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The King of Comedy

  Rupert Pupkin if I recall his name correctly was the character Robert DeNirowicz played in this movie. What Rupert wanted more than anything was to be a famous person and all he had to do was talk the rhythm like … Continue reading

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Dog Day Afternoon

  Ever notice there are no Jewish dogs? Pretty much all of Europe has their breed of dog. Iran has the Caucasion Shepherd dog, Afghani’s have dogs, the Japanese have dogs. Most people have never heard of a Yugoslavian dog, but yes they … Continue reading

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The Usual Suspects

  I would like to explain why I think the behavior of Jews goes down to all levels and not just the Jewish bankers, media monopolizers, billionaires, drug traffickers, organ harvesters etc. Knowing Jews deeds is one of the most … Continue reading

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The Call of the Wild

  It always amazes me when I hear all of these radio show people in the main stream or on the internet talk about historical events and are able to parrot word for word Jewish written and non Jewish books that they obviously never met … Continue reading

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Send a Jew to the Jewish State for $400

  Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein wants you to send a Jew to Israel. I suggest you understand just what a Jew is before you do. In fact for another $100 you can send the whole family to the Jewish state (tweens and younger … Continue reading

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