666 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Bacon is the subject of the trivia game titled Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, based on the idea that, due to his prolific screen career covering a diverse range of genres, any Hollywood actor can be linked to another in a handful of steps based on their associations with Bacon. The name of the game derives from the idea of six degrees of separation.
I have a new game, it’s called “Find the Jew in the movie with Kevin Bacon” or any other movies for that matter. Jews make up supposedly somewhere around 2 % of the population and they are literally in every movie being produced out there today and in the last 50 years at least. Mel Gibson couldn’t even do a movie about Jesus (Christianity) without putting Edomite or Canaanite Jews into the movie acting as the first Christians (Ashkenazi’s and Marrano’s). No Edomites (Idumeans) were even mentioned in the movie as such. As if it played no part in those days and now he is doing a movie about the Maccabees’? You already know that somehow, someway Jesus ends up with a hooked nose and the so called Jewish women do not.
Why does Hollywood have to be completely dominated by Jews? Are Christians incapable of doing a movie without the 2% antichristians in the world today? Would we lose quality without Jews and Jewish behavior by having 100% Christian movies? Why aren’t Chinese people in every movie or Iranians or Muslims etc.? It’s always got to have the Jew seal of approval whether it’s a scam movie or not. Jews are now asking the question “Is Mel Gibson Good for the Jews?”. I thought Jews hated him and he lost his career. It didn’t happen folks..
Why do Jews seem to swarm around Hollywood like they do our news media, grocery stores and the plethora of other things if not to control them? Are people completely blind to this? How is it Christians allow the people who steal our names, traffic in drugs to our kids, swindle our money, pervert our world with porn (you know the list) continue to go on? Are they so bamboozled that they can’t snap themselves out of it? Why is that? It is because Jews are in complete control of the media from top to bottom? The only “occupy” rally I want to see is the occupation of the media by honest people who can call it what it is “a den of Jew vipers”.
Jews make movies to distort truth and own the media for the same reason. You see they can openly lie about us (everyone else) in their movies, but we can’t tell the truth about them in ours (so pathetic). Look at all of these Jew movies about history and not one of them is true. Movies about Christ are completely distorted that omit pertinent facts. Movies about slavery are portrayed to blame Whites. War movies always leave out the Jewish aspects deliberately (the ones that instigated the war). When will we see a movie about what Jews did to Germany (the other side of the story) or what Jews did to Russia, etc.? There is absolutely no opposition to all of the Jewish fables and somehow we go on each day as if nothing has happened.
Everywhere you look today, whether it be movies, TV, sports, at the checkout counter it is a constant barrage of Jewish trash. None of it should be acceptable in the least to White Christian culture and blatantly rejected as such. This trash is poison to our culture. It is destroying us from the inside out. Unless people break the mold and tell it like it is about Jewish behavior evil will triumph. Its obvious the churches are controlled who are not speaking out about racial issues or even the antichrist Jewish evil that has permeated our land. They appear to welcome it as a long lost friend. The government agencies are completely controlled by Jewish influence and Jewish money so don’t look to them for a solution. Occupying the media will lead to expulsion of Jews and whether you hate me for this or not it is what it will eventually come down to (or you will simply be eliminated). It’s up to you, but take this into account, throughout time your ancestors have fought this battle for you, they died for you, risked everything they owned for you and your children. You owe them far more than you owe Jews who are making a cesspool out of your lands.
Its time to take off the gloves. Expelling Jews for ruining countries is one of the most common acts in history. If you think it is unusual to want to expel Jews you are sadly mistaken. You can see why your ancestors had to do what they did repeatedly. If you are happy bringing up children in America today you are a rare breed. Either tell the truth and survive or shut up and die. If there was ever a time to defeat the beast it is right now. It is going to have to start by getting the truth out into the main stream and that means this media is going to have to get the hint that they are traitorous enemies of America and treated as such with no hesitation. The damage they have already done under the direction of this 666 degrees of Kevin Bacon is already treason by omission of Jew crime. They have cut off freedom of speech entirely and made it into a Jewish carnival. It needs to be burned down along with the Fed and everything else Jewish in our country today. Not one of these spineless actors are defending free speech in America today. They only protect their own sodomizing, molesting, raping, lying brethren like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg.
The present media needs to disappear or we will.
My apologies for having to keep repeating this.
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19 Responses to 666 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

  1. no cigar says:

    Mel, This is a video of a man trying to speak the truth at the occupy San Diego rally. As soon as he touches the topic everyone needs to hear he gets booed and shouted down.


    • melgibstein says:

      Mikey Rivero is proud that Jews are occupying Wall Street during their high holy chicken swinging time of year (Yom Kippur-when they are forgiven all their lies to the goyim for the year ahead).
      You see Jews are against Jews too and Mikey Rivero is for Jews against Jews (getta bucket). I mean it is Jews we are supposed to be demonstrating against isnt it? They run the Federal Reserve everyone is mad at, but they arent willing to call it what it is, a crime and that the perpetrators should be hanged for treason.
      They hate the media, but they dont see that the media is entirely Jew controlled. We are supposed to believe it isnt because they say it isnt.
      They want to re-investigate 9/11 because they want us to think White Christians did it not Jews (antisemitic).
      They want the borders closed, wars stopped, Wall Street crushed, jobs back from the illegal invaders, yet Jews are rarely mentioned.
      Until the needle is pinned directly on the Jew donkey (or elephant) Jews will just use it as the putz, Mel Gibsons agents brother Rahm Emanuel likes to say, to dupe the dumb goyim again. Never pass up a good crisis (especially when you cause them all).
      You would think the spell check would recognize the word “goyim” by now, but the computer would then be antisemitic.

