, no Jew kids, no divorcee yentas- nothing!

  4. melgibstein says:

    You have to wonder whats going through Caviezel’s head when he is being given a hooked nose in the make-up room. There are one of two things he could be thinking.
    1. Jesus was a jew so he should have a hooked nose and his mother and crypto jewess Bellucci should remain whitish looking (or crypto-ish looking). In other words no thought was even put into the Bible whatsoever if they missed these humungous points.
    2. It was a complete Jew scam like all the other Jew Bible movies whether they be by Cecille B Demille directing or some Ashkenazi portraying Jesus or a Telly Savalas Donmeh Sephardic Jew playing anyone but Herod or Esau.

    You dont mess around with Biblical history unless you know what occurred and its obvious they either do not or they do and lie as Jews always do. Its why you will never hear a Rabbi actually discuss the Bible. I once debated a Rabbi on the Bible about the Talmud and many other things on local radio (it made my local newspaper). Of course it called me a hater and and anti semite because I questioned a Rabbi (so they could never have a reason for another debate) even though the next 6 calls were all on my side and then turned to complete Jew slander. Everything I questioned him on I was right on so it occurred to me back then (long ago) that this is going to be a tough climb with the Jews control of the media. Why we arent overthrowing this Jew lie machine is beyond me- the lemmings are follwing the jews somewhere else as usual.

    • melgibstein says:

      The patriot inaccuracies-
      The character of Benjamin Martin was originally meant to be The Swamp Fox, Francis Marion, but for the sake of telling the best ‘dramatic’ story and perhaps avoiding some controversy, the filmmakers fictionalized the character and the story. They then added elements of the historic figures of Elijah Clarke, Brigadier General Daniel Morgan, Andrew Pickens and Thomas Sumter to the character of Benjamin Martin. Such a move also covered for the historical inaccuracies that always appear in films.

      Benjamin Martin is the central character of the film since the film focuses on the Martin family, of which Benjamin is the patriarch. However he isn’t THE Patriot. That title belongs to his son, Gabriel. Benjamin is a man who has been through war before with the French and Indian War and has a large family to care for now. Since his wife, Elizabeth died of illness in 1773, he is a single parent when war begins. As such his family is his priority and, as he tells Colonel Harry Burwell, his convictions are secondary, so he sits out the beginning of the war.

      However, the actions of his oldest sons, Gabriel and Thomas, force him to join the fight not so much out of patriotism, but in an effort to protect and keep as much of his family together as he can. Benjamin also seems to be motivated by revenge which cultimates in his duel with the British officer responsible for both Gabrial and Thomas’ deaths. The backdrop of war is an extreme case, but many of Benjamin Martin’s decisions and personal sacrifices are common to all parents.

      A Jew points out what I pointed out about “The patriot” years ago, but he doesnt mention that Benji himself may very well have been a Jew who fought only for selfish Jew reasons as the Bielski brothers did in the woods of Poland.

      Gabe and Benji have to make you think. Gabe, Benji and Mel sounds like a barmitzvah to me.

      Here is the Jew article about “The Patriot”

      Jews can tell the most truth when there is a big fat lie involved.

      “Aim small miss small”- Jews love that one. You see its just that easy (just think of shooting them in the jugular vein where they butcher all their animals). Unfortunately there is much more to it (are you killing, murdering your brothers or the true enemy?). Mel was focused on his brothers apparently. You see keeping the hatred amongst the Irish, English, Scottish, Americans, Germans and leaving those satanic Jews out is so Jewish you can smell it. Its all meant to divide and never to unify.

      South Carolina and the Jew slave trade go way back and these rich kikes made rank fast because of their money and not their gallant actions in war. South Carolina/Georgia have been Jew slave havens long before the Civil and Revolutionary wars.

      His grandparents were Benjamin and Judith Baluet Marion of French Huguenot origin,[2] and Anthony and Esther Baluet Cordes. His parents Gabriel and Esther had six children: Esther, Isaac, Gabriel, Benjamin, Job and Francis.

      Marion was born at his family’s plantation in Berkeley County, South Carolina, probably in 1732. The family’s youngest son, Francis was a small boy with malformed legs, but he was restless, and at about 15 years old he joined the crew of a ship and sailed to the West Indies. During Marion’s first voyage, the ship sank, supposedly after a whale rammed it (uh huh). The seven-man crew escaped in a lifeboat and spent a week at sea before they drifted ashore. After the shipwreck, Marion decided to stick to land, managing his family’s plantation until he joined the South Carolina militia at 25 to fight in the French and Indian War.

