The Call of the Wild

It always amazes me when I hear all of these radio show people in the main stream or on the internet talk about historical events and are able to parrot word for word Jewish written and non Jewish books that they obviously never met nor even know existed and disregard the fact that they all in some way inter connect with the Bible. The key words these people use all have biblical roots. Just listen to the words being used like  Goyim, Jew, Zionist, Gentile, etc. They don’t see that any of these words were usurped and all they have to do is go to the original Greek or Hebrew texts to see. I’m not going to go into a definition lesson today, but you need to stop your research on Jewish books for a month or so and see that someone has turned those words upside down deliberately to mislead you. You will then have to ask yourselves why. It wont take long after that.
Seeking the truth is painful for some and may not find what they wanted, but the truth is the only thing that makes complete sense. You can tell many of these radio hosts come to a blatant halt when it comes to religion because they believe it’s all a Jewish fairy tale or they are simply Jews themselves. Jews don’t follow the Bible and anyone who looks into it will easily see this.
Many hosts claim the God of the Old Testament was a hateful war monger and half of them are military veterans saying this. What did they expect going into the military? The ones who didn’t go into the military who are supposed to be the brains obviously never had any. They let all this Jewish crime build up and then they cry for the help of guess who? The US military. An honest military is as normal as an honest police force, money system, etc. down the line. The system was fine, but the people who took over the system are crooks (and also happen to be Jews). God said if certain people were not destroyed we would end up paying for it and guess what? He was 100% correct. Now we are being destroyed for lack of knowledge. Many forget who made up the bulk of the commissars in Bolshevik Russia. The same thing is happening here today.
The knowledge I’m talking about is the history of the White race. We call ourselves Irish, Italian, Greek, English, German, etc. and kept in constant feuds amongst ourselves. You think that may be for a reason? We all came from the same place didn’t we or did we crawl out of pods like Donald Sutherland? You don’t know do you?
I have lived all over the world and very familiar with architecture. When you live in the desert in Egypt and see the great pyramids in the distance you are awed each time even though the desert itself is awesome. If you are headed to Athens from the airport you will be awed before you get there just from Greek columns still standing after a couple thousand years or more along the way. Take a walk through Vienna and look at the masterpieces, the castles of Ireland and Scotland, London’s historic places, etc. etc. There are only one people on this planet capable of this (lets just face it). How did our history just drop off a spaghetti plate (yes, Rome too)?
The truth is it didn’t, it was usurped by our old friends who we booted out of our countries numerous times. How many people can bring Black slaves to America and make it look like White Christians did it in less than 50 years? There is only one people I know that usurp and destroy as well as we build.
I’m no historian but I see a pattern. It goes like this… we build they come along and destroy, we leave and regain our way and get fat and ignorant and Jews move in for the kill. It just happens over and over and over again because we just can’t get it right and they have their people in place to make sure we don’t put that old familiar puzzle back together again.
You can be the most intelligent and knowledgeable person in the world, but there are just some things you have to trust your instincts on because it makes sense (to some that is the spirit). It all comes down to common sense because none of us will ever know all the facts of the past and one fact shouldn’t throw everything out of kilter. Hypocrisy is another word used a lot in the Bible and it’s what we need to look at when hearing people talk about Biblical issues they have no clue about. The one place all of these radio hosts never go is into the heart of the Bible with people who have actually read it and understand it. They just wont go there in fear of showing how little they really do know. I don’t dislike these people, but I want them to know that there is more truth to reveal. I am not belittling these people or taking a shot at them, but having a debate is the only way you can get to the truth. I know because I was one of them myself. I didn’t lose anything, I gained the overall birds eye view of where the heart of the lies start and end. Nobody is afraid to debate Israel Shahak etc., but almost everyone is afraid to debate the Bible for lack of knowledge or just flat-out know they wont hear what they wanted. You wont be hated for being a Judeo Christian, but you will most certainly be hated for being a true Christian. No doubt about it because its enemies have changed the signs and street names before you and or your kids get there.
You can know by heart every quote Israel Shahak said or what Jack Bernstein did or read Gilad Atzmons latest article on the air, but you can still not know what a Jew is or in fact who you are yourself. If you’re not listening for the call you wont get it.
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2 Responses to The Call of the Wild

  1. GTRman says:

    Mel , you might like this interview with Eli James , by Darryl B.S.

    [audio src=";19;05_PM.mp3" /]

    • melgibstein says:

      I heard it and Eli held his ground and most definitely kept away from talking about the Bible. I love when they get James on and avoid the Bible and make him talk about everything else. Anyway it was good Smith took him on and time will tell if he asks him back. They seem to never ask him back even though they always say they will.

      The big ordeal now is the Mel Gibson movie “Judah Maccabee”. The Judeo Christians, crypto Christians, crypto Jews and Jews are going to give us a show on their version of the Maccabee’s and its going to be just like all these 10 year 9/11 anniversaries with the Neocons (all Jew lies). Ashkenazi’s like Abe Foxman doesnt want anyone but Jews portray Jews when he hatched out of a Turkish Mongolian nothing to do with Jews or Israel. Gibson will give the Maccabee’s hooked noses like he gave Jesus. Its Hollywood, all Jew lies.

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