The Usual Suspects

I would like to explain why I think the behavior of Jews goes down to all levels and not just the Jewish bankers, media monopolizers, billionaires, drug traffickers, organ harvesters etc. Knowing Jews deeds is one of the most important factors of finding the root of crimes, perversions and just simply psychotic acts. I would like to give a few examples of the so called “every day Jew” and some of the deeds they seem to have in common. We all know Jews have a lapse of morality and carefree attitude about anyone around them (this is of course my own observation). It’s not anyone that can start a porn empire and make a fortune doing it. Certainly the people engaged in this porn commit perversion, but the perversion is being pumped in to the weak that would not even think about perverting others. Why is it Jews, the so called chosen of G_d are always involved in bringing these temptations to the masses? Slavery is another one, Jews brought Black Africans to America as slaves and our only choice was to send them back and Jews knew we weren’t capable of doing this as fast as they were bringing them in. It was a perfect weapon of destroying America not once, but over and over again with the division they could continue. Stopping it in its tracks was the only solution and when we don’t we pay the price continually.
Some of the common things I see in my life in the little picture about Jews in my county is that I have been able to know when a Jewish act has occurred without even checking ( I do check anyway just to keep sharp as a golfer would hit out a bucket of balls). One instance is how Jews behave on their own properties, it seems when you see a house in any given neighborhood that is run down, unpainted, trash in the yard in a nice neighborhood it is almost always Jews. You later find out that these people have had numerous complaints and heed not to any of them as if they live to be contrary to their neighbors that simply don’t want their neighborhood to look like a trailer park. They seem to feed off the controversy.
These are small instances but it is a behavioral pattern many don’t see. Another case I had recently is a doctor who parks the back-end of his truck completely over the sidewalk many use to ride their bikes on or walk along. Everyone has to turn completely off the curb of the sidewalk because this idiot has made it a ritual to do this every day. I knew if I called the business this truck was part of he would still not move because he obviously enjoyed doing this and I was right. After 3 calls the truck (brand new oversized long bed)  was still not moved. Somehow this doctor got it in his head I was the bad guy for asking him to park his truck in the parking lot and not over the sidewalk. Anyone with a sympathetic bone in his body would have heeded to that request the first time, but it was obviously meant to disrupt from the very start.
Another instance is an airport school that trains mostly Indians from India has decided to do their every day training right over the roof of my house. I used to fly myself and when I learned to fly all my training was done out in a cow pasture away from homes. It was considered common courtesy then. I called this school after getting the numbers of all the planes related to this school probably 50 times now and they just don’t stop. Their pattern makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and I live nowhere near an airport. They have made it their thing to get under my skin because I asked them not to do it. I looked up the school and every one of them are Jews (instructors). There is absolutely no laws about planes flying over homes and not one element of government will do anything about it.
I had a neighbor for about 5 years who used to rev up his hotrod in a perfectly quiet neighborhood (before it was turned into Daytona in the sky). He pulled up with it on Christmas Eve as if it was a Christmas present for me. It was not Christmas for him, trust me on that. When he found out it got under my skin he was off to the races to drive it into the dirt so to speak. They don’t stop unless you give in and I never give in.
Another Jewish neighbor I had left his dog out in the 100 degree weather every day and let it bark all day and all night like it wasn’t even there, clueless that it might be bothering others (or maybe not). When I finally complained about it I was as if I had just lit their house on fire and exactly why I didn’t say a word for over a year.
I’m sure many of you have similar situations of your own and I’m not talking about the people who do the normal thing and say “oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was upsetting anyone”. “No problem I’ll take care of it”. I know that’s what I would do. If I was disrupting anyone in any way I would simply understand it if it were true. I don’t want to be disturbing anyone, but my point is some people do.
I was driving years ago in central Illinois and the traffic was backed up for a mile because some idiot was driving at the same speed as the car in the slow lane. Many of you in Germany, Switzerland know not to drive slow in the fast lane and its common courtesy to pull over to the slow lane to let faster traffic go by (simple and just the right thing to do). Anyway I wove through to get to the bottom of it and it was some clown with a beard in a Mercedes on the phone. After being behind him for another 15 minutes I burned him on the left and brought him to a dead stop. He had taken my license number and filed a case against me and not until I was back in Illinois at a later date did I go to court for it and sure enough it was one of the usual suspects and eh eh lawyer. The case was thrown out, but he made sure I came to court to pay for his psychotic behavior.
These are just some reasons why I know it is Jews on a massive scale and not just the top of it. If you have some kind of a ridiculous problem in your life, if a ridiculous law was passed in your town, if a building has been demolished with people inside or if something perverted or anti human has occurred I ask you to look into where it is coming from and I bet you I know who it is. Jews are against free speech as a whole and that should be pretty evident by now. The more they squeeze out free speech the more their true colors come out and the volcano will most certainly blow as sure as the sun rises. It’s why our ancestors came to the conclusion to simply deport all of them and not just the Jews at the top. The Jews at the top are always replaced easily by the Jews at the bottom.
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5 Responses to The Usual Suspects

  1. Barney says:

    Another good one Mel.

    We don’t often “see” the jew here in England, apart from a few of those visibly-nauseating things like the one above, riding a bike, but we certainly see plenty of anti-social (=jew-like) behaviour.