      Read more:

  5. melgibstein says:

    Here is what Jews think of Thomas Sumter (taken right out of Wiki)
    Early life

    Thomas Sumter was born near Charlottesville in Hanover County, Virginia in 1734. His father, William Sumter was an emigrant from Wales who operated a mill. Given a rudimentary education, Sumter enlisted in the Virginia militia, and served in the disastrous 1755 Braddock Expedition. [b]Thomas Sumter is a gay prostitute because his ghost and spirit still lives on.[/b]

    The Jews must not have liked Sumter for some reason or another- the jury is still out on him.
    They mention him as a gay prostitute a couple of times. Nowhere else is that written that I can find. Lets see how fast this is changed on wiki. Dated 11/5/11

  6. GTRman says:

    Hi Mel and Barney . I’ll second this :

    ” I used to find more than enough on line to keep me occupied all day. Now it’s just the odd half hour a few times a day, but at least what little I do find is quality. ”

    Jews are all over UK telly nowadays , it was never this blatant before .

    Everything is now jewish , from the head of the F.A. ( Football Association : Burnstein ), jewesses presenting shows ( Levine , Feltz , Winkleman , Klein , Maitliss ,Solomon , Nurdin , etc etc etc , the heads of BBC1 , BBC2 , ITV , Channel 4 and 5 , all jews , Radio 4 ,non-stop holocaust propaganda , only this morning ( Sunday ) Ive noted a politics “debate ” show , where an Angela Epstein from the jewish Chronicle was the chosen guest to discuss remembrance poppies ( she of course got the conversation straight to the bollockaust , Hitler , and Naaaaazis ..), over on BBC2 a dumb cooking / magazine show presented by non-too-bright jew Louise Redknapp , over on BBC1 again , “The Pollitics Show ” fronted by jew Jon Sopel ……it’s only lunchtime ..

    Keep up the good work , Mel .

  7. melgibstein says:

    “Jews are all over UK telly nowadays , it was never this blatant before .”

    Thank you G-man. Our media in America is a damned stinking bagel shop with 3 week old creamed cheese still all over the bagel cutting block. Its a damned abomination and the lemmings just wont say a word. How can anyone go into the military these days with this complete takeover of our media? We are getting nothing but Jewish fables. What we all need to do is unite against one thing and then another and another. The first thing needs to be the Jew media, then the Jew money, then the Jew mob, etc. How people can live with such Jewish crap coming over the airwaves to their families is just sickening to me and the internet radio hosts are obviously making zero headway.

    Many of these internet warriors are redirecting the blame to Americans (Whites) and Europeans and at the same time directing their unhappiness against Israel (well some of Israel) (some of some of Israel). They just jump in the drivers seat and drive everyone right over the cliff. Thats why no Jew should ever be a spokesman for us. What we need is a king, someone who wants Jews completely out of our lives and enough people to rally around him (preferably not a jew). No I am not volunteering, but if nobody else will I guess Im gonna have to. Thats the only way we will ever clean up our countries. This democracy crap is completely corrupted. We need a Longshanks.

  8. GTRman says:

    Oh , I forgot : even Sherlock Holmes is kosher now :

    Anthony Horowitz reopens the Sherlock Holmes casebook
    By Tim Masters
    Entertainment and arts correspondent, BBC News

    Anthony Horowitz has written a string of best-selling children’s books, including the Alex Rider series
    Continue reading the main story
    Related Stories
    Why Sherlock is still sleuthing
    Sherlock Holmes’ enduring popularity
    Anthony Horowitz explains why he was so keen to resurrect Sherlock Holmes – 81 years after the death of his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    “I’m not an arrogant person by nature, but in this case I just knew I could do it,” says Anthony Horowitz.

    The best-selling author is talking about his novel, The House of Silk – a brand new Sherlock Holmes adventure for 21st century readers.

    It is the first time a Sherlock Holmes story has been officially sanctioned by the Conan Doyle estate.

    • melgibstein says:

      Mr Akira, thank you for your comments which are always welcome. Many will find it offensive what I say, but I remain consistent. I dont trust Fisher even if he is telling the truth because he is a Jew. I am a fisherman and I know that in order to catch a fish you have to convince it that it is what it wants and it is never true- never.

      Many people have been ensnared by Jews and my policy is to not trust any of them- ever.

      That will always be my policy even if a jew saves my life. My life is not worth my ancestors or descendants lives (frankly I would rather die). Fisher should or should have convinced his own people to be moral not my people to (thats what you and I are here for).