    • 正教会の智 says:

      John Friend is a Kike, all kiked up with the Kike Azaziah and all the other Kikes at The Ugly Kike site of Ugly Glenn & His Jew Crew.

      “Occupy Wall Street / The World!” is a Kikefest extraordinaire.

  2. no cigar says:

    New York jews were key players in the “Russian” revolution. A whole slew of them changed their names and entrenched themselves in soviet state power, plundering, raping, and murdering Russians at will. Jews ruled supreme and still do. A mere unsubstantiated accusation of anti-semitism could be punished by execution or death by gulag. No non-jewish Russian was safe and unknown millions were disappeared into mass graves..

    History repeats and once again it’s New York jews calling for revolution, this time in America. The results will be as disastrous for white Christian Americans as for White Russian Christians. Possibly worse.

    Here’s an article about Occupy’s hidden leaders.


    Many occupy wall street protestors are wealthy college students who are children of the 1%

    Grab your bucket, mel.


    • melgibstein says:

      Yes I am quite aware of the Jewish Bolshevick attempted genocide of White Russia. They do this wherever they go.

    • 正教会の智 says:

      Tarpley Schmarpley is a pathetic kike-sucker, who goes on and on about the NAZIS! and FASCISTS who run Fourth Reich AmeriKKKa, and says he’s opposed to all sorts of antishemitism and any talk of the kikishness of Wall Street.

  3. Flanders says:

    Great post, Mel. You definately know “show business”. Keep hammering home the message that jew media must go. You are very correct that if the jews continue to control the media, then all Americans and Whites everywhere are in extreme danger. Media is the center of power around which all of the other scams, deceits, and treachery’s of the jews revolve.

    I hope you don’t object, but I stole your posting and placed it here:


    The message was just too good to pass by.

  4. Flanders says:

    Mel, I have Abe’s viewing schedule. He’s watching jewish sadohomoerotica wherein a fat and froggy looking creep is beaten after attempting fellatio on German guards after being informed on by a dude named “Soros”. I don’t know where his fixation came from, but I think he got the link somewhere below:


    Keep up your great work!

  5. 正教会の智 says:

    1. Kev Bacon was a rentboy in Kike Ollie Stone’s “JFK”.

    2. Kike Ollie Stone also directed “Wall Street”, starring the Sheenie kikes and Kike Mike Douglas.

    3. Kike Mike Douglas was in the Kike-written-produced-and-directed “A Perfect Murder”, in which he plotted to kill his wife played by Kikess Gwyneth Paltrow.

    4. The Kikess Paltrow of course acted in numerous Kike-flicks — “The Talented Mr Ripley”, produced by the Kikes Pollack, Zaentz, Pilcher and Horberg — the Kike Marvel Kike-fest “Iron Man”, written by that fat Kike who was on the Kikes’ “Sopranos” show, and starring Kike Bob Downey — but let’s go with Kike Chuck Wessler’s “Shallow Hal” starring Kike Jack Black, Kikess Gwyneth Paltrow and Kike Jason Alexander (i.e. Kike Jay Greenspan).

    5. Kike Jason Alexander (i.e. Kike Jay Greenspan) was in “The Mosquito Coast”, starring Kike Harrison Ford and Kike River Bottom (“River Phoenix”). Kike Ford of course appeared in muliple Kike prrrawdakshuns — Kike Polanski’s “Frantic”, Kike Pakula’s “Presumed Innocent” and “The Devil’s Own”, Kike Pollack “Sabrina”, Kike Nichols’ “Regarding Henry” and numerous Kike-Spiiiiielberg prrrawdakshuns. Kike “Phoenix” grew up in the Kike Dave Berg’s “Children of God” kike-cult (now known as “The Family International”.

    6. Kike River Bottom/”Phoenix” fucked Kevin Bacon.

  6. GTRman says:

    Let’s not forget that Bacon played a pedo in ” The Woodsman ” , where we are encouraged to sympathise with the creep .

    • melgibstein says:

      Now that you mention it, he very often portrays some sort of perv. Im sure thats no accident.
      I’d be spooked if I had to wake up next to that yenta he married. Makes my skin crawl.

  7. ipad tilbud says:

    Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any recommendations?

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont call it work. Sweating my schmekel off doing something I dont want to do for someone I dont like, getting little fiat paper is work. This is not work to me, this is like going for a jog or a bike ride. I do it because we all have to be on the same page if we are ever going to overcome this. If whites keep accepting usury we will all pay, if whites keep bringing in Jews (and other undesirables) we all pay etc. It has to be a group effort or our boat sinks. I guess you can say I am bailing water which isnt work either, it is something that has to be done and can never stop. It can never stop because too many people are so under the jew spell it’s going to take a lifetime with no retirement or benefits.

      I recommend backing up what you can or just keep coming back at them.

  8. Nicholas says:

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