The King of Comedy

Rupert Pupkin if I recall his name correctly was the character Robert DeNirowicz played in this movie. What Rupert wanted more than anything was to be a famous person and all he had to do was talk the rhythm like a Jerry Lewis or a Jackie Mason. Both of these Jews pretty much did the very same thing as Rupert in real life. They threw away all truth to be famous. I have found in my life that Jews in general do things to take your mind off the overall Jew crime that seems to exist everywhere you look. There isn’t one area of crime, immorality, instigation of violence, monopolization or perverted thing they aren’t involved in. This in itself is almost as awesome as some of the ancient wonders of the world to see the masses so blind to this blatantly evident fact. It is truly beyond comprehension how the world has not turned against them entirely and I’m about to tell you why they haven’t yet. When Mel Gibson said Jews were responsible for all the wars and left out everything else including crap movies in Hollywood it should’ve been evident to you. People focused on just the wars Jews started instead of the plethora of other anti-human acts all around (think about it).
Jews are basically all talk and demand your trust any way they possibly can (they exist on your trust so they can scam you). They find out what works and stick to it. They have no guilt and operate without the slightest inkling of shame. You wont find them in the trenches when the dung hits the fan so you have to use your life experiences to understand them and what they do (it can’t be taught in the classic sense). If a Jew gives you soup when you’re hungry doesn’t mean they wont cut your brother’s throat for all his money. They have to get inside to do the most harm and history has proven this to be 100% truth. They come in with the rhythm, everything you want to hear and more and gradually turns into nothing but Jew perversion every time. All of these people on the internet that hunt for that honest Jew are the ones who keep all of the Jew lies alive such as “Israel did 9/11”. Last time I checked it was Jews who moved to Israel or Palestine. You see Jews don’t even want to know what happened to the other tribes of Israel. It’s somehow just the Jews. All of them are of Judah, so they say, and all of them believe in a religion that isn’t the Old Testament, but the Talmud. This is simply just another blatant lie coming from the most blatant psychopath nutcase criminals on the face of the earth. To even think about bringing one into our camp to me is worthy of a hanging.
I hear these morons on the internet that claim to be fighting the Zionists and they don’t know what a Zionist is and then claim its the Sabbateans, yeah that’s who it is. It is all deliberate diversion to keep you off track or a malfunction in the radio host, site owner him or herself. Then you have the radio hosts that hang out on forums to stick their thumbs up in the air to find out which way the goyim are going. They pretend to be anti Jew or anti-Zionist. Some claim to be the biggest Jew haters of all, but there is always evidence that they are just wolves in sheep’s clothing. They want you to throw out your belief in God and claim all the Bible is Jewish (Jews were called sons of Satan in the Bible) who seem to forget that line and then you find them bashing Christianity, white traditions and call whites pagans, etc. (it just doesn’t add up). These people are nothing but hypocrites that want attention and the only reason they can possibly be around is to be in a position to divert the gullible. Jews don’t allow people to say they are scum in the media (on a radio station) or on the internet unless they have been OK’d to do so. Jews are very good at allowing you something if you just give something else up like your religion or your heritage (Christianity means both).
My idea of 9/11 truth has never been Luke Rudkowski, Alex Jones, Rivero or any other Jew. Jews did 9/11 and they do everything else- that’s a fact. Just take a good look around. Jews run the media from top to bottom and we just allow them to lie every God-given day. How is it we do this? We hear constantly about Fukushima, global warming, UFO’s, aliens, David Icke saying it isn’t all the Jews (is that his mission?), Michael Tsarion starts out one of his videos on 9/11 thanking a Jew for his help (I guess that wasn’t a little message to let Jews know right off the bat this isn’t going to be against Jews). All these a-holes are in it for the dough or simply diverters. They are keeping the Jew lies alive and well by supporting Jews- period. When one looks at the massive Jew crime in the world (and I mean massive), how does one come to the conclusion to help Jews? Normal people who see the magnification (don’t get me started) of the Jew crime that aren’t at their wit’s end ready to kick every last one out isn’t normal in my opinion because it is that evidently monstrous. It’s not Sabbateans, not Zionists, not Sephardic or Ashkenazi’s, ITS JEWS (it isn’t Cherokee Indians)!
Walk into your grocery store and take a notebook with you. Look at the names of the foods. Look at the names of the stores, the kosher symbols, etc. This has nothing to do with America in the least. What have Jews ever done for America or Europe? Answer that right now? They run our countries through organized crime- period and you wont do a godammed thing about it. These idiots are telling you “it’s not the Jews” over and over and over again. That is a damned LIE and anyone with the brain of a cockatiel knows it. It is too the Jews and if you had an open debate about it we would see, but they wont and that’s why they still own and run these forums and radio stations all over the internet.
I once called Jeff Rense and asked him what the hell he was talking about the only time I ever called his show and rarely listen. He was talking to some Jew about a Detroit car show or something when Jews have taken over our money system and media. His reply was “we don’t call em Jews around here, we call em Zionists”. Funny how Texe Marrs, David Duke, MacDonald and others can call them Jews, but I can’t and you know why? Because I don’t give two turds if he allows me to call back. I’m telling him the truth (his listeners). These are the idiots we are supposedly getting our alternative media from. Sorry folks, that isn’t the media I want because it is still 100% BS. What you get instead of the truth is some crypto caller who hasn’t crossed the line and knows the border of what he can or can’t say. In other words business as usual for the Jews or eh eh Zionists.
Rupert got his night on TV, but these liars, shysters and impostor crypto’s get their days and nights every day (weekdays) and cut off the phones to the truth. How do I know, because I’ve been kicked off every one. Here I am a veteran (Jews aren’t veterans), someone who is willing to tell the truth as a caller (one of the listeners and citizens) and it’s not what these folks want. What is it you think these radio sellouts do want? They want their Rupert Pupkin act safe and secure for the long haul- period. Like Rupert they go on like its as natural as flowers blooming like a Dennis Miller or a Seinfeld pretending to be funny without even the slightest blush.
The most evident factor about Jew crime is we can’t even openly laugh on how blatantly obvious this Jew control is because they own the communication system. Anybody with a mic that isn’t exposing the crimes of Jews as a WHOLE every second they have a mic is a fraud. Anyone who wastes time on anyone else other than Jews is a fraud. Anyone who pretends a Ron Paul is going to take us out of this cesspool of Jewish filth in America is a fraud. Anyone who listens to Jew Cameron, Jew Sarkozy or any of the other sold out European politicians in Canada, Australia, etc. are FRAUDS. What Europe, America, Australia, Canada and any other White nation on earth needs right now is to expose this parasitic Jewish cancerous entity among us before we can take one baby step forward. Everything else is pure garbage [Lubavitch,Sabbatean, Orthodox, Hasidim, Zohar, Zionist, Karma Sutra, Halva Nagilla I don’t care- picture HERE].
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8 Responses to The King of Comedy