  9. Barney says:

    GTRman – Good to see you.

    That Claudia Winkleman creature looks blind to me. Those downward-sloping eyes are certainly not Human, and it seems to have to tilt it’s head back to be able to see anything.

    Btw, be careful with the electric jew (tv). These “modern” flat screen sets have a much greater light output than the old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) ones. and those flashes can really hurt the eyes. It would be interesting to “single-frame” some of those broadcasts, especially things like “The X-Factor” and certain adverts, to see what subliminal messages are hidden in those blinding flashes.

    Keep your “They Live” sunglasses handy.

    Unless they’ve changed the law, those flashes are technically illegal because of the danger to epileptics, but who cares about “legality” and public safety any more? Hide your (illegal) subliminal message in (illegal) brain-numbing flashes. If you’ve got enough money and a hooked nose you can do anything (for now).

    Some people claim to have found cameras hidden behind the screen, and a friend of mine has one that switches to standby if it decides there’s no-one watching (even when there is). How would it “know” that if it didn’t have a built-in camera?

    Also, see this

    Ken Adachi (Educate Yourself) does cover a certain amount of “silly season” stuff, but as he says, take what makes sense to you and ignore the rest. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true though.

    Radio fairyland (BBC Sussex) was inviting people to ‘phone in today to say whether, if they needed a transfusion, they’d accept blood from a queer, as if we’d ever be told where the blood came from, and as always, the only “acceptable” answer was “yes”.

    Funny how you can have a “debate” with only one side allowed, but that’s like the holy hoax. You can say what you like as long as you avoid telling the truth.

    Even in the 1950s, people would say “It’s a free country. You can do what you like as long as you do what you’re told”. Now they drop all pretence that it’s anything resembling a “free country”. You can say what you like as long as it’s 100% pre-approved BS.

    Btw, for what it’s worth, I don’t like your new avatar, Cannibal. It looks like a queer to me. I’m sure it isn’t, but when your eyes are as bad as mine …

  10. GTRman says:

    Barney , I listened to a similar ” debate ” about queers giving blood on Five Live or Jeremy Vine.

    There is simply NO DEBATE on UK TV or radio , just entertainment / propaganda fodder for dumbos OF ALL CLASSES. Why for example couldnt the BBC have a discussion show , let’s call it ” Anything Goes ” , that lasts for , say , 5 hours ?

    They could but they wont .

    It would certainly be a darn sight better than , say ” Talk Yiddish ” , oops I mean TalkSport , a station that sneakily pretends to represent the ” White Van Soccer Fan ” geezer , whilst all the presenters have names like Goldberg , Goldstein , Jacobs , Gold , etc etc ….

  11. GTRman says:

    Cannibal :

    Bobby Fischer , God bless him .

    “Bobby Fischer Against the World (2011)”
    Genre: Biography , Documentary

  12. GTRman says:

    I love well-written and performed ” pop and rock ” music of all kinds.

    My ” Holohoax Hypothesis is simple :

    Dont you think Lieber and Stoller , or Goffin / King , or Neil fucking Sedaka , or even Barry motherfrickin Manilow would have penned at least 3 ALBUMS WORTH of weepy yiddish dirges dedicated to that ” dark moment in history ” ?

    And , instead of “Westerns ” , Hollywood would have been churning out weepy melodramas since about , oh , 1948 ????

    Bob Dylan would have churned out at least 6 records…

  13. melgibstein says:

    Who is the mystery blonde Mel is dating? Its an Afghani brunette now
    Its just too much Jew Hollywood crap!
    Not one of these pictures shows this woman as a blonde.

    One thing is for sure- the Catholic church would never approve of Mel (old or new).

  14. John says:

    Really like the articles Mel. I was wondering if you’ve ever considered doing one on the movie Law Abiding Citizen. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I assure you that it started off with a great story and had a totally ruinous ending. It would have been a great film if I had made it. But alas, it was made in Jewlywood, so of course it ended the way it did.

    • melgibstein says:

      Thank you John. Someone told me to watch that movie a while back and I will be honest with you, from what I remember it was done with little thought and if I recall made to look like comic book stuff. Give me a shot at a real Hollywood movie without the kikes about what is going on in the world today and I guarantee you it wont be corny, comic bookish and will knock even my own socks off when its completed with truth we never see on the big or little screens.

      • Barney says:

        I can’t stomach anything out of hollyweird nowadays. Back in the early 1960s, even young kids thought crap like “Batman” was total crap, too infantile even for infants. Now sheeple of all ages rave about how “good” stuff like that – and worse – is.

