The Dead Zone

There is a movie called “Cycle of Violence” eh ehhh the Dead Zone I would like to focus on today. I saw a “Boys in the Hood” type movie once and they kept saying that they must “stop the cycle of violence” over and over and over again, but the truth is they don’t know where the cycle begins, ends or spins around right under their noses and wont admit even if they knew. That area today I will refer to as “The Dead Zone” because it is indeed dead. Not a soul will discuss it because it involves Jews, money and all other wonderful things this dynamic duo brings forth to humanity whether it be in the hood or the suburbs and everything Jews touch with their grubby little hands.
“The Dead Zone” can be anywhere Jew media talk show hosts exist, in the Christian churches, books, newspapers, Hollywood, literally anywhere the Jew subject just drops off a wet Marrano spaghetti plate. There is a “Dead Zone” in the minds of most people in the world and if you want to know what that is just try explaining the Talmud (of course find out what it is first) to a stranger and watch their eyes turn to stone like some kind of a zombie in a “Night of the Living Dead” movie.
Try talking about the Talmud to a Jew and as usual things are opposite. Have you ever brought up the Talmud with a Jew? I have many times and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the subject gets changed. Sometimes I even forget myself what I was saying knowing full well the subject would get changed drastically fast.
“The Dead Zone” does exist between the ears of all people who don’t seek the truth and never have I seen it in anyone but. There are people who appear to be normal and rational, but put the truth right out in front of their noses and they can’t smell it, taste it, see it or feel it. They have been waxed gross exactly like the innocent Christians in the Eastern Bloc countries of Europe. Something went through them and ripped their souls right out of their sockets. It is not unlike a Sci Fi movie, in fact Sci Fi movies that portray this kind of behavior are not Sci Fi at all. The No Spin Zone could easily be called the Dead Zone on the O’Reilly Factor. The media is one big Dead Zone and without the internet we may still be in that zone ourselves if not declared insane and committed.
How will this so called cycle of violence ever be stopped? Blacks in the hood want to know, Arabs and Muslims want to know, Europeans want to know  (that means Americans too). I’m not sure that Jews want to know because wherever they are it seems to always be. In case you are in the Dead Zone you will not understand the solution, but perhaps some day you will. The solution is the same as it ever was and the same as it will be. Expel the Jews like they have been expelled over 100 times before. Jews are the Dead Zone and you aren’t going to truly live with them around or truly die. Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.
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