    A friend of mine once owned a house with an allocated parking space, but didn’t have a car. A foul-mouthed neighbour took this space over, plus a few others, without permission, and when he was eventually kicked out, he left an engine and gearbox as a “gift” for my friend to dispose of – and pay for. I hate to think what state the house he’d rented was left in. Kike? Who knows? Who cares?

    Another example concerns some unknown person who habitually parks his car right across a wheelchair ramp, the only one on that section of pavement, which forces disabled people out into a busy road junction. There’s plenty of room to park, but he prefers to block the ramp.

    I’m sure everyone could tell any number of similar stories, but the other thing that proves to my satisfaction that it’s all jews is the way every one of them rushes to the defence of any one of their number who happens to be caught doing something illegal.

    “No. It’s not him. He’s a jew. Jews can do no wrong. It’s you Humans. You hate us for no reason. It’s a mental illness you all have.”

    My response to that kind of thing is a single word consisting of eight letters. They come in pairs, and women don’t have them.

    This time there’s nowhere for the vermin to run. This time there will have to be a final solution, or as the vermin themselves are fond of saying about something that didn’t happen, NEVER AGAIN!

    • melgibstein says:

      I know most dont like the religious stuff. I hated it myself deeply. I was trained to. When you see all these acts coming from the same people you come to the conclusion that they arent creators of anything but BS. They wreck things only, but they have to latch on to something first in order to do it.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. GTRman says:

    Sunday morning , BBC1 , “debate” show ‘Sunday Morning Live ‘.

    The topic : “Are Muslims Being Demonised ? “.

    3 guests : A muslim dude , flanked by jew Peter Hitchens and jew Angela Epstein !! Epstein , despite the topic at hand , is going on about “anti-semitism being on the rise in this country…”

    Maybe cos of 911 , but there are way more jews on telly than usual …

    …And now , via Skype , American Rabbi Mark Winer , of the ‘ International Interfaith Task Force ‘ , telling how the jews at his ( London ) synagogue lamented Baruch Goldsteins slaughter of praying muslims and organised a ( self-preserving ) protest .

    He didn’t mention that Goldsteins grave is a shrine and he is practically celebrated as a saint , in Occupied Palestine.

    The topic now is ” Is the War on Terror justified ? ”

    Providing the neo-con jew perspective is the foul American ashekenazi , Charlie Wolf :

    British telly , Sunday evening :

    BBC1 : Movie : ‘ Sirens ‘ …Hugh Grant , an English vicar gets into sex .

    BBC2 : Movie : ‘ 2 days in Paris ‘ : ” A New York based couple ” ( I can only guess ) go to France . Sounds jewy .

    ( As I suspected , the ” New York based couple ” are jew : The male is jew Adam Goldberg .
    In the bit I saw , the jew Goldberg , in “cool shades ” , deliberately sends a group of ” dumb Bush-voting American goyim ” , asking for directions to the Louvre , the wrong way .)

    ITV : Movie : ‘ Sixty-six ‘ ” A jewish boy is unhappy when he realises his bar mitzvah clashes with a footbal match .

    Channel 4 : Movie : ” World Trade Center ” : Very jewy Oliver Stone propaganda .

    Channel 5 : “Big Brother ” : With token bisexual jew moron , amongst others .

    ITV2 : Movie : ” Knocked Up ” Seth Rogen beds shiksa . Uber jewy .

    BBC3 : ” American Dad ” : Goyim -mocking jew cartoon .

    Channel 4 + 1 : ” Children of 911 ” . Propaganda documentary .

    More 4 : ” Hestons Mission Impossible ” Jew chef Heston Blumenthal .

    Film 4 : Movie ” About Schmidt ” Jewy crap with Jack Nicholson .

    4music ” 8 out of 10 cats ” with uber -queer Louis Spence

    Viva : ” South Park ” ” Not without My Anus ” followed by ” Cartman’s mom is still a dirty Slut ” followed by ” Ikes Wee Wee ” ( Circumcision ) Jew cartoon .

    ITV4 : Movie : “Animal House ” . Jew movie that was instrumental in planting the jew meme that University is a place to ” party ” , not study .

    E4 : ” The Inbetweeners Rude Road Trip ” Jew Simon Bird leads the gang of twats.

    5* ” Big Brother’s Bit on the side ” Presented by jew Alice Levine .

    5 USA : “CSI ” Jew Micheal Keppler in dumb jew product.

    ITV 1 + 1 : Drama about ( white , male , gentile : Of course ) murderer Fred West

    All this was running simultaneously . I’d say that’s a full house .
    British telly is becoming like US telly , openly almost entirely jew .

    Maybe I should , as Akira suggests , “Just put a big “JUDE”-star on the TV. It could be a nice conversation-starter for guests.”

    Here’s a review of ” The Change Up ” , by a spoof faggot character called ” Metro Bob ” , voiced by ” The Celtic Rebel ” .
    I wont go into details , but it seems that the first five minutes feature close-ups of a naked baby girls groin , and streams of projectile diaorreah filling the protagonists mouth . More genius from our friends in Unhollywood .

    At 161 mins :
    [audio src="" /]


    • melgibstein says:

      Yeah these new Jew movies appeal to high IQ’d Jews. These are the same people that have half the population on prescription drugs, run the gambling rackets, porn, snuff, usury, etc.
      Most people are living in a movie and whatever happens they believe is out of their control. That or they are just cowards. I try to help out the people who can be helped. The rest are just Jew fodder.

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