The Jerk

To me the biggest jerks of all are the people who know the overwhelming lies of the Jews and still can’t break free of their lies. They are mental defects incapable of carrying out a simple task. I’m not talking about the cryptos who bring in the Jews purposely to mislead you because there are plenty of them out there too. My focus today is on the jerks who still trust Jews after all the facts they have been given, in fact they will go out of their way to find one and put him (and a few Yenta’s) on a pedestal to prove Jews are the problem. You have to be a mentally incapable idiot and a masochist.
Every anti Zionist or anti Jewish group out there has to find a Jew to use to agree with them there is a Jew problem. What do these Jews do when they are introduced by these so called anti-Zionists almost immediately? They bring in more Jews. In fact they bring in only Jews as if they can’t find a single non Jew. You wont see Fats Rivero bring in a Catholic because he hates Catholics (he hates them because they expelled Jews like I want to right now for the very same reasons). He will bring in a Brother Nathan or a Peter Schiff, that dweeb who wears the little black hat, etc. How do you morons fall for this? They post one Jewish crime like the Federal Reserve and then blame the US Government for the next 5 posts. Now its the Occupy Wall Street Jewish brigade, but never is it “tear down the Jew Fed” or “burn down the Jewish occupied media” and on and on and on. It’s all FRAUD!
This gathering of Jews doesn’t stop there it spreads all over the crypto Jewish sites. Before you know it those same people are on the so called anti Sabatean sites and all of these shills who are totally heathen (Veterans Today, the RBN moneychanger hour etc.). How is it these people are so adamant about getting a so called Jew to praise, yet they don’t believe in the Bible (the real one or the Judeo one)? Even some of these so called Jews don’t believe in the Bible, but still call themselves Jews. The BS is just overflowing like a clogged toilet.
I turned off the main stream media a long time ago because I was sick and tired of Jew behind kissing along with Jews and now it is exactly what the alternative media is. Most of the sites with no Jews get trashed and the Jew owned and operated sites just keep on flowing along like Old Man River. These Jew owned sites never seem to pick up on the local Jewish psycho’s we have in every town across America, you see that would be hitting home a little too hard and that’s not part of the Jew plan. The Jew plan is to get you in and turn you right back on the path you just came off with a different cabal of Jews. You have to have the brains of a tree frog  not to understand this.
When are you going to learn that Jews lie? When will you learn the key to winning this battle is to never trust them (that’s it in a nutshell)? How much history does one need to understand this? These Jewish sites just throw up a little bait and you are hooked. They throw in some fake believers like they do in Vegas playing the slots to draw you in. It’s a Jewish con, but you wont ever understand it seems. The truth is in your own spirit and not in someone else’s hype. Hype is hypocrisy and meant to deceive you right from the start. Most of these site owners spend less than one tenth the time focused on the overall Jew elephant in the room now and the rest on directing your attention somewhere else. Then they will focus you on one sect of Jews. What is one sect of Jews? You are either a Jew or you are not. This “half Jew” nonsense is more deception. You are either a direct descendant of Judah or you aint and you can’t be half a Catholic or half a Muslim. It’s just more Jewish deception that they just continue to feed you. Its lunacy folks! Do You Understand?
Some of the biggest so called pro white, pro Muslim, pro Christian site owners out there have Jew links on their sites. You see even just one lil ole Jewish site can take you right back to the hell you are supposed to be getting out of. Jew Veterans sites have got to be the biggest joke there is, but the jerks go along with it like poodles. If you are a Christian you need to practice total separation like you were told. Jews, whether they be Ashkenazi, Sephardic or whatever have never been a separate people and never will be. Their entire existence is based on your support. Everything Jewish you have ever supported has come back and kicked you in the groin.
And who is following whom?
Another obvious shill move is to alternate Jews from one site to another and gradually bring them into anti- Zionist stardom even though they never say a word worth a damn. Today we have Jennifer Wopner to tell us about vaccines and the AIDS virus. Ladies and gentlemen the AIDS virus is nothing compared to the Jew. As I have said many many times before, if you are talking about anything but the Jew elephant you aint talking, but diverting. If I want to learn about AIDS I will research it, but I am here to solve this big fat Jew problem America and this entire globe faces right this minute. You have got to be a complete jerk or a lying Jew to be focused on anything else. The jerks will call me a hater, a murderer, a Nazi, a monster and protect Jews over me. It is indeed true, we have quite a few jerks who still trust Jews and will actually kill people telling the truth to them including their own.
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2 Responses to The Jerk

  1. Daniel Sturman says:

    What are you going on about?
    I’m a Jew and I’d rather be Jewish than have AIDs. Also I don’t know how you tied Judaism to AIDS but that’s besides the point. In fact I’m unclear as to what your point is other than the fact you hate Jews.

    You are way overthinking all of this. Judaism is just a family religion we are struggling to keep a grasp on. We get together with our grandparents and aunts and uncles on the holidays and we eat matza ball soup and potato latkes.

    • melgibstein says:

      No I love jews taking over my money system, controlling my media, Hollywood, publishing houses, porn, gambling, organized crime, pill mills, drugs, kosher food, open borders and all the fabulous things jews have brought to the world. How did you ever come up with me hating Jews?

      When are you jews ever going to tell the Blacks it was you jews who brought them to America like goats? When are you going to apologize to Whites for blaming it on them? You never will, why? Because you’re an evil jew.

      Did I mention organ harvesting reptiles?

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