A Beautiful Mind

Tired of being told not to offend Jews? Tired of being silenced so that Jew crime can continue as usual? Are you willing to sell your soul so you can continue to be speak at all? If you are you are part of the problem and not the solution. Jews love forums who let people spew their steam so it can be tracked and controlled. These forum owners or handlers never seem to share the beliefs as their posters do and every free speech forum always ends up going after Jews because that’s where the truth about all crime leads. It’s just that simple. The forum owners want you to say what isn’t true to appease Jew criminals and new posters so they can be misled. Who is more of a hater, one who protects criminals that all happen to be Jews or one who exposes them? Not a difficult question, but people sell out to this scenario every day of their lives.
Lets take a look at some of the things that have literally destroyed America, Europe and the overall planet before we go forward shall we?
The media is entirely controlled by lying, manipulating Jews who want their agenda pushed and their crime syndicate protected- we aren’t supposed to say anything opposing it.
The Federal Reserve (our method of trade) is completely controlled by a racial and or religious entity that has never represented America, Europe or any honest people anywhere that are called Jews. It is a complete abomination right under our noses yet we aren’t supposed to see it, feel it or smell it. We cant say this or its hate.
Our politicians are obviously completely controlled sending our money to the Jew state, going along with Jew wars, bowing to AIPAC, Jew Homeland Security etc. etc. It is a Jewish bagel nosh of criminal activity.
Your Jew owned grocery stores are completely controlled by a Jewish crime syndicate. Why doesnt that make you completely outraged (I just don’t know).
Hollywood completely poisoning the masses (our children) with antiChristian, anti moral trash. It is just historical lies and general overall perversion of truth.
Drugs, gambling, organ harvesting, feminism, homosexuality, abortion, destruction of the family and on and on and on is all Jewish instigated against the White race in particular. Of course Arabs have their own list on Jews.
All of these racial tensions, terrorist acts (Jews themselves), etc. all stem from Jews through their slave trade, open border policies, human trafficking and on and on and on. It all leads to Jews folks.
I could go on all day, but these forum owners don’t want you to stay focused on Jews. They want you to go along with the Jew hype on “Occupy Wall Street”, Ron Paul, Brother Nathan, Gilad Atzmon (the wandering Ashkenazi thats who), etc. etc. etc.
Don’t you see you are being led by the nose?
America’s and the world’s problem are the Jews. As Morgenthau once wrote “Germany (Germans) is Our Problem” I write the same about Jews then as I do today. Imagine our shoeshine boy congress writing this about the Jew state today? Jews are the world’s problem and I say that with no regret, no remorse and no guilt. Unless we are free to debate this issue out in the open with a fair forum it will always be the truth, but the truth is Jews wont allow us to tell why they are the problem. It’s not going to work with me folks until I stop breathing and maybe not even long after that either. I am perfectly OK with that and you people who go along with the Jew flow for some reason or other (sell out) are just tightening the nooses on your own necks.
You are not a hater for stopping corruption, murder, greed, molestation, theft, blackmail against your own people and anyone who tells you that you are needs to be treated as that same enemy. The more people Jews silence the faster the people who stand for truth will come to a solution. Their candle is burning from both ends now. Stand for what is right or stand with this obvious Jew perversion.If I am guilty of hate, tell me why. Dont accuse me of something without a reason and use that old Jewish “hate” pack of lies. The truth is they don’t want to argue it at all because they are Jews or just gutless sell-outs.
The minute, nowadays the second the truth is said today the Jews are hopping on it to mislead it. The truth is it’s the Jews and always has been. Look for the people telling the truth and you will see they are saying the same thing. It’s the truth or it isn’t whether someone has you convinced its hate or not. It is the truth and to me that is a beautiful thing and there is nothing you can say or do to change my mind from everything I have learned in my life.
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12 Responses to A Beautiful Mind

  1. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    It is difficult for me to look at the body of work that Nathanael Kapner has produced and say he is not naming the Jew as the source of the world’s ills.
    Naming the Jew and the endless crimes of international Jewry is what he consistently does.

