The history of holidays like Halloween (holy days) hold the keys to Europe’s past and I don’t mean into paganism I mean into pre Christianity. Everything was paganism before Christianity except the Old Testament. Is this to say Jews were the only non pagans in the world in those days? I think not. I think they were pagans then and still pagans. How psychotic is it for people to be celebrating Hanukkah when they are the most mixed racial people in the world? Think about it. Halloween is for the last thousand and a half years been about defeating Satan and praising the fallen fighters against Satan’s minions. Can anybody out there tell me who that might be (Satans minions I mean)?
Today Halloween means Hershey’s chocolate candies. Jews have nothing to do with Halloween (the good side of it) or chocolate or saints or Christianity/ Catholicism or anything whatsoever to do with it except the enemies of it, but they sell all the candy that day and frankly every day nowadays. Want to see a movie about Halloween? Michael Meyers will be waiting for you upstairs with a butcher knife.
Halloween no longer praises the saints who died for good to triumph over evil. Halloween is a Celtic holiday that was adopted by Rome and not the other way around. The Irish and Scottish held on to it and it was continued on because it represented good over evil. What Jewish holidays represent good over evil? Some of the saints were ritually murdered by Jews and all of Germany, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Poland, England, Scotland, France, Hungary, Russia, Croatia, Australia, etc. knew what had happened. Today we know about Hershey’s chocolates and Jew movies.
Halloween was a time to honor the fallen saints (Catholic or not) who gave their lives for their fellow people whether they were martyr’s or gave all their time and devotion to good over evil. I think its time we brought that true definition of Halloween back and to hell with the people who say its pagan to do so.
Somehow the evil side of Halloween has become the celebrated side and who do any of you think that could be? At the same time they corrupt the entire meaning of Halloween and what it has been for many hundreds of years. Its another day we have simply given up to be nice to the only people in the world who could possibly be offended by it, Jews. Jews carried out the ritual murders, Jews killed the apostles, Jews infiltrated our money systems and media, Jews brought Blacks and slavery to our lands, Jews run the porn and abortion industry perverting our land beyond belief, Jews have corrupted our true history, corrupted our churches, etc. There is nothing the Jews create. In my opinion God creates and the Jew destroys, we just sit back and allow them.
Look at everything once good in European tradition and it has been trashed by Jews. Who needs to hold the door for a woman when Jews can use their stolen money to create automatic door openers so Jews don’t have to hold the door for an unattractive shiksa. Who needs to help an old lady across the street with automatic street crossing lights? Who needs the white mans traditions of being men when it isn’t needed?
Some have said that Saint Patrick’s day used to have nothing to do with corned beef until the Jews took over the butcher shops in Ireland. You think that’s ridiculous? Look at your Halloween candy again.
America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the world needs to start calling a Jew a bloody Jew or we will reap the wrath the saints gave their lives to protect against. Jews wont stop what they do ever. I had an old friend who knew the Jew when he was 10 years old. He used to say they will keep smiling even after they are tarred and feathered. This friend of mine who said this was one of the most honorable people I have ever known in my life. Jews will indeed smile and never blush right until the end. The only Halloween costume you should ever know every day in your life is who those people are and who they aren’t.


The noun is from the Old English adjective hálig, nominalized as se hálga “the holy man”. The Gothic word for “holy” is either hailags or weihaba, weihs. “To hold as holy” or “to become holy” is weihnan, “to make holy, to sanctify” is weihan. Holiness or sanctification is weihia. Old English like Gothic had a second term of similar meaning, weoh “holy”, with a substantive wih or wig, Old High German wih or wihi (Middle High German wîhe, Modern German Weihe). The Nordendorf fibula has wigiþonar, interpreted as wigi-þonar “holy Donar” or “sacred to Donar”. Old Norse is a type of shrine. The weihs group is cognate to Latin victima, an animal dedicated to the gods and destined to be sacrificed.

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