Send a Jew to the Jewish State for $400

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein wants you to send a Jew to Israel. I suggest you understand just what a Jew is before you do. In fact for another $100 you can send the whole family to the Jewish state (tweens and younger on a separate plane). And for whatever you can spare you can send a Jew to New York on 9/11/2011 to lead the opposition against Israel, the NWO, the Neocons, the Illuminati, the bankers, the cabal in Washington, the IMF, etc. Anything but the JEWS!
We will have all the usual Jewish shills with megaphones on the streets of NYC saying Israel did this. Israel is to blame (and you will believe them once again) because you don’t see the devil in the details. Israel is not Jews, it never will be Jews and never has been Jews. Jews are the people who run our media today, none of which are Israeli’s to my knowledge. Naturally they are going to do the will of Jews because Jews also have a country that wants to dominate the entire Mideast with the help of the dumb goyim in America. Goyim by the way means “nations” of eh eh Israel. Are you confused? That’s exactly what they want. You see there is even a greater problem they speak out against.
Jews not Israeli’s run the Federal Reserve, must I go through the list again? I could rant on for hours, but what I’d really like to know is “are you so stupid, so gullible, so in a cloud that you would let a Jew speak out  on your behalf in NYC that claims Israel did 9/11 and not Jews”? Are you that deluded? Aren’t you tired of being suckered?
Jews did 9/11 whether they were living in the Jewish state or right in the Jewish state of NY. Jews are Jews wherever they are. If they are on the TV, in the movies, newspapers, banks, in Italy, Poland, Ireland, Milwaukee they are Jews and never-never, never-never Israel. If you trust Jews once you get shafted numerous more times. Never trust them. By now you have to understand it is thee only solution outside of complete separation from them.
Somehow people look to Jews as leaders for truth, justice, law, humanity because it makes them feel good. “You see I’m not a hater because I trust this Jew right here”. That is when they run that sword through your gut like they did on their false flag pirate expeditions. People forget what a false flag really is and it was first to gain your trust. Just trust them this one time and that’s the only time you will ever get.
America needs to say it was Jews that pulled off 9/11 just as they said fundamental Muslims did. They never said Afghani’s did it or Saudi Arabian’s did it or Iraqi’s they (the Jews) said it was Muslims. We need to say who REALLY DID IT and not send some Jew to say otherwise. We not only need to say Jews did 9/11, but we need to start calling these obvious Jew shills (many who claim to be Christians) Jews too whether they like it or not.
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7 Responses to Send a Jew to the Jewish State for $400

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  2. Barney says:

    Is there a bulk discount on offer?

    I’d willingly contribute to a fund to send them ALL to their stolen country – and give their current homes in our countries to the long-suffering Palestinians.

    Arabs are NOT our friends, but at least they don’t share an insect-like “hive” mentality like the devil’s gargoyles.

    Translation – at least Arabs are Human, unlike the kike, which has no Human attributes whatsoever.

  3. bailey says:

    Well said Barney, imagine if tax payer dollars went to such a worthy cause, so long as there’s no coming back.

  4. Ugh says:

    This might actually be the most nonsensical, poorly thought out rant I’ve ever seen. You’re pretty much everything that’s wrong with America. Way to go!

    And Barney – you know who has ‘no human attributes whatsoever’? Racist, pig-headed idiots.

    • melgibstein says:

      Say whatever you want Hymie- free speech here. I dont expect you to agree with me. In fact I dont even want you to agree with me because you would be lying if you did. We simply disagree on most everything, but you keep following me for some strange reason (to steal from me, molest my kids, send my kids to war for you, support you). The answer is simply “No”. Go back to Aushveetz as they like to say.

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