  1. Barney says:

    Thanks Mel, for telling the TRUTH. I’m going to post a link to this one at Hofflandia (click on my name). It’s not my own site, but it’s owner (“Hoff”) knows the jew as well as you do.

    A while ago I was a regular on what appears to have been a “bait” site. The owner still posts good anti-jew stuff, but the comments section has been turned into a sewer by invited trolls, and the genuine posters were told to “go away”, but not that politely, so we’ve regrouped at Hofflandia, run by one of our own.

    There’s another site I’m sure you know of where the owner, who I’m convinced is NOT a jew despite his blue contact lenses, claimed to have all the answers. He was the only one to lead the White Race out of the wilderness. Just a few more donations and a few more expensive toys and his book … er … did I say book? No. I must have got that wrong. It WAS supposed to be a book, but then it morphed into a series of videos “because we’re all too dumb to read a book”. Just a few more expensive toys, and then a few more, and more, and more, plus a few more donations, and the final video, the one that was going to save our race, would be completed.

    That was in March this year (2011). We’re now in late September, and after saying he’s willing to work with anyone, including the jews, to get the power he craves, he now says he’s not doing any more blogging or any more work on his video until people start sending him all the money be demands. He says he won’t even accept comments unless they’re accompanied by a donation of at least ten dollars.

    If I was him, I’d be worried about the IRS finding out about all this unearned income.

    (No, that’s not a threat. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.)

    WHEN he gets elected (yes, I know, I’m splitting my sides), he says he’s going to have all the Whites who didn’t send him enough money rounded up and shot, or at least, that’s how I understand whatever it was he actually said.

    I even believed this creep for a time, but I think I’d rather keep the present system than be ruled by a bastard like that.

    (No, not really. The present system has to go, but so do people like him.)

    Not all blind alleys are run by jews, as in his case, but he does like to accuse others of being in the pay of the jews, and we know the jew always accuses others of whatever he himself is doing.

    I’m sure everyone reading your words here (and I’m certain there must be quite a few who never comment) could name other “dead end” sites like the two I’ve mentioned.

    If it acts like a jew … (you know the rest). I don’t distinguish between jews and their helpers. They all have to go. If it acts like one, it IS one as far as I’m concerned.