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont trust Jews and have thousands of years of reasons why. I need a Jew telling me we have a Jew problem like I need a mosquito telling me I have a mosquito problem. I already know and I knew it long before he was chasing the naked cowboy out on street corners.

      I am not starting a foundation with my hand out and if I was a Jew I would understand completely why people thought the way they do about Jews and just stay out of it completely. They dont mix with others and they never have. I am not here to send people back to Jews who claim to be telling truths. I would be a complete fool to do so. I am pointing for complete separation from them. Perhaps I need to do thread and explain this completely with the fact that I grew up with Jews (some very good Jew friends that I was clueless to). While I was befriending them they were plainly working against my race and my religion as they always have.

  2. Barney says:

    It’s a difficult one. Brother Nathaniel does expose jewish corruption, and he doesn’t appear to be holding back, but what we have to keep in mind is that jewishness is genetic. If I had no other option but to trust a jew, it would be someone like Brother Nathaniel, but we should never forget that he is genetically jewish. However hard he may try to be a genuine Christian, he can never be White.

    I know someone very well who was born jewish and brought up Christian from birth, but the jewish traits are still there. A jew is a jew is a jew.

    Even among the jews, there must be a few good ones, but is it worth the risk when the survival of our Race is at stake? I don’t think so. Read what BN says, and use it, but never forget that he can never be quite like us.

    He does seem, superficially at least, to be that rarity known as a “good jew”, but can we spare an entire species (the jews) just because half a dozen of them (out of millions) may not be evil?

    Sorry Brother Nathaniel. I respect what you do, but when the time comes, you’ll have to share the fate of your fellow jews. Blame them. It’s their fault. We’re only trying to preserve our own species, as Nature compels us to do.

    There may be one vegetarian lion in Africa, but that wouldn’t mean lions aren’t dangerous.

    Another danger is that by putting himself out front as a jew-hating jew, he convinces people that “it’s not all jews”, that there are some good ones among them. This can make us reluctant to do what has to be done when the time comes.

    As Edgar J Steele says of a civilised black, “you won’t steal my hubcaps, but your grandchildren will” (Defensive Racism).

    It’s genetic. They can’t change. Give it another generation or two and even genuinely good jews (if there are any) will revert to evil.

    Never forget – JEWS LIE. They do it all the time. It’s in their Kol Nidre and in the Talmud.

    There MAY be good jews, but would you bet your life on it? I wouldn’t.

    • melgibstein says:

      To understand the Jew one must first understand what a Jew means. Whether you may believe the Bible or not a Jew is supposed to be the racially pure offspring of the house of Judah. This was a mixture of Israelites, mainly Judah, Benjamin and Levi, but all Israelites racially. Brother Nathan is none of these.

      John 7;35
      Then said the Jews among themselves, Whither will he go, that we shall not find him? will he go unto the dispersed among the Gentiles, and teach the Gentiles?

      Who were the dispersed and what does Gentile mean? It means “related genetically” not non Jews. Some Judahites, Benjaminites and Levites were also dispersed with all the other tribes for a thousand years or more.
      These so called Jews who are not are Idumeans and or people of Cain. God hated Cain and Edom and who would God hate right now today for all the heinous crimes they have committed against mankind?

      If you believe the Bible correctly you can see you were told to be a separate people because you would take up their traditions. We have nothing to gain from other people- nothing. Our society is trashed each and every time. There are no exceptions to that rule and to me it is absolutely understood 100%. If you know you cant trust a PEOPLE in general, dont look for one you can trust. It is fruitless and dangerous. They need to be preaching to their own people and not us. Evidently people do not see the magnitude of destruction Jews have caused simply because our politicians have trusted them. You have to ask why people would trust a people that have been so destructive to everyone. Could it be money or a weakness you have been brainwashed into? Total separation isnt evil. It doesnt suggest holocausting the Jews, but it does suggest that they are not of us and never should we have them in ANY positions of trust EVER!!!

      If there are good Jews, let them form their own country with their own people, take nothing from others and leave people in peace. The truth is it is impossible for them and imho it is absolutely a genetic and or spiritual defect..