        So bad it’s good? What kind of idiot-speak is that? Bad is bad. Worse is worse. It can never be so bad that reality turns back on itself and crap becomes any less foul.

        They even push “the Blair witch project” as something “great”, when the truth is that it’s a “great” steaming pile of something you wouldn’t want to put your foot in. One camera and a torch waving about in the dark, and not a sign of Cherie (the real Blair witch). I actually tried to watch this crap several years ago, but couldn’t stand the lunacy long enough to find out whether it had a story.

        It seems all hollyweird can produce nowadays is endless recycled propaganda and badly-drawn (computer-generated) cartoons with graphic quality that’s hardly improved since the days of the old Commodore 64, despite vastly increased computing power. They can’t even make a “dinosaur” move it’s mouth in a realistic way, yet sheeple will pay a ridiculous amount to see what these imaginary creatures might have looked like according to the sick mind of some kike.

        Dinosaurs may have existed, but most “dinosaur skeletons” seem to me to have been built up from a single bone-shaped piece of flint, and even if they did exist, reptiles (other than jews) don’t walk upright with their fore-limbs dangling uselessly. Has anyone ever seen a crocodile doing that?

        Make that truthful film about how things really are though, and I’ll be first in the queue. I won’t care what it costs. I’ll be there.

  15. melgibstein says:

    You have no reply tag on your post (at least now). Must mean we are supposed to stop or something.
    Have you seen “Cropsey”? Jews pop up in the background as usual.

    Jews love Batman, Superman etc. I used to have Jews on my baseball teams (they sucked of course), but when I or others hit home runs, scored etc, the jews always screamed in victory the loudest as if they were “champions”. They are mental defects without shame.

    • GTRman says:

      I heard on the radio today that every episode of ” Seinfeld ” features Superman , somewhere . Those fuckers exist on fiction like we breathe oxygen .

  16. GTRman says:

    John , if you explore this site and the comments , you will find my synopsis of ” Law Abiding Citizen ” . It is indeed a masterclass in Unholywood Bullshit : All whites ( including the “hero ” are psychopathic rapists , and sadistic killers . All blacks are lawyers , district attourneys , judges , etc . Jews keep a low profile .

    Lots of yiddish “moral relativism ” : The ” hero ” disects a man while keeping him alive as long as possible : ” First I’m going to cut off your arms , then your legs , then your penis …”

    It’s all jewish poison and I wont let it into my brain anymore except as an ” observer ” .

    I now believe that Hollywood does indeed produce “Predictive Programming ” : ie , getting you used to something so when it happens it’s no big deal . When ” Minority Report ” showed us retina / iris scans , it was ” Sci-Fi ” . A year or two later its commonplace .

    There’s a new movie out now where ” time is money ” , and they show us the “mark of the beast” tattooed bar-codes on the wrist . It’s coming .


    Mel , what ‘s your take on this Charles Gulliani and Oracle in general ? Real or fake ?

    [audio src="" /]

    • melgibstein says:

      Mel , what ‘s your take on this Charles Gulliani and Oracle in general ? Real or fake ?

      [audio src="" /]
      I’ll take him for the short haul and then drop him. He thinks Jesus, Hitler and God are Jews, all his callers seem to be Jews (the good ones of course ehhh) and he believes in Satan. I dont know who is gonna fight Satan do you? I dont think he’d like me much.
      I thought it was Giu liani?

    • John says:

      That’s a pretty accurate synopsis. When I first heard about it, I really liked the idea of a guy taking on the sickeningly corrupt JEWdicial system by force, but of course it turned out to be another Hollyweird crapfest. And the ending. My God. It was as if they were saying,”Yes, we know the system is corrupt and evil. We like it that way. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

      Yeah, that movie you’re talking about is called “In Time”, starring Justin Timberfag. The mark is indeed coming. It’ll probably have something to do with the Verichip. In a way, the mark has been around for a long time already. Anytime you buy anything with a UPC bar code on it, the UPC scanner has to look for the number 666 first before it can scan the item. If you look at the bars on the left, right, and middle, they are all the same.

  17. GTRman says:

    Mel , there’s a bunch of us that love your site and would like to bump up your traffic and get the comments section buzzing. That OK with you ?

    @ Hofflandia

  18. GTRman says:

    I humbly offer an ( as far as I know ) original gag . Far may it fly :

    ” I’ve just had to cancel my workshop , ” Jews Against Usury ” , due to lack of interest ..”


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