Dog Day Afternoon

Ever notice there are no Jewish dogs? Pretty much all of Europe has their breed of dog. Iran has the Caucasion Shepherd dog, Afghani’s have dogs, the Japanese have dogs. Most people have never heard of a Yugoslavian dog, but yes they exist. The Sarplaninac is a beautiful shepherd dog and pretty much out of Charles Ka Ka Krauthammer’s speech capability. There are Czech shepherds too, one called the “Norbo Ben Ju”, but it’s definitely not a Khazarian German Shepherd or a Sephardic Ju (nothing Spanish about it even though Sephardic doesn’t mean Spanish). There are Lithuanian dogs, Greek, Italian, even Polish hunting dogs (you never have to wonder whether they’re Jews). The Saluki was a royal dog in both Egypt and Persia.
Some Popes have called Jews dogs and even a Jewish Pope called Jews dogs. In fact it’s where the word “canine” comes from. The Canaanites were undoubtedly called dogs of some type (the word comes from Cain). Jesus or Yashua himself called Canaanites dogs (don’t make me find it for you).. Cannibal also comes from this root word. Dogs are mans best friend, but never have the Cainanites been “mans” best friend”. My personal opinion is that Cainanite was never meant to be a dog, but a wolf and a Cu Fail was not an Irish wolf, but an Irish dog that protected them from wolves. The enemy of the sheep is not the dog, but wolves.
The Irish Wolfhound has always been one of my favorite dogs, but it seems as though their name has been tampered with too. In Gaelic the Irish Wolfhound is called “Cu Faoil”. I looked up the meaning of this, but knew right off it was Fail not Faoil as in Inis Fail or Inis Fal (Isle of Destiny). The Lia Fail or Stone of Scone means “Stone of Destiny”. Irish Wolfhounds or Cu Fal’s (Destiny Dogs) go all the way back to Egyptian times. They seem to go back as far as the bagpipes and found their way to Ireland with the Celts. One thing is for sure, there are numerous stories meant to mislead and the truth seems to be buried as the Sphinx itself was, but it’s all slowly being uncovered.
How is it that most people of Celtic heritage or Caucasians have such little knowledge of their own history? You would think we would know our own history and forget about the Jews history and do what is within our own interests and not the interests of people outside our lineage. My brother had an Irish Wolfhound and although I didn’t see him much I felt an attachment to it like no other dog. English Springers and Irish Setters were always my favorites until this monster of pure good nature came along. My brother named it “Danny Boy” and there may have been a little more than just a coincidence to that. When you tell people bagpipes, harps, Wolfhounds and rocks come from the Middle East and ended up in the Northwest of Europe they don’t seem to ever take it to the next step even though it’s the most important step- the beginning. We call ourselves Irish, English, German, Welsh, Scottish, French, etc. just like my brother calls himself a New Yorker or sister a Georgian. We all come from the same place and it’s not a land its a people. You haven’t forgotten where you came from I hope. Now all you have to figure out is where they lived and what their names were. Maccabee sounds Scottish to me, but could also be Irish, but it may just be another coincidence we will never look into. Mac and Mc are Gaelic and Gaelic goes way back and has roots all over Europe to Galatia in Asia Minor. One thing is for sure, Mel Gibson will portray it wrong. Coincidentally I wonder what the Old Testament haters think of Mel now. Anyone who gives Jesus a hooked nose is keeping the Jew lies alive and well. I’m sure Judah will have a hooked nose and his woman will be a Jewess with a nose job.
 There is no breed of Jewish dogs, but there are more than enough Jew wolves to go around. Maybe Mel will follow-up with a movie about Goidel Glas where all the Goidelic languages get their name. Goidel was exiled from Egypt and said to have been cured of a snake bite from Moses (no, not a Lone Ranger joke). I guess we are supposed to stop looking back when Saint Patrick supposedly brought Christianity to Ireland when it was clearly there long before he set foot on the land. I’m betting the Cu Fal’s gave him something to remember.
I was born in Babylon, but not the one in the Middle East. Names, places and events get turned upside down because there are people who don’t want you to know your own past. I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling I know who it is and if it isn’t evident yet you most likely haven’t been eh eh hunting.
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4 Responses to Dog Day Afternoon

  1. Barney says:

    Just a minor point, Mel.

    Quote “Most people have never heard of a Yugoslavian dog …”.

    Don’t forget the Dalmatian, presumably named after Dalmatia and the Dalmatian coast. It’s a long time since I was there (about 1990 I think), but I believe they claim the breed as their own.

    No, I haven’t missed the real point you’re making. You’re doing good work. I don’t comment very often, but i read everything you post (despite the small font).

    • melgibstein says:

      Croatian dogs, yes. I was trying to be a bit more Yugoslavian friendly. I could’ve went with a Tornjak (Bosnian) or even a Serbian Hound or the more popular Serbian Tricolour Hound, but I was having a vodka grapefruit w/o any salt. I was out of OJ too so lets just call it a Salty eh Dog.

      Much thanks. You 2 are my inspiration (even though Id probably still be running my pie-hole). Been kicked off all the forums and have no desire to go back. Theyre all owned and operated by Jews.

  2. Karen says:

    The Great Dane was refined in Germany at the turn of the 19th century. Its original name was Deutzsche Dogge or German Mastiff and it was the national dog of Germany. Between ww1 and ww2 it became the Great Dane, the original name being unpolitically correct. Even the Poodle originated in Germany as a water retriever.

    • melgibstein says:

      interesting the English word “mastiff” is dogge in German and dogue or dogo in some romance languages. In about 485 BC, Hubbard tells us, mastiffs were brought by Xerxes from Persia into Greece. At this time, all of modern day Turkey was part of the Persian Empire. These dogs may have had their origins in ancient Assyria or even in the area that would later become Turkey. Or their ancestors may have made the circuitous journey from the mountains of Central Asia, through India into Asia Minor, the gateway to Europe.

      Funny you should say this Karen. I was just reading about Mastiff’s linked with Hyrcania, named after John Hyrcanus (Hyrcan means wolf in Greek). There is some sort of link with dogs and true history out there because they have been with us it seems since the beginning. So Ive read now that Mastiff’s have come from, Mesopotamians, Phoenicians, Persians, Greeks, Celts, Germans and Israelites. Seems to be a connection there or its just a lot of dog doo on the wall so to speak.

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