      If the Bible were a complete hoax from top to bottom there would still never be a better suggestion out there explaining who Jews are and what they did and continue to do. They get in and twist things around. It is what they have done in slavery history, media, history books, money, EVERYTHING. They get inside because they are vipers. There should be absolutely no reason for them to ever be trusted and let inside. There are no “half solutions” to this. If you want this big Jew elephant out of the room youre going to have to manually do so.

      One of the main reasons why I knew the Catholic church was owned was because of what a Catholic Cardinal said. Cardinal Lustiger, an Ashkenazi said “I was born a Jew and I will die one’. Nobody in the church said a word. If Catholics believe that Jesus was the racial bloodline of Alan Dershowicz it is time to get out of that church. Dont take anything for granted with Jews. It will appear they are telling the truth, but what they are doing is profiting from your own lack of identity and your own lack of history. Try to forget Jews and focus on your own genetic people. See where you end up. Be careful, Jew lies at every corner.

    • melgibstein says:

      Another danger is that by putting himself out front as a jew-hating jew, he convinces people that “it’s not all jews”, that there are some good ones among them. This can make us reluctant to do what has to be done when the time comes.

      Exactly!!! Satan is no fool, but we arent supposed to even have Satans kids around. Let them do what their father tells them. When we understand we have our own directions only then will things start to change. People ask, why would God allow all this to happen? If one really focused on that (go on a camping trip) they would understand why. Its because we are not doing what we were told to do. We are doing what Jews tell us to do.

  3. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    You obviously believe that it is impossible for a Jew to repudiate Judaism along with everything it stands for. John de Nugent believes that the Apostle Paul was no more than Saul of Tarsus, a Jewish agent hellbent on subverting the message of Christ. Are you pretty much with Nugent here?

    One does not have to believe in Christ to see that the New Testament recordings of Jesus of Nazareth’s confrontations of with Talmudic Jewish supremacism place him as the founding father of anti-Talmudic Jewry/Judaism.

    The number of those Jews throughout history who do repudiate the teachings of the sons of Satan will be negligible no doubt, but how can one say it is impossible for one to truly and honestly repudiate Jewry in all forms?

    • melgibstein says:

      No, I am not against Paul in any way. Nugent is probably a Judeo Christian who knows there is a problem with Judeo Christianity and has to part with it. He parts the wrong way obviously.

      How can you not believe in Jesus and believe he was the Father of anti Talmudism?

      He came for one people and those people weren’t the so called Jews (the synagogue of Satan). The true lineage of Judah were racial. The whole Bible is racial. It starts out with the beginning of that race and leads straight to Jesus and to the House of Israel amongst the Gentiles.

      I don’t care if a Jew repudiates Jewry, The true people of Israel that James chapter one, verse one is directed to in Europe are the same people God told to be a separate people. Jews know this and are the people who are deliberately mixing white countries with non white peoples.

      I cant give you my opinion in a few sentences. Keep reading my forum and you will clearly understand why I think the way I do. First you have to agree to see that Jews are flat out at the helm of every antiChristian, anti White and criminal crime group on the face of the earth. That means there is a very high chance that you cant trust Jews and that its a good reason not to (better than anyone there is). So the two biggest reasons I can give you on why I push for complete separation is:
      1. Its what my religion tells me to do
      2. It is the most logical thing to do

      Jesus never commanded me to trust or live amongst Satans kids (or marry them) whether they told the truth or not (haven’t found one in my life that does either)..

      Just the fact that America has been at war and Europe has been at war with their own racial people and never the biggest criminals on earth is a marvel in itself. If it was up to me I would run every one of them out on a rail. They don’t belong here, they didn’t belong in Europe. They simply don’t belong and as Paul said “They are contrary to all mankind”. That’s a phrase most priests will deny right on the altar. Who is Paul talking about when he says this? Judeo Christians believe Jesus was or is a modern day Jew racially, so that would make Jesus contrary to mankind too, right? Paul is talking about the Jews who said they were Jews and who are not (liars, impostors, name changers) and never were racial Judahites

  4. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Deleting inquiries/commentary and responding with videos of psychotics is not conducive to running a comment board on a site which purportedly attempts to educate the so-called goyim.
    No wonder your readership remains small and the comment section barren.