    • melgibstein says:

      Every crypto out there is begging for money (that green paper Jews print up for nothing and have us fight over). Anyone that wants us to go along with that system is never going to lead anyone out of anything but toward more Jew control. We need to forget Jew money and start our own money, but Im hoping we throw Jews out first because they will get in to corrupt everything good like rust. A money system is based on trust and you cant trust Jews. Its as easy as 2+2, but somehow these “masters of the movement” cant see it. Get all the truth movement people begging for money, work for money changer networks, sell BS drinks and vitamins and cut all of them off the top and you may have some resemblance of a truth movement. Just the thought of them even believing money is going to save us is utter nonsense. I’ll tell you flat out whats going to save us and its the same thing that saved about 125 countries/city states in the last 1000 years or so and that is total expulsion. We can dance around that issue like a Mexican hat dance, but thats what its going to come down to and not a thing short of it. It’s going to take people that know right from wrong and wont compromise for anything in between. With all these bleeding hearts in the so called truth movement its falling right into the Jews hands. They aint moving until they are shown the door and booted out of it.

      Remember I said that because it is the truth. There is no other choice and Jews know it and will milk it to kingdom come if they can.

      As far as readers here, it seems to be growing, but whether its 4 or 5 people visiting a hundred times a day, the ADL or Jewish welfare state psycho’s I dont know (and dont care).

  2. Barney says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Mel.

    Regarding visitors to your site, I’m sure a lot of people I know (though only on line) regularly read what you write, because it is the truth, and I’ve started nagging them recently to at least say “hello”. Perhaps they will. We’ve got some good people at Hofflandia, and Hoff works hard to keep it jew-free and troll-free. There aren’t many rules, but the few he does have are strictly enforced. One warning only. Basically it’s just behave yourselves.

    No flaming. No kikery. A certain amount of religion is ok, but not too much. Don’t try to trace anyone’s “real” identity. Treat other posters with respect. I think that lot just about covers it. Common sense really, and it does seem to be working.

    The thing about judefetzen (that green paper) is that the people who deserve our financial support are the ones who never ask for it.

    As an interim measure, if I could somehow become dictator of any jew-infested country, which is just about all of them, I’d make all “money” the property of the people (which it should be) and insist that every penny must physically exist. No more “electronic money”, no more “quantitative easing” scam, no more usury, all “debts” considered paid and a cap on the amount anybody can have. That way we could continue to use the old stuff while we’re creating something new and cleaning the vermin out.

    One possibility, which could be adapted as appropriate, might be to back the new money with land, something that can’t easily be stolen and has real value. Every land mass has a finite area that doesn’t change very much over time, so we could have, for example, the yard, equivalent to the average value of a square yard of land.

    Better minds than mine will be working on the problem though. All we have to do is get rid of the kikenvermin, and the rest will be easy.

    • melgibstein says:

      Media, Military, Move Jews out. Thats how its gotta be. It will get ugly before that though. When Jews sense a strong gathering of people catching on to Jew lies there will be Leo Franks on every corner (I mean after they have done the dirty deed). At that point it will become one of the best times of my life (whether Im dead or alive) because we will be focused on the one real problem and not the diversions and cleansing will occur like popping a pimple immediately.

  3. bailey says:

    I took a beating on that first blog site that Barney mentioned, i was even called a habarat in one of his posts, after donating some judenfetzen that he denied getting although i had my jew paypal receipt.
    After 4 years as a regular commentor and daily reader who never really gave anyone a problem(except for one jewlyin’ leech) i was shit on, along with Barney and many other good people who did nothing but share important jew wise information, ultimately the regular visitors where shut down and booted out.
    All of this was over some cheesy hippy promoting a jew lie book “Pink Swastikas”, with the blessing of the host.

    Jimmy Page had good words to say about your work a while back, i’ve read here but never commented.

    Good stuff Mel !

    • melgibstein says:

      TY! Jews want to keep you zoned out. When I see obvious Jew shills on forums (when I was allowed on them) I just said what I thought was true so someone else could see. Thats why Jews need the media so they can make people feel alone in the way they think. I gave up fearing being alone a long time ago. Im going to say what I believe even though I may get some things wrong from time to time. I try to stick to what I know to be true and the things I dont know to be true are usually unimportant. I know enough truth to have booted Jews out of every country in the world a hundred times over already. The people that agree with that are the truthtellers in my book. Everyone else is either a bleeding heart, in it for the money or a Jew.

  4. bailey says:

    By bleeding heart you mean moron, right?
    That’s the problem, we are out numbered by morons, people who are afraid of the truth because the lies are so big. They are selling out the futures of their children and grandchildren because they cannot possibly believe the things we know, to believe and speak truth can lead to being called a name or two which jew media and jew government have most so afraid of.
    So most will watch as the future of and for their bloodline is rotted away and they pay to watch!

    The world for people who REALLY know is small and lonely at times but it’s growing and the harder the jews and their useful idiots push, the faster people are awakening.
    The jews will once again be responsible for their own expulsion, let’s hope it comes quick.

  5. GTRman says:

    I heard on the radio today that that kike DeNiro is to play that kike Madoff .

    Seriously !

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