    • melgibstein says:

      You saw me post a video of a Jewish psycho that I deleted and you are blaming me for that? I can delete my videos if I want, but you are lying to claim I am deleting “inquiries” or “commentary”. It just has not happen.
      Let me make this clear to you, whoever you are. Most of my readers are more than likely the ADL and some legitimate readers. I am not here to become a Shakespeare or an Edgar Allen Poe. I am not here to make money, obtain fame or popularity. If you google “the Kosher hoax” or “Pedophile Rabbis” or a slew of other things I will more than likely be on the first page (this isnt the only place I post). The most valuable thing that struck me about the internet when I first got it was to learn that others saw what I saw (not many at the time but a few). Now the internet is flowing with it. You could say Ive done my job already, but I am never resigning from this job. I repay the people who sacrificed for me and owe them a debt. My readership is what it is. If Glenn Beck can sell millions of books, certainly a few out there can read a page or two from me for nothing. Let them decide which is telling the truth. Without an alternative they may never know. So I do it for that reason too.

  5. Barney says:

    Elder of Zyklon B – I’ll start by saying I’m not trying to pick a fight with you. I’m sure you already know I respect your opinions as a fellow White Man.

    I’m not sure whether you’re addressing Mel or me when you ask “Are you pretty much with Nugent here?“.

    Answering purely for myself, I was taken in by JdN for a time, but a “leader” doesn’t behave the way he does, trying to “bully” people into sending him money, and that public tantrum about Henrik (subsequently removed, but not before I saved it) finished him in my mind. If he felt it necessary to say such things, they should have been said privately, not plastered all over the internet.

    Also, he seems to believe he can get elected to the office of president. No need to say any more on that, except that you can’t defeat ZOG from within ZOG.

    As for jews repudiating judaism, Brother Nathaniel does seem to be genuine, and I’m certain a few jews really can become Human, but as in the Edgar Steele quote (admittedly he was referring to blacks, not jews), I believe jewishness is a genetic thing, so there may well be a genuinely good jew, but give it a generation or two and it’s likely (in my opinion) that the jewish traits will reappear.

    Unfortunately we can’t afford to take chances. I’m not really a bible believer, but these creatures really do fulfil the function of the devil. While they have power over us, we’ll never be free, and while a few remain, they’ll always seek power.

    Mel – I’ve known Elder of Zyklon B from other sites, and as far as we can know anyone we “meet” on line, I believe him to be “one of us”.

    • melgibstein says:

      I may come across as bitter to people who question me. Its like telling your neighbor the dog has been barking for 2 years. How can you sugar coat it? Im the nicest guy anyone ever meets, although I can be the opposite. Ive lived long enough to know that people are brainwashed and have to be either shaken out of it or slowly educated out of it. Most people have never been anywhere and know nothing except what the princes of the air (Jews) tell them.
      Anyone can be liked if they lie, but people who tell the truth offend these brainwashed minds (not an insult). I was one once myself. Im just not good in that area, but who is? Jesus had to do miracles to get people to believe him. Our test is only time. You dont go up and pet a stray dog without checking it out first. Friendship takes time because trust takes time. People get angry with me because I tell them to stay the hell away from LIARS and THIEVES and MURDERERS. They hate me for telling the truth (so true).

      Im not worried about being a nice guy because I am. In the beginning I am hated because thats just the way its designed, but in the end (after time) people realize I am telling the truth. There was a time I thought of giving in to get accepted quicker, but I always regretted it when I did (long ago). I dont do it anymore, I try not to compromise at all, although sometimes you are forced to. We all have our limits, but the older I get the better I feel when I compromise less and less even if it means cutting out the people who force me into them. You are hot or cold. Ive already made my decision that Jews need to be expelled from all of our white countries. Im done being blamed for Jew crime and refuse to let my kids or theirs take this demonic alien Jewish blame any longer.

  6. GTRman says:

    Seconded .

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